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I can’t recommend Sewer Lines Only enough. From Lisa, Morgan in the office to Jackson the service field. These guys were great. They were very professional, very thorough. Jackson showed up on time, he went above and beyond to make sure the cleaning job was done right. We were very impressed with his work. The buyer was very please. Special thanks to Morgan, I appreciate your attention to get our deadline met. Great job! Great service! Highly recommended!
Jackson W., Lisa M., Morgan B.
Great communication, answered all questions, on time for scheduled repair, and completed in one day. They made it very easy on our end. No complaints here!
Sewer Lines Only.
I would like to first say that you should always get more than one opinion before accepting a conclusion about your sewer problem. Here's why. I had a company come out to rooter my main line due to a small backup in my basement drain. They cleared the line and I had a camera ran to try to find the underlying problem. It seemed as though I did have a bit of a small root problem, but the tech told me that my cast iron pipes under my foundation were rotting away pretty much the whole length of my house. That is a costly statement!!! Looking at the camera pics, it did look like there was a deep "groove/jagged crack" look to the image. My next door neighbor had just bought his house and they had no such problem therefore I had a hard time believing this deterioration was taking place. I called several company's to take a look, and they all said the same thing. The bids coming in to dig up and replace the pipe were in the 6 digits so I continued to seek more opinions. I called Sewer Lines only by chance, due to I did not want people who did not specialize in this field working on my problem. Ian from Sewer Lines Only suggested that I might not even have a cracked or broken pipe and did not understand how that conclusion could even be made without a proper cleaning that they could provide. That made sense to me so he scheduled Jackson, one of their fine young techs to do a cleaning with a chain knocker device to knock off scale and other build up over forty years old. To make a crazy and stress full story short, Ian's idea to properly clean and assess the problem led to I did not have cracked pipes at all. THIS GUY ROCKS!!! I was looking at crazy amount of money and headaches and all I needed was a good cleaning. If you get several opinions, get theirs last, you will get the real story. These other outfits, which I will not name, ought to be thinking about the way they are doing other people. They either do not know what they are doing or they are taking advantage of people, which neither is an acceptable way to run a business. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEWER LINES ONLY FOR MY PROBLEMS FROM HERE ON!!
Ian B., Jackson W.
After getting bids from several companies we decided to give Sewer Lines Only our business. This was due to several factors, their techs who came out to inspect were extremely helpful and explained in great detail the process. Our house sits on a hill over the street so it was challenging. Their service was great and they took care to restore our property to the same condition. Their people were friendly, helpful, and most of all professional. I do not hesitate to recommend them.
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
As a Realtor, Sewer Lines Only is my new go-to vendor for sewer repairs. They were extremely knowledgeable, have all the latest tech, and work with a high level of integrity. They actually did extra work for no charge just to ensure the job was done correctly. Wow!
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
We were nervous about getting our sewer line replaced as we have had some bad experiences with smaller jobs. These guys were great! They showed up on time, did exactly what they said they would, and finished on time! I would definitely recommend them!!
Sewer Lines Only.
I can’t recommend Sewer Lines Only enough. Very professional, very thorough and very impressed! From Lisa, Morgan in the office to Jackson. These guys were great. Jackson showed up on time, did great job on sewer line cleaning, the buyers were very happy. Thank you Lisa, Morgan, Jackson! Great service! Highly recommended!
Morgan B., Lisa M., Jackson W.
I've worked in the real estate industry for almost 19 years now and I can't remember the last time I was this impressed with a sewer line installation company. The field crew leader was very communicative and working with Lisa in the office made it super easy. My clients were very pleased as was the property buyer. I highly recommend working with this company.
Wyatt C., Lisa M.
Fast and efficient. Excellent work. Thank you.
Sewer Lines Only.
Ian and Jackson came out to our house on extremely short notice when we were given a terrible diagnosis by two other plumbers. We were told we would need to excavate to clear a blockage in our sewer line, and these guys cleared it easily, saving us thousands of dollars and untold headaches. Everyone was exceptionally friendly, trustworthy, and easy to work with. My go-to plumbers from here out.
Ian B., Jackson W.
Very Impressed! The job I had for them was complicated & got even harder as they started digging. It included trenching in my basement, a crawlspace, through backyard, under a detached garage, and into ally. But everyone on their team did a great job- all the guys on site, the project manager, office staff, etc. It really felt like they were doing their best for me. They also did good work in getting the property back to its original state. Thanks!
Sewer Lines Only.
Sewer lines only came out and repaired our sewer lines. They were reliable dependable, friendly, reasonably priced, got our job done in a very timely manner. I would recommend him without reservation.
Sewer Lines Only.
This company is awesome! From Lisa in the office to Jimmy the Sales guy to Ian the field superintendent and to the worker bees. They answer by phone, email, text within an hour of contacting them. Our sewer line had been crushed under the building footing causing a big problem with flow. It's a high end Boutique in the Cherry Creek area. Sewer Lines Only came in when on Sunday when we were closed and did all the work inside the store so we could be open for business on Monday. They put 2 crews on it and they worked together like a finely tuned race car. Billing was online and super simple to do. If you need sewer or water lines run, you can't go wrong with this company. They want your business and they treat you right and the prices are great!
Sewer Lines Only., Ian B., Jimmy W.
They are honest and easy to work with! They will do the job right.
Sewer Lines Only.
Very professional, very thorough, very impressed. The clay sewer line looked almost new when they were done cleaning it.
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
Easy to schedule. Quality work.
Sewer Lines Only.
They did my main sewer line last fall and filled in the street with filler and patched with asphalt. This summer it was sinking a bit and was not right, so I reached out to ask if they could come fix it. They responded instantly and got the job done under warranty within a week. Really love this company, they are the real deal and really care about their work and customers! Thanks so much Morgan! I appreciate your attention to this!
Sewer Lines Only., Morgan B.
I can't recommend Sewer Lines Only enough. From start to finish, they were great to work with. They are friendly, responsive, reasonably priced, and do a great job cleaning up and putting the yard back together. After they wrapped up, you couldn't even tell they had been there.
Sewer Lines Only.
I didn't catch the names of the crew, but my experience from the initial consult with Ian, and the office communication by Lisa, to the final work and cleanup... was just terrific. I'd recommend Sewer Lines Only to anyone who asks.
Lisa M., Ian B.
Highly recommended! I called Sewer Lines Only to get a quote for a damaged sewer line in a newly constructed home. Through the process I spoke with Lisa, Ian and Wyatt and my interactions with each of them was professional and timely. The scope of work called for the team to use a mini excavator to dig the approximately 7' hole in my back yard to make the repair. When the team arrived (on-time), the workers evaluated the situation and decided that attempting the excavator had the risk of damaging my house, so the team elected to hand-dig to the damaged area. I was so impressed that the crew choose to prioritize my satisfaction over the taking the easy way out. Thanks for the great effort!
Sewer Lines Only., Ian B., Wyatt C., Lisa M.
I can't recommend this business highly enough! I needed a sewer line repair and cleaning and they consistently went above and beyond to make sure the job was done right and within my tight schedule. Lisa, Wyatt, and Morgan were helpful, communicative, and professional throughout the process, as were the technicians and the work crew. Hire them!
Wyatt C., Morgan B., Lisa M.
Sewer Lines Only did a great job on a sewer line replacement last week! They arrived on time for the estimate...gave a written estimate...showed up on time for the repair day...and followed up to ensure the yard and soil were put back together in good shape. They were awesome to work with!!
Sewer Lines Only.
We had an excessive amount of massive tree roots clogging our external plumbing-we were referred to Sewer Lines Only who was able to get us scheduled right away. Cody and crew reported for a labor-intensive job on one of the hottest days of the year. We are grateful, thanks for the quality work and getting our single bathroom accessible again!
Sewer Lines Only., Cody M.
Make sure you call Sewer Lines Only if you are having main line issues. I had a problem with a property in Denver - had a plumbing company come and try to snake the main line. They tried snaking for several hours and said that we had a belly in the main and that we needed a full line replacement for $13k. They were able to do it quickly - but I wanted to get a second estimate. I called Sewer Lines Only at 5pm and left a vm. They tried to call back but I wasn't able to answer. They then sent a text and we ended up talking at 615pm. We discussed the project and Morgan gave me a range that was better than the bid I had. We set up a formal estimate for the next day. Jimmy came by and ran the camera and he thought there was a good chance that the problem was only by the tap. They offered two estimates - one for just by the tap and one for a full replacement if needed ($9.2k - a 4K savings). We scheduled the repair. They came on time, did an exploratory dig and proved the problem was only at the tap. They finished ahead of schedule and only had to dig the road. House is flushing great and this solution cost less than $5.4k! Great company and service
Sewer Lines Only., Morgan B., Jimmy W., Luis S.
Amazing company and amazing crew and the price was amazing i couldn't ask for a better crew
Gerardo F., Jairo V., Luis S.
They were wonderful to work with. Came out quickly and did the repairs the following day. Great customer service.
Sewer Lines Only.
We're selling an old house and the buyer's sewer inspector found a possible issue with the sewer line. The buyer was asking for a very expensive repair. We called Sewer Lines Only for an estimate and review. Two days later we met Jimmy, who looked over the existing video scope and gave us a very detailed analysis of what we were looking at. In short, he explained that there was really no issue with the sewer that needed repair and offered to provide further details to help us dispute the original inspection if need be. This saved us somewhere between 6k and 10k - it would have been an expensive job! I really appreciate the honesty. Very helpful and would absolutely recommend!
Jimmy W.
After getting several bids to repair a broken sewer line, most of which went to length to indicate what they WILL NOT do (like resetting the landscaping, etc.), Sewer Lines Only came in with one of the best prices AND proposed doing the things the others would not. After the job was done, they did an excellent job! Louis & team worked so fast, was friendly, and in the end you can barely notice the work zone. We've had several sewer repairs on the block over the last couple years, and every one but ours looks like a disaster. The new required clean outs were even installed in a sleek, low-profile way (all the neighbors got stuck with a big green pipe sticking out their lawn). SLO is the only way to go if you have the need.
Luis S.
Had sewer line replaced and would recommend Sewer Lines Only!!! Great service and great communication!!!
Sewer Lines Only.
Great service from everyone at Sewer Lines Only. Highly recommend.Very reasonable pricing.
Sewer Lines Only.
I can’t say enough about what an amazing job Sewer Lines Only did to repair and replace my sewer line! They were on time, courteous, and communicated with me every step of the way. I was extremely worried I was going to lose a beautiful tree that was right over my sewer line, but Sewer Lines Only took extra care and time to save my tree! To my surprise, they also replanted some plants that had to be dug up in order to get to the line. I am also very delighted that they are going to come back out to plant sod in the places they had to dig up, and replace a sprinkler head that was damaged. From start to finish, they do amazing work! I highly recommend them for any repairs or replacements of your sewer lines!
Sewer Lines Only.
was out of the country in Columbia when i found out my sewer line under my basement floor was cracked. Luckily i had a friend in Denver who takes care of my place. I got a few estimates and Sewer Lines Only got back to me either the same day or early the next morning with an estimate and were available to answer questions. I asked them if they could redo the estimate adding some additional work. The other person i got an estimate from took days and i had to call them back to get them to put it together. Sewer Lines Only gave me confidence that they were on top of things. They got back to me the same day with the new estimate and i scheduled them to do the work, which they said would take approximately two days. They showed up the day the were scheduled and got it done in two days. This is very rare in Denver. My friend said they were very professional and the work looked great. Very happy with they way things went and i didn’t feel like i needed to stress from not being there. I am a contractor/developer/realtor and i would recommend this company.
Sewer Lines Only.
Sewer lines only was very responsive, got the job done immediately and put the ground back nicely. Very happy.
Sewer Lines Only.
Competitive Pricing, Fast Response, Quality work
Sewer Lines Only.
We were very pleased with the service of repairing our sewer line in May 2019. We were a little apprehensive before we called your representative. He explained thoroughly the situation and what he could do to correct it. We were relieved at once! I would recommend your company to anyone needing a main line sewer repair. Everyone was so considerate, friendly and very efficient and used the latest methods for repairs. Sewer Lines Only is the best choice in my estimation.
Sewer Lines Only.
Comments: Best customer service I encountered while shopping around. ~Chad E.
Sewer Lines Only.
Sewer Lines Only.
When we rebuilt our house 1 1/2 years ago our GC had a plumber run a camera down our sewer line to make sure that no construction debris had gotten into the line. He said the line was clear but that we still had clay pipes. I said that couldn't be true as we had replaced the sewer line about 4 year prior. He showed me his video and it showed clay pipes. I was furious! I had been ripped off! Charged $9k and they didn't even do the work! I tried to call the company that we had hired and they were out of business. I spoke to attorneys. I tried to track down the previous owners. No luck with any of it. I finally decided I would just have to pay to get it done, again, so I called Sewer Lines Only this past Saturday and they sent their employee, Jimmy Workman, out yesterday at 5:30pm to see what we needed to have done. Jimmy ran his scope down the line and showed me that the line had been replaced (what?). There were no clay pipes and everything looked great. What a relief! Don't know what the other plumber was talking about 1 1/2 years ago or whose sewer line he was showing me on video but ours was fine! Jimmy then spent another 45 minutes helping us to diagnose a different issue we were having and then left without charging us a penny! Very helpful, very professional, and very much appreciated! If this is how they normally conduct their business then I highly recommend Sewer Lines Only to anyone in the Denver area who has any type of sewer issue. They were great!
Jimmy W.
Very professional, good communication during the whole process from analysis and quote to final clean up in the yard. Crew was efficient and careful. Price was significantly better than a well known competitor. Definitely recommend to others and would use this company again.
Sewer Lines Only.
I’m so happy we found Sewer Lines Only. Jimmy found creative solutions to a complicated full line replacement we faced during the sale of our Highlands bungalow. While other companies were not able to come up with a reasonable plan for the repairs, Jimmy found a creative solution that no one else had been able to figure out. In addition to having a solution-focused plan for our line replacement, he was also terrific at communicating with us and the buyers of our home to make sure everyone understood the plan and felt comfortable. I'm so grateful to Jimmy and the Sewer Lines Only team for coming through for us when we desperately needed competent, creative help in addressing our sewer line replacement to complete the sale of our home.
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
Great organization to work with, thorough and professional!
Sewer Lines Only.
Sewer Lines Only did a great job on our new sewer line. Very honest, on time and left our front yard in very good condition. I would recommend their services. Char and Vern
Sewer Lines Only.
Your company and personnel far surpass the two other companies I had look at and snake/scope my sewer line. Your company invested time, knowledge, honesty, communication, real information, thorough assessment and appropriate solution. The other "reputable" companies presented appearances of such but were really sales people looking for profit. Sewer Lines Only provided the appropriate solution for $350. One of the other companies said only a $5,715 scenario would solve the problem. Thank you so much! Barb
Sewer Lines Only., Wyatt C., Jimmy W.
Worked with our schedule, did the job well and in a timely fashion.
Sewer Lines Only.
I own a 100 year old house. Wiring, plumbing, insulation - you name it, it's old. Someone has messed with it over the years but mostly it's ancient. I was fixing the shower and bath tub fixtures and this required getting into the wall behind it, accessible from the bedroom in the next room. Upon opening the wall I noticed the cast iron vent pipe appeared rusty. But it was more than rusty, it was paper thin and crumbled when you touched it. The picture I uploaded shows the rust if you look close. I tried to duct tape the holes until it was replaced - that didn't work very well! One hundred years or so of venting had completely corroded the pipe from the inside out. It needed replacing. Who do you call for this? I googled "sewerline repair service" and "Sewer Lines Only" came up. Looked like a perfect match. They came out relatively quickly and did a sewer line video scope. The scope revealed that the issue was only the old cast iron vent pipe. They gave me a quote to replace the cast iron section that needed to be replaced. I also got a quote from another plumber I knew. Sewer Lines Only's quote was not only less expensive, they were able to do the work quickly too. The finished job was excellent. I'll use them again and I'll certainly recommend them to others. Thanks to Jimmy and company at Sewer Lines Only!
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
Excellent work! Thank you!
Sewer Lines Only.
After multiple plumbers turned us away and previously failed at attempts to clear our line, these guys showed up with smiling faces and cleared a major blockage in our line with ease, with a thorough scoping to inspect their own work. We were left without an operating house by other plumbers before we called Sewer Lines Only. I will be recommending them to everyone I meet who has any issues going forward.
Jimmy W.
I can't thank Ian and Jimmy enough for the honesty on my sewer line. Saved me money with the recommendations. I would recommend them to any one with problems on their sewer line. Rebecca
Jimmy W.
I am so pleased with the service I received to clean and scope my line. Friendly and professional, they made sure my line was cleaned well after a bad job from another company. They also assured me that I didn’t need the $18,000 replacement the other company said I needed. Excellent!! I’d give more stars if I could!
Jimmy W.
Will definitely be using Sewer Lines Only from now on. Ian and his team came out the same day I called and saved my husband and I a lot of stress. They were professional, clean, quick and personable. Would definitely recommend you use this company.
Jimmy W.

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