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The service itself was professional and excellent. I was surprised at the cost. It would have been good to have an estimate of what to expect. (See More)
Upfront quotes and options knowledge quality work = Ron Irelan. He is definitely an asset to the company. Easy to talk to and knows his stuff. He even gave some recommendations for further improvements in plumbing. He is the real deal. If you want to cheap out and have more problems and spend more money down the road then don’t call Justin Dorsey and call someone else to “fix it”. Otherwise if you want it FIXED with no hassle then Ron is the person for the job. Indoor plumbing problems are the most financially devastating thing that can happen to a house save yourself the hassle and money and just do it right. Call Justin Dorsey get Ron and have piece of mind. (See More)
I had a gas leak at my residence while it was in single digits. The gas company shut my gas off which meant no heat. I called Justin Dorsey and they got someone out ASAP. Ron proceeded to work in tough conditions. He ended up working until 1:30 am to get the issue resolved and has restored to my house. This was my first time using Justin Dorsey and I will be switching to them. Ron was knowledgeable and worked hard. Michael was also pleasant in the office along with Dorena. (See More)
Professional, thorough and easy to work with. (See More)
Ron did a very good job. (See More)
Ron does an excellent and is the only plumber I use (See More)
Ron Irelan responded quickly when we called for help. Our well pump had quit. Ron explained what was needed to correct our problem and why. He gave us a detailed written quote. We had water again the very next day . Ron is very courteous, knowledgeable in his profession, and thorough in every detail of his work. Thank you, Ron, for a job well done. (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
Ron was great! He knew what he needed to do to diagnose the issue and get it resolved! Excellent! (See More)
Ron was very professional and explained everything. I would recommend them. (See More)
Ron was excellent. Very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. Would definitely call back in the future and request same tech. (See More)
Ron has been to our home several times... In fact, I always request Ron to be the technician . He is very cordial and always on time. When he does find a problem ...always explains what is the best solution and is very knowledgeable of our plumbing needs.. I would highly recommend Justin Dorsey Plumbing.. (See More)
Ron was very prompt in attended to our loss of water pressure problem, coming to our house after hours. (See More)
I have an older home and it was truly refreshing to deal with a professional who was knowledgeable about an older home and was able to explain the source of the problem and how to remedy it. Mr. I***** also had good suggestions on how to deal with other problems that I have with my home. I appreciated his expertise and willingness to share it. (See More)
Ron showed up on time for my scheduled appointment. He answered any questions I had and explained step by step the process of replacing my hot water heater. Bottom line is that it is working just fine. (See More)
Justin Dorsey plumbing us the best! Ron Irelan just installed my 2nd water heater & they also repaired a leaking pipe underneath my slab. That required breaking through the concrete, repairing the leak, & filling in with new concrete! My first water heater burst at 4:00 in the morning & I had someone there within 30 minutes. Ron has always been prompt & courteous & explained everything that needed to be done. They are always my first choice for plumbing issues. (See More)
very professional-polite-explained problem well-gave options for the fix (See More)
1. I felt the quality of the work was professional and well done. 2. Ron was very pleasant and explained things very well. He is a skilled plumber and good sales person as well. 3. He worked hard without requiring assistance from the homeowner. He did not smoke on the job site. 4. Room for improvement: I feel that the option of re-plumbing and using a regular 50 water tank should have been brought up earlier in our discussions -- something the plumber could have thought through offered. 5. Room for improvement: I felt that the quoting process at the start, after confirming the choice for service should involve a guaranteed price quote in house. Price book should be kept up to date with all units involved so what is quoted and verified in the book, is the price. Thank you for a professional plumbing job! (See More)
Paid 70 dollars for you to tell me what you think it may be and then gave me a 4 different options of how you could fix it? I feel for 70 bucks you should have at least pulled pump to check it out? Maybe charge another 50 dollars to do so? After having another compayny come out and quote for free, there price was 1000 cheaper.Wasted 70 dollars (See More)
Outstanding service. Service technician was at my door within 2 hours of my call. Ron took the time to explain my options for repairing my septic lift station, provided a quick quote and had all the parts on his truck. Time of call to fully operational was less than 4 hours.WOW that's service. (See More)
We were very pleased with the service provided by Justin Dorsey plumbing. Will def refer and call again if we r in need of any plumbing services again (See More)
Ron was knowledgeable, patient, and courteous. I would recommend him to my friends. (See More)
I have now used them twice and have been impressed both times. Ron looked into my problem, and although it ended up solving itself, he gave me some ideas and options for a replacement should we decide to do it in the future. They were very flexible on timing and Ron was very professional. Thanks! (See More)
Ron Irelan did a great job accessing the problems, explaining the options, and fixing them in a timely manner. There was no trace of his presence after the job was done and he left. Ron did a great job and was friendly and professional while doing so. Thanks so much!! Charlie (See More)
Ron Irelan came over to fix a well head and the pvc that had been damaged from some work done on the property. He did a great job explaining everything and showed me all my options. After the work was done, I called him to come back because there were some issues, apparently we stirred up a lot of sediment in the process. He came back over and checked everything out and we figured out we clogged the whole house filter. He did a great job overall. (See More)
Lost water and called Justin Dorsey Plumbing On a Saturday. Call was returned promptly and technician Ron Ireland came and diagnosed problem. He explained in detail what the problem was, how it would be fixed, and the cost involved. He was very knowledgeable, professional and warm and caring about my situation and genuinely seemed to want to get my water restored as soon as possible. He came back on Sunday and worked nonstop to get the job done. I was very pleased with all aspects of my experience with this company and would highly recommend them. (See More)
We had a PVC pipe freeze and burst. Called our local Plumber, Justin Dorsey. Technician Ron came as scheduled and is friendly and very knowledgeable! Explained everything that is needed and completed as expected. Did not try to sell me any extra products or service, it's nice to have the job done and right and without any extras! We have used Justin Dorsey Plumbing for our plumbing needs in the past and I highly recommend them for any plumbing needs. Thank you Ron and thank you Justin Dorsey Plumbing! (See More)
Extremely knowledeble and took the extra time to not only explain the current problem but to identify potential problems with full, easy to understand explanations. He was very clean, payed close attention to detail and took most importantly pride in his work. He went above and beyond with explaining other plumbing in my home. (See More)
Never received my estimate (See More)
Ron did a super job! On a Sunday to boot, very knowledgeable and polite. A job well done! I recommend! (See More)
Ron I. was very thorough in assessing the drainage problem. He was professional, knowlageable and friendly. GREAT JOB RON I. Thanks again. (See More)

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