NRG Heating & Air Conditioning
By Carl S. on 12/10/19
Service tech was prompt, polite, fast, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Alon.

By BARBARA BILL F. on 12/05/19
The service was quick and efficient. Communication between the office, the tech, and me was excellent. The tech gave me pointers on how to troubleshoot and fix in the future. I highly recommend NRG for heating installation and service.

By ALBERT B. on 12/05/19
Great service. On time arrival and complete checkout! Came back to finalize the issue. Ordered an Amana (instead of generic) and will finalize repair after it arrives. NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR 3 VISITS. GREAT customer service!!

By Walter M. on 12/02/19
Michael was very professional and clear in his explanations. I highly recommend him.

By GARY B. on 12/01/19
Asher was friendly and very knowledgeable. he did a great job and put me to ease. I recommend him highly

******* has always been great, and Asher is also great, knowledgeable, clean, and fast Ron ************

By DASH M. on 11/25/19
(no comment)

By MARGARET S. on 11/14/19
Asher was a quick and efficient service technician. I purchased my Lennox furnace from NRG 8 years ago and have always been willing to recommend this company to anyone who asks. I will continue to do so in the future. Thanks, Asher!

By DIANE R. on 11/13/19
Alon was very informative & professional. I highly recommend NRG Heating. If you ever have any questions or concerns I would recommend you call NRG as they will let you know all your options.

By SCOTT F. on 11/11/19
Great fast and efficient service. Aaron was thorough and explained everything clearly. Thank you NRG!

By LINDA C. on 11/08/19
Very professional, expert, friendly service. We have used this company for nearly 10 years and recommend them highly.

By RICK H. on 11/08/19
NRG Heating & AC installed a new AC compressor a couple of years ago and has been providing routine maintenance since that time. They are reliable and do great work!

By NORMAN KIM S. on 10/29/19
Amir is very knowledgeable and helpful. He advised us as to what will be needing attention over time and how to plan for it. The system works great after being serviced.

By JOSEPH G. on 10/21/19
Pleasantly surprised by the professionalism compared to other experiences with similar companies .

By ED K. on 10/21/19
Amir was very couteous, punctual, and knowleable. I will consider his recommendations.

By Sheryl C. on 10/18/19
Excellent Service Good instructions to other helpers very efficient,very courteous.Would suggest workers again to anyone!

By Wendell S. on 10/17/19
Very Happy with service ,Bobby&Matt were very friendly and courteous!

By June S. on 10/17/19
Best installers I've had for my service done at my house Bobby is knowlegable!He told me a lot of things that i never knew ,we could use more technical people like him !

By BARBARA L. on 10/12/19
Annual service well done. Ron was friendly and informative.

By SANDRA C. on 10/08/19
I have done business with NRG for years at two different locations. They are upfront and worked with me on price to save money.
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