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You overcharged us for a 5 minute repair.. I will never use or recommend your company again.
Paula L.
No comment
Phap N.
I called this company to get my 2 AC units serviced, they said that included cleaning the coils with a chemical, and checking the freon levels. When the service man got here he told me all they do is the outside unit not both also the only spray them with water. What the hell are they serious what a joke they should be ashamed of their shady thieving practices. Do they really think that's servicing an AC unit, worst company ever fraud fraud fraud. They should be closed by the state. DONOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!!!! Straight up lies. This company is a joke, doesn't care about the people the hustle and should be held accountable for the lies they tell. IF I COULD GIVE THEM ZERO STARTS I WOULD.
Ryan R.
What a rip off. $215 to figure out that the banging in my kitchen hot water pipes was caused by the hot water valve to the kitchen sink not being fully open. I'll never do business with this company again. A real professional would have had the problem diagnosed and fixed in less than 10 minutes.
Aaron J.
Yes team were incredible and extremely efficient

It was not Jesse that came to my house, However without even taking any time I was quoted $305 -$2200 which I was the gentleman attempted to sway me to the more expensive quote "it was a must!" according to him. I turned it down and called another plumber that took the time to look at the issue and 20 minutes and $80 later my faucet was fixed! Yes as a company is a total rip off and will never have my business again.... crooks!!
Jesse A.
Everything was done professionally and completely.

The techs were professional as well as friendly, and knowledgeable.

(no comment)
Paula L.
The service techs who came to my home (Mathew and Spencer) were courteous, thorough, and professional. The best in-home service I have experienced.

(no comment)
Spencer S., Jennifer D.
Yes Air , is very honest and polite. I would definitely request his service in the future! Phap Nguyen...Thank You

Phap Nguyen is very good, very pleasant, and very helpful. If i have a problem I would definitely request him. Thank you.
Phap N.
The team came this morning, Steve arrived earlier to discuss what was happening and what to expect. The roofers made quick work of their task, installed the roof vents and asked if we wanted the old roof tiles. They placed them at the garage, cleaned up their site and provided a wrap-up. Steve meanwhile continued discussing what would happen with the insulation and once the truck arrived, commenced to sheeting off the area to protect from excess dust/trash. The insulation went well, covered all the areas we discussed and did it within the timelines mentioned. Afterwards, Steve went over what the company did, showed us examples of what was installed and ensured the area was in the same condition as when they arrived. It was great working with this team; knowledgeable, efficient and respectful...Thanks Steve and the rest of the team (Yes AC & Plumbing). Already scheduled our next service (AC Cleaning) based on the great work this company does!!
Steven P.
Very professional
Stacey H., Mike B., Chris C.
Jessy did a great job and has been here before. Represents Yes Air Very Well.

Our serviceman was courteous and efficient. He came in and completed what he had to to in a timely manner and was very neat and clean while doing so.

Phap was an awesome tech. Knew his busi ess delight to work with. Want him back for every heating problem/solutions
Phap N.
Cris was very professional and thorough in inspecting our equipment and discussing the work that will need to be done.

Allan was a pleasure to have in my home and is always welcomed in the future . His being a dog lover is a plus as I have four dogs.

Loved Spencer, he was so professional and very thorough, amazing attention to detail, and answered all my questions. Great employee!

I wouldn’t recommend Yes because of the price of the services provided to me. Ed was very professional and was on point and solved all my plumbing problems but the charges were a too high for the services rendered. Yes I could have called another plumber but I needed to get the job done.

A bit pricey but overall I was satisfied with the work that was done
Stacey H., Ed C.
Justin was great.

From the customer service call to the actual repair and clean up the job was well done.
Jennifer D., Philip L., Aaron J.
You guys did a great job in a timely manner, I am very happy with the work. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for AC service.

you wanted me to pay for damages that were caused by an error on one of your employees. the tech was supposed to talk to his manager and get back to us and no one has called us back. Poor customer service.

Your staff are always polite and caring, but your prices for repair or parts are very high.

(no comment)
Stacey H., Chris C., Phap N.
Alex V. was outstanding! He was very knowledgeable ... new exactly what to do ... and has a very pleasant and professional demeanor. We will definitely call upon him again should we need to!

The quote is very high outrageous prices ... Sorry but not any one can afford 6600 or 9500 for AC unit i wished it could have been something i could work with... 6000 maybe in like 3 months from now but 9500 sounds like a crack house

Very friendly, explained everything completely. If the installation goes as well as the quoting and financing process I will be very happy.
Stacey H., Sandro V.
The work was extensive. But It was completed as promised on time. James and Mike were friendly and totally professional at all times. Not to forget that the work area the garage was left cleaner than when whey started. SUPER DUPPER JOB GUYS. THANK YOU.

Alex V. is awesome !!! We had a thermostat issue ... apparently, an old thermostat that had to be on a daily program which was not overidable (and not acceptable) ... So, on the same visit, Alex presented us with 3 options. 1 and 2 were contenders, but Alex introduced option 3 ... the Nest! We chose the Nest option which he highly recommended. He installed 2 of them in our house and we could not be happier, not only with the product but with Alex as well. He was not pushy ... rather, he is pleasant, professional, efficient and personable ...and most of all, my husband praised him as well. After all, one never knows what you get when you have a new stranger come into your home to resolve an issue that is essential to your comfort and well being! But we immediately took to Alex. We will definitely call for him if we have future issues. Thank you, Alex — you were great !!!
Alex V.
Outstanding crew Ed and James explained everything completely. they made sure we Mom and I understood what he was explaining to us. NO rush through Anything. GREAT CREW / GREAT PEOPLE!!!
Stacey H., Ed C., James I.
Yes is always on time, they call when the technician is on the way, comes when needed for any problem, would not change companies.

(no comment)
Juan D., Megan M., Austin R., Phil F., Jimmy W.
(no comment)
Spencer S., Cheri E.
James was very professional and went right to the inspection and offered suggestions for keeping things well maintained. very pleased.

I have never had a bad experience with YES. Justin was extremely helpful, professional, and very pleasant to talk to. I give him 5 stars.
Stacey H., Justin F.
Phillip arrived at the correct time. Was polite, assessed the problem and immediately fixed it. Left everything just as he found it. I was more than satisfied with Phillip and the service he performed. As usual YES was the awesome Company I know them to be. You can't go wrong if you call Yes for either your air conditioning or plumbing needs.
Philip L.
Guys arrived and did a quick check and noted that they didn't believe they could do anything and I'd need to have the appliance looked at. They were nice enough not to charge me for the visit.

Furnace repair forgot to close plumbing door on adjacent roof. Door banged in wind and some paint was knocked off.

Water heater replacement was meticulously finished. Furnace replacement seems also very good but drywall repairs and inspection haven't been completed before requesting feedback.
Stacey H., Cliff M., Alex V., Mark R.
Leader was aggressive. Husband not involved but listening said go ahead with simpler attempt to do repair. It worked but water pressure is lower @ faucet now. Meant to ask him about bathroom faucet repaired by YES 6 months ago but forgot as it was several days before Thanksgiving and I was so concerned about the clog in the kitchen sink that I didn't mention the faucet upstairs.
Luiz D., Stacey H., Mike B.
Mike and his assistant came over to give us an estimate on a hot water installation. When he told us the price, we informed him that we found a company that would complete the work for a fraction of what Yes would charge. He stormed off, and basically said 'good luck with that." He returned promptly to let us know that we would probably be calling Yes back because the work would not be done correctly by the other company. My husband and I were completely floored by the total unprofessional way of conducting business. We have been using Yes (ARS in the past) for about 11 years, and we feel like this was our last dealing with your company. This incident was 2 days ago, and we are still reeling in this situation, and frankly, pretty upset.

If you request a quote from them be sure to get at least 2 other quotes/opinions before you hire anyone and keep a firm hold of your wallet!

I've used Yes! for years. Sarah and Allen just continued the status quo: EXCELLENT!

Yes! is a great company. I recommend them highly.
Sarah C., Phap N.
Matt was extremely knowledgeable and professional, which was refreshing based on my previous experiences with techs from other companies. He explained everything he did in detail and resolved a minor problem (with a secondary blower timer) in seconds, that neither tech had been able to figure out in previous service calls from 2 other companies. He represented Yes! in the best possible manner and sold me on using Yes! for all of my future HVAC needs. If all of your field employees are like Matt, your company stands head and shoulders above the rest in Las Vegas.


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