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Every time we have used Action, we are impressed, not only with the office personnel, but very impressed with the service people. Jeff H. the plumber, was very good at explaining our problems, correcting them, and extremely professional. Highly recommend this company
Taneel P., Jeff H., Mary F.
Jeff Howe cane out from action plumbing and fixed my main water line. He was very courteous, knew exactly how to fix the problem and fast. I would recommend him every time to my friends n family
Jeff H.
We have now used Action Heating and Plumbing numerous times. Just today, we had Jeff Howe out to handle some plumbing issues for us. He did a fantastic job, was timely, and offered many great suggestions. We always appreciate Action's help!
Jeff H.
I had a very positive experience when Jeff H. from Action Plumbing put in a new 50 gallon gas water heater for me. He answered all my questions, and was very professional. He explained what is now required for water heaters to be up to code. He worked quickly and left the area clean. I would definitely call Action Plumbing/Jeff H. again.
Jeff H.
After problems with our original AC install, Tommy came out and took great care of us. He was very knowlegable and took time to explain what he was doing and why. In the end, our AC works great and our air output was increased 20%. Thanks.
Tommy D.
Highly recommend! My swamp cooler quit working on a 100 day, and Action Plumbing had Arnold here the same afternoon noon. He had it running smoothly in no time at all, and patiently explained what the problem was. Very professional!
Kathy F., Mary F., Arnold P.
Tom was very helpful and able to find our problem.
Tommy D.
Jimi H came out and from the moment he greeted me I knew I'd like him. He was a very happy guy and he shared that happiness with me as well. In a world where people enjoy spreading negativity, it was very refreshing to have him be the opposite. And his service was phenomenal too. He was totally open and upfront. I really appreciated that. I highly recommend Jimi from Action Plumbing.
Jimi H.
Our main water line backed up on Saturday. I spent the weekend calling plumbers to get it fixed. Action called me and sent Darren Henriquez out to take a look at it. The diagnostic was free and the service was going to cost us a bit more than we had. Darren reasoned with us on a price and even did the camera component for free. Not only did he do that for us, but he called out a restoration company to look over what water damage was done in our home. Darren was amazing!!! He was kind. He was professional. And he got our pipes working really fast. Because our home is older, he had to remove the toilet do snake out the main pipe and send in a camera but he also informed us that part of the problem was how the pipes to the house connected to the city system and it wasn’t done correctly. He made sure to let us know what to not flush and put down the drains to minimize the problem. Thank you, Darren. Yourast a huge burden.
Darren H.
Everyone was so profession and nice. Tobias had a lot of knowledge. I should have called action plumbing first. I won't make this mistake again. I am extremely happy with all the employees I spoke to and my service.
Tobias S., Kathy F., Lonetta R.
GT was professional and did an excellent job. I love the quality of action and the amazing warranties. I have been using them for 3 years.
Giancarlos T.
My air conditioner went out on a Saturday morning and I called 3 companies before calling Action. Leland came out and not only fixed my problem but explained the problem and made sure I knew about possible problems I could have in the future with my A/C unit. He came out on a Saturday with a smile and didn’t leave until he found the issue. I hope his son enjoyed the Ninja Turtle we gave him from our yard sale we were having. Thank you Leland and the Superheroes at Action.
Leland V.
Excellent & fast service! Very professional
Taneel P., Lonetta R., Brent Y.
An A/C scam. My A/C unit quit working during the hot summer. Called Action. Big mistake. Everything was fine until the "technician" (Jeff Packard) came to check it out. He quickly said that my compressor was completely bad and that I needed to replace the entire A/C unit with a brand new one at a cost of $5K . No other options or fixes. Only one brand offered. This overpriced sales push was just the beginning. Something seemed up. This guy had too many catch phases going about selling me a new unit. I didn't buy completely that I needed a new one nor that it had to cost that much even if he was right. I told him frankly that I was going to get a second opinion. He shrugged his shoulders. I asked him to write down the details of his offer which he never did. I paid the $59 diagnostic fee and he left. Later on that day, I called a local AC repair guy off of KSL and asked for a second opinion. He came back after looking at my AC unit and said that it was a simple capacitor gone bad problem...NOT the compressor. A vastly cheaper fix (which he took care of). He said that it was very easy to see (bubbling on the capacitor) and that not only was this not reported by the previous "sales" technician but that the scam artist had actually unplugged the wires going to the capacitor so it wouldn't work regardless. Mr Action Plumbing-Jeff Packard had totally lied about the problem and tried to make it even worse!! What a scam artist. His whole goal was to simply sell me an overpriced new unit. The second, honest technician, fixed my unit with a far cheaper option of a new capacitor. I paid for some additional Freon needed, now my house is a cool as ever. Don't hire Action. The technician wasn't a true "service" technician, he was a "sales" technician. Tried to scam me into buying a brand new unit and lied about it! I called Jeff the next morning and explained my ethical objection to his so-called "diagnosis" service. Before I even got into the pulled wires evidence, he tried defending himself as not a liar even though I never said he was. It was clear to me that he had had this conversation with others before. Later on, when I spoke with the other local technicians (whom I should've called first), they all said they had heard of this scam before especially with Action. On the positive side, he said he would refund my $59 diagnosis/service visit fee. I'm waiting to make sure that happens now.
Jeff P.
Jeff the field supervisor, came out looked at our job we had another contractor that was doing the job and left during the middle of the project in disappeared Jeff gave us a bid on the second furnace AC unit that we needed and also what it would cost to finish with the other guy walked away from his install team, Austin, Randy and a couple of other guys can’t remember their names came out installed the new unit cleaned up the problems with the other unit brought it up to working order. We had a small problem with the Freon being balanced out with our units. Jeff had José Biton come out and remove some Freon checked for leaks also one of our thermostats was not operating properly again Jeff sent Austin back out he knew immediately after looking at the thermostat that we have a wire that had broke loose Austin fixed it along with that Jeff put in a new thermostat to match the one that they were putting in at no extra charge. I would recommend Action to anybody I know, I feel like their customer service is top shelf, very satisfied with the work that was done by all the people involved. Thank You, Kim Reid Learning Services Building facilitator
Jose B., Jeff P.
I love Action! They have been my go-to place for the last several years, saving my hide when I've had major plumbing issues, and helping me out with the little things, too. Most recently I had an AC tune up completed and the technician, Shawn, recommended an air filter to be added to my system. I said no because I didn't want to spend any money. Then I did some research and found out that it could really help with dust and and allergies (which my husband and I both suffer from). So, I called back a few days later and they were able to get me on the schedule for the next day. Shawn was punctual, professional, and personable, and I really appreciated his expertise. I will continue using Action!
Shawn M.
Get reliable company enjoying having them come out.
Darren H., Kathy F., Mary F.
The main waterline sprung a leak just below the shutoff valve so shutting the water off into our condo didn’t do any good. The pipe was still leaking. I called Action Plumbing at 1:00 am and within a half hour, Tobias S arrived. Because the main outside water shutoff affects 4 buildings and 16 units, water can not be shutoff without giving other homeowners 24 hours notice. Thanks to Tobias’ quick and creative thinking and his obvious knowledge of plumbing he was able to stop the water from leaking and avoid further damage. My wife and I are incredibly grateful to Tobias for his problem solving expertise. He was exactly the type of person you would want to solve a difficult plumbing problem in an unusual circumstance in the middle of the night. Furthermore, Tobias S was incredibly polite and mindful of the leak occurring in a bedroom on a totally finished lower level of our home. I had never used Action Plumbing before, but, I would definitely use them again and I would definitely insist that they send Tobias S out on our call. Thank you Tobias and Action Plumbing.
Tobias S.
Great service and fast response time. Jimi took time to explain all the options for our AC system, and answered all my questions. I would recommend Action to everyone.
Jimi H.
Awesome service and very helpful! Will definitely use these guys again:)
Chacie I.
Thanks for the excellent service and work that was done.
Jimi H., Mary F., Taneel P.
Tobias was great! Found the problem right away, outlined my options for fixing the problem, unplugged the drain, cleaned up what little mess he made and was very easy to work with. I will definitely call Action again!
Tobias S.
As usual the Action team was great. Kathy F. was very friendly and a joy to speak to in setting up the appointment; Chacie L. was very nice when she called to let me know Leland V. was on his way; and Leland was prompt and did a great job. He was also helpful with tips for getting new air filters.
Leland V., Kathy F., Chacie I.
Great company! Awesome installer
Giancarlos T.
I needed a ceiling fan installed in my "Great Room". Chasie set up an appointment quick and sent Hector out. He gave a great quote. After he left I set up an appointment with Chasie for Hector to come back out and install it. Both of them were great. I dealt with other people in dispatch but then just went straight to her. She's fabulous! As for my ceiling fan! It looks great! Hector was extremely professional and knowledgable. He will be my electrician now! If you every need an electrician I highly recommend him.
Hector C.
We have a sign posted on our door to remove shoes, I understand that that could be a problem with safety shoes, but I do know that there are covers for shoes. It would be nice if the employees would use them.

ACTION has been great to work with, they promptly responded to our contact info at the home show and arrived on time after we scheduled the install of a whole house humidifier. The technicians were friendly and respectful. They put down drop-cloths and treated my flooring and walls with caution. They were careful not to let the dog out as they brought in supplies and they worked efficiently to install the system. Pleased with the excellent service and excited to experience the benefits of the humidifier in our home.
Tommy D.
Shawn M., Kathy F., Chacie I.
Hector was great. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Great service and very reasonably priced. Highly reccomended.
Hector C.
They came out and did the duct cleaning and did a good job. It should have been done last December but it wasn't arranged. I hadn't moved into the home yet so it would have been easier to do then. But I was told that I should have it done every 2 to 3 years anyway so it's not that big of a deal. Now I just have to try to find out why the HE furnace that Action installed wasn't approved for the rebate by the Gas company like I was told it would be. It's always something...
Ben B., Kathy F., Chacie I.
I had leak under my sink and dishwasher. Tobias S. was so helpful and fixed the problem. It’s so nice and refreshing to have employees that are so good and willing to help,
Tobias S.
Jimi, is very professional and knowledgeable got our house warm again in no time.
Jimi H.
I've used Action for service on our furnace in the past. When it was time to replace the unit it was a simple choice. Bobby did an excellent job of giving us many options of what we could do with a great attitude and no pressure. When we made our decision he jumped and got us scheduled sooner than expected. The installation team did a fantastic job in a timely manner. Very professional and very courteous. I won't use anyone else.
Bobby G., Taneel P.
Chacie, Lonetta, and Claudia are definitely the friendliest people you'll ever talk to, on the phone. They met my needs same day. Additionally, they called, several times, with updates of arrival times of their plumber and HVAC techs (who, by the way, were exactly on time). Jeff (HVAC) found the problem with my furnace within minutes and fixed it. He could told me anything, and I would probably have believed him; I don't know HVAC. And the cost of his repairs were VERY reasonable. Coty (plumber) was amazing, he found the drainage problems in my kitchen and upstairs bathrooms and made the repairs quickly. He also offered me an extremely comprehensive maintenance pachage for my plumbing, furnace, A/C, AND fireplace for a year, as well as threw in a 2nd year free. Of course I purchased it. At that price, how could I not. Coty was amazing. I won't use another plumber, now. Thank you, Action!! You really are AMAZING!!!!
Cody S., Chacie I., Lonetta R., Claudia G., Jeff P.
Larry B. did an excellent job fixing a slipshod job done by the first Action Plumbing tech. The first tech seemed in a rush to replace the motor in our furnace. Within an hour of his leaving the furnace started making a terrible noise. I called with the complaint and Larry B. showed up in less than one hour. Larry took his time to install the part correctly. He was thorough, polite and made sure everything was running properly before he left. Great job!!!
Larry B.
They were very thorough and kind
Hector C., Chastity K., Taneel P.
I had a positive experience with this company Tom Davis did an outstanding job troubleshooting my furnace and he was very professional and knowledgeable on what my problem was and he had the entire problem resolved in two days and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg which I am very grateful. Thanks Action Plumbing and Heating
Tommy D.
verey efficient and helpful
Zach L., Lonetta R., Taneel P.
I've been a customer of Action Plumbing and Heating for years. They've always been prompt, fair, and courteous. They always seem to have a deal going, and they try to get me the best price they can. I'm generally a bargain hunter, switching providers and companies to get the best price, but I've stuck with these guys ever since I've found them, and I'd recommend them to anyone!
Larry B.
Very nice and explained everything in plain english
Larry B.
Larry B. came to our home in the middle of a snow storm and I waved him to the garage door. I had an old towel for him to step on and he smiled and said I can do even better than that and pulled out his booties. He came as a result of a call from the company for service maintenance. When he heard the whistle that has been around for years he literally just pulled out the fan to investigate. He replaced the orifice which had a small diameter with a larger one and now as soon as the first kicks in the whistle stops. I have never had a technician that was a proactive and thorough as Larry. I asked for his card so I could always ask for him. He's a keeper.
Larry B.
Very Nice and helpful
Chastity K., Chacie I., Larry B.
Beat company Shawn was very caring and fixed our furnace did research on his own time and came back the next day. Were warm now thank you action and Shawn.
Shawn M.
Shawn was awesome, kept me informed. Work was completed quickly. Glad to have heat again. Will recommend Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electric to others and will use again when needed.
Shawn M.
I had a very good experience with technician, thank you.
Tom D., Claudia G.
Action came right out on a Friday afternoon and replaced my insinkerator in 1/2 hour. They were the only company of the 4 that I called who would even return my call. Darren was the tech and was great, efficient and neat.
Darren H.
Larry B did a great job servicing my furnace. He was courteous and the best part was, he didn't try and sell me anything.
Larry B.
Larry B. serviced my furnace 2/6/2018. It was part of a service agreement. He was in and out within about 30 minutes. Very easy and convenient. I am happy in every way with Action Plumbing and Heating.
Larry B.
Larry Browne worked on my furnace and was very kind and did an excellent job. I've also had Leland work on it and he was very good too and very nice also..They have very nice guys at Action Plumbing
Larry B.
Larry B.

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