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Professional and knowledgeable master HVAC plumber
Humberta M.
Great customer service, as always.
Humberta M.
Great service, experienced team. **** serviced me for the past 16 years and **** to come.Thanks
Humberta M., Goran P.
I hired Pann to do some home renovations and repairs. Dave and Eddy did an excellent job, not only with quality of service, but being flexible with my schedule and handling changes that came up mid-project with ease. I highly recommend their services, and will certainly use them in the future.
David F., Eddy T.
Renee provided accurate and prompt support.
Renee P.
Humberta was very friendly and accommodating in scheduling same-day service when our hot water heater went out. Without her help we'd probably not have hot water until the next day.
Humberta M.
Pann has served us a few times recently and we are very happy with their work. They have been prompt and assessed problems and solved them with as little hassle as possible. We hope to call on them in the future.
Humberta M.
Easy to schedule, showed up on time, got the work done - only missing one star due to cost but overall very satisfied.
Humberta M.
I have a service contract with **** and the team they sent out on 2/12/21 to service my heating system was exceptional! They were the best team I have met : friendly, professional, very thorough in their check up of the heating equipment and making sure everything worked as it should. They also followed ***** protocols and were courteous and respectful. I would request ***** again and hope to continue using ****.
Humberta M.
Had a great experience with **** installing 4 new basement windows. The company communicates well, arrives on time and are very professional. *****, one of the technicians, was especially impressive in his ability to make sure the job is done right. He is super professional, a great problem solver and left the site immaculate when the job was complete. It is clear that he really cares about doing a job correctly. A great company that stands behind its work.
Steve L.
As a long time multi home owner, I've dealt with dozens of repair professionals. I've experience both good and bad, but never incredible until yesterday. ******* could have easily popped in and installed the gas range and rolled, but he took his time thought about the next stage of the project I was working on and re-routed the gas **** so that it was flush. This saved me so many headaches. He even went to the plumbing supply company and purchased the perfect fittings to make his low profile, space-saving re-design work. He was also a good communicator, efficient and incredibly clean. I will never look anywhere else for future projects. **** and ******* are just the best."
LAURIE D., Renee P., Anthony S.
******** team came this morning to work on the two sinks in our master bath and *********** the shower drain. The two technicians, Grant and Ryan, arrived on time, were friendly and very polite. They worked diligently and efficiently and made good suggestions when problems came up. PANN and its people have always worked very well for me and I would recommend them without hesitation. Victoria
LAURIE D., Ryan M., Renee P., Grant R.
This is the first time I have used this company and I am very impressed. Peter arrived in the early part of the 4 hour appointment window. He had all the equipment with him to make necessary repairs and completed his work expeditiously. Thorough, neat and fair, a welcome combination.
LAURIE D., Peter K., Humberta M.
Pann installed my gas fireplace (which was a big job) and has returned since to replace faulty parts. I think that they are very reliable and do very good work.
Nicholas C., LAURIE D., Ryan O., Renee P.
Used PANN Home Services for my water heater. I've used them in the past for furnace work and immediately called them when my water heater started leaking. Professional, courteous and answered all my questions. Replaced my heater and actually left the floor cleaner then how they found it! (They even tagged all the knobs on my new water heater so in the future I'll know how to shut the supply. They even tagged the knobs I should not touch :) ) It's good to know you've got someone to call when emergency strikes! I would recommend Pann Home Services.
Clara D., LAURIE D., Renee P., Joshua P.
My shower is now water tight. The service was wonderful and I'm very happy. Now I'm going to have them go over my daughter's shower! I also had my heating system serviced on the same day, just in time for a cold snap. Pann is my favorite because they always come when they promise to and don't stop until the job is complete. Thanks to Steve, Kevin, Chris, Anthony, and Nicholas.
Nicholas C., Anthony G., Renee P., CHRIS W.
As always, Pann is great!
Anthony G., Humberta M., Ryan M., Grant R.
Steve L. did a small job for me -- leveling my stove. It had been bugging me for years! In the process, he dealt with road-work on my street (he walked his tools back and forth from his truck around the corner to my house), as well as the unsuspected remains of several dead mice. The thing about Pann is that their people and their services are uniformly excellent.
Steve L., Humberta M.
great professional service
Anthony G., Renee P., Anthony S.
As always, the service technicians were prompt, quick, efficient, just plain wonderful to work with. I always use Pann, they are the best.
Humberta M., Ryan M., Grant R.
Anthony and mike were very professional and very easy to work with. They explained everything and did a great job! I recommend them for any job!
Anthony S.
Jon D******** was the Construction Manager, and Dave F****** was the Lead Carpenter on our project. They transformed our small basement into a usable office/laundry space. They were both wonderful to work with...Jon is great at listening and communicating. He is very responsive and has great ideas. Dave is a highly skilled carpenter and does beautiful work. They work well as a team. I would highly recommend them and Pann for home services and remolding.
Jon D.
Excellent Service. What else can I say.

excellent service!

Tim was fantastic, as always.
Tim B.
Excellent Service - very knowledgeable thank you for responding so quickly.
Anthony S.
The problem was diagnosed promptly and fixed within the specified timeframe.

The service was excellent as usual.
Tim B.
Josh was on time, very professional and fixed the plumbing issue quickly.
Joshua P.
Mike was very responsive and kept in touch about the timing of the visit by Tony, the service guy.
Mike F.
This is a great company. We used them twice already with success.
Tim B., Mike F., Humberta M., Joshua P.
Anthony was on time, pleasant, and knew what he was doing!!!!
Anthony S.
I called Pann during the COVID19 crisis and they came right out. They were suited up appropriately, diagnosed my problem and returned to fix it the very next day, knowing it was my only shower. The techs were good, quick and personable. The dispatchers were friendly and helpful. They called when they were on their way and arrived as promised. I was very pleased.
Tim B., Christopher F., Mike F., Humberta M.
Both Tim and Jack performed outstanding service and recommend them. Best, David Myers Mid-Cambridge
Jon D.
I needed to have my bathtub tiles replaced and have been turned off by the estimates provided by various contractors I contacted over the past 6 months. I recently became Pann Customer and used them for a few small issues around the house. Being generally satisfied with the quality of service, I decided to engage them for the tiles issue as well. Steve L was the tech assigned and he was phenomenal! Very respectful, transparent and practical. Where other contractors wanted to replace the entire bathtub, Steve was very prudent - he quickly identified the usage pattern and determined the exact type of fix that was needed. From start to end, the job was done professionally. I am very happy and intend to continue with Pann for all my future home improvement needs.
Steve L.
Very glad I was able to het help from Pann today

Very courteous and helpful. Pan Home Services always ,and Brandon today , have done excellent jobs and are very caring and helpful. John went out of his way also on the phone to get help for me. Thank you all.
Brandon S.
Steve, and Brandon were great. The showed up on time, we reviewed all of the carpentry tasks together, and they alerted me to everything I needed to know about the job. The work looks great.
Steve L.
Very pleasant, and very good customer services
Lauren E., Humberta M., Ryan O., Kyle S.
We had our bathroom floor, bathtub, vanity and toilet replaced. Steve L, and the rest of the PANN team, got the job done professionally and on time, and we're very happy with the results. Steve always kept me informed as to what work was being done when, and by whom. He notified me when any unforeseen issues arose and sought my input for any decisions. He made every effort to minimize the impact of the work on the rest of our home and was careful to clean up at the end of each day and upon completion of the job. We've used PANN for a number of home repairs in the past and intend to continue using them for repairs and renovations in the future.
Steve L.
I am very happy with my entirely new master bath. Jon D. and the carpentry division did excellent work which involved starting over with carpentry, plumbing, tiling, electrical, and painting. Also, they made almost a dozen hand-crafted radiator covers which made a huge difference in appearance from room to room throughout the house. High quality work done by very professional and personable staff, although it sometimes takes a little longer than promised.
Jon D.
Great work but expensive even for a contract client.
Tim B., Lauren E., Humberta M.
The Pann family of workers, in the office and on site are great. They're clear on their prices and unbeknownst is requested and/or needed. They are polite and very caring of your personal property. I've been part of their preferred group for more than 15 years and have never been disappointed. Keep up the great work.
Tim B., Lauren E., Amy F., Christopher F.
The Tech introduced himself as "John" . PANN should have their Tech adequately equipped with tools/light when they are going to check a mini boiler in a basement that, may not be fully lighted. The $257 diagnostic did take minutes, bad relay. PANN was informed of the boiler brand and the problem, tenant could not shut the heat/unit from the Thermostat, PANN Tech did not carry any "common failure" parts". The 12 pm -5pm time window for the Service call was completed by Tech reaching site at about 5 pm. Ph.D, Chemical Engineer.
John B.
I highly recommend Pann Home Services. I had Pann workmen in my home for a couple of days to remove a leaking HVAC system and replace it. Peter and Nick did an outstanding job. Then Steve got rid of the black mold and replaced affected baseboards. Afterwards, Jon came to be sure the work was completed to his satisfaction It was. By hiring Pann, I did not have to worry about coordinating the workers and getting them scheduled here in a effective and efficient way. This is one of the many advantages to hiring Pann. They do all the heaving lifting. If you are looking to have any work done in your home, hire Pann Home Services. You will not regret it.
Jon D.
We are regular customers at Pann and have been generally very pleased. This year though we needed a custom closet built, and I wasn't sure if it was the kind of work that they would do well. However, Steve L. went above and beyond. I couldn't be happier with the closet. It is well designed and well built, and they did it all quickly and professionally without disrupting our daily routine. I highly recommend their carpentry work.
Steve L.
on time neat work little expensive but worth the price
John B.
Ryan and the office staff very helpful. They will return to further do some work -always on time and professional
Mike F., Humberta M., Ryan O.
Peter was very good and this company is excellent
Lauren E., Peter K., Humberta M.
Very skilled, caring, & cautious carpenter.
Brandon S.

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