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Our Reviews

We especially appreciated Nate. He was very patient and explained everything he found and even worked with our insurance adjuster. We will definitely call 3 Mountains any time we have a plumbing need in the future. Thank you so much!

Jeff did an awesome job of seeing a direct way to solve our problem and did it very quickly and professionally.
We had an excellent result using 3 Mountains for a kitchen leak we could not find. Nate was very helpful in diagnosing and fixing our problem and we will call them any time we have a need to use a plumber in the future. Thanks Nate!!
Jeff was very courteous, he explained everything and did a great job!

Anthony and Alex worked hard and cleaned my sewer line when several plumbers couldn't or wouldn't... hoping I'd pay thousands to have it replaced. I'm a loyal customer now and will recommend 3 Mountains Plumbing to anyone. Thanks for the honest, hard work you provide!

We had a clogged kitchen drain last evening that required immediate attention. Nate arrived right on time in a very professional manner. He did a thorough diagnosis of our problem giving us several options with price quotes before he proceeded. He took his time, allowed us to watch and learn as he worked, willingly answering our questions as he went along. We are very impressed with Nate and 3 Mountains which we will definitely use again if needed. THANKS!
we were a bit shocked by the price, but the service was great

Jeff came assessed the problem and was quick with a solution. He explained to me what was the problem and how he was going to fix it. Then made sure I was happy with the results. Great service!

Paul was very pleasant and professional. His work was excellent.
Over a three day period I met three of the Three Mountains Plumbing guys who originally were called out to scope my sewer lines because neighbors were having trouble. I added some additional plumbing issues for them to solve in a 1971 built condo, and they were quick, courteous, and very professional. They were even able to come out on a Sunday night to solve a leak coming from a faulty pressure regulator that there was no way my home inspection could have even seen, as well as relocate the main water turn off valve so it could be reached without having to remove a water heater first! Nate, Klint and Paul were great!

I called 3 Mountains Plumbing based on reviews found online in a search for plumbers who could also check sewer lines, because 6 people on my block had recently had sewer backups. I wanted a complete check of my newly purchased 1971 built condo in a preventative move. Nate came and did a superlative job in scoping out the sewer line, emailed me a video of the beginnings of a belly in the line, and installing new low flow toilets, installing new angle stops in bathrooms and kitchen, replacing supply lines with new braided supply lines and checking all water lines and connections. He also explained the options in a customer care club. I joined the club, which turned out to be a really smart move, since the next night (a Sunday) I had a regulator water leak all over the garage floor, which brought out Klint. He spent several hours pulling my water heater out and installing a new regulator. During the process he found the turn off valve for my house water was located behind the water heater, which I could never have reached in an emergency. He relocated that valve to an easy to see and reach position. The next call was answered by Paul and Nate who relocated and installed a new shower head in the guest bath and installed a new sink, faucets and p-trap. All three gentlemen spent a goodly amount of time going over the options, cost as well as proposed work. They were on time, completely professional and very easy to understand. I also appreciated the total cleanup of the job sites. I would very strongly recommend them to anyone who needs plumbing work done honestly and professionally.
Paul., Nathaniel., Klint.
I was so impressed with Anthony and Alex from 3 Mountains Plumbing. They didn't give up and worked hard to clear my sewer main line. I completely trust them. They had my best interest at heart when other plumbing companies tried to take financial advantage of me. Thank you 3 Mountains Plumbing for your honesty and work ethic...it seems it's harder and harder to come by these days. I'll never use another plumbing company again!
3 Mountains T.
Nathanial was a delightful young man and very efficient. He seemed very knowledgeable and got the problem resolved!

I was very satisfied with the work done.

Brian was very good at explaining the problem and what needed to be done. He did it in a timely manner and I am very satisfied with the job.
Convivial young man showed up on time, explained our options and promptly performed the work professionally. We used a worthwhile coupon, so in my mind the value was excellent. I would use them again.
Nathaniel was polite, professional and very helpful. He has passion for his job and it is obvious he is loyal to his company.
We found out about 3MP from HomeAdvisors. Com. Gabe came to help us out with a water leak. He took time to review the end to end process that was shared over the phone and all of his work was consistent with the expectations that he had set. We had the option of moving forward or not and would have only been responsible for a $30 visit if we did not proceed. What we discovered was more extensive than expected, and Gabe assured me that we would get the issue resolved and stayed On it until his work was complete, which required waiting on other work to be complete. He provided us multiple options, gave us great insight into why we were likely experiencing multiple issues with water pressure and leaks in our house, and called in some colleagues from Restoration1 to get our water damage cleaned up for us.
Jeff Lawson is a genuine professional in manner, knowledge and skill. He has assisted me twice with a home that I purchased within the past year. In both instances he was very thorough, noting various options for repairs without pressuring me in any way. His work was excellent and he maintained complete communications with me. This was very important to me (some service providers do not communicate well with customers) and he was on time every time. He reassured me about his work and asked for me to report any issues afterwards. He is a very pleasant young man and dedicated to the highest quality of work. 3 Mountains Plumbing has been good to work with providing the best quality. This is especially important since all plumbing work is pretty expensive. Now we have all expected repairs completed and have enrolled in the annual inspections/repair program the company offers, which is reassuring. Thank you Jeff and 3 Mountains Plumbing.

More expensive than i figured, but I haven't hired a plumber in 20 years. Paul was a great rep for his company. They were straight forward with their estimate, followed through on time, left the area clean, He did a good job.
Huge help! Ended up doing myself most of the issues. Still will need to decide if I want to do the valve replacement with Them. Bid was a lot higher than I expected. But not pushy and great at explaining. We felt Nate did a great job and was very honest.

Fabulous customer service, went above and beyond so that I was not going to be without hot water for weeks! I would and already have recommended this company to others.
Paul., Melissa.
After Brian handled a fairly benign sink problem, we discovered after a voluntary home inspection that -- again -- we had water in the crawl space. The outtake pipe from the washing machine (also connected to the kitchen sink) had detached, spewing waste water under the house. The first water restoration company either didn't do the job right or did it halfway, necessitating a second company to come in. Despite all of this, Jeff Lawson and his team were thoroughly professional, quick to diagnose the problem, clear in recommending options -- always giving us up-front pricing and honest advice. Brian came to our home on Sunday to install the needed pipe, then Jeff and Nate followed a few days later to insulate and strap our pex pipes that were not properly installed five years ago. This is the first plumbing company that I felt actually respected OUR interests. On top of all that, Jeff walked me through how to appeal to the company that did faulty installation of our repiping job five years ago; thanks to his encouragement and advice, we recovered nearly $1400! I will always use 3MP. Melissa and Brook took every call and were not only friendly and responsive but truly compassionate. Thank you all for making plumbing less fearsome. We are now in the Customer Care Plan for ongoing support!
Melissa., Brook J., Jeff., Brian.
We have called 3 Mountain Plumbing for emergencies and planned remodeling work. Whenever they come to do the work, 3 Mountain's representative/plumber is always on time, respectful, knowledgable, and professional. The people in the office are super helpful. If checking on details, permits-whatever-I can always count on a call back with the needed information. We appreciate working with them.

We scheduled Brian from 3 Mountains Plumbing to re-plumb our new bathroom remodel which included 2 sinks and a drain. (Of course the previous owners didn't do the plumbing to code so Brian had to re-do a previous bad job.) The day before he was scheduled to come, our hot water heater went out. 3 Mountain came right out and within a short amount of time, fixed our emergency. The next day, Brian and his cohort came out and did a professional job in quick time to re-plum our new remodel. All along, Brian worked around the other craftsmen - cabinet, tile workers - to give us the fastest, most complete job! It's like working with family!! I'd call this company, and Brian again when I need any plumbing help!
Loved Nathaniel. If we used you again I wouldn't want him back. He was great.

Nathaniel came out today for a clogged drain. VERY professional and straight forward. Geve us all the possibilities right up front. Drain was a little stubborn getting it flowing but he stuck with it and did a great job. Would have this company back in a flash. Very happy with Nathaniel. THANK YOU for the great job.
Mark and Daryl provided excellent service. Prompt, courteous, professional and conscientious.

We recently had Mark (Seattle area) come by to diagnose a problem with our radiant heating/water heating system. After investigating thoroughly, he presented us with the pros and cons of every available repair option, including installation of a new tankless system, which we ultimately selected. During this process, there was no sales pitch or pressure...He just educated us with the facts. Within a few days, he and Daryl were able to come by and install the system. They were right on time, and called before arriving, which was a new experience for us. We were very impressed with the friendly, professional, courteous, and conscientious service they provided. This included a couple follow-up visits by Daryl to fine tune the system at no extra charge. Even our obnoxious little chihuahua, who doesn't like anyone, liked these guys! The bottom line is, we highly recommend 3 Mountains Plumbing to anyone in need of quality plumbing services. We will definitely use them again, should the need arise.
3 Mountains T.
They are always so nice and helpful, the plumbers are always friendly and on time. Very professional and definitely worth recommending to everyone you know. They are very reasonably priced for the amazing service you get.
Melissa., Brook J., Susan., Klint.
Great field Rep. Gabe represented you well!

Honest, fair and knowledgeable! Gabe evaluated the situation with my water heater and work up a recommendation with several options. Gabe came back 2 days later and completed the job in under 2 hours. Highly recommend this company and request Gabe!
After years of rusty galvanized pipe issues, we repiped our 1959 home. 3 Mountains Plumbing does superb quality work with the highest level of professionalism, expertise, good communication, with efficiency and tidiness. Repiping is a BIG job and 3 Mountains finished it fast and with a smile! I have used 3 Mountains Plumbing for many years on a variety of projects and emergencies. I am confident with their ability and I can always depend on the best quality of work from them - I highly recommend them for any of your plumbing needs, small or big. Special shout out to Brian, Jeff and Nate who worked as a team and kept me in the loop every step of the way! THANK YOU!!! :
Jeff., Brian.
From the service to quality of work the team provided, Paul and Nathanial, were wonderful. They made a usually very stressful situation, re-plumbing majority of our house, comfortable and easy. Thank you!

I interviewed a number of plumbers and chose Jeff to replumb my entire (small) house in a major remodel. He was courteous and efficient. There were delays with other parts of the remodel (of course!) and he made numerous trips back to get everything finished. This included hooking up a claw-foot-tub, which is harder than modern tubs. I was also influenced by the 10 year guarantee of their work, and have called Jeff back to repair leaks that showed up after the job was done. He was prompt and cheerful in getting it all straightened out. Thanks.
Helpful and honest. Didn't push services we didn't need and offered DIY tips on our bathroom remodel
Jeff at 3 Mountains Plumbing was great. He showed up on time, gave great advice, was knowledgeable and I never felt like he was trying to sell me a service and /or product that I did not need.

Jeff came out after hours to do work on my house. He stayed well into the evening to get everything done. He was very professional and friendly. I will definitely use 3 Mountains Plumbing again for my plumbing needs
Friendly and helpful!

what a great business not only they were willing to help me on short notice, and giving me different options, but they were really honest, so the employe told me on the phone i will have to pay extra for an emergency fix and after hours so i said ok a half an hour later she called and said someone cancelled their appointment and i would be able to get help earlier and it would be within regular hours and i won't have to pay for it as an emergency thing, so appreciative of their business and the quality.
Great service, great job

Nate came out in pouring rain to repipe the main sewer line. Kudos to him. Good job with cleaning out the drain system despite the trouble with power
With upfront prices and all the tool and equipment to get the job done right away, I'll definitely call them again for our spring remodel. Paul Hatton was fast, professional and personable. Thank you 3 Mountains Plumbing!
Jeff was great! He knew just what to do and what to fix. What I appreciate is that he did not try and sell me all new stuff but could work with what was here. I appreciate the lack of suggestive selling very much. Thanks, Jeff!

This is the third time we have called on 3 Mountains Plumbing. Jeff was very professional and helpful as we worked to discover the source of the problem (recirculating pump and water regulator), and to decide which parts needed to be fixed. He first came out on an emergency call and patiently explained our options. When he returned to do the repairs, and some additional diagnostics on our part, Jeff took the time to explain to my husband what parts he was using, how they worked, and what we should expect which will help us in the future. We would highly recommend Jeff and 3 Mountains Plumbing for your plumbing needs.
Brian, as well as the dispatcher that day were wonderful Five stars! I left a great review yesterday on homeadvisor.com and have recommended you to all of my neighbors. The only negative in the experience was the recommendation to use Restoration 1 to dry the carpet. You should re-think your affiliation with them.

Plumber was so professional and personable. He explained everything thoroughly showing me options of what the issue might be as well as the cost of each issue. He finished the work quickly and quietly. I will definitely use 3 Mountains Plumbing again should the need arise.

Jeff was very professional and fast! He explained exactly what he was going to do and completed the work in record time. It was a very stressful situation as another company bailed on us earlier in the day. Jeff fixed the busted pipe and we could now carry on with our lives. Thank you 3 Mountains Plumbing and especially Jeff!

Everything got fixed. He was super cool. Thank you!

Very friendly on phone when made appt and it continued when Jeff showed up on time on a Saturday Am.. He was friendly and courteous, repair was done in a timely manner and will refer this company to clients as they need plumbing repairs, etc.


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