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By Shannon H. on 11/14/18
Great service and great product for our local water conditions!

By Bob M. on 11/08/18
I needed a new water heater. For the past half dozen years or so the pilot would go out between October and April, sometimes as often as 30 or more times. I replaced the therm-o-couples three times to no avail, the pilot continued to go out.. I had various people look at it

By David and Diane S. on 11/05/18
Brent always gives excellent service and we always ask for him.

By Robyn on 11/03/18
Enjoyed seeing Trevor again. Also enjoyed communicating with R J Sass. What a small World!

By Ray and Wendy M. on 11/03/18
ERIC . N from Aquarius (kinetic) was very knowledgeable polite did not waste time getting job done, would highly recommend him RM Mccullum

By Roger and Janet M. on 11/02/18
Jake came to our house to change the filter on our drinking water faucet. He was professional and informative -- always mannerly.

By Laura M. on 11/02/18
They respond quickly and do a great job.

By Vincent R. on 11/02/18
(no comment)

By Rick and Barbara B. on 11/01/18
Very pleased with our Kinetico. Service was great and later when we had questions, they were handled promptly and professionally. The installers were clean and careful. So good to answer concerns and offer advice. Barb

By Bruce and Lisa P. on 11/01/18
The Kinetico water conditioning system is very efficient and does a much better job than the Culligan system that we had.

By Sheryl K. on 11/01/18
Trevor did an excellent job of finding and fixing the problem. His explanations were very easy to understand and very helpful.

By Gary and Michelle E. on 10/27/18
Very efficient and pleasant personality and informative.

By Shantelle L. on 10/27/18
(no comment)

By Debra J. on 10/26/18
Tried using BBB to post feedback...didn't work. Then tried FB...wouldn't post. I give up. Not a user friendly service and I know my way around technology.

By Debra J. on 10/26/18
Knowledgeable, professional, courteous service. Travis took the time to explain everything so we could understand it. Had some good recommendations. Very considerate of our home.

By Robert M. on 10/26/18
reliable dependable service and very professional.

By Mike and Gayle M. on 10/25/18
We love our water system. Your service staff in our area are top notch! Only wish the storage wasn't so expensive.

By Terri S. on 10/25/18
We had an urgent need to have a water heater replaced that failed with a major leak. Cory from Aquarius responded quickly to the call, completing installation of a new heater within a few hours of our initial call. Very courteous and knowledgeable service. Highly recommended.

By Terry R. on 10/25/18
Great service and communication.

By Gary and Michelle E. on 10/24/18
Jake was a perfect tech, he was what i would expect of a person who would represent Aquaruius. Left me feeling confident that he took care of everything, I would give him 6 stars
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