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I had my A/C go out on a Saturday afternoon and called McCullogh Heating and Air. They sent a awesome tech named Adan who was by far the most knowledgeable rep I have ever had. I was so impressed that I brought the annual maintennce plan as well. I highly recommend this company for all your HVAC needs. They are family owned and have been in Austin since 1977.
Adan G.
My AC was acting up, and McCullough sent someone to my house within a few hours. The serviceman was thorough, courteous and quick. It was a great experience!
Adan G.
Our friends used McCullough for a new HVAC and recommended we talk to them also. Everyone at McCullough was thorough and professional from start to finish. David was our consultant and was patient and willing to talk through different HVAC options for our home. We asked for a lot of different options and pricing and never felt pressured to make a decision. We got quotes from a competitor and immediately felt like they were passing over information that we knew from our McCullough quote. The McCullough quote ended up being less and was a better experience. The installers did a great job and were willing to come back multiple times to get everything adjusted to our preferences. We'd highly recommend McCullough!
David R., Jimmy S., James Russell P., Jensen S.
Our friends used McCullough for a new HVAC and recommended we talk to them also. Everyone at McCullough was thorough and professional from start to finish. David was our consultant and was patient and willing to talk through different HVAC options for our home. We got quotes from a competitor and immediately felt like they were passing over information that we knew from our McCullough quote. The McCullough quote ended up being less and was a better experience. The installers did a great job and were willing to come back multiple times to get everything adjusted to our preferences. We'd highly recommend McCullough!
David R., Jimmy S., James Russell P., Jensen S.
I have used McCullough for many years. Service requests have been taken care of promptly and the technicians have been courteous and reliable. My last service visit was made by Adan who has serviced my system several times. I have a particular "glitch" in my system that sometimes requires a callback about an hour after service performed. Adan did not hesitate to get back and correct the problem. He also called the next day to be sure the system was working properly. Have always received reliable and courteous work.
Adan G.
Adan worked through a challenging issue with one of my AC systems and got it resolved. Throughout the process he kept me informed of his observations and made recommendations for things I could do to maximize system life. I can clearly see that my McCullough yearly preventative maintenance plan is a great investment. Steve Bishop
Adan G.
It is a pleasure to have Adan servicing the HVAC systems at my home, I believe for two plus years and counting. Every visit has left me better off than I was before he came. Even when a permanent solution was not possible, good alternatives were put in place to keep my home heated and cooled in the interim. Adan is pleasant, courteous and very skilled at problem solving, no matter what the situation. I appreciate him recommending the uv light and whole house filter enhancements. The air and my home are cleaner as a result in the installation. I trust Adan and McCullough to care for my HVAC needs.
Adan G.
Adan G. Is an excellent service man. We have used him for years at McCullough and before and are completely satisfied with his thoroughness and manner.
Adan G.
Marylee Barnard maryleebarnard Adan Gomez Very professional. Adan saw a problem that had been present previously. I had been told that the tubing to the outside was clogged because the tubing was allowing water to back up. Having made the hole deeper and making the tubing more slanted downward had not solved the problem. Adan found the problem underneath the main AC unit. It was a kinked hose. So he corrected that. I give him an excellent rating.
Adan G.
Adan G. I have had a recurring problem. Everyone thought it was caused by the AC drain outside and told me to make a deeper hole for the water from the AC to drain--so it wouldn't backup and clog the tubing. That did not solve the problem. Even though I kept making the hole deeper. Adan found that it was under the large AC unit. One of the tubes had a kink in it. So Adan worked hard and replaced some of the tubing and it should be OK now. I was glad that he looked for the problem and hopefully has solved it. He is a pleasant man and explains things clearly. I would be glad to have him come in the future and I would be glad to recommend him to anyone else.
Adan G.
Adan was recommended by Jim Arnold, my son-in-law. A few minutes after he arrived he determined what the problem was and solved it. I feel comfortable knowing I have someone to turn to in the event of another problem. Thank you Adan.
Adan G.
I was very pleased with the entire process of renewing a maintenance contract, scheduling the service and the professionalism of Adan, the service technician.

All representatives of the company did a fantastic job of helping us replace our outdated system... Thanks again... Tony and Maggie
David R., Jensen S., Russell S.
Adan Gomez came today to do the Spring check on my maintenance agreement with McCullough. He was thorough and efficient, checking the entire unit from top to bottom and even changing the filters for me which are located in the ceiling. Adan called before he arrived, arrived within a half an hour, and went straight to work. After his thorough inspection, he left me with a complete check list with notations on all parts of my AC condenser, furnace and evaporator coil. He cleaned the drain lines and the condenser coil, checked the pressure in all the lines and even changed the batteries in my thermostat. Mr Gomez is a top notch technician and always does superior work. I would recommend his work to anyone. April 23, 2014
Adan G.
I had to replace two HVAC systems in a 15+ year old home I had recently moved into and McCullough came recommended by my new neighbors. David walked and talked me through a very comprehensive and thorough breakdown of the systems as they were and how they could be improved. He made sure to tell me exactly how the old units could be removed and new ones installed and exactly every single item of work that needed to be done to make sure I had a smooth, quiet running energy efficient system and nothing that I DIDNT need. David is truly "on top of it" with lots of experience as I came to learn from our excellent interaction in person and via email with rapid responses to any and all questions I had. I called a couple other companies for consultations and when I met with them, said nothing about all the information I had gleaned from David, just to see what info they could tell me and what they would try to sell me, etc. I got exactly what I expected and knew to go with McCullough. Scheduling was mostly quick and easy as it was in March and not in the peak busy time, which also afforded me the cities extra winter rebates, with only a few minor "hiccups" in communication. In fact, the only reason I wouldn't give McCullough 5 stars on would be just those few minor bits of confusion and lags in communication. Nothing a simple quick email or even automated email couldn't fix just to be kept in the loop. As my schedule changes a bunch, this is the only reason there was this minor issue. Again, very minor but truly the only issue I had in an otherwise flawless professional job all around by the entire staff. The crew arrived on time, ready to go, and knocked the job out ahead of their estimated time leaving the house perfectly clean and even walked me through the NEST thermostat basics before they left. One note; the Attic doors/access (upstairs and downstairs attics) had to be either slightly altered or expanded to remove the old systems and install new ones. David took time to measure and show me exactly how it could be done during the initial meeting. The other two recommended companies did not. The leader of their all in-house/company work crew made sure that I was happy with the way they would expand and then trim up the access hatches before doing any work at all. Details like that are important to people, maybe not to an A/C mechanic but to a home owner that's paying the bill, this attention to care and detail shows pride in workmanship and respect for the homeowners property, to something as something as simple as an attic door. Everything else went off without a hitch as expected. And the 2nd day the other crew came to do the weatherization work and test it. The system is so quiet compared to how it used to be with smaller more efficient units, it was nothing short of "wow" to me as I could barely even hear it running. Very very pleased with the promise of an efficient energy saving DESIGNED HVAC system. As David explained, it's not just about throwing a new unit in and turning it on, it's about the entire system and making sure it is tuned to work best for the home space. I'm convinced. I highly recommend McCullough. To the staff and crew, thank you for your care and attention to detail, keep up the great work.
Christina R., David R., Jimmy S., Jensen S., Jesse A., Russell S.
Great people. Great service. Great Company. Highly recommend. super problem solver who were very flexible with hard to catch clients. Appreciate their help and persistence and extra effort. Many thanks. Will recommend highly.
David R., Jensen S., Bull., Russell S.
Adan is great. He helped do the Springtime maintenance check for the HVAC units at 3 houses (ours plus two rentals). He is careful with details. I especially like how he remembered my questions from last Fall and asked me how it was going now in the Spring. He handles it all very well.
Adan G.
Adan did a very conscientious job in trouble shooting our A/C. Thanks for the service.
Adan G.
Adan is great. He has serviced HVAC at now, 4 houses for us. He helps remember past things that you discuss with him on past visits and then confirms that things are still OK on the new visit.
Adan G.
The folks at McCullough were great. They worked well as a team to make this HVAC installation as straightforward as possible. There were a few unusual obstacles with this house but they helped work thru the details. I like that they do a quality inspection, too. Thanks to Christina, Denise, Russell, Derek, Jimmy, Jessie and especially to David.
Christina R., Denise A., David R., Jimmy S., Jesse A., Bull., Russell S.
Really thankful that Adan took care of us in a quick, efficient manner. He came to our house at 10 pm and ensured that my family had a comfortable night's sleep. Thanks Adan!
Adan G.
David, Jenson, and Jesse were Greta to work with for my HVAC. All were very polite and knowledgable. I had a great experience and would highly recommend using McCullough.
David R., Jensen S., Jesse A.
I wana start by saying thanks to McCulllough Heating and Air Conditioning for thier great service. also to Mr. Adan G. for the great service he provided and explaining every question about my AC unit he was very thrall and clear I was very pleased and satisfied.........KUDOS for Adan G. hope to see him again in the near future.
Adan G.
I am very glad I had McCullough service my HVAC units and look forward to seeing them in the fall to get the heaters ready for winter.

I want to thank McCullough Heating & Air for thier service and not to mention Mr. Adan Gomez he was very kind and courteous he took his time in answering every question I had about my AC kudos for Adan hope to see him on my next visit.
Adan G.
Adan serviced our heater, we were pleased with the quick diagnosis and repair. Thank you!
Adan G.
John analyzed the problem on the upstairs AC unit and determined that the relay was defective. Part was ordered and will be installed this week. Thanks John
John V.
Robert was on time, very professional and did a great job.
Robert B.
I am always pleased with your service. Technicians are well educated.

John showed up at my house exactly on time and began his inspection of my two AC/Heat Pump units. He found one thing wrong with one of my units, explained why it would be a good idea to replace it and the cost. I agreed and he proceeded to repair the part. I was very satisfied with the job that John did and will probably ask for him, if needed , in the future.
John V.
He was on time, polite, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.
John V.
I found John V, to be very professional and really appreciate the complete job that he did on my annual A/C chech-up.
John V.
The work done by John from McCullough Heating & Air Company was grate. John was very polite and helpful. I recommend this Company. I am very satisfied with their Service.
John V.
John was very helpful and saw immediately what was wrong with our furnace and had it up and running in less than 30 minutes. Very impressed!
John V.
I am a McCullough Comfort Club member. Robert B came out of do the winter preventative maintenance on our heating system. He was on time, very knowledgeable and checked over our furnace system thoroughly. He changed my filters and offered up a few money-saving suggestions. Thanks for another great service experience McCullough!
Robert B.
Adan arrived on time, did what was necessary and explained some things to us that we were unaware of. He is very professional and although we aren't able to take out the service contract immediately, we do intend to do so as soon as financially able.
Adan G.
David Renault really went above and beyond typical service. After having troubles with another company, I had a very tight deadline in order to get some rebates and he designed and implemented a complex minisplit system that has worked very well.

I worked with David Renault at McCullough to install two mini-split units in a garage apartment and do other energy efficiency modifications under the Austin Energy rebate program. I was left in the lurch by another company two days before the rebate period ended, and someone recommended I contact David. It was late July, a very busy time in the HVAC business, but David was able to design the system and give me a quote in enough time to sign a contract and not lose the rebates. They installed the system very quickly and efficiently, leaving everything very tidy. They handled all the paperwork with the city and also with a subcontractor who replaced all the windows in the unit. David kept in touch with me and answered all my many questions. The tenant has been thrilled with the changes and I'm an incredibly happy customer. I'd highly recommend McCullough and David.
David R.
I searched the City of Austin site for qualified Heating and Air Conditioning companies who can do the work and allow me to qualify for rebates. Someone I know recommended McCullough so I called them. They got back immediately with me and set up an appointment to come to my house and do an inspection and provide an estimate. The technician was very informed, helpful and professional. I am now using them to do my work.
Denise A., David R.
I recently scheduled an annual checkup on our furnaces after seeing a television ad on McCullough Heating & Air. I was very impressed with how quickly they got us scheduled and the professionalism of this company and the technician. Robert put on slippers over his shoes, informed me with everything going on with our furnaces and was very polite and professional. I signed up for winter and spring services and I am happy I finally found a company in which I can have confidence in to take care of our HVAC needs. I highly recommend them. ….Alice in Rosedale
Denise A., Robert B.
Adon is good at what he does, always cordial and explains everything so I can understand the problem and the repair.
Adan G.
McCullough installed my HVAC a few years ago and has serviced it since. I've always been pleased with both the office staff and the technicians. Courteous and efficient service is what I've gotten from this company and I'll keep using them!

Denise is always courteous and helpful when scheduling an appointment. David, my service tech for this visit, as well as others, is the consummate professional and gets the job done. I trust the techs I ve dealt with at McCullough.
Denise A., David M.
Tony is a real professional who can help our family have two new systems installed by the McCullough team. Good job!
Tony M.
All associated with McCullough were very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. I could not have been more pleased and would definitely recommend them.

We just put a new condenser and heat pump in our home and want to offer a big thanks to the good folks at McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning: David R., Jimmy S. and Christina R. David evaluated our heating and cooling needs and informed us about energy rebates through the Austin Energy program. We saved around $2,000! Jimmy installed our new equipment and did a thoroughly professional job. He answered my questions, offered advice and respected my home. And you will never encounter a more pleasant and courteous customer service representative than Christina! Thank you all!
Jimmy S., Christina R.
Super professional and thorough. I will definitely use them again.
Christina R., Jesse A., Sade R., Tony M.
I've already responded to this survey once.

Tony M. of McCullough Heating & Air really helped our family replace two AC units. He's very kind and willing to help. We picked up this vendor out of 6 candidates because of his way to handle business professionally. He's the real asset to his employer. Keep up good work, Tony. Thanks again
Tony M.
Called late morning, and Adan arrived before the end of the day. Solved the problem we had that was rather mysterious to us. Explained what he found to be wrong, what he was going to do to fix it, and completed the fix in a clean and professional manner.
Adan G.

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