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Colorado Cleanup Services were professional, prompt, thorough, polite and very communicative. Michael Fennelly was my contact and "headed up" the team who came to remediate the damage in my home. CCS came early the next morning after I contacted them for help and began work immediately that morning upon my acceptance of their work quote. I was happily surprised that I didn't have to wait. They arrived when they said they would, kept me updated daily as to their progress and didn't hurry through the work that had to be done. I hope I never have to deal with a home flood or any kind of home disaster again, but if I do, I will ask CCS to help me through it. I wholeheartedly endorse this company.
Michael F.
Josh P., Donte D., Erik S., are 3 of the hardest working, reliable and professional young men that I have come across in a long, long, time! They showed up, cleaned up and took care of the mess a broken pipe left me with. These men were respectful and very patient with me and helped guide me through the beginnings of getting my home back together. I'm forever greatful and very pleased to have had the pleasure of meeting these fine people. I am recommending tgem to everyone I know and also to my HOA...thank you, thank you, thank you!
Joshua P.
(no comment)
Wesley R.
Great experience! Mold remediation is never fun, but Eric was efficient, great at explaining what he was doing, and made follow up a breeze. I hope we never have this problem again, but if we do, I will call Colorado Cleanup!
Eric S.
Victor Gonzales is professional, informative, courteous and very efficient. I am very happy with the cleanup services he provided.
Victor G.
(no comment)
Tyler B.
VerySatisfied w/work done Kendal, Wesley, Josh, and Dontae did a great job of containing the area and clean up. They were all friendly, professional, and when they got here they went straight to work. Very pleased. Kendal has been out twice, once for initial investigation and then a second time to finish up dry wall removal. Again he couldn't have been more personable or professional. Thanks again.
Wesley R., Joshua P., Dontae D., Kendal B.
These guys were professional. They did an excellent job on placing up the barrier and kept it as clean or cleaner than they found it. I recommend these guys. I hope I never need them again, but if something happens i would call them and feel good about my choice. Thank you
Wesley R.
My plumber called CCSI because my sump pump check valve had blown off, and said there was an inch of water in my crawl space. Kendal and Dontae arrived within the hour. They were incredibly friendly and honest. As it turns out, there really wasn't any water down there, so they took pictures and left without charging me. Fantastic! Guess I need a new plumber however!
Kendal B.
The company was responsive and followed through in the most immediate needs. Kendal B, Dontae D, Eric and Wes were great. Communicated each step clearly and cared for our home as if it were theirs.
Kendal B.
Wanted to post a positive review, not complaints.
Dontae D.
It's not clear how to post a positive review vs. a complaint.
Kendal B.
Dontae was polite, personable and professional. We were very pleased with his work and the company. Thank you!
Dontae D.
Kendal was great and extremely courteous. He kept us in the know with everything he was doing. Professionalism was on point.
Kendal B.
Eric and Wes were awesome. They came out on a freezing cold day and worked endlessly until everything was set in place and working exactly how they wanted it. On New Years Eve no less. I will continue to recommend this company! Than You!
Eric S.
We had the pleasure of having Edgar, Kendal and Dante work at our home--they did a very good job quickly and efficiently. The task of locating and fixing the problem was completed in a timely and professional manner. Your company and many others should be very pleased and satisfied to have those men as your employees.
Edgar M., Dontae D., Kendal B., Michael H.
(no comment)
Eric S., Dontae D., Kendal B., Sergio C.
Both Victor and Josh were the BEST. Thorough, thoughtful, clean and explained everything clearly and let us know what to expect. Highly recommend. and all this on X-mas eve w/in 90 mins of calling.
Victor G.
This was Tyler’s second time out to our property. He handled everything that we asked with attentiveness to detail. They brought our property back to a better state than it was before. Thanks again for being prompt and getting our family taken care of.
Tyler B., Jon N.
Eric and Wes are professionals. From arriving on time, quality of the work, and their communication with me throughout the process was top notch. thank you guys
Eric S.
Kendal and Victor came out to help us investigate a water issue with a brand new home. They were professional, kind, and even engaged with our kiddos. When presenting options to us, Kendal and Victor were mindful that it was only a few days before Christmas and offered some suggestions on how to manage our project around the holidays. What a refreshing experience to have such great service amidst a stressful situation! I highly recommend Colorado Cleanup Services to anyone needing quick help with a leak!
Kendal B.
Eric & Dontae both did an amazing job. They made sure I understood what was being done & they also explained how it would all turn out. I am super pleased with their work, thank you again I appreciate everything :)
Dontae D.
Jon from CCS was great! They squeezed us in on short notice on a day that worked perfectly for our small business. He was informative, personable and finished the job perfectly!
Jon N.
5 stars - came in timely manner, extremely polite, took care of my hard floors. Called by builder.
Eric S., Jon N.
Kendal and Victor came on time and worked very well to clean up and disinfect the area. They also provided answers to any questions I had and were very knowledgeable.
Victor G., Kendal B.
Had to come out twice for black water cleanup. Did a good expedited job at getting everything sorted out.
Wesley R., Tyler R., Jon N.
Correy was a great help in re-building my guest bathroom after a water leak. He was very professional and respectful of my time and space. He efficiently replaced some fixtures that had missing pieces from the demo. He also color and texture matched the existing wall paint and texture. The space was very clean and new when he left!
Correy L.
Very friendly, helpful and fast services! Both men got the job done quickly and efficiently which at times isn’t always the case when putting both quick and efficient together but they worked well as a team and were able to do what we needed in a timely manner!
Tyler R., Jon N.
The team was very sympathetic to my plight, and showed me a lot of care in helping me through the process. Very Professional. Great team!
Wesley R., Victor G., Michael F.
Called on a Sunday morning. They were here within about 2 hours. Dantae and Kendal were simply outstanding. They were pleasant and empathetic, Their work was terrific.
Kendal B.
Very professional, Very thorough. He gave us clear instructions on the project. Gave us updates and asked us to inspect the work done. He took fantastic pictures of the progress. I would highly recommend Colorado Clean Up. Thank you for a job well done.
Dontae D.
I recommend Colorado Cleanup Services for cleanup of water damage and professional, speedy service. Our water heater died and leaked in our basement storage area (concrete floor). The water went through a wall and into our basement TV room (wall to wall carpeting). Colorado Cleanup Services arrived at our home within three hours of my calling. Two excellent workers (Eric and Tyler) assessed the damage and provided a free estimate. They explained everything thoroughly and started the work right away. They were professional and courteous. Based on this experience and a previous one with the same company, I would recommend Colorado Cleanup Services.
Eric S., Tyler B.
I had a buyer with questions abut a mold remediation project that Colorado Cleanup had just completed for a property. Gabe was extremely pleasant to talk to and very patient with all of our questions. He spent time walking us through the restoration process. It was very educational. Looks like Colorado Cleanup did a very thorough and professional restoration of the home.
Gabe M.
This company and our team for our home was great from beginning to end. Kendal and Dontae took care of the issues our home was experiencing. Great communication, they explained the entire process to us and made sure we understood as they went. I would highly recommend this company!
Dontae D., Kendal B.
This company was wonderful to work with, great communication from the first call to every visit and experience we had dealing with our homes issue. Very thorough, kind and wonderful all around. Great work done throughout the entire mitigation process. Sergio, Kendal and Dontae were the team for our home and I would highly recommend them and would use them again if needed!
Dontae D.
Great job!
Kendal B.
Dontae and Wes came to my house on a warranty call under the new home I just purchased. the plumber who installed my sub pump left the bottom full of dirt, gravel and rocks. these to came to the door courteous and professional wearing shoe booties and ready to go. Showed them the spot and they got right to it. Did not track anything through my house. Brought all their hoses through the basement window. Cleaned out the pit, cleaned up after themselves and did not leave till I was satisfied. I appreciate them and your company. Thank you, Jeremy *******
Dontae D.
This is the 2nd time Joshua has worked at my home and both times he called to let me know when he would arrive and he arrived right on time! He was very professional, friendly, and thorough. He answered any questions I had and offered to clean up the mess from the attic. I would highly recommend Joshua and Colorado Cleanup Services if you have any water damage or other related needs.
Joshua S.
BBB would only allow complaints which I have none. Eric and Wes both did a great job and were very diligent in making sure that I was informed both with what they found and what steps they were taking in treatment of mold found in our home. Both guys were very professional and left me with zero questions or concerns in the steps they took to mitigate the minor mold issue in our home.
Eric S.
Every employee with whom I had contact was wonderful. They were all efficient, professional, friendly and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend this company to anyone else needing such services.
Tyler B., Joshua S., Joshua P., David H.
These guys did a great in the cleaning service
Tyler B., Dontae D.
Josh was very helpful, friendly, and professional. He and Dontae did a great job.
Joshua P.
These guys get the job done, we couldnt be happier! Very helpful and answered all my questions!
Eric S., Tyler B.
Dontae and Tyler helped us very quickly and were very helpful! They got the job done and saved our house! These guys need a raise! They answered all of our questions and came back to make sure everything was running correctly.
Tyler R., Dontae D.
Kendal was a huge help. When we found mold in our bathroom he was very knowledgeable and helped us understand the steps needed to take to ensure or family would be safe from any mold issues. We really appreciated his honesty and would definitely recommend him and this company to someone who seems to be in a similar predicament.
Kendal B.
On 9/19/2018 Caesar A & Josh P responded at night to an urgent request regarding above subject. After assessing problem, they immediately, professionally & efficiently went to work setting up 4 large fans on the carpet to extract accumulated water & 1 fan in coat closet to begin drying process. These young men were reassuring, friendly and their dispositions calmed me down considerably after being overwhelmed with the water leak. They showed concern & compassion for my welfare, being I'm in my late 70's, a widow, & use a cane. I can't commend them enough. Two young men are outstanding assets to CCS
Ceasar A.
On 9/19/2018 Caesar A & Josh P responded at night to an urgent request regarding above subject. After assessing problem, they immediately, professionally & efficiently went to work setting up 4 large fans on the carpet to extract accumulated water & 1 fan in coat closet to begin drying process. These young men were reassuring, friendly and their dispositions calmed me down considerably after being overwhelmed with the water leak. They showed concern & compassion for my welfare, being I'm in my late 70's, a widow, & use a cane. I can't commend them enough. Two young men are outstanding assets to CCS.
Edgar M., Joshua S., Joshua P., Tyler R.
Josh and Jacob came out to mitigate water damage from a toilet. They were very courteous and answered all my questions. I hope the rest of the process is as smooth as the mitigation. Highly recommend.
Jacob A., Joshua S.
Cesar and Tyler arrived when promised and did a thorough and professional job assessing any damage done in my attic due to a roof leak.
Tyler B., Ceasar A.
Great job, honest and thorough. Would highly recommend. Thank you to Cesar & Tyler R.! I appreciate your help.
Tyler R., Ceasar A.

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