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Our Reviews

We liked the friendly and professional manner that the Cowboy Moving and Storage Team greeted us and handled all the heavy lifting and loading that was required for our moving project. They moved a very heavy old safe for us from our previous home and moved it into our basement down a set of stairs that offered very little room to maneuver. The stairs have a landing half way down and then the stairs turn and continue down. There was no room for error and the Cowboy team really shined and got the job done without any damage to person or property. They followed all safety precautions with the safe and all our other possession's and we didn't suffer any damage to anything. "Great Job" by a "Great Team". A job well done. We would recommend Cowboy Moving and Storage and our team to anyone looking for a dependable professional moving company.
Jaylen G., Derek D., Jesse M., Forrest M., Cowboy Moving Team.
Charles Bob and Dennis were great to deal with. They handled our things with care and were very professional. I would highly recommend these guys.
Charles V., Denis B., Bob M.
Excellent job! They made a very stressful day and move enjoyable. They were professional and courteous. Thank you.
Charles V., Beto V., Bob M.
Using Cowboy Moving was like hiring family - friendly, consciences, courteous, and a real willingness to please. Also, their pricing was better than expected and extremely fair. Would I use them again? I will only use them. We were totally happy with the entire experience
Hector M.
This team was fantastic! I would highly recommend them.
Luis M., Hector M., Dread P., Jorge M., Jose R.
They were careful, hard-working, and efficient.
Jack W., Justin S., Kenwon B.
We had a large amount of equipment that needed to be relocated on our site. The Cowboy crew did a great job - We would use them again.
Derek D., Charles V., Denis B., Forrest M., Bob M.
Great moving experience.Jessie, Mario, and Agustin were on time, qwick, careful, and thorough. Maricruse did a good job setting things up. Many thanks!! C B LOVERING
Mario R., Maricruz C., Agustin M., Jesse G.
Forrest and Derek arrived on time to move our daughter and grandson from an apt to a 2-story home. They were very polite and courteous and did their job very professionally and made the move fun for our 5-yr-old grandson. There were 15-stairs going to the 2nd level of the house where they had to move several heavy pieces of furniture. None of the furniture was damaged during the move and they went above and beyond in helping wherever they could. We highly recommend Cowboy Moving and Storage and the team of Forrest and Derek! Thanks guys!
Forrest M.
(no comment)
Mario R., Jesse G., Debbie H.
John and Atanacio did a fantastic job! On time, professional, careful, efficient and just genuinely good guys. Would absolutely recommend and will definitely hire this moving company again in the future.
Atanacio P., John T.
(no comment)
Atanacio P., John T., Debbie H.
Cowboy Moving & Storage did a great job from start to finish on the first half of our move. From Debbie in the office and our moving team, Forrest, Dread, Jorge, and Jesus, this first half of our move was flawless. We highly recommend this moving company!
Cowboy Moving Team.
Debbie at Cowboy Moving & Storage was very helpful in getting the correct type of move for us scheduled and provided accurate information for us to make our decision to book our move with them.
Debbie H.
Great experience with the crew. They did everything they said they would do.
Bob M.
(no comment)
Justin S.
Emelio and Alejandro did a super job moving my things being stored at another facility. They were fast continuous and professional. I give them a A+ rating. Have used Cowboy Moving 4 other times and wouldn't trust anyone else to handle all of my expensive furniture. Thanks to you both for the wonderful service. Kim C.
Emelio V.
Great crew, very efficient, thorough, and safe! I have used Cowboy M&S many times and am never disappointed! All my items were stored and delivered in perfect shape!
Jordan T., Keith B., Darrin W., Debbie H.
We hired Cowboy to pack our kitchen and pantry. I had occasion to look into boxes that had been packed by Richard. He failed to wrap breakable items in paper so as to protect them. Examples: plates, bowls, bottles and who knows what else. If I had the time I would go through every box he packed and redo it. I would never hire these people again
Maricruz C., Vincent M., Richard W.
Great experience
Jordan T., Josh B., Debbie H.
These guys were great- they moved us quickly, professionally and without any problems. Plus they were fun to work with!
Mario R., Agustin M., Jesse G.
Both John and Antiancio were excellent. They were thoughtful and very careful with my furniture and my home
John T.
Wow Debbie is so amazing and extremely helpful, answered every questions and explained everything and of course booked me with the best team ever you should duplicate them all. They are all professional and so helpful individuals who care about their customers. The day of the move, Cowboy's moving team of Beto and Darrin showed up on time, were so fast but careful they made this move easy. Both were so professional, helpful and they even got my Mom to laugh a little thru the tears she had from leaving a home she had been at for more than 45 years. Thank you for help with this move. I would highly recommend using Cowboy Moving again, however you can have this team they are mine and if I have to move again I want only them. Thank you again. Pamela Kussmaul
Beto V., Darrin W., Debbie H.
We always hire Cowboy Moving to help with our office moves. Yesterday we had almost a ton of stuff at our office that needed to be moved from three different floors to the dumpster out back. The guys did a great job, they were happy to help and very pleasant to work with. I allotted four hours to get this job done and they were done in 3.5. I would recommend Cowboy Moving to anyone looking for honest, hard-working people who get the job done!
Atanacio P.
Cowboy Moving has helped me move several times over the years. They are flexible, helpful and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them! I also requested the same team as they went above and beyond the expected to get me moved.
Charles V., Agustin M., Darrin W., Debbie H.
Charles, Bob and Vance moved us from Denver (busy Capital Hill area) to Colorado Springs. They were prompt, courteous, professional and just generally helpful. They had us moved and unloaded in about 6 hours which was much quicker than we thought it would be. No problems - we'd definitely use them again.
Vance E., Charles V., Bob M.
(no comment)
Maricruz C., Josh B., Beto V., Bob M.
We were so impressed with the great job Forrest and his crew did in moving us out of our home that we requested them again. Immediately upon arrival at our new home, Emilio and Pedro put down protective covering over all surfaces. Although we moved into a one story ranch, we had many pieces of furniture and over 100 boxes that had to go into the basement. The crew didn’t rest until everything was on the correct floor. Jorge’s meticulous truck-packing made the unpacking go all the more smoothly. Toward the end of the move, Derek was quick to place and assemble our beds so we could sleep in our new home that night. Although we hope to remain in our home for many years, when moving time comes we will not hesitate to call on Cowboy Moving & Storage.
Derek D., Emelio V., Pedro H., Forrest M., Jorge M.
I loved the communication and the timely arrival of the crew. Everything went very smoothly for both the loading and unloading of my belongings. Cowboy Moving was so flexible as I had to change my moving date several times and ended up needing to store everything for three weeks unexpectedly. I have worked with this company several times over the past 10 years and will gladly call on them again for my next move. I even requested the same crew for my move in date.
Forrest M.
Cowboy Moving was excellent in every respect. Debby made certain we understood our options and their services. John was the consumate professional and lead in every respect. Emilio and Jesus are skilled, professionals at their jobs, accomodating and supportive in every respect. The Cowboy Team was awesome and worth every penny!
Emelio V., Jesus H., John T., Debbie H.
They were very friendly, but 5 hours to move from a 2 bedroom into a 2 bedroom should of never taken that long, lesson learned on behalf. I truly feel like they were milking the clock.
Jack W., Dread P., Ron M., John T.
Everyone I had contact with at Cowboy moving was very helpful and courteous starting with Jose. The move out crew of Jorge, Dread and Jack were great and very accommodating. It could not have gone smoother. I would highly recommend Cowboy Moving as they made a stressful day much easier.
Jack W., Dread P., Jorge M., Jose R.
Invoice 163756 The lead guy was Forrest M. and the other three guys are Derek D. , Vance , Luis M. Wednesday was a great day. The guys showed up and got busy. These guys took good care of packing my house. I could not of ask for a better crew that was sent to my house. I see these guys in the parking lot everyday at work. Now I know a few more of there names. I look forward to seeing them everyday! Invoice 163759 Guys that I had on Thursday - Forrest, Derek, Vance. What a great group of guys! They showed up and took my bed apart finished loading and off we went. The unloading went smooth and fast. These guys worked there butts off. I had them unload 5 or 6 big wardrobe boxes into the garage, only to change my mind, Derek said "no problem where would you like them moved? I replied softly, "The basement" Thank you so much for taking such good care of my family Steve, Ron, Brad you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!
Luis M., Derek D., Forrest M.
Guys with Forrest team were so professional and helpful. Remembered us from last move. We will definitely use them again!
Forrest M.
Debbie, Jaylene, Forest, and Derek thank you for continued friendly and helpful customer services!
Jaylen G., Derek D., Forrest M.
Courteous and really cared about taking care when moving our art piece of furniture.
Derek D., Forrest M.
Scheduling was easy. Jayleen told me everything I needed to know. The moving team was fantastic. They worked together wonderfully to get everything relocated within my home quickly and safely.
Jaylen G., Dread P., Atanacio P., John T.
The team was excellent for both moving and packing. They dealt patiently with my husband, who has Parkinson's disease. They were professional, courteous, and very concerned about both my household goods and my home. They came highly recommended to me and I would not hesitate recommending them to others. My only suggestions is that they could have made the moving experience even better by offering a retired military, senior citizen, or disability discount. That would have made this required move a little easier to swallow
Jaylen G., Vincent M., Justin S., Vance E., Charles V., Cowboy Moving Team., Ron M., Jorge M., Bob M., Kenwon B.
Great Job! These guys were helpful ,and polite,and very good at there job. And I would definatly hire them again.. Thanks so much, Brenda
Jaylen G., Beto V., Bob M.
(no comment)
Derek D., Maricruz C., Forrest M.
Debbie was great helping me coordinate my father's move. She was spot on with the estimate and the movers were very professional and fast! The entire office staff was kind and helpful! Totally recommend their services.
Jordan T., Jesse M., Josh B., Debbie H.
These guys moved our treadmill down to the basement. Took them 10 minutes. It would have taken us all day and probably a trip to the emergency room. The guys were efficient and considerate to make sure they did it with out leaving a mess or damaging anything. Definitely would use again. Great job.
Jesus H., Bob M.
The Cowboy Moving & Storage team was awesome.
Luis M., Hector M., Mario R., Derek D., Forrest M.
Jake and Luis were very careful moving the furniture out of a small house and into two other homes. They set up two beds and even put the dust ruffles on both beds for us. There were lots of bundles (20 ) of linen for two different homes and they were careful that each home received all of the correct bundles for that home. They were efficient, fast and courteous movers. It doesn't get any better than that!
Luis M., Jake P.
Josh and Keith were great to work with. After having 2 incredibly bad experiences with other well known competitors, this was a huge relief. They arrived on time, were professional and polite, were quick but carful. Look forward to using them again.
Keith B., Josh B., Debbie H.
Best movers I have had in a long time. They were on time, polite, quick, careful with my items to be moved. I could not be happier.
Keith B.
Best movers I have had in a long time. They were on time, polite, quick, careful with my items to be moved. I could not be happier.
Josh B.
This by far was the best move I have experienced. Both Fred and Forest were very courteous, they handled my furniture with care and did a great job. I would highly recommend Cowboy and Fred and Forest. Update:. Just had my fourth move and did a load & hold. Best experience possible as anyone could have. Could not have asked for a better crew with Jorge, Derek and Joe. Thank you so much!
Joseph M., Derek D., Jorge M., Debbie H.
VERY professional. Moved large treadmill from basement to bedroom and were VERY careful not to hit walls and doors. Made the job look easy. HIGHLY recommend and at a very reasonable price. Thanks guys
Derek D., Forrest M., Debbie H.
Great service
Atanacio P., Jesus H., John T., Debbie H.

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