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12307 Old Lagrange Rd , Louisville, KY 40245
Phone: 502-643-4333
Website: myeliteroof.com/

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Our Reviews

Josh was helpful.
Elite Roofing Team.
Joe C.
Brad is great. Prompt and courteous.
Elite Roofing Team.
Elite Roofing Team.
We truly apreciate how easy Elite Roofing made this project. Thank you!
Elite Roofing Team.
We have no complaints. They were great. The price they quoted me was a good price or I wouldn't have been able to use them. I like the person that I dealt with and I like the people who came and did the work. They did exactly what they said they would do. When they left, everything was clean. It was just all very clean and neat. What little interaction I would have with them as I was going in or out and see them were very pleasant and polite. They came in and got to work. They obviously knew exactly what they were doing. It was very no hassle for me.
Elite Roofing Team.
No comments.
Joe C.
Satisfied with the entire process.
Elite Roofing Team.
We wish YOU much success and thank you again!
Elite Roofing Team.
They did an excellent job. Jeremy and Shawn were on top of the entire job and always available. They were responsive to all our questions and were always concerned with our satisfaction and doing a good job for us. We love the roof and would hire Elite again. We have no reservation about recommending them to others.
Elite Roofing Team.
Their work crew was fast and professional. They communicated with us well before, during and after the work was completed. The house looks great and even after several unexpected additional repairs, the overall cost was less than we expected.
Elite Roofing Team.
hey did an excellent job overall. They ran in to some problems with my roof but they overcame the problems and took care of the situation. They came highly recommended by many people. They gave me a 50 year warranty on the roof which is unheard of.
Elite Roofing Team.

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