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Our Reviews

Our sink went nuts the day before Thanksgiving. Water everywhere. Daniel from Knoxville Plumbing came out, fixed it promptly, was a complete gentleman, and did a great job! He certainly saved the Holidays! I will use them again! Thanks Daniel! Our hero!
Daniel B.
Doug K - excellent

Recommending Knoxville plumbing for emergencies or any plumbing problem. We used them twice in 2 weeks. First time was an immediate emergency which they handled quickly and professionally! So we called back when our hot water heater went out. Once again they proved to be exactly what we needed. Thanks Doug K. You are appreciated!
Doug K.
Daniel Baker, Knoxville Plumbing, is a plumbing pro and completed our job well and to our satisfaction. Daniel is reliable, on time and has a positive/cheery personality. No one likes to have to call a plumber, but we will use Daniel again.
Daniel B.
I cannot say enough good things about Knoxville Plumbing and our service technician Doug K. We learned from our utility district that we had a water leak in main line running from the meter to the house (about 100 yards). Doug arrived promptly on the same afternoon as our service call, confirmed the diagnosis, and arranged for repair the next working day. Many issues developed over the course of the repair, but Doug handled all of the issues calmly and with a can-do attitude. Although the installation took over 10 hours, he never took a lunch break and never even hinted that he would leave us without water over the weekend. In the end he had to hand trench 15-20 feet. Simply put, he did everything right, and maintained a cheerful spirit doing it. I could not be more pleased. He was a grade-A professional. We are completely satisfied.
Doug K.
I was very pleased with everything except the price but was in a time pinch and had to pay. I had several tasks for the team which they executed well, but I feel like I was charged as if each individual task was a stand alone, I received no benefit in pricing from having multiple tasks that provided for a very efficient and profitable day for Knoxville Plumbing. I would only use them in the future for a small single job.

? Did you get the other comments I made? I still feel the same way.

Thank you for keeping your employees happy, it makes them better at their Jobs. Young Doug was a perfect gentleman, prompt, clear, courteous, and sweet. He gave me good advise without pressuring me to decide right on the spot. I very much appreciated his candid advise. Now days it's very difficult to find a company to trust, so you should be proud to know Young Doug was a good ambassador for your company. I have already recommended Knox Plumbs to a friend. Looking forward to having you do work for me in the future. A new water heater and 3 toilets will be needed soon. Best regards.
Doug K.
Very professional...thanks for speedy service.
Shaun R.
Friendliness, dependability, professionalism, punctuality
Brett K., Doug K., Liz S.
Knoxville Plumbing Service Pro Doug Kyle did an excellent job of explaining services and products, then did an efficient job of installations. He is polite and considerate and professional.
Doug K.
Knoxville Plumbing co. was very helpful. I called to tell them I had a leak in my shower, and they came that day. And the workmanship was excellent! I'd definitely recommend their services to others.
Daniel B., Brittany K.
Great response time, curtious and knowledgeable staff.
Shaun R., Liz S.
Did a great and fast job on my sewer drain problem
Doug K.
great company
Brett K.
Thank you

I have used Knoxville Plumbing twice. Very happy with their service. They are knowledgeable, prompt and their pricing seems reasonable. I will use them again in the future.
Liz S., Josh T.
Liz is helpful and knowledgeable. Both times that I have used Knoxville Plumbing, she and the plumbers have done their job well.

Daniel was really helpful! Definitely recommend. He was very patient with my kids and all the baby gates in the house too :)
Daniel B.
The customer service from the first call until the techs left my how was superior!!
Andrew H., Doug K., Liz S.
I needed some shut off valves replaced. Knoxville Pluming had the fastest window time of all that I called that day. Josh, the tech showed much faster that I thought. He did his job fast and I am happy. Dan
Josh T.
Received very quick service, Josh was professional and honest. He made sure all of our plumbing looked good after he fixed our problem. It was more expensive than expected, but they did great quality work.
Josh T.
No complaint - very professional, timely, and helpful.
Andrew H., Liz S.
Very thorough inspection of the plumbing throughout the entire home. Very professional and positive attitude of Josh, my service technician.
Josh T.
I appreciated the follow-up to our service call to ensure our needs were met and that we had a positive service experience.
Robert K.
Great service. Shaun R and Daniel B were very professional, cordial, and did a great clean job. I was given multiple options to repair my issue and we are now very happy. I would recommend to all customers!
Daniel B., Shaun R., Liz S.
We are very pleased all around
Shaun R.
Doug K was here when he said he would be. He worked to fix a problematic drain clog. He fixed it. Price was very fair. I would defininately call them again and refer them to anybody who needed a plumber.
Doug K., Liz S.
We came in in the morning to find a water leak in our office. Our plumber that we used in the past was unavailable, so I gave Knoxville Plumbing a call. Shaun R. came right over and diagnosed the problem and got us back up and running. We will definitely call Knoxville Plumbing again for any future plumbing needs and ask for Shaun!
Shaun R.
Doug was very professional, courteous and knowlegible. I was not happy with the price, but I guess that is the cost for this kind of repair. I will definately keep your number available and recommend you all to any one needing plumbing repairs. Thxs again, Gill Sallade
Doug K.
Doug was very professional, courteous and knowlegible. I was not happy with the price, but I guess that is the cost for this kind of repair. I will definately keep your number available and recommend you all to any one needing plumbing repairs. Thxs again, Gill Sallade

The service technician, Daniel, was polite, accurate in describing the situation and prompt in providing service. He is a credit to the company.
Daniel B., Liz S.
Quick, clean and neat, courteous, took care of our problem. We will definitely call Knoxville Plumbing for all of our plumbing needs. Thank you.
Andrew H., Brittany K., Doug K.
Liz and Shaun at Knoxville Plumbing were very professional from start to finish. From initial scheduling to appointment confirmation to sending an advance email with a picture of the technician coming to your home; they have obviously put a lot of time and thought into building their processes. Shaun did great work replacing our failed water heater, communicating all of our options and answering all of our questions. The price was reasonable, and the service was exceptional. I highly recommend Knoxville Plumbing.
Shaun R., Liz S.
Never experienced a plumbing company so ready to serve! Shaun arrived within 30 minutes of when I called and spoke with Liz. They are very quick to please, and do excellent work. They made me feel comfortable and appreciated, unlike some former plumbing services I have dealt with that had bad attitudes and didn't really seem to care. I highly recommend Knoxville Plumbing to anyone that needs help with any type of plumbing needs!
Shaun R.
Thank you guys for being awesome! I couldn't ask for better customer service. These guys go above and beyond.They are trust worthy and do an awesome job. Doug and Andrew you guys are the best! Thank you again so much.
Andrew H., Doug K.
We have now used Knoxville Plumbing twice. From the time you call to set up an appointment to the even after the service is absolutely one of the best customer experiences. The ladies on the phone are very pleasant and well trained as well as knowledgeable. The appointment reminder and call from the technician the day of to the thank you letter after is all well executed and leaves me knowing we chose the right plumber.
Shaun R.
I greatly appreciated the suggestion that the problem with my low water pressure could be the city water supplier's fault. A follow-up visit after my water was checked by the city water supplier would have been in order. I accidentally found out my water pressure went from too low to too high and this last situation was not predicted as a possibility by the technician. I did not know this could cause problems. Another plumber adjusted the pressure after the city water supplier did their work.

These guys were brought out for a simple replacement of a garbage disposal for a rental property I own. I called and service was set up within 24 hours, so they are very responsive. I knew going in they would replace the disposal with what they sold, but the dispatcher couldn't give me a price. I figured out why when he arrived and was told it was $500. He said it was the only one on the truck. Naturally, I told them they would have to come back with a cheaper one, which they did. It was just a hassle because if they had given me the price earlier, I would have told them it was too much. It just seemed like this was all planned and they always have the expensive stuff on the truck. Just beware because they are pricey. However, very responsive, nice and professional!
Daniel B., Liz S.
My neighbor sprung a leak in her plumbing, needed help and called Knox. Plumbing. the person answering was very helpful and got me an appointment. Quick and easy. the repair man was quick, professional and friendly. I was very happy with all, I will use them for all my plumbing needs. Thanks!
Daniel B.
To improve my water pressure the technician gave me two options: try a new pressure reducing valve or check with the city water supplier, and if no solution there, then try the pressure reducing valve. I chose to try the city water company first and I did get a great increase in my water pressure. I felt very appreciative of the information I had been given by the technician and thought the service call charge had been very fair. I do think a follow-up should have been planned to check the pressure again because I have learned that water pressure that is too high can be a problem too.
Shaun R.
At our home we were having plumbing problems. My husband was making an effort to solve the problem. While he went to Lowe's to get some parts for the repair, he saw Daniel by the Knoxville Plumbing truck in the parking lot. After my husband introduced himself and explained the problem, my husband asked Daniel if he would look at our situation and see if he could help us out. My husband wanted a second opinion on his work. Daniel kindly made the arrangements to make an assessment of our problem. Well, I believe it was the next day he came to our home and observed my husband's repair. He said the work looked like it was done right, he offered a few suggestions and informed us of the materials and services that Knoxville Plumbing offers. Daniel was very attentive at listening to our concerns and he was very polite. The cost for this service was a fair price. Definitely will contact Knoxville Plumbing if we should experience another plumbing problem. Hopefully no more plumbing problems (: I
Daniel B.
Ever since we called them earlier this year to fix a previous homeowner's botched toilet installation, we have loved them. We are members of their annual program and receive prompt, polite, and quality service. Shaun was our technician and remembered us from 8 months ago. He asked how our kids were doing and even taught my husband a trick to unclog our drains himself so we wouldn't have to call a plumber again. These guys are the plumbers you want.
Shaun R.
Josh and Brittany were extremely helpful, professional, and nice. Fixed my problem easily and even came back out to ensure it was working properly/tweak the performance for no extra charge. I highly recommend them and could not ask for better service or nicer people.
Brittany K., Josh T.
Very nice well done
Kurtis J., Robert K., Doug K., Liz S.
We have been members with Knoxville Plumbing for some months now. Here are a few highlights: 1. Regardless of when we have called, the service representatives have been helpful and endeavor to get us synced up with a technician quickly. 2. Every technician that has come out has been very knowledgeable, efficient, and kind. They have been courteous to family and friends, while still maintaining professional conversation. 3. Up front pricing is very nice to have. I don't have any surprises and know exactly what it will cost me before the work is performed. 4. They have gone above and beyond in the couple of times that I have asked for help by giving advice on how to prevent them from having to come out again. The customer education is very empowering and I appreciate knowing how to better take care of my plumbing myself. All in all, I have had a great experience with Knoxville Plumbing and I would and have recommended them to others.
Brittany K., Doug K.
We have had great experience with them. They get the job done right.
Brittany K.
I sing the praises of Shaun and the Knoxville Plumbing folks every time someone asks for a plumbing recommendation! Consider me a very satisfied customer!

The lady who spoke to me by phone was friendly, polite and professional. The technician, also friendly, polite and professional, came to my home and presented a couple of options that might fix my low water pressure problem. I appreciated that he said the city water supplier might need to do some work near my water meter. He gave me an estimate on a new pressure reducing valve which he said I could try. He also gave me information about problems I could have with my copper plumbing pipes. I checked with the city water supplier first and they very promptly came to my home and did some work that gave me amazing water pressure. I definitely feel I got my money's worth from the service call and appreciate the technician's knowledge and experience. I do think some follow-up should have been planned as I have learned my water pressure is now too high and needs to be lowered to prevent damage in my home.
Shaun R., Liz S.
Shaun R. and the folks at Knoxville Plumbing are simply the BEST! A few months ago, Shaun helped me with a waste water pipe issue; since then, no problems at all. Yesterday, when I heard a loud noise from my washing machine and water began spilling on the laundry room and kitchen floors, I was 99.9% sure it was time to get a new washing machine, but I wanted to be sure. Shaun came by this morning, checked the machine, confirmed my hunch, offered some great advice on shopping for an appliance, and headed off to his next appointment ... no service charge, great customer service, and my promise to call the next time I had a plumbing issue. What a gift to know I have a company like Knoxville Plumbing to help me with my household needs!
Shaun R.

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