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Came through, made a great diagnosis and options had to even explain basic science to try to get the job done, funny, nice, non judgemental greats service
A little excessive but were very easy to work with
Rocky M., Dustin C.
John E. from Action Heating, Plumbing, and Air came to our home in Kaysville to give us a quote for an electrical hookup to a hot tub. First of all, John was prompt, meaning he was on time. Secondly, John was very thorough in explaining what he thought needed to be done to do the job properly. We got three (3) other quotes that were considerably cheaper than John's original quote. Action followed up with us and asked if we were happy with John's quote. We told them it was considerably higher, on the order of four (4) times as high as the other quotes. They passed this information on to John who then called me and talked to me personally about it. We discussed a lot of details of the job and John revised his quote to meet the other quotes. We're happy about this.
John E., Lonetta R., Ashley E.
Matt did an outstanding job explaining the repairs needed and what my options were. He did not try and push a new furnace on me, he just explained the options and gave me his best quotes. I had a much better experience with action compared to other hvac service dealers in the area! To add to it when I made a decision action was at my door ready to do work within an hour.
Matt C.
A great job! I would recommend Action to anyone.
Jimi H., Kathy F., Ashley E.
Matt C. and his crew were very professional and courteous. The job was done quickly and efficiently. I have already recommended Action plumbing to our friends and clients. Thank you guys!!
Matt C.
Derrick has come out to help us with furnace issues twice now, and he is awesome! Very friendly and professional. I am not sure which Ashley I spoke with on the phone, but whichever one it was, she was very nice too.
Ashlie S., Ashley E., Derrick P.
Cory and team were professional and efficient!
Rocky M., Ashlie S., Cory N.
Service same day as you call. Service people are polite and explain what has to be done. The people on the phone keep you updated as to when to expect service call.

They kept me up to date with when a service person would be at my home and we're very polite.
Tiffani P., Ashlie S., Jason P.
Ron P, hands-down, wins my vote for MVP of Action Plumbing! He installed 4 new commodes by himself, start to finish, in 1 day plus a few more hours. He was definitely tired by the time he finished; may have even been feeling the effects of a cold, but still worked harder, faster, and professionally, more than I have seen in a long, LONG time! They don't make workers like the ones at Action; call them quick!
Mary F., Taneel P., Ron P.
Scheduling and service were both quick, on time, and quite pleasant, thank you.

Taylor was very nice and knew what he was doing, took time to answer all our questions, awesome experience, thanks Taylor.
Taylor F., Rocky M., Lonetta R.
They were fast, friendly and fixed the problem.
Lonetta R., Cory N., Taneel P.
Taylor was very polite. It had snowed the day he came, and as soon as he entered out home he took his shoes off. He was very knowledgeable, and took great care of our furnace. Will use Action again because of the wonderful customer service they provided.

Very decent experience. Another company had failed to check for cracks or warn me and shut down my 20 year old furnace Action made sure that I was treated well and gave me a great deal on a good furnace. They threw in a service contract and I have been treated fairly well by all of their technicians. It was even better that the service contract covered not just heating, but they also came out to check my air conditioning in the summer and would check on my plumbing if I needed too.
Taylor F., Rocky M., Lonetta R.
Taylor was very polite. It had snowed the day he came, and as soon as he entered our home he took his shoes off. He was very knowledgeable, and took great care of our furnace. Will use Action again because of the wonderful customer service they provided, and great technicians.
Taylor F., Ashlie S., Ashley E.
Jimi was very pleasant and knowledgeable in his field as are all Actions personnel. I highly recommend Action Plumbing & Heating too those needing their services.
Taylor F., Tiffani P., Lonetta R.
I'm always pleased with the service received from Action Plumbing. Brent, Lonetta and Kathy were extremely helpful and patient. It took Brent a few trips to complete the job due to the cold weather as they are very busy with freezing pipes, but he persisted and was patient with my inquiries and completed the job successfully.
Kathy F., Lonetta R., Brent Y.
The team at Action Plumbing are fantastic! They came on time, they CONSISTENTLY kept me updated on when they would arrive and what would happen next! They delivered on exactly what they committed to perform! Thanks for providing excellent service!!!!
Rocky M., Jimi H.
The tuneup technician (Steve V.) that came to our home was willing to take the time and explain all that was done. He seemed very knowledgeable and experienced with the system that we have in our home.
Steve V., Rocky M.
Matt C did a very good job! It was late and he was very courteous and helpful and seemed to know what was wrong.
Matt C.
Called Action at around 9 AM, talked with Nichole. She checked with dispatcher (Rocky) and an appointment was scheduled for between 1 - 3. Dustin showed up at about 1 PM and took care of the problem. All three individuals were kind, respectful and conscientious. Dustin gave furnace a thorough checking and repaired the problem. Also, gave advice on how to maintain furnace. Dustin was a kind, respectful and diligent individual, very pleasant to work with.
Rocky M., Dustin C., Nichole L.
Amazing people and great customer service. Definitely give you the best deals in town and will recommend to all my friends and family.

Matt was am amazing guy very patient and understanding with my family and I. He gave us quotes and example of different types of Furnace and AC and which one would best suit our home. He was patient while I translated all this to my parents and made sure to give us the best deals possible. Thanks to him we are definitely calling Action Plumbing Heating & Air from now on and recommending them to all of our family and friends. You can tell this is a truly family based business because his brother Bill came to do the installations on the new furnace and AC. They went above and beyond and we are grateful for people like them that truly know the meaning of great customer service.
Matt C.
The dispatcher Ashley kept us informed of the technician's where about and when he should arrive. The technician Dustin came and did a very complete and well prepared inspection of our furnace. We were happy with their work.
Tyler G., Dustin C., Ashley E.
Dustin was very efficient and extremely nice. As well as being very friendly and respectful of my animals. He knew right away with what i said was going on with my furnace. It took him a couple of minutes it was fixed. Thank you very much for your service Dustin
Dustin C.
Impressed with the honesty and sincerity of all of the staff with whom I interacted. They explained each step in replacing my furnace and made sure I understood the work being done. A great job.
Jimi H., Kathy F., Ashley E.
The short review is: Use them for your heating needs! So my heater decided to die on Thanksgiving morning. Not the best way to start out the day. It was very cold. And so was my family. After a trip to Google, I found out what the code was that caused my heater to stop. A 3amp fuse. A dash to a local Auto Part store (That was actually opened) and I got it up and running. I earned my man card that day! Phew Crisis averted. My family had heat. We had a great Thanksgiving. All was well. The fuse popped again the next Friday. (Another lovely cold day). I got out of work early to get the heater back up and running. Pop goes another fuse.. Pop... Number 3... So I had to get someone in to get it fixed. Oh well. My boss, of all people, recommended Action to me. I read some of the posts about being a rip off and I was worried. But I trust my boss. I called Action. They emailed me a picture of the person coming out. Called me to verify that I got it. Made sure all along the way that we were taken care of. After Matt from Action came out, I am glad that I took my boss's recommendation. Yes I needed a new furnace. Matt showed me exactly what was going on. My heat exchangers were cracking and leaking. He took the time to show me all the cracks. Walked me through the wonderful world of new furnaces. Never pressured me to get anything. Even said that he would let me get a second opinion if I felt I needed it. Showed me "fix vs. replace" pricing. Matt listened to my needs. I have an elderly father living with us. Along with a special needs child. He took care of me. As this is a major purchase gave me multiple options. Told me the "Good/Better/Best" and how they differed. Why this is better than that. The price difference. ETC. Not once did he say "Get the most expensive one". Or "Don't buy the cheaper one". After choosing, it came down to scheduling the install. They had a full schedule the next day to install, but he said that he would bump one of the installs to accommodate. (Due to the safety of family). Almost forgot to add. He was a bit later than expected due to him helping out someone else just as much as my family. When the dispatcher called to let me know, I offhandedly mentioned that it wasn't a problem I'd make sure my dad was bundled up a bit more. The person on the other end told stopped the conversation and said that I should have mentioned it in my initial call. They would rearrange maintenance calls to have someone come out quicker. They wanted my family to be taken care of. So the install was going to take place on Sunday. We decided it was ok as we were able to use a few electric heaters to keep us warm until then. The install went off without a problem. The team that came out were just as courteous. Tore out the old heater. They got some new duct work in place. A new intake. New media filter. (YEAH almost no dust!!!). The heater is working wonderfully!!! After all that.. They are going to have a follow up person check out my system and verify all is well. Again.. Cannot Complain.
Matt C.
Superior Customer Service. Knowledgeable and friendly Technicians. HIGHLY TRUSTWORTHY!

The whole action experience was wonderful. Matt, the tech who came out, was great. We felt bad he had to come out so late, but he did a very thorough job and made sure all of our questions were answered.

On time. Thorough. Personable.
Rocky M., TJ D., Mary F.
Action was AWESOME!!! I was really frustrated with the idea of spending the money for a new furnace. Action did a great job showing us all of our options. I will call them again in a heart beat for help.
Tiffani P., Tyler G., Matt C.
I really enjoyed withing Action and will gladly do business with them again if needed.
Tiffani P., Tyler G., Matt C.
I posted positive comments on 12/11/15. You're welcome to use those comments. Great job Action!

Taylor was very efficient. Explained everything to me in detail and offered some advice in cleanings and preventative maintenance. Thank you so much for being so polite and respectful!!

Taylor was extremely professional, confident and quick. I appreciate him and his company very much. I will be using them in the future. Thank you again.
Taylor F., Lonetta R., Ashley E.
Austin was punctual and focused on his work. He was careful and knew what he was doing. He cleaned up as he went along.
Rocky M., Austin O., Lonetta R.
Action replaced both our furnace and A/C. It was a very positive experience, starting with the initial analysis by Jeff then installation by Ian and another installer (forgot his name!). Randy, Jason, and Tommy were very responsive in addressing a minor issue. And phone support was excellent. Action is large enough as a company that they're able to provide the units at a very reasonable price and they have an infrastructure in place that gives you confidence knowing they'll be around for years to come. In short, all aspects of the service provided by Action was outstanding. Thank you Action team!
Ian L.
Larry did a great job, as usual, and finished up in good time. Scheduling wise, got bumped because of emergencies, but that's life. We were done, eventually.

Matt was great. Got here on time. He walked me through what was going on with my furnace. Including getting inside with a camera showing me the actual issues with it. He did not try and up sell me on anything. Assessed my needs and gave recommendations. Without pressuring me into anything. Great person!
Matt C.
We recently moved into a new house - the heating units are less than 2 years old - but when we discovered that the builder *never put filters in*, I called Action to have everything checked out. Matt was very thorough and gave us complete information about our units and why we weren't getting heat in a couple of rooms. We now have a Service Contract with them and I feel great about them coming out in the spring to make sure our cooling units are ready too cool for the summer!
Rocky M., Matt C., Mary F.
John did an awesome job finding and repairing the electrical issue. He also took the time to explain everything. I would definitely recommend him to my family, friends and neighbors.
John E.
Larry Brown came over first thing in the morning and was very professional and worked expertly to tuneup our furnace. He finished up timely and left everything in tiptop shape.
Tyler G., Larry B., Ashley E.
The Action team did a great job responding to our 4-plex to clear a drain. Dustin was very personable and got the job done. Thanks.
Tyler G., Dustin M., Taneel P.
Dustin was great. I appreciated that the job was able to be done so quickly.

Matt, Darren, and Vance provided us with the most Superior Customer Service. They are knowledgeable, courteous and respectful of our home. They offered us the best value for the products we were purchasing to best fit our needs. We will continue to rely on their Service indefinitely.
Matt C.
very fast, friendly, and efficient
Jimi H., Ashley E., Taneel P.
Matt Clyde were very professional and friendly .He took all of his time to explain all the details about water heater and furnish options. He also stayed very late to make sure everything will be alright before he leaves... Thax again for all your help!!!!
Matt C.
Matt did a great job of explaining everything and was very helpful.
Matt C.

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