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We came home from vacation on a Saturday to find our air conditioner not working. We called another place first, and have still yet to hear back from them. I called Action and had a technician there within the hour. Claudia, the operator, was very nice and let us know when Todd, our technician, was on his way. Todd was very nice and fixed our air conditioning. He was very knowledgeable and knew what he was doing. He also gave us some suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of keeping our house cool. (We asked and he helped give suggestions.) If there is a next time, we will call Action first.
Todd P., Claudia G.
I have worked with Action Plumbing for over 5 years and have been very happy until this year. Of the past five appointments scheduled, they have failed to show up and/or called to reschedule. The situation is still not fixed and I am now at least three weeks out before next appointment. I do not feel like a valued customer at all.

They were great and the work they did was great as well. Will def recommend to friends and family.

Terry was very professional and courteous, and showed concern for doing only what repairs were necessary, as well as explaining what he felt would have to happen long term.
Terry K.
t j davis was our service provider on this day and we were very happy with everything about him.He was very proffional and he knew his job very well.I would recomond him to every body.
More than double our other bid - you had great service , but price is not competitive.

The guys from Action Plumbing and heating did a wonderful job moving the drain and installing our new bathtub. They saved us hours of hard work and time. They were great and did a fantastic job. Definitely will use them again.
Derek S., Jason P.
The Service WAS AWESOME!!! I have to say Cory was totally great as a PLUMBER!!! He was FAST, Efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, sociable, helpful, and kind and anything else I can think of. We had a pin hole leak for a couple months through our finished basement ceiling above our washer under our kitchen sink floor. I found the leak and couldn't fix it myself, it was in a copper fitting "T-Joint". He was done in less than an hour, more like 45 minutes from the time he started. He asked me if I wanted copper or some kind of other piping, I didn't care as long as it was fixed permanantly, so he used some kind of red propasomethingline pipe. Did excellent. I give them 3 stars for this reason... He was there for less than an hour and it cost me just over $325!!!!!!! I agreed before the work was started because I thought it would be a "HARD FIX". He fixed it like it was putting a two piece jigsaw puzzle together, no big deal if you know what you are doing. I was GLAD it was fixed, don't get me wrong, but I felt like I had been taken to the cleaners five times over. That is why the 3 stars. Excellent Service, OVERKILL on the amount charged!!! Thanks for being quick and efficient, and thank you for doing an excellent job. I personally think it was about a $150 job, maybe $175.
Cory N.
I had a shower valve that was not letting the hot water come through. The first Action Plumber who came out replaced a balancing flow cartridge and then neither cold nor hot worked. We had already paid for the fix, and the plumber wanted to charge 900 for the fix and refund the other portion. We objected and they sent out the plumber manager Steve to come out and look at it. He found that the replacement cartridge hadn't been drilled out completely and that was what was causing the flow stoppage. He punched out the issue, fit everything back together, and it was golden. I really really appreciated his follow through and ability to problem solve, turning around a horror inducing nightmare into a really positive experience.
Steve A.
Tech was professional and courteous. Arrived at at appointment at said time and took care of problem cleanly and quickly. He also patiently answer all my questions. I would recommend this tech and company to anyone. Thanks Jason!
Jason P.
I thought Eddie was a true professional....even though the plumbing issues were not what I was expecting, he was courteous and respectful of my feelings. He was helpful in suggesting payment arrangements that helped me deal with the unexpected expense of the situation I was in. He is excellent at what he does and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. Action is lucky to have an employee of this calibur
Edward D.
Jonathan was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and polite. He took the time to explain what the situation was and why it was important for me to decide to replace the breakers in the outside panel. This was a totally unexpected repair issue but I am grateful that he saw a situation that could have caused serious issues for me and my family. I would recommend Jonathan to any one that is having electrical issues in their home or business
Jonathan R.
We had a really long night with no water to the house after our Manablock water distribution system blew out. But Cory arrived early the next morning and spent a lot of time tracking down the hard-to-find part. As it turned out, we did the repair ourselves, but he was very helpful finding the part and giving advice. The reason we ended up doing it ourselves, and why this isn't five star, is because the parts cost us less than $400 and about four hours of travel and work, but the cost for them to do the repair was $2,100. Still, I appreciated that they tracked the part down for us.
Taneel P., Cory N.
Great response to our request. Thank you for the high end service.
Taneel P., Arnold P.
Eddy was awesome! really nice visit... a little confusion with the scheduling, the called me to apologize because they wouldn't make it on Monday, but the appt was actually for Tue. I really appreciate them being proactive even though they got the days mixed up. On another note, my name its spelled Christian... :) thank you! Sincerely, Christian.

great job Jason thanks for the repair everything was done in a very short amount of time and you were very pleasant to deal with. I would recommend your company in the future.
Jason P.
Ron was very nice and took the time to explain what he was doing.
Ron P.
These guys did a great job replacing my water heater. They were prompt (which is important when you don't have hot water) and did the job quickly and professionally.
Jason P., Derek S.
Ron was very professional and helped me in my hour of need. My water heater was toast. He replaced it with a new one .
Ron P.
They were honest in their evaluation and reasonably priced. They guarantee their work and are very respectful of your property.
Brent Y.
The work was performed withing hours of my call - now that's about as good as it gets. Thanks a ton!!

Ron P was very helpful and professional. He was efficient and I am happy with his work.
Ron P.
The technician was nice, came on time to my home and even use plastic shoes. The Dispatcher was keeping me informed about the app. and she gave me a good detail about my problem. Thank you
Terry K., Claudia G.
Both of your staff, Scott and Claudia were very professional and the job was done on time. Claudia mentioned your program of three services for AC and furnace checkup for $99.00 which I had not known about and signed up for. I am very satisfied.
Claudia G., Scott P.
Brent Young with Action Plumbing and Heating did an excellent job, was quick and gave great feedback. I called at 8am in the morning and my plumbing problems were fixed by 10:30am. For the work performed the price was fair and he was professional in everything he did.
Brent Y.
It has been a pleasure to have Action Plumbing and Heating work in our home. The service, the product and company are all top notch. Thank you!!

Jason was very thorough, professional, courteous. He not only quickly installed my outdoor spigot but also hooked up a gas dryer for me. I really appreciated the work he did. He even so kindly swept out behind my dryer and found a dead mouse before moving the new one in. The Dispatcher was also very kind and courteous on the phone. I appreciated her updates and positive attitude. Thank you both for a great experience.
Taneel P., Jason P.
Eddie was so professional, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. He provided excellent service and was so quick and polite. I will definitely be calling again for future needs. Thank you so very much!!!
Edward D.
Action has always been a GREAT company that provides excellent service, knowledgeable service people and GREAT follow-up/ Our new furnace is working great thanks to the service person who installed it. He was always able to answer any questions that we had. As for the cooler service (start-up) I feel it was a waste of the techs time. All the "service" that was done on the cooler was connect the water line!, something I have done myself for years. Thanks for the service though. Action is a great company, has knowledgeable techs, keeps you informed, and they are clean and well dressed. Thank you for all your help.
Taneel P., Daniel L.
The service we received was excellent and fast. Mitch N. was very polite took time to tell us exactly what he was doing and explained the operation of the new water heater. Excellent plumber. Taneel P was very polite and made us feel good about our choice of action plumbing. Talking to her on the phone was very nice.
Taneel P., Mitch N.
It was great that I called around 8:30am and they had Brent out there within the hour and he quickly took care of our plumbing needs in a fair and friendly manner.
Taneel P., Brent Y.
I was extremely pleased with the service Action Plumbing performed for me.

We are delighted with the service provided by Todd P. We have had good experiences with previous calls to Action Plumbing. Thank you for providing us with a more simple way to provide feed back. Evert and Pam Jones
Todd P.
I bought a new AC and furnace in March 2013 and have not had any problems. With the couple of cold days/evenings in April and May of this year, I tried turning on my furnace to no avail. I called Cathy (sp?) at Action on Wednesday, May 7th, to tell her that the furnace wouldn't turn on. She expressed concern and told me that she would have someone out the very next day. Scott showed up for the service call which he's been to my home before, so it was nice to see a familiar face. He found the problem within about 5 minutes (the inducer fan had seized up) and told me that he had the same problem with his own furnace. He left to go to the parts store, returned with the fan within 30 minutes or so, and had the repair done (covered by warranty) and furnace working shortly there after. I am so glad I did business with Action Plumbing and Heating and will continue to refer customers to them. The staff and technicians are always very nice and knowledgeable.
Wendy K., Scott P.
Awesome service. Derek got me up and running with in the first hr of my call. Not to mention it was after hours. With 3 girls at home it was great service to get to my family so quickly. Couldn't beat the price either. Thanks you guys for such an awesome experience. Will defiantly recommend to family and friends
Derek S.
I'd seen the Action commercials on TV and was actually excited to finally have them come perform a job for me. They seemed like a very well-known and reputable company. Brent, who came to replace a pump, was so polite and helpful. He made sure I understood exactly what had happened with my plumbing and what exactly he was going to be doing to fix it. Above and beyond that, he even pulled up my garbage and recycling bins that were still out by the sidewalk! Talk about service going above and beyond.
Brent Y.
Justin B was very good to work with. He explained options that we should consider after his review of our AC system.
Justin B., Claudia G.
Larry B. came to work my furnace and fully explained what he was doing and why. I appreciate the kindness and knowledge he was able to provide. Thank you for your service.
Larry B.
Had an A/C Tune-up. TJ was prompt, professional and honest.
The technician had scheduled to be at my house between 10:00am & 2:00pm. They were a few hours late but I understand that is was a colder day & by waiting later my unit would accept the coolant charge better. My wife was home anyway & it was not an inconvenience at all for us (only reason for not giving 5 stars). I have already referred a family member to you. I am very happy with the way I have been treated, communication has been far above what I expected. I will continue to use & refer Action Plumbing Heating Air unless they break my trust. I would be extremely surprised if that ever happened.

Scott M. walked us through every step that was needed for our new laundry room plumbing. He was honest and trust worthy. I would defnately recommend him and Action
Scott M.
We had a central air unit installed in March so it would be ready for summer. Action H&A has been great to work with . Communication is outstanding, technicians are extremely helpful as they explain things. TJ came out to fully charge our system since it was too cold to accept a full charge back in March. As he was running a little late waiting for the day to warm up he was in contact with me throughout the afternoon. When he showed up he was extremely courteous & answered any questions I had. My experience has been outstanding with this company. They have reminded me how a business should treat a customer.
Very friendly and fast. Thanks!
Kevin M.
RH the plumber was knowledgable, fast, polite, and I would be happy to have his service again! TP did agood job. s/ D.O.F.
Ryan H., Taneel P.

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