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Superior Plumbing always does a fine job for them inside & outside with service. The plumbers & the people answering the phones are always pleasant & professional. She highly recommends our company. David Dixon was the nicest guy ever, and she want to give him big KUDDOS!
Will D., David D.
The clog had cleared itself out when they got here, but he still took the time to double check everything. Thanks!
Paul A.
I was very pleased with Erick F from Superior Plumbing. He was intelligent, experienced, skilled and well spoken. He did a superior job in every way. I was impressed with the work and received a good explanation on the repairs. Excellent - Five Stars from me.
Erick F.
I called Superior Plumbing on a Saturday about a plumbing issue. I spoke with Jay and he said he would have someone out within 30 minutes. The technician showed up within the promised time and fulfilled the requested service quickly. He was both courteous and knowledgeable. You could tell he takes pride in his craft. In this day when just average service passes for exceptional, Superior Plumbing has exemplary customer service and lives up to its name. I found their prices to be extremely reasonable as well, especially considering the level of customer service they deliver. They are worth more. If you have a plumbing issue, I highly recommend Superior Plumbing.
Jay B.
I called this company to come out and find a leak so that my water could be turned on. The County turned it off Thursday because the meter was spinning out of control. Mr. Henry was sent to my house, could not locate the leak, but did turn my water back on. He explained I would have water over the weekend and he would be back Monday to repair the leak. His estimate at the time was $3400. Even though it continued to leak over the weekend, no evidence of water inside or outside could be found. On Monday, Mr. Henry walked the property again and opened up the meter. He "energized" the copper pipe and followed it to where the leak was. Sure enough, no evidence of water above ground, but when he shoveled the area, he found water pooling underground. He let me know that he located the leak and that it would cost me thousands less than the original estimate. Hallelujah. That was not luck; that was a blessing. Thank you Superior Plumping and Mr. Bill Henry!
Bill H.
Repair was for a rental unit that I own. Was told I had to be there when tech arrived and then I could leave. Received a call from dispatch saying tech would arrive in 20 -40 min. Tech arrived in 1 hour and 40 min. After tech made diagnosis of the issue I was told I had to stay while he did work. If I had known this I would have never wasted my time nor yours. I had thought that yours was a professional organization but based on the lack of appreciation of my time I can't say that this is true.

He was so great explain thing to me what needed to be done . I am so glad that i choose the them to fixed my sink thank you Paul A
Paul A.
I waited a day and a half for a guy from J & S Construction to show up and tell me he would NOT do the job today, but instead do it 4 to 6 days out when he had the time to do it. The only reason I waited was because the owner of the company told me he would do it when he showed up. This wouldn't be a big deal if the job didn't involve me getting my water turned back on. The main water line from the water meter to my home ruptured the night before and the water had to be shut off because the ruptured water main created a miniature river on our front lawn. Chris from J & S did not care, he even said, you can call other companies if you can't wait that long. When I told him I spoke to the owner Michelle and she said he would, he said well Michelle is my sister and I'm "the owner" too. It doesn't matter what she says, I'm the one that has to fix the line and I can't do it today and left. At this point my wife and I started reaching out to anyone that could give us an estimate and fix the broken line that very day. It was about 10:30am when we reached Superior Plumbing. They gave us a fair price and had the line fixed by 3:50pm. That's just over 5 hours to fix a broken main line from the first phone call to me paying and shaking David Dixon's hand. They did not have to dig a ditch and make a mess of my yard because they have a ditch witch. They made sure they didn't cut wires, hurt any bushes, and even took the gas line dig locate flags off of the front yard. That's five star service. Complete night and day from our experience with the other company. I would recommend going with this company.
David D.
We had some issues at our warehouse and called Superior. They sent Cliff out. Told us up front what initial fees we could expect. Then after looking everything over gave us a written quote prior to starting the job. Cliff went ABOVE AND BEYOND! All of the employees were happy that Superior Plumbing addressed our issues and even worked with the county to get all of our plumbing flowing freely again. Will definitely call and request Cliff next time.
Cliff B.
We brought my 87 year old mother home from 2 months in the hospital Saturday to find that a downstairs closet had flooded. Her house is over 50 years old. After calling a couple of other plumbers only to get a voice mail, I called Superior. A human answered, and Paul was at her door in a flash. Once he discovered the problem, he got Justin to come work on the cast iron pipe in the ceiling and he got to fixing the upstairs tub fixtures that had been leaking. They were nice, professional and even cleaned up after. I own my own business and Superior treats their customers the way I want my employees to treat ours. Superior is truly Superior!
Paul A., Justin A.
I have never had a problem with Superior. My last experience with them was just two weeks ago. Jason Hendricks came out to give me an estimate on several things that I thought were questionable due to another firms estimate. Jason is a professional, very well spoken, knowledgeable, likable and experienced fellow. Jason walked me through the other firms estimate and agreed with most of it but did challenge several points. He walked me through the steps that he recommended, in detail, and it made sense in that the other firm did not even attempt to explain their estimate. We scheduled the appointment and the work was done, above and beyond what his estimate called for and on schedule. Superior has an excellent asset in Jason and I will ask for him by name in the future.
Jason H.
City of Roswell advised us of a possible leak. We called Superior Plumbing on Tuesday evening and were scheduled for Thursday morning. Shane arrived at the scheduled time and quickly identified the leak and also found another problem. He thoroughly explained what needed to be done and a second optional piece of work which he recommended. He was professional, efficient and pleasant. He answered all of my questions with patience. I will be calling Superior Plumbing for all my future plumbing needs.
Shane M.
I had a leaking second floor shower drain. They promptly sent out Joel A. the next day. He quoted the price right up front including the service call so there were no surprises. He completed the job in less than 2 hours and the final bill was with the range of the initial quote, no surprises, no add-ons. Joel was professional and courteous and represented the company very well. I will not hesitate calling them back for any other repairs.
Joel A.
I have used Superior several times; sump pump, gas line to pool heater, shower valve and washer wall valves. They always arrive on time, do an excellent job and clean up. I highly recommend Seth P. They are not the cheapest, but well worth the results.
Seth P.
Superior Plumbing IS THE Plumber to call! We were lucky to have Mr. Joel Anthis respond to our first call on Friday August, 7th. (Blue Poly leak) Mr. Anthis was able, in a very short time, to identify the problem and offer two solutions. Solution "A" was the most cost effective fix. Feeding a PEX, pipe, (not sure of the acronym) inside of the original "Blue Poly". Solution "B" would be employed if Solution "A", did not work. Too complicated to go into. Today, Mr. Anthis was able to snake the pipe into the Blue Poly pipe without any snags, make the proper connections and restore the hot water line to our kitchen, NO LEAKS! I do have to mention that previous to Friday's visit Mr. Anthis responded to a "Blue Poly" leak we had and was able to identify the anomaly and correct the problem. This was subsequent to the Sundial Plumbing representative suggesting that we need to REPLACE ALL of OUR "BLUE POLY" lines with copper which would only cost $20,000.00. He did not even bother to ascertain where the leak emanated. Oh, and the original call to Sundial Plumbing was for a leaking toilet which the Sundial Plumbing representative suggested we replace the toilet with a $695.00 low flow toilet. I instructed that he replace the "guts" of the tank. He displayed somewhat of an attitude. Hence, calling Superior Plumbing. Kudos to Mr. Anthis. VERY PROFESSIONAL! His trouble shooting skills are exemplary. Mr. Anthis was extremely patient with us in answering our many questions and not showing any negative body language responding to our occasional "stupid" questions. Prior to signing, Mr. Anthis explained what exactly we were signing up for and advised that option "B" could possibly come into place if option "A" was not feasible. Please be kind enough to acknowledge Mr. Anthis' Superior Performance at your next meeting. I humbly request that you respond to my message acknowledging Mr. Anthis' recognition by Superior Plumbing. Thank you. Sincerely, Your PERMANENT customer, Denis M. Lucia
Joel A.
Called Superior and they had someone within an hour. Had a cracked sewer line outside the house. Jay and Tommy came out and fixed the problem and did an excellent job while keeping me informed the entire time. Thank you Jay and Tommy. Call Superior for all your plumbing problems. They are the best!
Jay E.

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