Kwater Treatment
1096 N US Hwy 1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174
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By Ashley Schubert A C.
on 10/08/19
Great! Super salesman!

By Roger Leahey A c.
on 08/08/19
I am very pleased with my new top-of-the-line Kinetico “Premier Series” water softener, but the installation process was a son-of-a-bitch. A “non-electric” device is the way to go. Florida...
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I am very pleased with my new top-of-the-line Kinetico “Premier Series” water softener, but the installation process was a son-of-a-bitch. A “non-electric” device is the way to go. Florida has hundreds of short power outages a month, and my previous electric model would lose its mind frequently. Sure, I suppose I could have bought yet another $130 UPS for it to add to my collection, but no thanks! A year or two ago, I researched the difference between softeners that use salt and those that didn’t. I saw that those saltless softeners had disadvantages which are not spoken of in their ads. I concluded that a saltless softener was a “fake” softener. I should be mentioned that my new Kinetico uses only a smidgen of salt compared to my old Eco softener. I was unprepared for the installation process – my fault as I should have clarified what was going to happen. Having bought appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and mattresses, I supposed that the old softener would be taken away. I soon found out, no; that was my problem! No big deal, as all you have to do is move it to the curb for the trash man. But, my fully-loaded softener (Eco brand from Costco) weighed 320 lbs.! It had to be emptied, or the trash man wouldn’t take it. This all-in-one unit was always difficult to refill as the salt opening was small. I had to empty the thing with gloved hands or with a small scoop, reaching my arm down into the thing as far as it could go. Then, you find the salt pellets end and you encounter a hard salt “sludge,” which I had to break up with a narrow shovel. And then, it still had a 50 lb. un-removable “resin” tank, so you have to call the trash people to let them know to expect this overweight trash item. With all the valves on my old setup, I wasn’t sure if the city water inlet valve, buried beneath my front lawn, had to be shut off. Yes, it did. Again, my problem. So – you first need to know where it is located. I’m willing to bet lots of homeowners may not have a clue where it is. Had I not known its location, the installation would have come to a standstill and a search party initiated. After removing the overgrown turf, under which the cover was completely hidden, I removed the lid and saw Florida sand filling the access hole up to the top. The valve was quite far down, and I had to dig out a full 5-gallon bucket of sand, on my hands and knees, to expose the valve. Between emptying the softener and uncovering the shut-off valve, I estimate I did two hours and a half hours of hard labor, during which I was sweating like a pig. I would say that many homeowners are not physically able or willing to go through this installation process. Kinetico is a great system, but it cost a king’s ransom. During the installation, I am thinking, “For this price, can’t Kwater hire a part-time kid to do the grunt work?” If I owned Kwater, I would make some changes.
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By Butch Stevens A C.
on 08/06/19
Great service and when i had a install issue they came the next morning to repair. Great service and product.

By Jonathan & Monica Miles A C.
on 04/05/19
Great customer service and Chris explains great about water system.if you need excellent water you should try kwater system.

By Karen Clarke A L.
on 04/04/19
Larry is a great salesman. Wonderful presentation and explanation of products. Can’t wait to get my system!

By Denise K.
on 03/06/19
Thanks for the response

By Betsy Rivera A C.
on 01/12/19
Christina was awesome! Very professional and knowledgeable about the water softener she was selling us. I’m very happy with this product. Thank you Christina!

By Melvin Hemann A L.
on 09/16/18

By Sue Cullen A C.
on 08/19/18
Price was way over my budget. Chris was very professional.

By Bernie & Pat Kitchens A C.
on 08/06/18
Chris was right on time. Explained everything to where we could understand. Did not rush us. Gave us copies of all the paperwork including the prices.
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