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Larry was very thorough and answered all of mg questions to my satisfaction. In addition, be didn't charge me anything!
Larry B.
Larry Browne is very nolageble In his work. I was very impressed with him. He dose a good job. Thank you David Roth
Larry B.
Shawn is so wonderful! He cares about what he does for a living, and it shows. He will always give you the best recommendation and explains things easily so the average homeowner can understand. I HIGHLY recommend Action Heating, Air & Electric and even a step further, I HIGHLY recommend asking for Shawn.
Shawn M.
Prompt, Courteous and Professional. Even though this was a complimentary furnace tune-up (for previously having purchased a fireplace install), Larry still took his time to check everything over thoroughly and do the job so that I felt he left with my furnace in the best possible working order for the winter.
Larry B.
Technician was on time and very thorough
Larry B.
The customer service was great. Larry, our technician was friendly, efficient, and professional.
Keith U., Lonetta R., Larry B.
Shawn was amazing! He was prompt and very knowledgeable. He immediately knew exactly what was wrong. He was very thorough with his explanation and our options. His techs were also awesome! We are so grateful they all came to our rescue so we didn't freeze. My husband and I would both highly recommend their services. You won't regret it!
Shawn M., Chacie I.
The service we received from Jeff and Action Plumbing, Heating & Air was outstanding. Honest, fast and very helpful. We would definitely recommend them to others.
Chacie I., Mary F., Jeff P.
Larry was great he was very knowledgeable and fixed our furnace quickly.
Larry B.
This company is fast! Jeff was great. He was here to diagnose within 90 minutes of my call to dispatch. He gave options to replace the broken furnace fan or put in a new unit. We chose to replace the fan and he had it replaced the next day.
Chacie I., Mary F., Jeff P.
Action did excellent work for us We got top of the line furnaces and AC units—and I’m sure we paid top price but we got a great maintenance contract as well The Micro Pure filters have really helped my wife’s asthma Action takes pride in doing excellent work
Shawn M.
Called action for a broken pipe that was leaking water down my walls. Action got here quickly. The plumber explained everything to me so I understood the problem & even helped me arrange disaster cleanup. He was so polite & bids were given so I understood the associated costs. Fair prices & professional work. I would recommend action to any of my family or friends.
Tobias S.
shawn was very professional and explained what he was doing and why. he answered all questions to our satisfaction. he really knows his stuff!
Shawn M.
action pluming was great the two plumers that came to my house knew what they wer doing and got the job done wright
Shannon S., Tobias S., Kathy F.
Darren did a great job of clearing our clogged drain. We would definitely recommend his service.
Darren H.
Everyone at Action takes good care of me every time I call. Mary and Claudia are both friendly and helpful and do whatever they can to help me make appointments when it makes sense. The other day I needed someone to come out while my roofer was working on my home due to an issue with a vent going through my roof (or not, as it were). Robert came out. He called me when he was 20 minutes from home, met me there, talked directly with the roofing crew, examined the situation, and made the best determination for my situation. He also helped me sign up for the annual maintenance plan which will save me a lot of time, hassle, and money. Robert was very helpful in explaining things to me about the setup of my house and vents and called an HVAC specialist at Action to get a second opinion during the process since it turned out to be an HVAC issue as opposed to a plumbing issue. Previously I've had Aaron out to help me out and he is equally as excellent. I always feel comfortable with Action at my home and I know I can count on them to get the job done right and to charge a fair price. Other plumbers and HVAC has disgustingly high "book pricing" for simple repairs that take 15 minutes or less. I had another plumber out to make a repair when Action wasn't available and my wallet was very sorry. The guys at Action are friendly, professional, and they know ME and my house. They make that effort. I just talked to a coworker this morning and recommended she call Action because she needs a new plumbing and HVAC company. I can't say enough good things about Action. I even was able to schedule my annual furnace tuneup on a day that works for me (SATURDAY!). And it just makes me feel so good to know they will always help me work things out.
Robert T., Mary F., Claudia G.
I had a terrible experience with Action the first time they were at my home (for a few days) but Shawn was so helpful and quick to correct issues left from previous "technicians" and get our furnaces working, that he completely made up for the bad experience. Thanks Shawn!
Anya P., Chastity K., Shawn M.
I had a terrible experience with Action the first time they were at my home (for a few days) but Shawn was so helpful and quick to correct issues left from previous "technicians" and get our furnaces working, that he completely made up for the bad experience. Thanks Shawn!
Anya P., Chastity K., Shawn M.
Oscar was very helpful, kind and informative of the problem I had. Mary F. and Teneel P were very polite and kind on the phone and seeing that I was helped and a timely manner. Thank you to all three people and job well done. Keep up your good work!
Oscar M., Mary F., Taneel P.
I have used Action for many needs over the years but Sunday night I had a plumbing issue at my rental property and they had a tech out in about an hour. Turns out the issue was no longer an issue but there was sewage damage that needed immediate attention. Tobias did not charge me since he didn't have to service anything and he also recommended a company to come out for clean up who arrived at 7 am on Monday! Incredible customer service! I will keep going back to Action for all my needs. Thank you so much Tobias! You provided quick resolution in a stressful situation. Much appreciated!
Tobias S.
Very thorough and professional!
Shawn M.
(No Comment)
Miko C.
Thurs evening at dinner time, our air conditioner quit working. We called Action and they sent Shawn out by about 8 pm. He checked out the unit, which, of course, had completely died. He was respectful and informative. He did not try to up sale us. We ordered the new unit and scheduled installation for next day. Mike and Josh, the installers, were also very respectful of our home and our time. Josh took particular care to hold the door each time he came in so that it would not slam. They were on top of their job and worked efficiently. We appreciate the good care we were given, which is typical for Action. We have always had good results.
Shawn M., Kathy F., Lonetta R.
(no comment)
Miko C.
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Anya P., Kathy F., Larry B.
I am the property manager/real estate agent and am managing a 4 plex in Salt Lake City. We had a pretty big plumbing emergency today. Quite honestly I called a couple of other plumbing services only because they came up on line. I called Action and they answered. The person that took the call was very nice and very helpful and assured me they would get me in line to be serviced. A surprisingly short while later I get a call from the plumber. He was so on it. He got to the property first and went to work. I was caught in traffic but that did not stop him at all. He called me several times while I was en route to get there. To be honest this was a very difficult problem to figure out and even harder to fix. Tobias did not give up, it was so hot and the sun was beating down on him but he was so professional and did not complain one bit. Nor did he give up. He SOLVED the problem and saved us thousands of dollars. He talked to my tenants and reassured them as well that the problem was fixed. I am a little amazed, he knew what to do and kept me informed about what was happening step by step. I would recommend Action to anyone and everyone but most of all Tobias Schroder is a professional and did his job extremely well. I will be using Tobias for all my plumbing needs going forward! Thanks Tobias!
Tobias S.
They were very courteous and tried to make every attempt to make me happy.
Keith U., Chastity K., Arnold P.
Darren was fantastic, I'm very happy with the service he provided. He was courteous, and demonstrated good pluming knowledge while unclogging a floor drain in my utility room. I would knot hesitate to recommend Darren H******** or Action Plumbing to anyone needing this type of service. Thanks Darren!
Darren H.
Very pleased with Action. Over the course of a couple of visits, the issue was isolated and my cooling system is back to working great. The dedication and willingness to isolate the problem and fix the issue were all very impressive by all who helped. Timeliness, coordination and communication were all outstanding. Consider me choosing Action for all of my household services that they provide.
Jimi H.
Very pleased with Action. Over the course of a couple of visits, the issue was isolated and my cooling system is back to working great. The dedication and willingness to isolate the problem and fix the issue were all very impressive by all who helped. Timeliness, coordination and communication were all outstanding. Consider me choosing Action for all of my household services that they provide.
Rocky M., Jimi H.
Extremely professional, very timely and explained all work that needed to be done in laments terms and great detail. I was stuck at work he called me, after talking to my wife. Our house had been 85 degrees all week. My wife had been couped up in one room in the house under a small ac unit because she needs to keep cool being that she is 8.5 months pregnant. Jose came to our rescue overseeing all the aspects of our ac system while keeping me informed! The amount he quoted was reasonable and didn't break the bank. I can't say enough good things about my very first experience with a repair company being a first time home buyer. Thank you action my house is now a respectable 73 degrees.
Jose B., Rocky M., Kathy F.
Cody S. was great! Answered all of my questions and helped my landlord get a great deal, and me a new faucet that day! Highly recommend this company. Thanks for the great customer service Cody.
Cody S.
I was having swamp cooler issues, and an Action Plumbing team member, Tobias Schroeder and his assistant came to my home and very quickly, capably and professionally resolved my problems. Tobias has been to my home before, and with each visit has resolved my problems to my satisfaction. He also demonstrated Action Plumbing's appreciation for loyal customers. I highly recommend Action Plumbing, and Tobias Schroeder in particular.
Tobias S.
Cody S came to my home to inspect the plumbing yesterday. He was on time and very friendly. After a complete inspection and water pressure test he made a few suggestions and gave me a written estimate for the minor repairs. I would recommend Cody S. and action plumbing to everyone. They offer fair and reasonable prices without any pressure to purchase.
Cody S.
I am always worried about getting ripped off when it comes to the servicing of my home. Their are more shady companies, than there are reputable. This company actually shocked me. The professionalism and how he showed evidence of the problem was common sense. The price was warranted and fair. What SHOCKED me even more, is that I called them on 07/05/2017; so far the hottest day in SLC and he come out same day. I called their competitor first as they did work in my home previously and they could not come until 2 days after my call. This is the great American business we all miss. Awesome Job Action Plumbing. Your integrity and great work is very well commended by this customer. You have a customer for life in me.
Jimi H.
Technician was knowledgeable, polite, very thorough and efficient. I recommend Action to everyone. I have been a client for several years and am very satisfied with their service. I recommend their annual service agreement to avoid problems by keeping systems well maintained.
Ivan M., Shannon S., Keith U.
Action Plumbing has been my contractor for several years with excellent performance.
Taneel P., Arnold P.
Chris the plumber that came to resolve my hot water issue was very professional and quickly solved my issue.
Shannon S., Chris P., Claudia G.
We had a jammed garbage disposal that was quickly reset and Robert showed me how to fix it myself next time. Very prompt and professional
Robert T.
Answered all my questions...wasn't in a hurry .....very polite
Leland V., Rocky M., Lonetta R.
very friendly people. Right on time, and Shawn really seems to know what he is talking about. I had Shawn at my house for my furnace and now again for my AC. Very quick and knowledgeable I will always want Shawn to service my equipment.
Chastity K., Shawn M., Taneel P.
Shawn M. was our technician, he was on time, knowledgeable, professional and took the time to explain to me what needed to be done and why. His personality made me feel like he was trustworthy and he didn't try to update me on unnecessary work. I'd definitely use Action again, if I can request this same technician.
Shawn M.
Great experience! Tobias and his team provided excellent customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Keith U., Tobias S., Nichole L.
Jose did a follow up appointment for me on my A/C, and did an excellent job! He fixed the problems, explaining in detail what would be needed, etc. before getting started. A complete pro from start to finish. Thanks for sending him!
Jose B., Anya P.
I was very impressed with our technician Arnold P. He was very professional and informative - he really made a difficult situation positive and I would want him to come back to our house for further - Thanks, man!
Chastity K., Claudia G., Arnold P.
Very professional, helpful and knowledgeable.
Jose B., Rocky M., Lonetta R.
When Jeff came out to the house, I explained the current situation to him and gave him a brief background report and he asked to have a look at thermostat, furnace and AC and within a few seconds came to the conclusion that a fuse had to be replaced. After replacing the fuse we went back inside and the AC was working! Problem solved! At no time did he try to up sell me to a new unit (even though it's needed). He just came out on time, did the job and was off to his next assignment. Thank you Jeff and thank you Action!
Anya P., Jeff P.
Robert and the entire Action staff should be commended for a truly exceptional experience!! I will use your company for any needs in the future!! Way to go the extra mile!!! Chet Schneider
Jose B., Rocky M., Lonetta R.
Today was the second time Dustin has been to my home. First time to tune up my gas fireplace and today to summer service my AC. He checked the heating unit and made several adjustments to make it run better as well as checking and tuning the AC. Dustin is always very friendly, he always does a complete and thorough job, and no matter what it take he is not done until everything is taken care of. I highly recommend Dustin and will ask for him by name for all future service calls.
Dustin C.
I decided that I needed to buy a new furnace. Action showed me a suitable furnace at a suitable price.. Action scheduled the installation quickly and the job was accomplished by highly skilled installers that performed professionally and efficiently and completed the job quicker than I expected.
Bobby G., Lonetta R., Taneel P.

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