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Very nice well done
Kurtis J., Robert K., Doug K., Liz S.
We have been members with Knoxville Plumbing for some months now. Here are a few highlights: 1. Regardless of when we have called, the service representatives have been helpful and endeavor to get us synced up with a technician quickly. 2. Every technician that has come out has been very knowledgeable, efficient, and kind. They have been courteous to family and friends, while still maintaining professional conversation. 3. Up front pricing is very nice to have. I don't have any surprises and know exactly what it will cost me before the work is performed. 4. They have gone above and beyond in the couple of times that I have asked for help by giving advice on how to prevent them from having to come out again. The customer education is very empowering and I appreciate knowing how to better take care of my plumbing myself. All in all, I have had a great experience with Knoxville Plumbing and I would and have recommended them to others.
Brittany K., Doug K.
We have had great experience with them. They get the job done right.
Brittany K.
I sing the praises of Shaun and the Knoxville Plumbing folks every time someone asks for a plumbing recommendation! Consider me a very satisfied customer!

The lady who spoke to me by phone was friendly, polite and professional. The technician, also friendly, polite and professional, came to my home and presented a couple of options that might fix my low water pressure problem. I appreciated that he said the city water supplier might need to do some work near my water meter. He gave me an estimate on a new pressure reducing valve which he said I could try. He also gave me information about problems I could have with my copper plumbing pipes. I checked with the city water supplier first and they very promptly came to my home and did some work that gave me amazing water pressure. I definitely feel I got my money's worth from the service call and appreciate the technician's knowledge and experience. I do think some follow-up should have been planned as I have learned my water pressure is now too high and needs to be lowered to prevent damage in my home.
Shaun R., Liz S.
Shaun R. and the folks at Knoxville Plumbing are simply the BEST! A few months ago, Shaun helped me with a waste water pipe issue; since then, no problems at all. Yesterday, when I heard a loud noise from my washing machine and water began spilling on the laundry room and kitchen floors, I was 99.9% sure it was time to get a new washing machine, but I wanted to be sure. Shaun came by this morning, checked the machine, confirmed my hunch, offered some great advice on shopping for an appliance, and headed off to his next appointment ... no service charge, great customer service, and my promise to call the next time I had a plumbing issue. What a gift to know I have a company like Knoxville Plumbing to help me with my household needs!
Shaun R.
rittany sent Josh out and he found the buried leaking pipe. Kurtis brought the track hoe and he dug up the pipe. They repaired it, landscaped the disturbed spot, reseeded it, and mulched with straw. Very nice job and service.
Kurtis J., Brittany K., Josh T.
Great guy
Josh T.
I highly recommend Knoxville Plumbing and especially Josh T! The service was exceptional, Josh and Kurtis were very professional and fun to talk to. The job turned out to be more than anyone expected and Josh kept me informed on what was going on and discussed options with me.
Brittany K., Josh T.
The people who came to my home and fixed my plumbing problem were friendly, professional and quite competent. They showed respect for my wife and our home. They showed up when they were supposed to and fixed the problem. They also explained what was going on and gave some helpful advice. Overall I was VERY PLEASED and will definitely call you again in the future if we have any issues or have friends who need plumbing help.
Robert K.
Shaun has been professional, pleasant and thorough. Will definitely call you again!
Shaun R.
I was extremely happy with the service you guys gave us last Monday. Josh(Service Tech) and Liz(Dispatcher) both were so professional and genuinely wanted to help me get my issues taken care of! The fact that he even called Utility company for me once we found out it was their issue was HUGE for me, we got everything taken care of in one day and that meant the world to me and my wife, and for our two small children. I will definitely be calling you guys back in the future and I've already told 10 people that that i know :). Thanks again!!
Liz S., Josh T.
Nice work, very professional
Daniel B.
Josh is representing your company very well! He was a life saver for us. Will use you guys in the future.
Josh T.
My emergency was on a weekend. They came, fixed the problem in a profesional manor, even at 10:45pm!
Robert K., Shaun R.
I fired my plumber of 5 years. Been using you ever since.
Doug K.
Too expensive for work performed.
Doug K.
Great service! The tech was on time, very knowledgeable, and answered any questions I had. He even cleaned up when he was finished! I would definitely recommend Knoxville Plumbing. Thanks!
Josh T.
Good man.
Doug K.
The service Robert and his assistant was very professional and helpful. We enjoy having them for our service needs. Thank you
Doug K., Liz S., Robert K.
Very professional. He did an outstanding job at our office. He was kind and pleasant to deal with.
Andrew H.
Josh did an amazing job he explained everything
Josh T.
Not only did Knoxville Plumbing do what they said they were going to do (be on-time, fix our plumbing problems and at the price we were quoted) but they also helped us during a recent pop-up rain storm. I can't say enough about Doug K. helping to bail water out of a window well so it didn't flood our basement. Above and beyond service!
Doug K.
Very friendly and helpful. I was running late and he was very patient. Great customer service.
Josh T.
Good service- Thank you, but way, way too expensive.
Shaun R.
We had clogged main drain. Doug took care of it and resolved the problem.
Doug K.
High price. Good service. Good techs. Only thing left is to see if product will stand to time.

These guys are something else. When another company had let me done on multiple occasions, Knoxville Plumbing came through.
Shaun R.
Not only did Knoxville Plumbing do what they said they were going to do (be on-time, fix our plumbing problems and at the price we were quoted) but they also helped us during a recent pop-up rain storm. I can't say enough about Doug K. helping to bail water out of a window well so it didn't flood our basement. Above and beyond service!
Doug K., Liz S.
Robert was friendly, patient and able to teach. He also was reasonable with my requests.
Robert K.
Doug Kyle provided fast service in our time of emergency. I will continue to use Knoxville Plumbing as long as Doug is an employee here. Thank you.
Doug K.
They have worked on two serious projects for me. Their no hassle pricing and amazing service have me won over.
Shaun R., Liz S.
We really liked Josh! Quality work.
Josh T.
Liz was super helpful and she was able to get me taken care the same day. Doug came out and explained everything he needed to do and how much it was going to cost up front. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He fixed me right up!! It's stressful being a first time home buyer but Doug made it very stress free!! I had a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone!!! Thank you Knoxville Plumbing!!
Doug K., Liz S.
Very courteous young man. Very imperative and would use him again in a heartbeat.
Doug K.
Excellent service from Liz to Shaun well done professional .I apprenticed under a master plumber in New York. In my teens or sixties if you prefer. Shaun replaced my rusted thru clogged sewage line .Thumbs up and hearty hidee ho to Knoxville Plumbing. GOD Bless and thanks
Shaun R., Liz S.
you gguyss are great thanks from a apprentice plumber from the sixties just unable to do the work any more.A great company to my liking.GOD Bless

Thanks so much for extremely speedy service.

Josh was very friendly and professional!
Josh T.
This company was responsive and did a great job. I would use them again for sure. Did a good job and didn't charge a ton of money. Josh was excellent.
Josh T., Liz S.
Very friendly & professional employee
Doug K.
Doug K.
Thank you so much!
Robert K.
They were able to get out right away and fixed the problem very quickly. Super nice and responsive. Thanks again!
Doug K.
very quick response time,called at 10 am monday morning and they was here by 1045 for the service call.Shaun was very good at keeping me informed on what was going on,cleaned up after his self.Will recommend knoxville plumbing to all my friends and family.
Shaun R.
My experience at Knoxville Plumbing has given me every reason to be a return customer in the future. Service was complete, with a smile, and they offered several suggestions that would help improve my home plumbing with no added cost to me. I can appreciate it when a business looks out for the good of it's consumer even if there isn't a cost behind every suggestion. Thanks KP!

We were very fortunate that you "fell" into our home. There is no "ceiling" to the service you provide!
Shaun R., John W.
Always great service - No complaint at all.
Josh T.
Anthony came out and was able to help me quickly with my drain backup. In addition to the quick service, he was friendly, personable, had lots of insights about my house and general plumbing, but didn't try to oversell me other things. I didn't feel like they wanted to do anything more than help me have better plumbing in my house. He gave me a huge bucket of bacteria wash that immediately drained out all of my slow drains and I still have a bunch left over for the rest of the year. In summary, Knoxville Plumbing has shown itself to me to deliver results, not be pushy, and have a prompt service. Thanks!
Anthony G.
Robert K and John W did a fantastic job on the plumbing in our home. Replaced the water heater and made some changes to the pipes to re-direct the hot water to the areas of the house where it is wanted first. We highly recommend this plumbing company for quality of work and professionalism!!!
Robert K., John W.

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