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Called Action for a second opinion last week, but due to a storm they had to reschedule and I am available in the evening. Shawn came out to check out the furnace, he said that I wouldn't need a new furnace since its 9 years old and this brand has a warranty until 10. He did verify what was stated before that the motor is about to give out and thermostat is not working properly. Glad I called, went from a 3600 new furnace to having to replace motor. I'm looking to save thousands thanks to them. I will be calling back to schedule repair now that I have trust in the professional again. Thanks guys!!!
Shawn M., Rocky M., Ashley E., Jeff P.
Action does a great job responding to my needs. I knew all week that I might have a problem with my furnace but I waited until it really cooled off to call. They worked to get a technician out - he quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. As always - thanks Action!
Kari W., Jimi H., Kathy F.
John was very knowledgeable and helpful with our love hating needs. Looking forward to having adequate light.

Miko was courteous and patient in diagnosing our clog issue and working to resolve it. We're relieved to have everything flowing smoothly again. Miko gets five stars for customer service. The only reason I'm holding back a star overall is because of the sticker shock to fix the drain. I guess that's just what it costs, but it was significantly more than expected.
Miko C.
Called Action for a second opinion last week, but due to a storm they had to reschedule and I am available in the evening. Shawn came out to check out the furnace, he said that I wouldn't need a new furnace since its 9 years old and this brand has a warranty until 10. He did verify what was stated before that the motor is about to give out and thermostat is not working properly.
Shawn M., Rocky M., Lonetta R.
Fast, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. A very dependable fast response company. Thanks.
Shawn M., Rocky M., Kathy F.
Great customer service and knowledgeable plumbers.
Robert T., Claudia G.
Very professional and knowledgeable tech named Jimi H came to my house and was able to fix my furnace in a very short period of time. Will call them again if I have any other issues
Kari W., Jimi H., Kathy F.
Bill was very friendly and assured us that our heater was running properly.
Bill B., Kari W., Taneel P.
Great communication from the time of scheduling appt, to confirming on day of appt in advance. Technician was professional, courteous, clear, and patient. Price quote to wire for a pendant light in dining room was more than 50% less than another large chain vendor. Haven't had the work done yet but will probably choose them as it was refreshing to have a smooth transaction.
Rocky M., John E., Lonetta R.
Fast, friendly service. Problem solved.
Billie B., Kathy F., Brent Y.
So happy when Action plumbing showed up, Miko was super cool guy, explained everything that was going on with the pipes under the kitchen sink, and why it was not draining. Super professional and informative. Great job thank you Miko.C Glenda
Miko C.
I couldn't get the toilet cleared from a partial clog. Brent was very professional in performing the repair. My only comment is that most of us people don't have the more commercial tools to clear problems like I had. I'm grateful that Action could help. But I think for 5 minutes of work and $150 later seems a little pricy.
Billie B., Lonetta R., Brent Y.
We were notified about 1 hour before the technician arrived that he would arrive in the next hour & on time. Technician seemed to be properly trained in servicing our furnace and air conditioner. He answered all of our questions, showed us equipment that was nearly ready for replacement & why, and showed us results of tests. Because a previous service technician had told us some additional work needed to be done for about $250, we asked Taylor how much he would charge us to do that work. He said the furnace didn't need that work. His honesty saved us a lot of money. We will hire Action Plumbing & Hearing to service our furnace & A/C units from now on.
Nita M., Taylor F., Ashley E.
Great, professional, courteous and fast service! Clean and polite service rep. I would highly recommend him and the company he represents. Showed up on time and stayed absolutely no longer than necessary.
Kari W., Taylor F., Rocky M.
John was amazing. He was helpful and really explained everything and answered all my questions
Nita M., Jonathan M., John E., Ashley E.
6 I was very pleased with the response I got from Action. The two fellows came as promised, were very friendly and efficient,and got the job done quickly. I thought the price was excessive. They were here less than 1/2 hour and charged me $350.00. This was the cheapest of the options they presented to me. Other options were much higher. I would be happy to use the two fellows who came again, but I think I would hesitate to use Action again because of the price. Other than the cost, I was very pleased with the service.
Nita M., Billie B., Darren H., Miko C.
I bought a furnace from Action several years ago. I also bought a service plan. They have been the best heating & air conditioning purchases I have ever made! The furnace runs like a dream. I always get reminders about my semi-yearly inspection in time to schedule before the cold (or hot) season starts. The staff has always been professional, clean, and aware of my needs. Thank you Action! My next HVAC purchase will be through you.
Robert M., Lonetta R., Ashley E.
Very fast and professional. Decided to go another route, do the work myself, but I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Thanks Guys
Rocky M., Larry B., Mary F.
(no comment)
Rocky M., Mary F., Jeff P.
These people were professional and did what they needed to do.
Rocky M., Jimi H., Lonetta R.
Great customer service and very fast!!
Rocky M., John E., Kathy F.
This visit was to bid on a job that is now ongoing. Robert S. was and is very professional and extremely competent. I highly recommend him and Action Plumbing.
Robert S., Lonetta R., Taneel P.
Great job as always from these guys. Dustin has consistently done a fantastic job for a variety of needs in my home - thanks Action!
Rocky M., Dustin C.
Jimi came and inspected my air conditioner unit. He is always professional and honest in his recommendations and assessments.
Rocky M., Jimi H.
(no comment)
Darren H., Kathy F., Lonetta R.
Fixed what could be fixed. Our electrician and plumber spent some time assessing our problems and making recommendations for what we needed to do for things they couldn't fix. They didn't charge us for time or visits where they helped troubleshoot but couldn't fix the problem. They were very good at what they did and very fair in what they charged.
Robert T., Rocky M., Kathy F.
From first phone call to Robert the plumber coming to my house, Action was the best.
Robert T., Kathy F., Claudia G.
Service was excellent!
Cayden G., Mary F., Claudia G.
Good job, Cayden, on fixing my tub faucet!
Cayden G., Lonetta R., Taneel P.
Not something I like or want to do. Your service people are very friendly and we appreciate the service you provide.
Ashley E., Taylor F., Chastity K.
Chastity and Ashley provided excellent customer service and Dustin quickly diagnosed my problem and gave me a variety of solutions to fix it. In spite of one small hiccup with my thermostat, all of my issues were soon resolved. My house is finally cool!
Chastity K., Dustin C., Ashley E.
Amazing service. Rocky was alwsud curtious and gave great estimated times as to when Ben and his assistant would be here. Ben quickly got on the job of cleaning our vents and ducts and was finished quickly. He reminded us when we should call to have them done again. Action has eon us over on several services from their company. Applause to the whole team!!!
Ben B., Rocky M., Ashley E.
Shaun was my technician for the recent problem with our a.c. unit, came the same day I called, found the problem quickly. When he came back to install the new part came early in the day. It really feels nice to have it cool in the house again, thanks again Shaun.
Shawn M., Rocky M., Mary F.
Needed service for central AC system August 4, 2016. This company responded within 2 hours of my initial call, and the cost was exactly as estimated. I highly recommend this company!
Rocky M., Lonetta R., Larry B.
Troy did a great job! Our warehouse had a swamp cooler that had been linking water. Troy came in found the problem, got the parts it works. while he was fixing this, our floor drain was plugged, when he finished the cooler ,he fixed the drain. The Office staff kept me up to date on when and how long before he would show up .We will use them again.
Troy D., Lonetta R., Taneel P.
Totally awesome got here fast my house was 85 at 9pm it's feeling better already
Jimi H., Kathy F.
Taylor Frandsen was very professional, knowledgable, thorough, and friendly. He explained in detail to answer my questions, even showing me the parts of my furnace to clarify what he was telling me. I will request him for future appointments. THANKS, Taylor!
Taylor F.
Kind, courteous, and professional..........Thanks
Rocky M., Lonetta R., TJ D.
Technician may have Boy Scout background we found him to be ... helpful, friendly, courteous, ... cheerful ... clean ... . Good job TJ!
I called and Lonetta R. answered the phone. She was very friendly and got me all set up for someone to come see our ac. I told her I had a 5 week old baby at home and she was very concern with the temperature of the home getting really hot. She said she would call me back to let me know when someone would be in....she did call back and reassured me someone would be at my house within an hour to come check the ac. Shawn M. came to my home, he had a great positive attitude, he explained all of my options and wasn't pushy about what I should do but rather explained all the pros and cons. He had the ac working within minutes....after an hour I called back because the ac stopped working again. Shawn came back to my home and again showed up with a great attitude willing to take another look and wanting to make it better. I would definitely recommend this company. I also think that we need more people like Lonetta and Shawn, you don't see this kind of customer service anymore. These guys are great.
Shawn M., Lonetta R., Ashley E.
Greatest customer service I've had in a long time. Lonetta R. Was very friendly and Shawn M. Was very knowledgeable and super efficient. Shawn explained all of the options with the pros and cons and was not pushy at all. I would definitely recommend them.
Shawn M., Lonetta R., Ashley E.
Taylor did a fantastic job. I appreciate the fact that even though he came all the way out here all it was was a simple filter change. He didn't b.s. and claim that this this and that needed to be fixed. It was great!!! Thanks again Taylor F.
Taylor F.
The women in the office were very professional and friendly. Our plumber came in and did his job very efficiently and good. We appreciated their help.
Troy D., Chastity K., Ashley E.
Yay!!! Action wins with me again! Miko was such a help and I could tell he didn't want to stress me out so he cleared my toilet, and suggested that I may want to look into getting a more up to date since this one is over 35 years old and gave me, what I consider, a decent price quote for install and everything. You guys have the best folks with great customer service skills from your wonderful calm call takers to the repair persons...always respectful and take charge to calm the fears I have a feeling we all face when calling for help. Thank you !!1
Miko C.
Very satisfied with my new system. Crew was super friendly and knowledgeable. Was able to fit me in the next day. Would highly recommend to others.
Shawn M., Ashley E.
Shawn M with Action Plumbing and Heating is an excellent service technician. He is very friendly and most certainly Knowledgeable in the field . He has an amazing talent of making you feel confident and special. We are customers for life. thanks again Lou Shaw
Shawn M.
The technician came the morning I called. He was quick to diagnose our problem. He was very nice, very professional. The dispatcher and the Hvac comfort specialist were great too!
TJ D., Ashley E., Mary F.
The Employees were awesome! Shawn came out the same day our air conditioner went out, and had the problem diagnosed within 20 minutes. He found out the part was still under warranty, and had it ordered with a crew coming the next morning to install it. Shawn was thorough, professional, and went above and beyond in several ways. The two men who came the next day were professional, kind, and efficient. Our air conditioner has worked great ever since!
Chastity K., Shawn M., Rocky M.
Honest, prompt, friendly, took the time to explain the problem and offered solution. Didn't try to up sell us.
Shawn M., Rocky M., Lonetta R.

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