The Power of Love – The Power Circle of Benefits When an Owner Shares the Love

One of the best ways we’ve found to help our ReviewBuzz team Be Remarkable everyday is to have as much fun as possible together while still kicking butt for our clients. So when we were allowed to do a break-out session at the last Nexstar Super Meeting, held here in our hometown of San Diego, we were honored, and immediately got to work making it as much fun as we could for everyone involved.


Our goal was to reach as many people as possible with one of our cornerstone values at ReviewBuzz: The Power of Love. By this, we mean the power of the unique circle of benefits that happens when you are good to your employees, they are good to your customers, and your customers, in turn, are good to you. To do this, we decided to keep things fun and entertaining with a little play.

The skit was called, you guessed it, “The Power of Love,” and as you can see from the video below, we had a blast putting it on! The plot involved two contracting companies with very different approaches.

The owner of one company makes a sincere effort to praise and reward his employees for their excellence. He even awards a star employee with a luxury golf trip. His employee, feeling the love, passes it on to the customer, providing service that is far above and beyond the usual fare. The other owner barely notices his employee’s extra hard work, like reorganizing the work-truck, and this makes his only remaining worker so disgruntled that he doesn’t even clean up after himself as he races out the door to the next client.

The fallout from the two different approaches is massive. The first company gets excellent reviews, which will bring in more calls for months to come. The second gets another bad write-up online that may be the fatal blow to an already lagging business. Ultimately, when the two employees meet in the end, the happy one recruits the disgruntled guy and we see, once again, that pouring some love into your employees in the form of recognition and reward really pays off in spades.

The cyclical effect here is important. Good leadership leads to a good work environment, this brings about better employees, which makes for happier customers, which leads to more 5-star online reviews, which brings in more calls and recruits better employees, which encourages leadership to continue to show the love, and it all starts again. Is it any wonder we included the word, power, in the title of our little drama?

We might suggest that the next time your team is charged with something new and different, don’t forget to have some fun with it. It can only improve the outcomes. And, as “The Power of Love” shows, when the project is a hit, let your employees know how much that means to you in every way you can. This will start a circle of benefits that will increase by the dozens: power of love, indeed.

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