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Bo was very helpful, extremely knowledgeable, he did not over charge me. I will definitely use Bo again. Thank you MSP

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Clint S.
Regarding my 3 year old furnace that was having issues with firing up, I had a furnace technician come out and look at my furnace. He told me I needed the circuit board (control panel) replaced and possibly more, which would be determined after the circuit board was replaced for $1,095 + service fee for coming out. This sounded a little steep so I called my dad for his input. He said pay him his service fee and have him leave! My dad was able to purchase the circuit board for $89.00 and install it without having any previous experience doing so and this took him about 1.5 hours. The furnace still did not work after my dad replaced this, come to find out this was because the furnace tech turned off the switch on the interior gas valve when he was here and never switched it back on. Once this was finally realized, it was turned on and worked perfectly! I’m so glad I decided to call Daddy with this issue cause I almost got taken and right around Christmas time!
Team MSP.
This company is a total rip off. They came to my clients home to do several simple plumbing issues, spent a total of two hours in the home and handed my client a bill for $2304 AFTER their DISCOUNT!! Outrageous!!
Thomas E.
Justin W, the HVAC Service Technician, efficiently checked over my home's Heating and Cooling systems today and all is Good. I purchased the install of both systems almost 2 years ago from MSP and am very glad I did. A check-up on them is done in the Spring and the Autumn, and last time some special tuning up was needed as I had some construction done in the house that caused a lot of dust residue interfering with the furnace; that problem was corrected in the Autumn and the systems have been working smoothly since then and also in today's check-up. Justin suggested some improvements for air purification and perhaps will add that in the future. Thanks!!!
Justin W.
Way overpriced, the service technician was there for 1 1/2 hours and installed an aquastat on the boiler.He said he didn't have one on the truck and had to run out and get one and was gone for a half hour. He did not list on the bill the price for the part or the hourly labor rate. It took him approximately 30 minutes to install the part which could not have cost more than $200 and charged us $999.00 with no explanation of charges.It should be a crime to take advantage of the elderly and those in desperate need with no heat in the winter. However, because my friend was paying $8.00 a month for a service plan from them ($96.00 a year) they gave her a $100.00 discount.
Team MSP.
Jason B. provided impeccable service ! We recently had a new furnace installed from a different company that was causing us concern. He fixed the issues immediately, was very informative, friendly and on time ! We are members of the MSP Total Care Club and will definitely renew our membership ! Thank you !
Jason B.
It's been 3 weeks and still no response to my email - I asked for a simple explanation of the $350 per hour labor charge, and it appears they have no intention of getting back to me. Call MSP only if your rich.
Team MSP.
My husband scheduled MSP to come do a furnace tune up over a month ago (November 1st to be exact). They were supposed to come today at 8am (December 8th) and by 8:30 when they hadn't arrived, my husband gave them a call and was told "we tried to contact you yesterday to reschedule, our technician couldn't make it". My husband then realized they had in fact left a message yesterday, however in the message they did not say they needed to reschedule, nor did they indicate that they would not show up. They only called once, did not try again and did not call this morning either. We would have been fine rescheduling if they had contacted us with more advanced notice than the day before, and if they had actually tried to get ahold of us. With a company that large, and with ours being the first appointment of the day, you would think they would have been able to find another tech to service us. So needless to say we are super annoyed because we made the appointment over a month ago and they just didn't show up.
Team MSP.
MSP Plumbing Heating Air replaced our basement faucet.They did the job and it appears to be a quality part. That is not my concern. What I asked for was just some explanation for the incredibly high price, since the bill explained nothing. The faucet sells online for about $79 and they were at our home only 2 hours, yet the price of the install was over $800 dollars. This appears to me to be over $350 dollars per hour for labor. There is no way to undo the work done, but is there an explanation for the hourly rate equal to a Mayo Clinic heart surgeon? I wrote a couple times to request an explanation and received no response. I see in this review page others have received similar treatment. - Bob
Team MSP.
This was my first experience with MSP. Nick H was the plumbing service pro that I had today to service my hot water heater and review with me my water softener. He did an excellent job in customer service, explaining what he was doing and why. I value the integrity of his character and the peace of mind he gave me. Thanks Nick!
Team MSP.
Grossly overpriced, and lackadaisical effort to communicate, answer questions, or get the job done properly. I made the mistake of hiring them to do some kitchen plumbing without getting competitive bids because they were close-to-home and I was in a hurry. Their estimate was vague and they refused to itemize their quote, choosing instead to HIDE their labor rates, material costs, etc. The technician verbally told me that things were included in my overpriced quote and then, on the day of the job, he told me that they were not. Since MSP refused to break down their estimate for me, there was nothing I could do about it but pay more. The technician installed a faucet wrong and when I tried to get him to come back to fix it, he refused, and insisted that he had done it right. Only after getting another technician to come out and see it did MSP acknowledge that it was wrong. The one glimmer of hope for them is that Nick B. did a great job in coming back out to stand behind his other colleague's sub-standard work, and covering it under warranty. I imagine he must have a lot of that type of experience with this company. At the same time they bid my kitchen, I had them bid similar work in my bathroom. After the debacle in my kitchen, I would NEVER have allowed MSP in my bathroom. I hired a different, reputable, local, union, plumbing contractor and they did the work for 60% LESS than what MSP had quoted and they got the work done in 4 hours. Buyer beware of MSP Plumbing.
Team MSP.
Zach was great... super friendly, low key and no nonsense. Took care of the AC tuneup efficiently, didn't pressure for additional services but had great info when I asked him about things we could do to lengthen the life of our system. Zach was top notch.
Jason B.
Before I start, thank you MSP for your promptness and persistence calling me ahead of time. Zach Hamilton did a great job going above and beyond answering my questions, being patient with me, and getting the job done (what we wanted). Zach even put shoe-sox covers on before entering my home! That's a Plus. He taught me a lot about AC units and furnaces! He was easy to talk to, and thorough in his explanations. I would recommend Zach to anyone. Tom Miller came out to tune up our water heater. Though he couldn't find any issues whatsoever, he told us that up front. He was shocked we had a 75 gallon tank for just us two! Upon his remarks, we were happy for his comments and job well done. Thank you MSP, but THANK YOU Zach Hailton and Tom Miller!
Dieter K.
Had a no show appointment for a quote on a new furnace and air conditioner. Not a way to do business and would never recommend your company.
Team MSP.
Two pre-scheduled appointments, each appointment scheduled at least a week in advance, I have received a call informing me that the AC tune up can not be completed. I give you zero stars for being able to offer the service requested.
Team MSP.
Justin W was the perfect guy to help with my air conditioner. He listed the options I had and explained them to me in a way that I understood my choices. He showed me how I could save money with the TCC plan. He was great!
Justin W.
Our furnace recently stopped working and we called Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing Heater Air. Having very little knowledge about these things, Thomas E. was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in answering all of our questions and offering suggestions on how to fix our furnace. We did end up deciding to replace it and he went over every option for a replacement furnace with us and his team showed up to get to work about 30 minutes later. Very satisfied with this experience and will definitely be coming to do again with all of our plumbing and heating needs!
Thomas E.
Chris came out to replace my galvanized water lines with PEX a week or so ago. Everything was professionally done as expected and water pressure increased to heights I never dreamed possible. Chris was very courteous and knowledgable. He even stayed after the job was done, off the clock, to help us with our shower fixture issue caused by the old pipes. I offered him a beer a few times during the day, but he refused because he was working. I know, right? So in a way you could say he bought me a few beers as well. I would personally recommend him to anyone looking for a job well done by a friendly, professional fella who displayed no symptoms of alcoholism. Also, do you need to have the name Josh to work there or something?
Team MSP.
Hello, just wanted to say THANK YOU to our Service Tech. Clint Segarra ! He preformed a tremendous, all be it lengthy install two weeks ago; (02/23/17), on our new Furnace and Water Heater. His attention to detail combined with quality craftsmanship makes him a true stand-out. My wife and I would gladly recommend Clint, along with MSP. to handle any or all heating/plumbing needs to future customers out there! Sincerely, Nathan & Kristina Winter
Clint S.
These guys are the best. They came in, gave an honest quote and showed up to finish the install within the hour. All told, the entire experience was 5 hours from quote to job finished. I've never left a review before, but these guys deserve it.
Josh A.
Josh was able to service my out-of-the-ordinary oil furnace and keep it running well for me, even though he hadn't seen one in a long while.
Josh H.
Excellent customer service!! Chris ******** was here to drain/flush my water heater. He was concerned as the water pressure was low and he was diligent in repairing this. He went above and beyond his job to help me as I patiently waiting. I would recommend him to anybody! MSP is # !!
Team MSP.
We hired MSP to replace our aging boiler that finally met its maker on the 23rd of December. I had Nick B. out for an estimate on replacement almost exactly a year prior. The cost was in the ballpark of what we were thinking, but we weren't yet ready to take the plunge at that time. There were a couple of times over the year that our boiler went out, and I texted Nick for service help. He was unbelievably helpful even though we weren't replacing the boiler at that moment. When the time came a few weeks ago, he pulled it together amazingly quickly. We updated the estimate for the specific installation, and he had a team out here very quickly to take care of things. The quality of work is clear - all copper, pressed joints. We had a lot of re-piping to do and everything is square, and looks beautiful. The product sold to us is so much better than our old boiler, I can't believe we waited so long. We did have a lingering little problem with the water heater (which is supported by the boiler). MSP was so responsive in getting this resolved. It was clear that they wanted to get the right solution to the issue, not just a quick fix or to tell me 'too bad'. Every person that was at my house was so respectful, polite and a true pleasure to interact with. After a couple trips back, they got it taken care of without a problem. I can't speak if they were the cheapest - but with what I hope to have be a 25-30 year investment, I was seeking out the highest quality, not the cheapest installation. If you want a great, professional installation paired with a company of people that are wonderful to work with, I cannot recommend MSP highly enough.
Joshua B.
We have had a few occasions in the past months to utilize MSP. In each instance, we were impressed by the promptness, professionalism, and obvious knowledge of everyone who did the work. There is a cost for such services, but its impact is mitigated by the confidence given by MSP's employees that the work was done safely, correctly, and that any problem will be addressed. The same is less likely the case if the work had been done by your brother-in-law's friend from the neighboring barstool. At the risk of missing someone, we again say thanks to Kevin, Jeremy, Jeff, Koo, Andy, and Clint. Tom D.
Team MSP.
Customer for several years, have always had good service. They installed my replacement hot water heating system 11 years ago and had few problems with it. Today I had Tom E. come out to check the pilot light and go over a maintenance check. Found the pressure safety valve was old and leaking a bit(dirt). Replaced that and all should be well for a while. Expensive repair but worth the piece of mind.
Thomas E.
Great service by Clint S., Kou V. and the rest of the crew at MSP that installed our new furnace. Thanks again!
Clint S.
clint was very professional, knowledgeable of his profession. Clint was very courteous and open to any question that I had
Clint S.
Justin W was my service man. He did my previous service and was just as thorough and helpful this time, explaining what he did and what it meant for the winter months. He is very professional. The service was excellent.
Justin W.
Ricky was a true professional at MSP Plumbing and Heating this weekend to check on my furnace as well as fixing my air conditioner this past June. I would highly recommend him to come out to service your furnace or air conditioner. He is so personable and enjoyable to work with thank you
Ricky L.
Jason was awesome I would say a ROCK STAR on your team! I will only use MSP for further HVAC needs that may come up :) Thank you
Jason B.
Mitch Porter at MSP Plumbing and Heating did an amazing job. I had an absolutely horrible experience trying to get my home warranty company to replace my furnace after it went out in freezing temperatures in March. Mitch spent hours on the phone with the warranty company. He went so out of his way to help me and provided amazing customer service. I am so incredibly grateful to have had him during this stressful experience. I highly recommend him. Great human.
Mitch P.
Thomas E. showed up on time. Was friendly. He fixed the problem with our air conditioner quickly, and he offered good advice and taught me some more about my system. Very happy we had MSP (although you'll always be just "St Paul P&H" to me) install our new furnace and air. Great service today! Thanks, Thomas.
Thomas E.
Impressed with the service from the beginning all the way thru to the end. Nick was professional and made sure we understood everything before he left. Thanks for the great service
Nick B.
Ricky did a great job and I would recommend him.
Ricky L.
Thanks very much, Josh D - for your workmanship and good advice. You are always welcome to my house. Thanks very much, Nick. I much appreciate your workmanship and advice. My new Carrier A/C unit is the "cats meow" - ha!
Josh H., Josh D.
Thanks very much, Josh D - for your workmanship and good advice. You are always welcome to my house. Thanks very much, Nick. I much appreciate your workmanship and advice. My new Carrier A/C unit is the "cats meow" - ha!
Nick J.
Joshua and Team did a terrific job..well organized. Really appreciate their dedication to finish the job is outstanding!! One of best team in the market/company out there :) Keep up the good work. God bless you!! In Christ Alone, Sravan.
Joshua B.
These guys a truly professional in what they do and how they do it. The teck was very knowledgelable and really cared about what he did for fom me and my home. I got a call from the owner to follow up and I really appreciated that I would have them out again. Thanks
Thomas E.
(no comment)
Jason B.
I contacted Mpls. St. Paul Plumbing & Heating & Air as I had noticeable issues with my home's water heater and heating and cooling systems, including water that was too hot, and air conditioning that was too cold in the basement and not cold enough upstairs especially during the recent heat-spell in July in Minnesota, issues that relatives pointed out to me when they recently visited me. I had received a coupon in the mail from the company recently. After inspection of these systems, the technicians explained to me their findings as to the condition of the current equipment and what was causing the problems that I had been experiencing. The water heater, furnace, and central air units were all around 15 years old, and furnace was ready to be retired because of a major safety issue. After weighing the options, I decided it was time to upgrade all to newer technology, as well as to gain improvements in energy efficiency with newer technology, versus investing in temporarily repairing the old equipment. All of the technicians and team leaders/experts demonstrated very positive customer communication and service skills and genuine interest in helping me to get these issues resolved. They explained and gave me a very good range of options to choose from regarding features and benefits of repair or replacement, plus add on components where applicable and helpful. All technicians and team leaders/experts worked diligently, enthusiastically and energetically to get the work done to install the new equipment early this week, and I am very well pleased with the outcomes of the installation of the new heating and cooling system and the new water heater. Air temperature in each room of the house is now much more comfortable upstairs and downstairs, and the air circulation is also much better. The water temperature out the hot faucets is under control now so that it is not overly hot, and the new sediment filter and new (non-salt) water softener technology add-ons should also extend the life of the new water heater and also the water piping and water related appliances. I learned much about how the new and improved systems work, generally, and all of my questions were answered. I am very much impressed by the caliper of the technicians, experts, and team leaders of this company -- Mpls St. Paul Plumbing, Heating and Air -- and am impressed with the range and quality of their modern products. Technicians and team experts that helped me in this regard include Nick G. (water heater expert & technician), Jake (heating and cooling inspection technician), Don (heating and cooling product expert/customer service), Nick B. (heating and cooling installation expert), and Joshua A. (technician, also a good listener and communicator), and I also met Ron and others that helped. Also, the receptionist was very personable and helpful in setting up the initial appointment with MSP Plumbing and Heating, & Air. I recommend this company highly for great customer service, fine expertise, and follow through in resolving plumbing and heating and cooling issues efficiently and effectively for homeowners. Many thanks to the MSP Plumbing, Heating and Air Company for my home's new water heater and heating and cooling system.
Nick J., Nick B.
Josh H. was the gallant and well-mannered AC technician who came to my rescue on this steamy summer day. He quickly and efficiently assessed the 28 year-old AC's lack of coolant, compressor and condenser issues, and the wiring deficits. He gave me many options for repair and valid recommendations for replacement. I was impressed with his expertise and honesty. The coupon got MSP in the door, and Josh made me feel good about that decision.
Josh H.
Deiter did a great job of replumbing our Mac Groveland home bathroom. It's the only bathroom in our home and he worked closely with us in minimizing the impact of the work.
Dieter K.
kudos to the following employees , josh brewers joshua beecher, thomas erronis, nick bongard, clintsegarra, joshua anderson what a wonderful job a new furnace , air conditioner and humidifier installed in record time . all were professional and and hard workers a job well done. and of course the equiptment passed inspection thanks again. rich k
Clint S., Team MSP., Josh A., Nick B., Joshua B., Josh B., Thomas E.
Sevice tech was friendly and did a good job checking out the airconditioner.
Jason B.
The team was courteous, friendly, and professional. They did a great job with the air conditioner installation and cleanup afterward. My initial consultation was very thorough in that all options were laid out and pricing explained. Overall, it was a very positive experience.
Josh A.
I was worried at first because I didn't know what to expect. I called a few places prior and saw this place was cheaper and more reliable. Thomas E arrived on time and was very thorough with his work. He went through everything that was wrong with my furnace/ac. We went through three different options and he helped me through the whole process. I am glad I went through this company!
Thomas E.
I recently had Mitch and Jason to my home to look at my central air condioner system,which had been out for a bit. They arrived promptly and were dressed very professional. They looked at my current system, and after about an hour gave me a report. My unit was 29 years old and I knew that it was time for replacement of the furnace and air conditioner. I was given two options, one for cost to repair the unit and second for full replacement. I chose to replace the units. I did not feel any pressure to overspend if you will. Was given a full explanation of all the units they offer. They also told me about the rebate I would be eligible for. It was a very pleasant experience and do not have any buyers remorse. Will certainly recommend them. Thank you.
Jason B., Mitch P.
Joshua and crew were fast, on time and very professional. Thank you!
Josh A.
Jason was great when he did our Heating/AC inspection last nite. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He was on time (early, actually) and did not waste time getting the job done. I have been very pleased with Mpls/St. Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air and look forward to doing business with them for our Heating & AC needs. Thanks for the great experience!!
Jason B.

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