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Randall was great!

Randall did an awesome job. He was quiet and professional, and went out of his way to complete the job efficiently. He even came back a second day to add support to a pipe he thought wasn't properly braced (we weren't even aware that there was an issue but he took the initiative). Great job, Randall!
Randall D.
Henry. Greg, Kenny, and John all did a superb job to install a new heat pump. We felt like valued customers from purchasing a new heat pump to installation. All were friendly and knowledgeable in the installation . I appreciated that they called ahead before the came, removed the equipment promptly, tested the heating and cooling system, and cleaned up everything. I look forward to continued excellent service.

Henry came out and found that we had a problem and did an excellent job and referred us to Greg which we purchased a new unit. Kenny and John came out to install the new unit. They called before they came out. Both were very friendly and worked extremely hard to take out the old unit and put in the new one. They tested the heating and cooling and showed us everything and what to do. We were impressed how they cleaned up after themselves and were very through. Lastly, Kenny and John went over the paper work with my husband and myself. Henry, Greg, Kenny, and John are excellent workers and an asset to the company.
Greg B., John L., GREG W.
Randall has helped us several times with plumbing issues and has always been supremely reliable and helpful. Most recently he came out to address a clogged sink drain, and went above and beyond in trying to resolve the clog without needing to snake a second drain (in which he was successful). He also provided us with some very helpful maintenance tips for products (not sold or endorsed by McCarthy) that would keep our drains in tip-top shape going forward.
Randall D.
David came out this morning to install two new cutoff valves for our washing machine. He called ahead and did a great job communicating with me throughout the project. I would specifically like to call out David’s flexibility in waiting for our cleaning crew to leave before he got started. It was my fault the times overlapped and he could have easily asked to come back at a later date/time. Instead, he let them finish, which allowed me to get the job done on the day I wanted/needed to. I’m consistently pleased with the support I get from McCarthy Services, and this was another example, but David’s patience and professionalism went above even those high expectations.
Thomas was Great! This was my 2nd scheduled appt because you could not make your time window several weeks earlier. The problem is YOU did not call to tell me that, I had to call you as my time window was over. I missed 1/2 day of work, was told I had a $50.00 credit which was not relayed to Thomas. Your scheduling communications have gotten MUCH worse. I am a long time customer. If Thomas was not so good, I would have found another company. I hope my $50.00 credit shows up soon.

Thomas was FANTASTIC! Professional, courteous and did not try to upsell me on repairs, etc.
Thomas B.

Henry, EXCELLANT Henry! Could have been better! KEEP 'EM AROUND FOR A LONG TIME!!! Sincerely, Dan Whalen

Henry was probably one of the most professional HVAC technicians that has ever serviced my unit. He approached the visit in a very workman like manner, explained what he was doing in an understanding way and made feel like, when he left, the unit was in the best shape it could be. He is a great asset for your business.

The gentleman took time checking the system and was very polite and professional.

David McCarthy arrived on time and performed the plumbing job professionally, neatly, and courteously. I am very pleased with the responsiveness of McCarthy Services today, 3/29/2018.
This is my first time writing a review . . . I give McCarthy Services 3 stars. I give the technician, Erwin McDonald, 5 stars. He was on time, personable, professional and provided detailed explanation of the work done.
Gary Marion is customer service oriented and patient with questions. He’s been to our house two times now and each time he has provided superior service. I will be asking for him by name for any future work. He’s a tremendous asset to the company.

McCarthy has provided great service. Plumber Gary Marion is fantastic. Great customer service and patient with questions.
Gary M.
Gary was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about his field. I was pleased with his work and with the level of customer service provided by everyone with whom I spoke at your company. I will certainly choose McCarthy for future work. Thank you.

Randall and Brian were excellent on my multiple plumbing issues.
Randall D.
David was very polite, personable and knowledgable. Very helpful answering questions and explaining what he was doing. Efficient in completing all work neatly and effectively. Five stars!!

(No Comment)
This was the second time we had someone dispatched to our house to have them give us a quote for moving a vanity from one powder room to another and then installing a second vanity. Both times the technician has shown up outside of their service window. On 2/16, the tech said he would show up at 6:45PM, and the window was between 2PM and 6PM. We had to reschedule the 2/16 meeting to 2/22. On 2/22, the tech showed up at 12:17PM, when the window was between 8AM and 12PM. We called the McCarthy office to verify the service time on 2/22. We spoke with Quentin at 11:20AM to verify when the service tech was arriving, and Quentin stated that he was unable to reach the tech and was unsure when he would be arriving but would probably be late and outside the service window. When the technician arrived on 2/22 and quoted us $800 and then $750. The technician also mentioned that he would need to replace the water supply lines and the drain elbow and wouldn't be able to do the work without replacing these pieces. The pedestal sink in the basement that needed to be moved up to the other powder room is identical to the sink that was existed in that space previously with the same p-trap, supply lines, and elbow joint. This was made clear to the technician. We were then quoted $1200 on paper, but because he had given us a $750 verbal quote, he felt that he had to honor that price. What wasn't included in the quote was the breakdown of what would be needed regarding time and materials, as the vanities are already in our possession along with faucet supply tubes and caulk. Really the only additional materials would be possibly a new slip nut, and mounting hardware to attach both vanities to the wall in a secure fashion. I'm familiar with this work because I've done it before in our house for other aspects of our plumbing; replacing sinks, replacing toilets, and garbage disposals. We currently don't have the time to do this work which is why we were calling McCarthy. We had an excellent experience with Edgar from McCarthy who assisted us in getting our Nest thermostat setup with our new furnace. Edgar was prompt, respectful, and knew exactly what we was doing. Based on our experience with Edgar, we immediately signed up for the annual checkup and inspection service with McCarthy. Edgar was amazing and sold us on your business. After speaking with Quentin about the quote and possibly being able to lower it, he was going to speak with a manager. We have yet to hear back about this conversation and its results. From looking at your "why choose us" on your website, we feel that we haven't had convenient appointment times, upfront pricing, or exceptional service (unless it's Edgar). We look forward to hear back from Quentin so we can make a final determination. I hope this recent experience might be quickly rectified so we may continue to have a good experience with McCarthy services. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions - Sean Ellis 412-877-3345. Thank you.

I had central air installed in an old Arlington house. A Ductless was installed in a room that was added to the house and not accessible to installing duct work. Bobby Marwah, along with Richard and Guillermo, planned and executed an installation that seemed impossible. I am very happy with the expertise shown at all stages of the project. I would highly recommend this team for any person interested in Heating and Air conditioning work. Thank you for your professionalism at all stages of the project.
Richard D.
Mohamed arrived on time and was very knowledgeable regarding to the HVAC system. Mohamed explained to me on how my HVAC system operates and offered great suggestions on how to increase my system efficiency and was to lower my utility bill. Mohamed also discussed with me on how to make my home safer regarding using a gas HVAC system. Jennifer did a great job explaining their services and Kimberly did an outstanding job keeping me informed on the status of the maintenance crew.
Kimberly K., Mohamed K., Jennifer M.
Gary did an outstanding job with professionalism and care. Clean, precise work and pleasant and friendly attitude were pluses.

(no comment)
Edgar L.
Gary M. was very professional and helpful with getting the issue resolved with our water heater. He recognized the issue quickly and corrected it in a timely manner. He also offered recommendations on how to correct if we run into these issues again in the future. I would definitely reach out the McCarthy Services again.
Gary M.
We had a few leaks in the kitchen and bathroom that had been bothering us for a while so we set up a next day appointment with McCarthy Services. They sent out Gary; he identified the problem areas, made fast and efficient repairs and was friendly and professional. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.
Gary M.
Gary was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Gary was very respectful of our home and explained each step of the process. He completed quality work and did not rush the process, we were very satisfied with our new hot water heater installation.

Gary Marion was polite, professional and a pleasure to work with. He was very reassuring and explained what he was doing in detail so we could understand exactly what to expect. He was very respectful to our home and left our home neat and clean. Gary definitely gained my respect working in our home and his attention to detail was impressive. Thanks Gary!

Christopher Quinlan was a delight to have in my home. He was polite, professional, thorough, and most of all, honest. I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED with his work. Definitely on my “ask for by name” list!

Edgar L., came to do our 6 month service on the furnace and AC unit. His attention to detail, professionalism and demonstrated competence were impressive and refreshing. Definitely customer and service orientated. Edgar represented McCarthy Services extremely well and we would recommend McCarthy Services to anyone looking for the services they provide.
Edgar L.
Andrew B performed our scheduled maintenance. He was very thorough and professional. Thank you
Andrew B.
Henry R***** A**** is a HVAC technician with McCarthy Services. On November 6, 2017, he inspected our home's heating system. Henry was knowledgeable, courteous, and offered excellent suggestions on maintaining our heating system and where replacement or upgrade was necessary.
Zee P.
Henry R***** A**** is a HVAC technician with McCarthy Services. On November 6, 2017, he inspected our home's heating system. Henry was knowledgeable, courteous, and offered excellent suggestions on maintaining our heating system and where replacement or upgrade was necessary.
Kim K.
Henry R***** A**** is a HVAC technician with McCarthy Services. On November 6, 2017, he inspected our home's heating system. Henry was knowledgeable, courteous, and offered excellent suggestions on maintaining our heating system and where replacement or upgrade was necessary.
Henry R.
Henry R***** A**** is a HVAC technician with McCarthy Services. On November 6, 2017, he inspected our home's heating system. Henry was knowledgeable, courteous, and offered excellent suggestions on maintaining our heating system and where replacement or upgrade was necessary.
Gary M.
What was supposed to be a simple fix became a very difficult job (old house, these things happen all the time.) Gary was patient and explained everything very well. He kept me in the loop as time passed about what he was doing, or if he needed additional parts. He was very respectful of my home and my time, and my problem is fixed! Shower works better than it did before it broke. McCarthy is my go-to plumber.
Gary M.
We were having a plumbing issue that had been looked at several times and no one could resolve the problem. Randall D. was not only extremely knowledgeable, he was very persistent and got my issue fixed!!!!! I was so thankful for his expertise! He is top notch in his field!!

customer service and installation was great but I did not get the product that I asked for and I thought the price of the product with the installation was far too high.

Gary was awesome!

I really appreciate the service that I received from Gary and McCarthy services. Gary called ahead of time & let me know it would be about 45 minutes before he was able to get there with traffic. It was still well within the window and that was absolutely no problem. I explained that both toilets needed to be repaired as one was running and one was broken inside. We also discussed the fact that it takes such a long time for my water to heat up in the master bathroom. Gary diagnosed the problem very quickly as being just the long run from the hot water heater and the way the pipes were probably laid. He also offered an option of a recirculating pump which would mitigate that. No hard sell. Not trying to upsell, just giving me his advice. It took him about an hour and a half to replace the insides of both toilets. He kept me advised of what he was doing as I live in a townhouse and he was on the upper floor and I was on the middle floor. I really appreciated his professionalism, his courteousness and his upbeat personality.
Gary M.
Gary is an exceptional plumber, He is also personable, concerned with my satisfaction with his work, eager to please, and to get the job done right. He stayed as long as he needed to complete the job and made sure that he left my place just as he found it before he left. I highly recommend him; I respect his integrity and ability.
Gary M.
On time, good work, reasonable cost, will continue to use McCarthy when needed.
Randall D., Falonda D., Cathleen M.
Matthew,w and Drew, Z was a great, professional team.My whole system was replaced, my furnace and AC coil. I would recommend them and Mccarthy plumbing. D. Pierce

Drew Z and Matt W was the perfect team, they were on time, very professional. I had my full system replaced, which was my furnace and AC coil, they did a outstanding job. I highly recommend this crew and company. D. Pierce

Excellent service and very nice! Work done fast too.
Gary M.
Gary provided excellent service and was a first class gentleman. Would definitely request him for any future plumbing work

Nice and professional. Highly recommend

always worked with and liked ars--they recommended McCarthy's Plumbing. Gary was extremely nice , pleasant to work with and seemed to do good job--we're happy so far! thanks, Gary
Gary M.
Tristan the technician tried to scam me. I've called the office 3 times now to try and get it resolved and nobody has returned my calls. I'm done, I'll find a new plumbing service and will be sending an email around to my neighbors in The Commons of Arlington to not use McCarthy.


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