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Javier was terrific! He came on time, suitably masked etc. and made sure we kept 6 ft. apart. He was able to clear the clogged kitchen sink from outside and told us that the work is guaranteed and not to hesitate to call if we had any further problem with it. (See More)
On time and professional and knowledgeable. Sewer line snaked our for $73 as advertised. Mark M and Jimmy L very personable and explained the cause and what needs to be fine to prevent problems in the future. (See More)
Amazing service. On time. No upcharge. $73 and its fixed. Simple!! (See More)
Jimmy was to fix our leak in the kitchen but it still leaks. We called but he never returned our call. (See More)
Great job and would not hesitate to use them again... (See More)
5 stars, Jimmy was awesome (See More)
Jimmy came and was professional and very good at his job. Exceptional Customer service. Recommend Dutton Plumbing to everyone. They are fantastic. Thank you for having a great worker like Jimmy. (See More)
The plumbers that came out to the house were very knowledgeable about the job that needed to be done. They gave us options to our problem so we could choose the best option for our finances. They were on time and courteous. (See More)
i will NOT give less than a 5 star because of Jimmy the tech. Jimmy was great. He made every attempt to resolve the concern without giving up. the tech was courteous, punctual and professional. however, the only drawback were the 8 phone calls received from the office and call center. redundant info such as confirming the address 6 times. the spelling of my name and will someone be there. when i am at work, it was hard to stop work, drop my tool belt, reach in my pocket, take off my gloves to answer just to confirm information conveyed in the beginning. this will not prevent me from using their services again, but hope this review will prompt them to review why they would overly ensure, with levels of certainty and continuous confirmations that the info they are requesting is as true the last time as it was the first time and every moment in between. (reading this review and typing it has the same effect--boring and monotonous). (See More)
Great response great service very understanding explaining recommend to all Jim an Nick super techs (See More)
Very good service call very professional very happy with work and estimate to fix my old pipe problem (See More)
service was done fast and the people in office all very helpful and kept in touch with us throughout our ordeal and good followup afterwords the technician came prompyly when we were told he would be here ,he arrived clean was very friendly and resolved our problem in a short and timely manner (See More)
Wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable!!!️️ (See More)
Awesome service and competitive price. Came out on the same day I made the phone call. (See More)
Fast, reliable, friendly and very knowledgeable. Wouldn't even think twice about calling anyone else to fix my plumbing issues. Jimmy was awesome! (See More)
Great (See More)
It started with a stubborn, stopped up toilet. Within less than an hour, they had made a professional analysis of major house wide plumbing programs due to age of original piping installation. They found and repaired everything anticipated and, in addition, at no extra cost, found another hidden slow leakage problem in a wall and repaired it, replaced two aged toilets and tub hardware, none of which were named in the original estimate, at no additional cost. The workmen were all knowledgeable, efficient, and left the property repaired and clean...no mess left behind. The work included a 25 year guarantee that is transferable to any new owner of the house. All this within two days since we were expecting house guests! Anyone who has a major repair of entire plumbing systems can do no better with anyone than Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
I have had Dutton out for several plumbing issues over the years. I find them very knowledgeable and efficient. Today, Jimmy came to inspect a couple drains. He explained the issue and quickly resolved it. He was very thorough,kind,efficient and I strongly recommend him! (See More)
Good info and good service ..had a good scope on the problem (See More)
I already posted a review on BBB. Jimmy did an excellent job in a timely manner. Thanks. M H. (See More)
(bno comment) (See More)
Service was very good. It was a pretty simple drain clear outlet from the kitchen. Quick and went well. (See More)
Helpful, polite, and quick! Thank you Jimmy! (See More)
Great service and professional. Price was fair. (See More)
Jimmy came within the hour and took care of everything. This was for our mother's house and they were terrific. I would use Dutton again and will not be using our 'old' company any more. They are amazing and so professional. (See More)
I was really impressed with the company. We needed a plumber quickly and I called Dutton. Not only did they have someone come out within one hour, but they emailed me information on the technician and sent an email confirmation and then a phone call to confirm. I will continue to use Dutton Plumbing. I loved their customer service and attention to detail. And, most important, they fixed the problem. (See More)
Very prompt, knowledgeable and professional! (See More)
Great service all the way around! Thanks Jimmy L. for the service! Id use them again in a heatbeat. Thanks, Chad (See More)
We had all of our corroding cast iron drain pipes replaced. Jimmy L., Edgar G. and their crew are top notch professionals. They are reliable, efficient, courteous and do great work. (See More)
Bbernardo, Nicholes and Jimmie were professional, on time, and friendly. At times a little humor was added at no cost. For the size of the job the disruption was minimal. (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
The estimate from Dutton Plumbing was $1632 for repairs. Santana Plumbing did it for $426. You guys are a ripoff. (See More)
I have used Dutton's services twice. Very pleased each time. Work was done efficiently and explained thoroughly. I am very satisfied and recommend highly. (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
After cleaning out the P-trap under a bathroom sink there was still slow drainage.So I called Dutton Plumbing. What a great bunch of people. Everyone I spoke with was kind and helpful. Jimmy, my service provider, arrived right when the company said he would and he was able to fix the problem in a matter of minutes! I really did want to give him a hug! Thank you Jimmy, I appreciate your help! I will definitely tell family and friends about Dutton Plumbing. Thanks again! (See More)
While the service technician was great and did manage to fix the issue the salesman with him has ensured I will never use Dutton again. When they could not get the clog cleared at first his solution was to by pass the issue and re-pipe about 6 feet at a cost of over $7000!! There are so many issues with this: a) I has my entire sewer system re-piped from the street to my house for $5000 b) your first solution is 7K?? c) he stated he had done at lot of these on our street lately - which was a bold faced lie. d) When he couldn't "upsell" us he didn't even come back - just went to his truck. I have paid for a Family plan that has done nothing - no service no discounts NOTHING for my $150. I called two other plumbers and asked for estimated costs for the by-pas, both were less than $1000. This has happened before as well. Basically the costs are much too high for anything besides a basic service, the constant up-selling is annoying and the "service package" is a joke. I will not recommend them in any way. (See More)
representative for the company. (See More)
Very friendly people and great service! (See More)
(See More)
(See More)
Jimmy showed up very quickly as promised and performed an excellent service. (See More)
I'm very happy with the service. Jimmy was very professional and took care of my problem. Thank you! (See More)
(See More)
Nick was so completely informative and helpful. (See More)
Bernardo Alcala did an outstanding job repairing our broken sewer lateral line. He was knowledgeable and worked well with his co-workers. I appreciate the quality and experience provided by the staff of Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
Bernardo Alcala did an outstanding job repairing our broken sewer lateral line. He was knowledgeable and worked well with his co-workers. I appreciate the quality and experience provided by the staff of Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
Joey and Nick were very responsive and efficient, although it took a little longer than we were originally told. (See More)
Efficient and knowledgeable, they should encourage their technicians to be more accurate at explaining being back shortly (a few minutes is not an hour and a half). Also, making sure equipment needed is in working order. (See More)
Dutton quickly put Jimmy on the job the same day that I called. Service was perfect and price was less than expected. (See More)
Dutton plumbing came out today Saturday did a fantastic job clearing our main line sewer clog. They had a special going so it was fast efficient and painless with the low price and great service. Thank you for a job well done. (See More)
on time - efficient -excellent service (See More)
(See More)
(See More)
The technician who provided our service was particularly good. There were several ways to address the problem and he was willing to try the least invasive ways first. I really appreciated that it really spared me a lot of disruption to my home. We've also remodeled four homes and the Dutton tech was one of the best I've encountered in three states, in four different houses. I was very impressed. (See More)
I had such a good experience with Dutton plumbing. The issue I was having proved to be challenging, but the tech providing service, Jimmy, was helpful, informative and willing to try multiple alternative solutions to help minimize the disruption in my house and to my day. He explained everything thoroughly, was kind to my dogs, respectful of my home and fixed the problem very efficiently. I'd recommend him and Dutton without hesitation. We've done a great deal of remodeling, in four different houses so I've had lots of service technicians in our home. My experience with Dutton stood out as being entirely positive. It takes a good plumber to turn a plumbing emergency into a good experience and that's exactly what Jimmy from Dutton did. (See More)
On time, very friendly, very very knowledgeable. He explained the whole process in detail from beginning to end and his recommendations. Prices where great. Would definitely use Dutton Plumbing and Jimmy again. (See More)
My name is Alan Bennett and Jimmy L from Dutton was here this morning. August 31, 2017 and checked all toilets, sinks and showers and bathtubs with a smile and very pleasant personality and presence. He is just a very nice person and the type of person we wouldn't mind having in our house for anything! Great Guy and did his job quickly, professionally and with a smile at all times, Answered our questions very patiently and THANK YOU DUTTON FOR SENDING HIM (See More)
Prompt, professional and high quality service! Techs were clean, very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you very much! (See More)
Excellent customer service from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Dutton Plumbing to anyone and would definitely call them again. (See More)
He came on time and was very cordial and then got right to the business at hand. Asked what the problem was (which was a clogged kitchen sink) got his flashlight and looked under the sink. He told me I had other problems which he used his phone to take pictures of to show me and then explained why it needed to be fixed. I told him I just didn't have the money to fix it right now and he understood. So then he proceeded to clean my drain and told me that if it clogged again just to let the next guy know only to use the 1/4 inch drain cleaner do to the condition of the pipe. He was prompt, clean and quick and did a great job. I told him when I do get the money that I will call Dutton back to fix the bigger problem. Thanks for doing a great job Jimmy. (See More)
Jimmy was great. Very kind and considerate. Very knowledgeable. (See More)
Dutton plumbing is a five star outfit, reasonable prices and great service. As a general contractor I have had the experience of working with many plumbing contractors over the years and Dutton is one of the best. (See More)
Sutton plumbing came out today Saturday did a fantastic job clearing our main line sewer clog. They had a special going so it was fast efficient and painless with the low price and great service. Thank you for a job well done. (See More)
I was very impressed with Dutton Plumbing they sent me an e-mail with Jimmy L. Photo I think that's very thoughtful so that people can recognize who's at the door he and his coworker did a wonderful job very impressed I would definitely call them back if I have another problem I gave cards to my neighbors also so thank you very very much for being there for me five stars for both men (See More)
Thank you Jimmy and Dutton Plumbing. I needed some last minute help and they took great care of me. I received a follow up text and call, letting me know when they would be there and who was coming. Jimmy was great and was able to handle the problem and he definitely knows what he's doing. He was just a good all round guy..was kinda sad to see them go. I wanted to offer him a beer, but that's not appropriate on the clock..If I ever need anything I know who I'm calling from now on. Much appreciated and excellent service. (See More)
Jimmy did good job unclogging the patio drain. He was very professional. (See More)
They were great but there was a mix-up on a return visit. (See More)
I looked for reviews before I called them but didn't find any, so I went to their website. They had a special going for unplugging drains (which was my problem). At the time, the special was $79, so I called them. I called in the afternoon sometime between 3 and 4. The person I spoke to said they could come out the same day. I was a little skeptical about that and sure enough, I got a call a few minutes later from the dispatcher telling me the guy was hung up on another job and would not be out that day. So we made an appointment for the next day. The next day, I received a call from the dispatcher telling me the guy was on his way. He arrived on time. He quoted me a different price, he said because the elbow was still attached and if they removed it, they would have to cover the seals etc. So I removed the elbow myself and they went to work. They made short work of the problem and I am very satisfied. The price was as the special said. There were two guys, both young but professional, courteous and they made sure not to track any dirt etc. into the house. I will call them again when I need a plumber. (See More)
Jimmy and his partner solved our problem,did so efficiently and were quite pleasant while they did so. And their price was right. (See More)
Service was excellent, All personnel were knowledge able and very forthright is knowing their job and completing the service as promised. All were very professional. (See More)
I had Dutton Plumbing come out, and clear my drains, the job was done in a timely matter. If I had a complaint, it would be that I asked them to come after a certain time and they were an hour &1/2 early. (See More)
Very pleased with all contact and service with this company. Employees were professional and courteous and work was performed efficiently and with minimum disruption. Would highly recommend Dutton Plumbing and will use their services in the future. (See More)
The Dutton team that handled our service call was responsive, fast, courteous, informative, and effective. Price was reasonable (See More)
Dutton Plumbing recently repiped the entire sewer system beneath my home. They were always professional and helpful, as well as highly skilled. I would recommend them without reservation to anyone in need of plumbing assistance, I want to commend Dutton employees Jimmy *****, Edgar *****, Richard *****, and Isaac *** for a job well done. (See More)
Jimmy provided excellent service. He patiently answered my questions and gave advice on the recommended toilets to replace the existing. Would ask for him again by name. (See More)
I can say that Jimmy López was Very Professional, Personal, well spoken and respectful of property as well as being curious and caring. (See More)
Your plumbing system is mostly not visible and repairs can be very costly which makes plumbing one of the repairs I dread the most. Recently we were doing the laundry when we heard some gurgling sounds coming from the adjacent bathroom drains. I thought it could be simply cleared by jetting water into the clean-out. Well . . . . that didn't work. :( And thus I called Dutton Plumbing. Initially it looked like it might take just a snaking of the main line for $79. That worked somewhat but it quickly escalated to needing a camera to see what the problems might be. That would be an additional $199; still not too bad. And now we come to the bad news. The camera revealed some dirt, roots and breaks in our 62 year old clay pipes. The next step was for Nick to prepare an estimate. Whoa! Now things started to get expensive. From what started as a simple drain cleaning with camera scoping evolved into a lateral and main sewer line replacement recommendation. Since this was right before Christmas, this would be one unexpected Christmas present! Dutton started the work the same day under the leadership of Jimmy. Jimmy was awesome. He had excellent communication, explaining everything that would be happening. He called me everyday with an update. Since the lateral and main would be repaired/replaced with trenchless technology, there was minimal disruption to my landscape and hardscape. The worst part was having to make a 3x3 hole in our front patio. Additionally two other relatively small holes (one in the driveway and one next to a walkway in landscaping, had to be dug. Overall the crew did an excellent job minimizing the openings and professionally replacing the main line and lining the laterals. Plumbing problems, especially of this magnitude, are never pleasant. But Nick, Jimmy and the Dutton team, including the office staff, made it as pleasant as it could be. Having lived in my home for 29 years without any major plumbing issues made the high cost of this repair more "acceptable" but it is never easy to get a huge repair bill right days before Christmas. All in all, I would recommend Dutton Plumbing as your plumbing contractor. The team is genuine, personal and professional. As for cost? What isn't expensive these days? While preparing the estimate, Nick was clear that Dutton was not the cheapest but emphasized the quality of their work. Usually I would get multiple estimates for work of this magnitude but in the end, I believe Dutton provided high quality service at a fair price. The work was completed in a timely and professional manner. (See More)
Jimmy L. is great! Had a little issue & he resolved it right away. Thanks again. (See More)
Excellent, same day service. My plumbing company going forward. (See More)
They were Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous. They arrived on time, fixed the problem and cleaned-up. Great!! (See More)
Jimmy was excellent. He did everything the company said he would do. He was very well trained. He was nice & polite and cleaned up before he left. I will use Dutton Plumbing from now on. I will have maintenance on my kitchen sink drainage line every 6 months to keep my drains open and free running. An ounce of prevention is worth a pond of cure. Dutton Plumbling ROCKS. Thanks Jimmy L. (See More)
Jimmy was excellent. He did everything the company said he would do. He was very well trained. He was nice & polite and cleaned up before he left. (See More)
Very effecient, knowledgeable and timely. Kept in touch thru out process with any issues. Easy to work with. Thank you Jimmy and team (See More)
The company was very professional, came when they promised. Jimmy was very courteous, and knew just what to do to solve our problem. I will use them again if the need arises. (See More)
Jimmy was very personable and professional while performing this service transaction. He was able to clear a partially clogged main drain successfully. (See More)
Nice to have someone that was helpful and had the job done in a flash. Thank you. Ron Taylor (See More)
They came out and cleared the drain. I am so thank full. I got a email with a picture of the service man so I knew who was coming. They called to let me know they were able to even sooner. Great service. I will be calling them again. Thanks (See More)
Drew L. Great personality and does excellent work. you'd never know my stucco was ever repaired, looks like the rest of the house. My stucco was not the normal flat stucco. Great job Drew L. (See More)
Jimmy was great. Keeps his equipment like new. He completed the job quickly and at the adverised price. He did not try to sell me a new sewer system as others in the past. Two thumbs up. (See More)
The Dutton tech Jimmy L. Was the most professional person that has come to my home for plumbing, and I've had Dutton here many times. If I could request Jimmy L. again I would. Thank you for your excellent work. (See More)
Dutton plumbing replaced the entire cast iron sewage lines under my slab built-upon 52 year old home. The huge job was expedited with as minimum disruption as could be wished. The crews were expert and attentive to all details. Finishing work on replacing slab and tile tiles was outstanding. Though expensive, the quality work and a lasting guarantee made this a good experience. (See More)
Excellent service. Professional. Entire crew were experienced, polite, and industrious. I would call them again for any future plumbing needs. (See More)
Jimmy showed up on time, polite and dressed very professionally. I thought the job was just going to require the "snaking" to clear the line. Unfortunately the problem ran way deeper than that and will be quite costly. Jimmy and Nick explained my options and I wasn't charged any money, as is their guarantee for first time customers if they are unable to clear your line. I just want to say that Jimmy was exceptionally kind and considerate, and I felt he understood the shock and stress that a costly plumbing diagnosis puts upon homeowners. I am going to get estimates, to narrow my candidates based on price and honesty, among other factors, but I feel like I will end up using Dutton because they worked very hard, seemed very honest and they guarantee their work. *Note: They can only guarantee what they work on. This will be the case with all plumbers. They aren't saying that your plumbing problem is or isn't going to be extensive until they open up the ground. (See More)
Jimmy Al showed up at my house on time. He was courteous and professional. Even my dogs liked him! He found the source of the problem quickly and resolved it without leaving a mess behind as other plumbers sometimes have done. (See More)
Many thanks for the comprehensive and timely repairs to correct our plumbing problems. We would recommend Dutton Plumbing to anyone. (See More)
I just used Dutton's $79 discount on drain work and it was a fantastic deal. Jimmy the technician was prompt and courteous. I would recommend using them again. (See More)
Dutton Plumbing has an amazing deal for $79 and the service was fast and amazing! (See More)
A very big job completed with success by Jimmy L., Pablo A. Jimmy L and his crew were exceptional. P.S. I did send Dutton to my Mothers house!!! (See More)
Excellent. (See More)

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