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By jean h. on 03/29/20
Shanna was wonderful! Helped to make a long overdue visit with my sister-in-law so much fun! Food was excellent also!

By Lori M. on 03/20/20
Very friendly and knowledgeable!

By BARBI B. on 03/18/20
no comment

By Elizabeth on 03/18/20
This time, I ordered the pasta special. It was delicious, but the chicken was missing. Beckham immediately brought me a new dish, which I enjoyed greatly! Great food and great service yet again!

By John K. on 03/18/20
Love the new place and have been back several times. Food and service (Nicole) were top notch.

By Mike on 03/17/20
Nicole was great, made the visit very enjoyable. Thank you!

By Michael A. on 03/16/20
Excellent service, related easily, flawless execution

By Ryan W. on 03/16/20
no comment

By Doug G. on 03/15/20
Celena is just a hoot. She really hustles and makes sure you are having a great time. Abrusci's was packed as it was a Friday evening. She had our drink order out in just a few minutes even though she was going a hundred miles an hour.

By Anthony S. on 03/15/20
Beckham did a great job and delivered great service. The meal was perfect and the restaurant was super clean. Even saw the crew wiping door handles for the masses.

By Haley J. on 03/14/20
no comment

By Nancy E. on 03/14/20
Awesome place. Great service!

By Kimberly N. on 03/14/20
no comment

By Melissa K. on 03/14/20
great service, excellent food, a great place for those with gluten intolerance.

By on 03/14/20
cool as a cucumber server. he was fab.

By aidan h. on 03/14/20
no comment

By Ken H. on 03/14/20
Nicole had a great personality and was very pleasant

By Lauren D. on 03/14/20
no comment

By Vanessa L. on 03/13/20
Excellent service our waitress was Celena and was just a total joy and our busser Kai(sp┬┐?) was excellent and very friendly. Thanks for being so kind to the staff!

By Susan G. on 03/12/20
Great food, atmosphere and service- our server, Celena, was fabulous!
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