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Our Reviews

Eddie is courteous and efficient. He fixed my problem quickly.
Eddie M.
The techician was great in explaining the details regarding installing a new gas water heater.
Tom O.
Had them come out to replace the water line from the meter to the house. They had a really quick response time and they were very professional and pleasant.
Jerry C.
Eddie came out to do a hot water heater flushing and inspection. He was very knowledgeable and did a good job. I will definitely use Streamline in the future for any other plumbing
Eddie M.
Streamline was quick to respond with to a broken water line connector. The technician was courteous and knowledgeable and on time, which is a rarity these days! Very professional service.
Joey P., Chad W.
Prompt response in addressing a circuit breaker issue. Spoke with scheduler on first call at 9am. Was worked into the schedule same morning. Repair completed before 1pm. A
Jerry C., Chad W.
great service was provided and very knowledgeable.
Jerry C., Daniel C.
Needed a fill valve replaced on a toilet. Called in the morning and job was done same day. Great (and rapid) service!
Fred A.
Streamline Plumbing & Electric Inc. is a phenomenal company to work with! I have dealt with the gentlemen (and ladies) of Streamline Plumbing for several years, and I would never go anywhere else for my plumbing needs. They have replaced all three of the toilets in my home, as well as my water heater. This company has extraordinary customer service. The ultimate professionals.
Fred A., Eddie M.
Tom replaced my disposal and did a complete home plumbing inspection for me. He was knowledgeable, friendly and did not pressure me for a sale, rather educated me on suggestions for the future. I will use Streamline again.
Tom O.
Outstanding customer service, very helpful and honest. I will highly recommend this company to friends and family.
Fred A.
Little expensive, but really appreciated the quick service (same day), and the service member was very kind.

Ed was very meticulous about getting the repairs done neatly and also when replacing the kitchen faucet.
Eddie M.
Great estimate. Knowledgable, friendly, accommodating.
Tom O.
Eddie was wonderful. Prompt, polite, very capable, and fixed the problem. I always use Streamline Plumbing. I get terrific service.
Eddie M.
Fred was very courteous and took his time during the inspection and even fixed a drain plug that was missing a small clip! I appreciate the service I get and being a member of The President's Club is definitely worth the money!! Very pleased with this company and their employees!!!!
Fred A.
Great company. Tracy in the office set up our appointment and was most helpful in all that she did from start to finish. Chad, Jimmy and Jerry were very professional and explained everything that had to be done and that was done. I highly recommend Streamline to anyone who needs this type of service. Anne and Bob

Everyone at Streamline was fantastic. From Tracy in the office to set up the service call to Chad, Jimmy and Jerry. They were all very professional and knew just what they were doing from start to finish. We would highly recommend Streamline and their staff for any problems someone may have and needs this type of service. We rate all of them in the excellent area. Anne and Bob
Jimmie M.
Awesome company. They have taken care of all my plumbing and electrical needs for years. Extremely polite employees on the phone and face-to-face. The are thorough and do not make a mess. I love a service company that cleans up after themselves. Join their "President's Club". It helps with pricing.
Jerry C.
After checking pricing with other plumbers, we found the price is WAY too high. We didn't allow him to do the plumbing. We're getting another plumber to do it for a ton cheaper.

These folks know their business. I had three companies come out to give me estimates on a new hot water heater. I was having the old one removed from a crawl space and new one installed in another area of the home. They were all very close in the prices they quoted, but Streamline was the most knowledgable, spent the most time reviewing my options and explaining the pros and cons of each, and once scheduled, they showed up on time and delivered. Both Chad and Jerry were professional and courteous. They provided quality workmanship and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Streamline Plumbing & Electric!
Jerry C., Chad W.
You all are always very super and helpful.....and quickly scheduled an appointment for repairs for me/family, etc. ! I deeply appreciate and love you all mucho ! Thank you all soooo very mucho...and all is doing well at my mom's home now !!!! :____Bless you all again....! And I will recommend you all to anyone and everyone all the time...just in a conversation with someone..... or happen to hear someone talking about a problem that you all may be able to fix ! Grant :-) Bless all of you and the company for sure also !!!!
Jerry C.
Fred came to do some plumbing work and uncovered an electrical problem. Trevor arrived very quickly and resolved the problem Both of these techs are top notch, explain everything thoroughly and there were no surprises at the end. The plumbing work was completed that day to my satisfaction and also the electric. More will be needed and I will definitely use Streamline. I had a 10 year old coupon from the other time I called them and they honored it!
Fred A., Trevor H.
Chad from Streamline Plumbing and Electric has helped me several times in my home. Excellent service! Always on time! He also took the time to educate me on what was malfunctioning and how it was going to be fixed. Thanks Chad! I recommend them highly.
Chad W.
Jerry is great. Very knowledgable and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone.
Jerry C.
Fred is so reliable. I appreciate his professionalism. Everyone at Streamline has been so helpful especially scheduling around my awful schedule. I have used them over and over, usually for small jobs.
Fred A.
Did not have adequate to complete job. Service person was not confident that repair would hold. $300 plus charge for a repair that will have to be repaired again.

The cost was much higher than I anticipated. Looking for the cost of similar work online I found that the quote was about 50% higher than expected, and feel like I was taken advantage of a bit. The service person and the booking person were great, courteous and professional, but the cost was such that I will not use this company again.

On time, great efficient service, no sales pressure. All systems were checked out. Possible future problems were pointed out. We were thoroughly pleased with Streamline.
Fred A.
Every person I talked to was easy to understand as they explained the problem and options. They were patient with my questions.I have already recommended them to a co worker.
Fred A., Jerry C.
I was really pleased with the on time reporting for the service. The review of things we wanted done and the time taken to explain options. Was satisfied with work done. Would recommend Streamline Plumbing and **** for any plumbing services needed.
Chad W.
Jerry and Chad were fantastic- so courteous and knowledgable. They represent Streamline very well. I will call you the next time I have the need.

Today I had a Navien tankless water heater installed by Chad and Jerry with Streamline Plumbing. They both came right on time and were extremely courteous, professional and very knowledgable. There was no mess to clean up after they left. I would highly recommend these two for any plumbing or electrical needs.
Jerry C., Chad W.
Trevor was awesome when he came to do electrical work at my house. He was very polite, friendly & respectful. I would recommend him 100%
Trevor H.
We were happy to receive the fast service, however, the technician that came didn't appear very knowledgeable. He was on the phone with someone for about 30 minutes, as they explained to him how to assess our problem. He then told me that we needed a whole new system, for a total cost of $3600. An hour later, my water started working and another plumber told me to go get a ($25) pressure valve and install it and we shouldn't have anymore problems. So far, he was right...

I've been using Streamline for many projects at my home. ALWAYS first rate! I've had a tankless water heating system installed and a Water softening system installed. Today's issue was an electrical issue in my GFCI system. ****** came out and performed some great debug work - as a former electrician myself, his skills and expertise exceeded expectations. Not only did he find the root cause of the issue, it was fixed in a very short time frame. That's the thing about Streamline - they have experts come out and perform the service quickly and with a high level of expertise to achieve 100% satisfaction. Why bother going elsewhere - make the call to Streamline! Thanks ****** - awesome job!
Trevor H., Amber S.
My older brother recommended Streamline. He said they were the best and were worth it even if they ended up costing more than the (slow, "meh") plumbing service I usually used. He was right that they are the best (quick response, courteous, excellent work), but he was incorrect that they would be more expensive. I found the rate to be very reasonable. I have already recommended them to another family member and will be using them in the future for all plumbing (and electric) needs.
Eddie M., Amber S.
Eddie showed up and provided no solutions to my plumbing problem - instead offered me a $900 replacement for the shower valve and charged me a $79 dispatch fee with nothing being fixed. Last week, I got a second plumber to look at the issue and he fixed it with no problems and said it was a quick and easy fix. Highly dissatisfied especially due to the dispatch fee.

Pricing is outrageous for a small job for leaking faucet.

They arrived when they said they would be here. They gave me a quote and where able to go ahead and do the job right away. Thought the price was reasonable. Very friendly and dependable.
Trevor H.
Streamline was wonderful to work with. They scheduled both the plumber and electrician to arrive at the same time to do estimates. The electrician was able to fix our flickering light fast and was very polite. The plumber was trustworthy and provided us with advice and a quote for the labor. It's great to feel like you're working with a reliable and trustworthy company. We will definitely use them again!
Trevor H.
Streamline came to us on a holiday, and treated us as we were very important to them. Their prices are responsible, and the work is excellent.

The company and the professional they sent to accomplish the electrical work was superb. We were kept informed about the arrival of Trevor, received a fair estimate of the work, and it was accomplished quickly. I will most definitely use Streamline for my future electrical needs.
Trevor H.
Streamline really helped out when the main water line between the street and my home developed a leak. They were not only fast and professional, but their charges were over $1000 less than another highly rated companies estimate.

Always professional, courteous and, most importantly, responsive. I've already recommended to friends and the friends thanks me for the referral.

Quick response. Convenient scheduling. Professional service. Highly recommended!

I was very impressed by professionalism. The work I had done was to put in a new connection box for an electric stove, and it had to be installed a certain way to fit into the back of the stove when the stove was pushed in. Trevor was cheerful and informative all the way.

Your service call for our tankless water heater went well; and it being our first experience w/ Streamline, we'll likely call you again.

We continue to have nothing but positive experiences with Streamline. We have used them in the past for plumbing and yesterday we used them for a couple of electrical issues. Each time they have come out, they have been professional, and explained what the issues were and how they were to be fixed. Never have we had an issue with the work Steamline has performed. Will continue to call them for our plumbing and electrical needs!!!
Jerry C.
They always do such a great job not only fixing our issues, but also teaching why the issue is the way it is and how they can help. I love that! I'm such a learner and love to see how knowledgeable they are.
Jerry C.

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