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Dorsey Plumbing was quick to respond. They set an appointment to begin well work 2days later, we received a call before they showed up, and they arrived on time. The reasons for not getting 5 stars is as follows: They began the well work then found out they had forgotten the bleach to purify the well. They gave me money to go get it for them. Then a bit later, they had forgotten to get a connection plate for the top of the well, I suggested they call their shop and have them bring one out, the boys didn't want to do that. They found what they needed at a hardware store 20 miles away, and it took both of them to go get it. When they returned, they began working...12 hours later at midnight on Friday, they came to tell us they didn't have the right pump, and had to put our 30 year old pump back on. They made an appointment for the following Wednesday to replace it. We didn't receive a call this time, and he showed up late. It only took him a short time to get it done. In the mean time, we've had a hard time getting rid of the bleach in our water. It's taken over 3 weeks to get back to drinkable. When we called him about it, he said, "I may have used too much bleach." (See More)
Kevin B********** fixed a leaking toilet for me and put in all new flushing hardware. He did a great job - no problems for me. He was pleasant to work with and very thorough. (See More)
I was well pleased with the work they did. Kevin was polite and kept me informed about the project. (See More)
Great company to do business with. Our service tech Kevin B. was outstanding. He gave us as much info as he could and we talked about the proper repair needed. He completed the work and cleaned the work area when finished. Kevin had a good attitude and personable demeanor for someone working on a Saturday. I would recommend everyone to use Dorsey Plumbing! (See More)
Very responsive and reliable. Have always had good experience with them. (See More)
We are thankful to have such a professional and caring company provide service to our home late last night. Kevin was very helpful and did a thorough job in fixing our leak under the kitchen sink. Thanks also to the evening call center at Justin Dorsey Plumbing that went above and beyond to get us the help we needed. God Bless You All! (See More)
We have used this company several times and they always fix our problem, are always on time and we have always been able to get them here quickly. I have recommended them to several people and family members. (See More)

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