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Our Reviews

Josh did an excellent job. Brittany and Liz were awesome. We were very pleased with the service.
Liz S., Brittany K., Josh T.
He protected my flooring from tools and wore protective shoe coverings. Service charge was about right, I would use Knoxville Plumbing again and refer them to a friend.
Liz S., Doug K., Todd K.
Very knowledgeable and answered all questions.

Great service! I called late at night and got an appointment scheduled really quickly! The tech was nice and explained things well.

He was awesome and efficient.
Brittany K., Josh T.
Thanks for clearing our drain. You guys did a great job!!
Robert K.
The only thing was that Robert almost forgot to check the pressure of my water before leaving, in which we can all forget those little things from time to time. My brother happened to be there fixing the gaskets on my flappers in my toilets and he asked about my pressure, which Robert did check and it was in the normal guidelines. Otherwise the job was done with far less mess then I expected, because my next door neighbor had her main line break last year and involved a lot more digging up to of her yard, to pulling out one of her azalea bushes and only a portion of the cheap main line that broke in her yard was replaced up to her outdoor faucet, so I assume she still has some of that faulty pipe running to the main shutoff in her garage still. It could be a matter of time before that will break. I'm glad the better option to replace the line up to the main shutoff in the garage was done, though it was a bit more costly, yet it's an ongoing problem in my condo community, because I am not the first who this has happened to and I'm sure I won't be last. These condo's were build in 1994 with these cheap piping. So if you're going to do something, it's better to do it right then have the problem return due to a patch job just at the source to save a few dollars.

Josh was frank and friendly smart and efficient, but not inexpensive my physician recently was less

Knoxville Plumbing is a no nonsense company when it comes to your needs, especially when it comes to a major leak like mine that was in the main line. They came out the next day to assess exactly where the problem was. I didn't get it fixed that day of course because steps had to be arranged by them to replace the main with the machinery needed. Just ran into one hitch of the replacement line wasn't going to snake through as hoped, so they were out early the next morning to get the hole bored out enough to run to my main shutoff valve. They finished up right after lunch. Though my water bill is going to be a high one, the Water District said they'd work with me on that bill. It was a major lead, with major cost involved, but in my community I'm not the first that has had their main break and won't be the last. I would recommend Knoxville Plumbing. Their job wasn't messy as my neighbors yard was last year when her line broke.
Robert K., Ronald "Jay" D., Liz S.
Robert protected our flooring from tools and wore protective shoe coverings. I would use you again and refer to a friend
Robert K.
Despite that it cost us more money than we anticipated, we were very satisfied with Josh's service, experiential knowledge and professionalism. Everybody on the phone was friendly and prompt, too.
Josh T., Liz S.
I was completely satisfied with his service and speedy response. I will consider your company for future work. Thanks
Brittany K., Josh T.
Robert was kind, courteous and professional
Robert K.
Robert was kind, courteous and professional
Liz S., Robert K.
Great Job! Great work crew!
Robert K., Rafael L., Ronald "Jay" D.
Polite repairman and efficient in the repair work done! A pleasure to have a serviceman like him
Brittany K., Robert K.
I appreciated thorough review of all plumbing problem,s and review of all work that was done.
Josh T.
Josh came out and was really nice. I really appreciated while he was there, he inspected all of my plumbing. He explained everything in detail to me. Scheduling an appointment was very quick.
Liz S., Josh T.
I appreciated how fast he came after i called for the initial assessment. I appreciated thorough review of all plumbing proble,s and review of all work that was done.
Brittany K., Josh T.
I appreciated how fast he came after I called for the initial assessment.
Josh T.
Josh was incredibly knowledgable and thorough and friendly
Josh T.
one happy customer!!!! In 37 years of home ownership, I have never needed the services of a plumber and most everyone has heard the horror stories of contacting a service provider. While mowing my backyard, I found a wet area just outside my A/C unit and developed immediate dread. I called Knoxville Plumbing to investigate. WHAT A PLEASURE THEY WERE TO WORK WITH. Under no circumstances did they fit the stereotypical mold. I had to have my septic system completely dug out and brought up to date with extensive repair. They responded immediately, had my problem fixed the next day that included leveling the yard and re-seeding the lawn and all with a price that was beyond reasonable. Needless to say, my first experience with a professional plumbing company was nothing short of fantastic. Professional, curious, timely and priced more reasonable than anyone else. Great job guys. All future plumbing needs will be done by Knoxville Plumbing Company. Make the call, you'll be glad you did.
Rafael L., Ronald "Jay" D.
Thank you of coming so quickly!
Robert K.
very nice and knowledgable but prices seem high
Josh T.
a most pleasant person. friendly and tried customer service
Robert K.
Best plumber in Knoxville
Robert K.
very professional and knowledgable worked quickly and throughly
Josh T.
For about a week I was noticing that there was a sound in the pipes like a shower was running constantly. Then I noticed that my bathroom floor was hot instead of cold like it normally is. I decided to call Knoxville plumbing at the suggestion of my realtor Dee Graves, fabulous relator if you need one by the way. I called Keith directly and he had scheduled it for me for someone to come out. I didn't receive a call the next morning by 8:30 because he was still in a meeting, which is totally understandable, but I did speak to the secretary who set everything up for me. Josh came out to my house and informed me that I had a hot water line burst under the cement foundation and more than likely has been caused because of the vibration friction of rock to pipe. Knowing that this is an older house, I can definitely see how this could have happened. I was informed that they would need to go through the floor to basically band aide the pipe and we would need to fix the floor after. Not liking this idea, I asked what other options were. Josh informed me that they could repipe the house and it would have a 25 year warranty on the lines. This was quite a pricey first home project, but it was worth it with everything included. Josh and Rafael finished the job in 2 days and they were very professional, friendly and personable. Most people, at least that I have come into contact with, that are professionals do not like it when children are screaming or trying to see what they are doing, but these two were great. They even joked a bit with my girls, ages 3.5 and 1.5 years. At one point my 3.5 year old got under the cupboards with Josh and handed him tools before he even asked for them, it was cute. It was nice to have such positive attitudes from them even though they were in an attic that had to be 125 degrees in this TN heat for most of the time. To my husband and I, attitude is everything. I would totally recommend Knoxville Plumbing with these two gentlemen in a heart beat.
Josh T., Rafael L.
Friendly, informative, sincere concern, respectful
Josh T.
understand your company calls me for yearly inspections--I hope you will
Josh T.
They were very friendly with my toddlers and were not bothered by them trying to help or ask questions. A great and caring thing :)
Josh T.
Very polite.
Josh T.
extremely courteous and attentive to detail
Josh T.
He was very nice and professional. Wen above and beyond to help me. He's a lifesaver!
Josh T.
he was great and explained everything
Doug K.

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