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Very professional and helpful. Every service member ensures you know exactly what the status is with your equipment prior to them leaving.

Service technician Justin did an excellent job servicing my AC unit .Was very professional and friendly

Alex Valencia is very Good Service guy, He take careful to check my AC,very nice Talk,We get follow him for my Air Conditioning Service,Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!
Alex V.
Always on time and always Great Service!!! Thank you Yes Air and Plumbing!
Stacey H., Josh P.
I did have to experience a reschedule due to a over abundance of customers, but YES did work to schedule another date on my time and showed up promptly.

Sarah did not explain that there was a $49 diagnostic fee per unit. I have used your services in the past, my units have not magically duplicated from then and the service fee was only $49 then. Dishonest and dissapointing

Trumayne always shows professionalism and respect during his visits which is why I have started requesting him specifically. I also noticed that I feel zero pressure from him while he advises me what my home needs. I appreciate that. Thank you.

He said he would return on Monday June 25 but never did. I text him twice and no reply. A simple phone call would be nice.

(No Comment)
Sarah C., Austin R., Jerome L.
My a/c wasn't working properly for a few days so I contacted homeadvisor and this company was recommended. They called me first and I liked that. It was a very hot day in Vegas (really?!!!), I talked to customer service at around 2pm, Alex was out here in about an hour and a half. The problem was fixed. Alex answered any questions I had and listened i.e. didn't make me feel as ignorant as I am. That's important. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because I thought the freon was rather expensive. Overall, good job.
Alex V.
Very professional. Great service. Thank you!

Very professional and personable. Appreciate no sales tactics!

Always friendly and providing great recommendations.

Amazing group of people from start to finish. Thanks for a good experience

It truly was an awesome experience from beginning to end. Everyone was polite, answered any questions I had with no hesitation, and the unit was installed the same day. Amazing job. Thank you

It was a pleasure to have Justin from YES Air Conditioning to service our unit. We are seniors, on a fixed income, he was congenial,understanding and explained everything he had to do to the unit. Please make him the next CEO !!!
Justin F.
Always very friendly and on time.

Amazing group of professionals. From the initial phone call to the hand shake at the end of the job. Although I had to buy a new air conditioner I felt no pressure, with the immediate response and the cleaniness of the job this is what I was looking for in a company. Thanks for a great experience.
Sarah C., Josh P., Keaton M., Phil F., Antonio H., Jimmy W.
Josh was super professional, very nice, and courteous.

My experience was awesome from the beginning conversation with Sarah who answered all my questions, was very understanding with regards to my concerns. Chris came out went over the unit we had and gave advise to what he felt would give us the efficiency, saving energy and money, with all the reasons how and why it was the best unit for our needs. Then the Tech Jacob, that installed the unit was very polite, walked me through every step of the way and did the job fast and had it up and running in no time. So from beginning to end it was a great experience with no problems along the way. I would recommend this company to everyone I know. Kim
Sarah C., Chris W.
(no comment)
Sarah C., James W., Fernando G.
Thanks to Alex V and the Yes Air Conditioning & Plumbing team. My air conditioning went out late one night, I randomly found them on a google search and left a message through their webpage begging for help. Within an hour, maybe half and hour I had calls and texts telling me they could help me late the next morning. I made an appointment and after a rough night, and a rough morning Alex V found me at the early end of the estimate and in short order my air conditioning was cooling the condo again. For the fact that I can sleep tonight and that it was done in a fairly quick manner I am grateful and it well worth the price I paid. Thanks.
Alex V.
I want to compliment Alex V. for the great service experience I had today. He was professional with a great attitude. He was very informative about my air conditioning equipment, that left me feeling safer. He offered me your Home Service plan, with an incentive that initiated me into your Home Service family forever. Not only will I call you for all my Air/Heat/Plumbing needs, but I will recommend "Yes to everyone I know. Alex V. is truly a 5 Star Service representative ! Thanks for everything, Marianne Smith
Alex V.
I love you

(no comment)
Ivaylo B.
(no comment)
Alex V.
I have already recommended your services to my neighbors. Anyone who asks about plumbing or A/C, I will always recommend your services.

Very expensive compared to other bids. The highest.

From customer service to the technician (Justin) they sent out to my home everyone was very professional. He answered all and any questions I had about the system and did a complete system check. I have scheduled them for another job. Highly recommended!
Sarah C., Justin F.
Excellent service! Thank you!!
Stacey H., Joe Q.
The tech came in, walked into my living and was not even in my home for more than 3 minutes and told us we had to re-pipe our entire home and it would be at the least $19,000. He did NOT look at one thing before stating that. He did NOT diagnosed the leak, nothing! He was no help, and clearly just wanted money. When I told him I was in NO position to pay that kind of money he stated I could finance it. Lack of sympathy and professionalism was disgusting.

Customer service is excellent scheduling is efficient. The technician, Jayson P. is very professional and courteous. He gets the work done in a very efficient manner and makes certain it is satisfactory. I would recommend him to everyone who needs plumbing service. Sarah C. Also was very courteous and efficient in setting my appointment. It is a pleasure to know a company with wonderful employees.
Sarah C., Jayson P.
Alex was a real gentleman and professional.

My service specialist, Josh T, was fantastic. He was friendly, efficient, knowledgable, and polite. Josh was a real pleasure.
Joshua T.
Chris N. a very efficient worker. Polite, explained all facets of work that was done. Please send him again when we need AC help.
Chris N.
Great group of professionals. Very respectful and knowledgeable. And always do a great job!


Jesse was very professional and knowledgeable. My only issue why I gave a 9 rating is because your company policy to not waive the $49 service evaluation fee for replacing a faulty Amana thermostat for $170 labor or $153 minus the 10% military discount. What was there to evaluate when you see and know the thermostat is obsolete; for obviously reasons why mine needed to be replaced. Thus, you guys installed an inferior thermostat 3 years ago that was bad enough to discontinue 2 years ago. And I’m absorbing an evaluation fee for that? Amazing!!!

Both guys were great! They were friendly & professional.

Good service and very professional.

Daron B. and Intern Phillip both installed my water heater at my home and it was an excellent job that they did. It looks good and it works. the job that they did was extremely professional and I would have them do other work at our home.
Sarah C., Daron B.
Daron B. and Intern Phillip both installed my water heater at my home and it was an excellent job that they did. It looks good and it works. the job that they did was extremely professional and I would have them do other work at our home.
Daron B.
This guy, Chris Williams, is absolutely horrible. It seems to me that he and/or the company he works for try to take maximum advantage of every customer and every situation. I just had a new HVAC system installed. Not knowing how much something like this should cost going in, I trusted Chris to quote me a price comparable to what any reputable business would give. After agreeing on the price and commiting to the financing, I was actually able to obtain several estimates for the same exact job from companies both where I live (Los Angeles), and where the work was done (North Las Vegas). I was beyond shocked to find that not one of the estimates I received was EVEN IN THE SAME BALLPARK OF THE PRICE I PAID! I got no less than six estimates ranging from $5,700 to $6,200. So let's say that the job according to these estimates should average out to $6,000. The forked tongued Chris Williams and Yes Air Conditioning & Plumbing's price that I actually paid? NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Look, if a job costs $6,000 and you charge me $6,500, OK, no big deal. At least it's in the same price range. But if a job costs $6,000 and you charge me $9,000, that's a HUGE DIFFERENCE. What a ripoff! And not only that, but when out of frustration with their price I ask for a breakdown of the cost so I can see where they are coming up with such an outrageous number, I'm told that THEY DON'T BREAKDOWN OR ITEMIZE THEIR PRICING!!! WHAT? How is a consumer supposed to know what he's paying for? These idiots at Yes, and especially Chris Williams, are complete crooks and will take you for as much as they can possibly get! The system works great and the installation went great. But charging me 150% of what ANY OTHER COMPANY WOULD HAVE CHARGED is simply bad business. Chris saw that I was in a desperate situation and took full advantage of it. My mom is 73 and can't live in Vegas without air conditioning. I live in Los Angeles and had a very limited time to get the HVAC unit installed. Chris Williams recognized these factors and screwed me, but good. These guys are crooks. Save money by choosing ANY OTHER COMPANY BUT THEM!!!
Chris W.
Experience that shows. Thank you

Erika was prompt in setting up the appointment the same day. Brent arrived within the allotted time. He fixed the problem quickly and satisfactory.
Erika D., Brent B.
Alex sent Bill Cooper for a second pair of eyes. As he was showing me how to help troubleshoot should the problem recur, after not finding any problem, we noticed the compressor start, but before we could return to the house to check the fan, the compressor stopped. That must have given him another idea of what the problem could be, he went into the attic and said it was fixed. Being skeptical, I kept an eye on it the rest of the day, and low and behold, the system seems to be working appropriately. You are all redeemed.

Wow, I know a good service man when I meet one. You see, I own Gm water solutions and Eclipse pools. So I know a good employee when he come around. Please give david some kind of reward. He went though my system and explain what he was doing while he was doing it. This raised my comfort level. No matter what you get done in this day and age you want to feel like you got your money's worth and getting a little bit of knowledge about your system doesn't hurt either. The lady on the phone was very polite as well. I'm going to take these examples and teach my team how they should be. Thank you Gary Morris Your 3rd generation pool man
Sarah C., David A.
This is my plumbing company which I have used for several years and I trust them to solve any of the problems I think I have and they take care of my questions and corrections and repairs professionally and perfectly. They have never disappointed me.

Efficient & courteous service, on time and great office communication.
Stacey H., Justin F.
The problem was air restriction and that is exactly what Brent said initially. Then it went into a pitch to sell me a new system with charts on his iphone and regulations regarding R22. A hose and water fixed it.


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