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Jeff K., Tyler M., Kayla T.
Service has always been excellent. Install work was done efficiently and left area clean when they were finished. Would highly recommend.
Jeff K.
They were amazing!!!! Incredibly helpful and proficient. Great customer service, and worked with me so well. I am grateful to them for all they did for me.
Mike B., Jeff K., Gary M., Tyler M., Kayla T.
Gary and his crew were the best. They answered all my questions and explained things until I understood. There was absolutely no mess to clean up, and they were careful to protect my wood floors. Polite, friendly, timely and efficient. A 100% recommendation for Kirkwood Heating and Cooling.
Gary M.
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Jeff K.
Knowledgeable, personable employee. I'm so glad that I was referred to KHAC.
Steve M.
We have been dealing with KHAC since moving to Kirkwood about 12 years ago. They put in my heating and cooling systems at that time and I believe Chris was working for them then. Chris has maintained our system each Spring and Fall and we have not had one issue with the system to date. Grant you the system is great, however, we believe Chris's attention to detail has been exemplary and has had much to do with it's being great! His tenure at the company speaks volumes about the overall quality of the company and assures us that we can continue to have faith in KHAC and confidence in it's recommendations.
Chris S.
KH&C replaced three furnaces in a short amt of time and in a professional and competent manner. I have been using KH&C for over 25 years. Recommended them!
Mike B., Jeff K., Steve M., Gary M., Tyler M., Kayla T.
Tyler quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem! He was professional and kind. Thank you!
Tyler M.
Mike and Jeff could not have been more accommodating, pleasant and efficient. A difficult job, a cold day and a job well done. Thank you!!
Mike B., Jeff K.
Kirkwood Heating and Air Conditioning Co.
Jeff K.
Gary was very helpful and did an outstanding job
Gary M.
We have been using KHAC for years and they always do a great job. Tyler is fantastic! Always knowledgeable and honest. Use them for any heating/AC issue.
Tyler M.
Mike B., Jeff K.
After almost 22 years of service we decided to replace our heating and air conditioning in our large ranch home. We talked with 4 companies and settled on Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning. First, Tyler talked in detail about the options available and was very knowledgeable about all of them. Second he asked about efficiency levels and because of my age was hesitant to spend a lot more for high efficiency models. Tyler, wanted me to see the differences in cost and when he put together the 4 options it was less than $200 for a 16 SEER and a 96% efficient heat system! The other 3 bidders chose not to do this. The installation crew of Mike B., Jeff K. and Kayla at the office couldn’t have been better or more professional!
Mike B., Jeff K., Tyler M., Kayla T.
After almost 22 years of service we decided to replace our heating and air conditioning in our large ranch home. We talked with 4 companies and settled on Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning. First, Tyler talked in detail about the options available and was very knowledgeable about all of them. Second he asked about efficiency levels and because of my age was hesitant to spend a lot more for high efficiency models. Tyler, wanted me to see the differences in cost and when he put together the 4 options it was less than $200 for a 16 SEER and a 96% efficient heat system! The other 3 bidders chose not to do this. The installation crew of Mike B., Jeff K. and Kayla at the office couldn’t have been better or more professional!
Mike B., Jeff K., Tyler M., Kayla T.
Gary, Steve, Chris and Tyler were great! We had hired them to install a new Carrier Premium HVAC system after getting 8 bids and researching our options. We felt this company was professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. Our heat actually ironically went out a week before our scheduled install and they made some calls and were able to get us in the next day! They were efficient and cleaned up very thoroughly after the installation was complete. As the manager of a medical supply company, I strongly value customer service and have high standards when it comes to a company's response. Kirkwood Heating and Cooling exceeded my expectations and I know we made the right choice selecting them for the large project. We would highly recommend them for anyone's HVAC needs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Steve M., Gary M., Chris S.
Kirkwood Heating & Air (**** *** ****) did a great job installing our new furnace and AC. We have had great service for the past 15 years. All of their people are courteous and very knowledgeable.
Mike B., Jeff K., Tyler M., Kayla T.
**** *** **** were great and efficient with installing our new water heater. We’ve always had good experiences with Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning and we’ll continue to use its services going forward. We highly recommend this company.
Mike B., Jeff K.
Showed up first thing in the morning even in bad weather. Was very helpful and professional.
Gary M.
Reliable and responsive as always. They have provided me service and checks for almost thirty years now.
Team Kirkwood., Jeff K.
I called Kirkwood Heating and Cooling for my furnace that wasn’t working. It’s February and cold. I had never called them before and was very pleased with their excellent service. They came the same morning I called them and had my furnace repaired quickly. *****, the repairman was very good and communicated well. I will continue to use Kirkwood Heating and Cooling Co.
Chris S.
All positive. On time, professional, competent, friendly, and definitely take pride in their work. And I didn't have to pick up anything after they left. New furnace was wider than the last one but with some fabrication they made it fit.
Steve M., Gary M.
Great service. Answered all my questions. Explained new furnace inner workings. Polite, personable and helpful.
Jeff K., Tyler M., Chris S.
Jeff was very friendly and informative when he came and fixed our furnace.
Jeff K.
Mike and Jeff were fantastic. I had a furnace issue and Kirkwood Heating sent someone the same day and diagnosed the problem. I didn't have to wait days to have the issue resolved as Mike and Jeff came out the very next day and completed the work. I am really happy with Krikwood Heating and Air Conditioning!
Mike B., Jeff K.
Our furnace wouldn't light in near zero degree weather, after supper. I had enough heat sources in the house that it could wait till the next day. I left a message on the website request and followed up with a call the next morning. Kayla said they were VERY busy but would get us repaired that day. Chris arrived by 10:30 a.m., reviewed the situation and made a very educated 'TAP' on the pressure switch that was stuck, and we've had heat ever since. Polite, courteous, and professional. We'll have them back, next time we have problems.
Chris S., Kayla T.
Not only did they come within a couple of hours to diagnose the issue with my furnace, they were were also able to schedule an install for less than 48 hours. Steve and Gary got the job done in a few short hours, cleaned up their work space, and were on their way. The best description I have for this experience is quick and painless.
Steve M., Gary M.
KHAC installed a new furnace and the installers were great. They were very knowledgeable, took the time to answer all our questions, and walked us through the ins and outs of the new system. They made sure we knew to call them if we had any other concerns or questions. We'll continue to use KHAC for all our heating and air conditioning needs. Great company that we would highly recommend!
Steve M.

Steve M., Chris S., Kayla T.
Having seen their vans in my neighborhood many times over the last few years, that was a strong recommendation I noted for when I would need something. So when the time came to get a new hot water heater a couple of weeks ago, and I also saw a positive recommendation on the NextDoor app from a neighbor, Kirkwood Heating and Air Conditioning was my first phone call. I am very happy with the service and help I received from all three employees involved-- Kayla, ****** and Gary. Kayla was friendly, helpful, and able to schedule an appointment quickly to take a look. She was also very helpful afterwards, scheduling the required appointment with the County inspector to make sure everything met code. Appointment to price was with ****** and he was a pleasure to work with. He has an honesty and integrity that can be difficult to find in businesses these days. He easily assessed what was and wasn't needed for replacement, explained everything clearly. Appointment to do the job was also easily scheduled, ***** returned with **** to do the job, and **** does terrific work too. They did a great job, made sure no drips or leaks, everything was finished ahead of schedule, cleaned up, and the old water heater hauled away. I felt I was treated fairly and professionally, and you can bet they will be my first call when I need HVAC. Highly recommend.
Team Kirkwood.
Mike and Jeff from Kirkwood Heating showed up right on time and set about installing my new furnace and air conditioning unit. They were both professional and efficient. It took about a 1/2 day but they cleaned up after themselves and left me with beautiful new HVAC system. I'm very pleased, and my home is nice and toasty.
Mike B., Jeff K.
It’s getting harder and harder to find reliable contractors of any kind. Kirkwood Heating and Air Conditioning delivered! Friendly, polite, showed up on time, and did a great job installing our new unit. Highly recommend. Mike M
Steve M., Gary M., Chris S., Kayla T.
(no comment)
Mike B., Jeff K.
Kirkwood HVAC has serviced my heating and cooling systems for more than 20 years. They have always been on time, dependable, friendly and fair. They worked for years to keep my old AC running until I could afford replacement. The same tech has come for years and I know I can trust them.
Steve M., Gary M., Chris S., Kayla T.
KHAC is a very reliable company.. they do their best to accommodate you and all there service techs and office staff are friendly, professional and hard working . Mike and Jeff are great to work with.. they are thourough and explain everything they did.. I highly recommend KHAC for you air conditioning and heating needs.
Mike B., Jeff K.
Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning is Simply the Best! It became very cold randomly here in St Louis over a weekend, and my heat went out. I have a 5 week old newborn and needed to get the problem solved ASAP. As soon as Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning heard about my son they sent a technician out within a matter of minutes. Within an hour Gary was able to diagnose the problem, give me options, and fix the issue all within my budget. Not only was the work performed professionally, Gary was extremely polite and respectful. His customer service was second to none. I highly recommend Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning and will be sharing my story with everyone. Thank you Gary, you truly save the day for me and my family.
Gary M.

Chris S.
Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning just installed a new furnace in my home. I am more than satisfied with it. Tyler has been taking care of my HVAC equipment for years. When I moved to a new home and needed a new furnace I didn't even bother shopping around. Tyler is very knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy. Since he would never sell me something I don't need, I knew Kirkwood HVAC was the right company to call.
Gary M., Tyler M., Kayla T.
Kirkwood Heating and Air was great to work with from start to finish. ***** spent time explaining my options and the various features available and I felt like I understood this major purchase (or two AC units). The team that did the installation worked quickly, were very polite and professional and cleaned up everything before leaving. I would definitely recommend this company to others looking to purchase air conditions.
Mike B., Jeff K., Steve M., Tyler M., Kayla T.
Kirkwood HVAC did a great job installing a new furnace and ac on 9/8/17. I would recommend them to anyone need HVAC help!
Jeff K., Steve M., Chris S., Kayla T.
They did a great job and the new system is working well although no heating has been required yet.
Mike B., Jeff K.
They were fast, polite, efficient, and did a fantastic job. Importantly, they care about the customer and have pricing that is in-line with market value. Unlike other companies, they do not inflate pricing!
Tyler M., Chris S., Kayla T.
KHAC set our repair up for success by inspecting the damaged air conditioner condenser and procuring the necessary parts ahead of time. Then, when the foundation contractor was out of the way, KHAC showed up the next day to restore our AC to service. Mike and Jeff were Knowledgeable and friendly. Taught me a few things to help me maintain my AC in the future. It is now 95 degrees outside and a steady 72 indoors. THANKS!
Mike B., Jeff K.
Mike B., Jeff K.
We have used KHAC for many, many years. One of their agents, usually Chris, comes to our DesPeres home 2x/yr to check the furnace/humidifier and AC. He is very professional and NEVER tries to sell us anything we don't need. Because of our semi-annual service plan, we have never had any issues. When our aged AC went out about 10 years ago, on a hot Father's Day, they immediately came out to replace with no extra "Sunday" fee.
Chris S.
The people at Kirkwood Heating & Air Conditioning were very helpful. Jeff and Mike arrived on time and explained everything I needed to know. They made sure everything was working before they left and made sure I knew what I needed to know. I recommend them highly.
Mike B., Jeff K.
Mike and Jeff demonstrated technical knowledge and organizational ability to reinstall my air conditioner condenser unit which had been temporarily removed to permit other work to be performed. They explained the steps they were taking and made sure the system was charged with refrigerant and operating properly before departing. In addition they were professionally courteous and left an overall good impression.
Mike B., Jeff K.
These guys did an excellent job! Prompt, friendly and knowledgeable!
Mike B., Jeff K., Chris S., Kayla T.
My furnace recently stopped working on of course, a Saturday. After researching HVAC company's on-line I called Kirkwood HVAC hoping I could get someone to come out on Monday. I was so happy when Tyler immediately called me back and said he could be out within the hour. He arrived in about 45 minutes and had my furnace running almost immediately. Even though my furnace was super old I told him I would probably not be ready to replace it for another year but I would be happy to receive a quote from them for a new one. I received a quote the following Monday and went ahead and set up the installation for the new one. I was quickly sold on this company's expertise at what they do and their exceptional customer service!
Jeff K., Gary M., Tyler M., Kayla T.

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