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Quality professionals and thorough (See More)
Very nice he explained everything and did a great job (See More)
Very dependable and great service. I highly recommend them. I have nothing negative to report. (See More)
Dutton responded within two hours after I called for service on a clogged drain. (The other plumbing service could come only the next day!) Since the drain pipe was damaged they couldn't clear the clog but advised that they could replace the damaged pipe the next day with an estimate. Edgar explained everything and answered all my questions. They came next day and did just that. Pablo did most of the digging and the hydraulic installation of the new pipe. They worked hard and fast. Had to wait a day for the city inspector but after that they finished the job right away and cleaned up the ground so there was no sign of disturbance. They did a fantastic job and I would recommend the Company to anybody. The 25 year warranty that stays with the property gives us a peace of mind. (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
They go above and beyond, Professional! (See More)
My biggest complaint with them is that they weren't up front with me about what needed to be done. They did an inspection and found out I needed to replace some pipes and recommended a new filter. Okay, fine. Then during the course of the work they tell me that additional work needs to be done for my roof pipes. When I hire someone, I expect to know up front what needs to be done, how much its going to cost, and how long its going to take. My time is valuable and they didn't seem to value my time or money. I will say that the initial work that they did seems fine. (See More)
I had a shower that did not drain Ryan and Ken stopped by and cleared the clog. Ryan went above and beyond and scheduled a camera inspection. I was able to see my main and was given helpful tips on what i can do for preventative maintenance. Very friendly and knowledgeable explained every step of the process. Office staff gave me numerous updates of time frame of arrival. Had same day service big plus when you have three little ones in need of a bath. Very pleased with Dutton Plumbing and staff especially Ryan. (See More)
Dutton Plumbing is amazing! Reliable, honest, professional, and knowledgeable.They really know how to work with the customer and provide the best service. I’m definitely a customer for life! (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
Dutton Team: Ken, Ryan and Cole were professional, neat, polite and courteous! (See More)
Great service - prompt and nice guys. They were very clear on what the problem was, what was causing it, and my options to fix it. Scheduled fix was within a few days and was done in 2 hours. The technician realized my situation was complex and brought his supervisor to evaluate as well. This turned out to be great because he found an alternative solution that saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you so much! I will be calling Dutton again for any future plumbing concerns. (See More)
I called Dutton for a sewer a repair and Nick g and Ken g came out and they were professional nice guys this week I had a leak in a water line and called Dutton there was a confusion with the tech and I called ken jr and he came out and fixed my leak and is a awesome guy we want to thank Nick g bernardo edgar p and special thanks to the hard working awesome attitude of Lon Ralston and ken jr is pretty cool to we love Dutton plumbing (See More)
excellent work friendly service (See More)
Just had Ken Jr. from Dutton plumbing out to help us with our water leak. He was extremely knowledgeable about the issue we were having and was quick to help us. We will definitely be calling again for any future issues! (See More)
On time. Very friendly. (See More)
Wow I am totally impressed with how quick their response was. Great communication received a phone call to verify I was still needing a plumber, then a call to let me know what time Ken Jr was going to be at my house. Ken Jr was very friendly, professional and right time, within minutes he had my sink drain flowing again! He gave me some great advice for preventing backups for next time & also ideas of what needs to be replaced in a few years to help maintain. Thank you Dutton Plumbing for the great service provided just like what the radio says. (See More)
Very pleasant. Worked hard to figure out the problem with our kitchen drain and corrected it in one visit. (See More)
arrived immediately, fixed the issue and was reasonably priced. Would use again (See More)
Ken Jr. is an outstanding plumber. We just wanted a preventative drain cleaning. We have been Dutton customers for a year. We received a drain cleaning special from Dutton by email. Ken came out and went the extra step and completed a video line that showed our entire line all the way out to the city line. He showed we are in good shape and reviewed some other maintenance plumbing pointers we need to check annually. We also had Edgar G come out on a different day to a rental he has drain-cleaned before with the same special for preventative maintenance. We were out of town and he met the tenants and took care of business quickly. Glad to have Dutton Plumbing available when we need them for a very fair price and exceptional service. -Phil (See More)
Bernardo and Ricardo installed a liner in our sewer line from our property line to the city sewer line. They did an excellent job. They were efficient they install the line in a professional manner, it passed the city inspection without a question or problem and they put things back in order just the way they were before they started. I was very satisfied . (See More)
All the plumbers that worked the job at my house were awesome I can’t say enough how great they were thank you very much (See More)
Ken Jr. G was excellent. I love my Dutton folks and Ken is one of the best ever at my house. Send him back anytime! (See More)
Service with a smile. Knowledgable, helpful, honesty, friendly, good advice, recommendations, etc. Good attitude! Recommend Adam Alvarez & ken Jr to family and friends. Five star with services and recommendations. (See More)
As always, Dutton provided excellent service. Repairs were explained and carried out upon approval. Ken Guerreero, Jr., the technician, was friendly, helpful and quick. He kept the work area tidy and cleaned up upon completion. We Have recommended Dutton to others. (See More)
Ken had my entire family in stitches - he is a good human being. Ken did a great job - it would have taken me hours - he made it look easy. Thanks Ken! (See More)
Excellent service! I needed immediate services for a clogged main drain and Dutton Plumbing came to the rescue. Ken Jr. G was punctual, honest, professional and most importantly knowledagble. He was able to quickly determine the source of the problem, fixed it and soon after ensured that he left a clean worksite. I could not be any more impressed by this company and their staff. From the initial call to the field tech/mngr to the follow-up call ... everyone was understanding and courteous. Absolutely recommended this company to all family and friends!! (See More)
the call was one we need taken care of as it started very late the night before, My first call was to a friend who had the same problem and she gave Dutton plumbing as her source ,so I called and got Andrew he was very sincere in getting me started, after a few return calls from the repair was pushed back a few hours . Then finally, late afternoon a very welcome sight came to the door friendly Ken jr. G, an got right on it very much a multi tasker and very courteous we are so glad we called thank you for making our day complete s. Eagle (See More)
He did a marvelous job, he cleaned up beautifully he did a marvelous job. He asked me to call and I'm glad you called me, he was terrific, thank you (See More)
Over the years, my family has searched unsuccessfully for an effective plumber who can deal with our toilet problem. He showed us how to try to solve the problems ourselves, something other companies never shared with us. He was very friendly and effective in his assistance for which we are very grateful. (See More)
Ken Jr. G did a thorough and professional job clearing two drains and was very knowledgeable about how our home’s plumbing was configured and knew the best way to clear without creating additional problems. Have used in the past and will use again if needed.. (See More)
Great service, flexible, fast and clean work. Very professional from Ken Jr. (See More)
We found Dutton Plumbing on a Phonebook Ad, they were a great company to work with. They sent photos of the technicians that would be coming. Edgar and Ken cleaned out 30 year old lines. After Ken cleared the line he sent a camera through the line all the way to the street to show my husband it was completely clear. We also got a transferable 2 year warranty. I would be happy to know anyone reading this review would choose Dutton Plumbing. They are worth every penny! (See More)
Dutton Plumbing is the perfect business to chose. We found them on a Phonebook Ad. They came when they said they would, and by Email they sent us a picture of Edgar and Ken so we would know who was coming. Ken worked so hard clearing out our almost 30 year old lines. He sent a camera down the line and showed my husband that it was clear all the way to the street. This company went the extra mile to get everything ready for us to sell the house. And they gave us a transferable warranty too! This was money well spent, with no hidden costs. (See More)
We had the main drain pipe clogged which took the toilet end the shower out of commission. I called Dutton Plumbing with little hope that the problem would be solved that same day because it had been raining hard for two days. But Ken Jr. showed up less than 30 min after I talked to Olivia, ran the big Gorlitz 100 feet - "because I don't want to see you again soon" he joked - and solved the problem. Fast, professional and friendly indeed, even in driving rain. I almost hugged Ken Jr... Five stars to him and Dutton Plumbing! (See More)
If you need a plumber Dutton plumbing should be all you will ever need. I had Ken Jr. G as my technician. He was on time very professional and Dutton was fair as can be. They gave me a quote I accepted the quote and my problem was fixed in less time than I thought. The price I paid was exactly as quoted. Call Dutton you will not be disappointed. (See More)
Ken did a great job. (See More)
Quick and professional service. I had a really bad clog in my main pipe and called Dutton, on the phone I was immediately impressed with how they handled me as stressed as I was. I was treated as an important emergency and the plumber that came Ken G. couldn't have done better. He immediately reassured me and gave me advice on how to prevent this in the future. Thanks Dutton! You will hear from me in the future. (See More)
Ken G. JR WAS fast and friendly Thanks for fixing my sink so quickly and affordable. I will tell my neighbors and friends you Do a great job (See More)
Had a mainline fail. Dutton sent what I consider to be the "A" Team Ken Jr., Bernardo and Ricardo. Knowledgeable, hard working and pleasant. They went above and beyond my expectations. Took time to explain and show everything that needed to be done and how they were doing it. I feel completely confident in their work. All three great employees and based on their work and my interaction with all three would definitely recommend Dutton. (See More)
I am a caregiver for a client who lives in a senior community. My client called me in distress because both toilets and shower in his condo had backed up. I arrived in less than half an hour and Ray jr. G arrived 5 minutes after me. He was friendly, knowledgeable, handsome and worked fast! I thought, Wow! This guy gets handsomer and handsomer as he finishes the job in under 20 minutes. He did his thing and i was able to get in and clean up so my client and his wife could safely use the bathroom with no slip, trip or falls. This guy was great. When I asked him for his card so I could recommend this company to my friends, clients or whomever may need plumbing services, he asked that I leave him a review. I said I absolutely would. Once again... I thought this guy, this outfit, was fabulous. (See More)
I am a caregiver for a client who lives in a senior community. My client called me in distress because both toilets and shower in his condo had backed up. I arrived in less than half an hour and Ray jr. G arrived 5 minutes after me. He was friendly, knowledgeable, handsome and worked fast! I thought, Wow! This guy gets handsomer and handsomer as he finishes the job in under 20 minutes. He did his thing and i was able to get in and clean up so my client and his wife could safely use the bathroom with no slip, trip or falls. This guy was great. When I asked him for his card so I could recommend this company to my friends, clients or whomever may need plumbing services, he asked that I leave him a review. I said I absolutely would. Once again... I thought this guy, this outfit, was fabulous. (See More)
I was having some back-up in my drain. Had Ken Jr come out and flush out the drains. He did a very good job and I was satisfied with his work. (See More)
Great service from Ken and Dutton Plumbing, thank you! (See More)
I like your guys customers service and I can count on dutton plumbing any time I need help thanks again. (See More)
Ken was on time and did a fast job of un clogging my drain. Helpful? (See More)
Thank you Ken jr. from dutton plumbing for unclogging my bathrooms. They are really professional plumbers I would highly recommend them to anybody that needs help. (See More)
Ken G did an excellent job. Best experience we’ve had with a plumber. Highly recommend Dutton and their professionals. Great initial contact, response, service and results. Thank you! (See More)
Excellent service (See More)
Not only were they very courteous but the man was very efficient with his work etthics. Extremely satisfied (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
excellent service (See More)
Very pleased with the service, thanks, already recommended to family members. (See More)
Thanks to Ken Jr. G. for the professional service, very impressive, strongly recommended. (See More)
My plumber was Ken Jr. G. He fixed the problem immediately upon his arrival & told me how to do preventative action to avoid the same problem for the future; which was very helpful. Ken is extremely pleasant and courteous. Should I ever need work in the future, I would contact Dutton Plumbing. There would be no need to "shop" for a different company. (See More)
Dutton is always great. They are super reliable, experts. Service pro Ken Jr G did some work today and did an excellent job. He was very personable, helpful, and is a good dude! (See More)
I needed a plumber to clear my bathtub / shower drain. Ken Jr. G arrived on time and took care of this problem quickly & professionally. Ken Jr. also showed me how to avoid this from happening again, by my doing a few steps monthly. Their charge came in less than quoted; (it never usually is less with other companies, but more!) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DUTTON PLUMBING TO EVERYONE***** (See More)
Ken jr G was our plumber. He was fast and friendly with a good sense of humor. He quickly spotted the problem with our clogged bathroom sinks and cleared the lines. He did a great job and both sinks work now. (See More)
Ken G. was our guy with Dutton. Before he showed up, his bio came up- who knew he was such a great bowler!!? I didn't know and honestly, didn't really care. I had used Dutton in the past for the same problem; the drain in my shower was clogged. I don't remember the guy's name who "fixed" it, all I know is a day and a half later, the water was pooling around my ankles again, and the wife and I were upset. So upset, that we weren't going to use Dutton ever again. Well, this new coupon came and we said we would give them one more chance. That's where Ken the bowler came in. Friendly from the start, concerned about our prior experience, and more importantly, very concerned about getting the problem SOLVED correctly this time! Ken brought in the super duper snake (my words not his) and went to work! I want to say that it's been almost three months since he was here, but I waited to make sure that my shower didn't have a relapse! Even with that, I am a little ashamed that I waited this long, only because he was that good that even had the shower gone back to its old evil ways, Ken was ultimate professional and would have probably walked back to my home to fix it. Ok walking is probably a bit much, but you get the idea. It is so nice to have someone with such a positive attitude work with you. And I say work with you (although he did all the work) because he gave tips on what to put in drains and what not to put in the drains; How these kind of things happen and how to prevent them going forward. Ken- thank you again for doing a fantastic job! Keep doing great things bud! (See More)
Dutton called to tell us the arrival time for the technician (Ken G.) and he was on time. Prior to his arrival the company sent us a bio on the tech including a color picture. He was very friendly and professional. He solved our problem in a timely manner. I will definitely call them again for future services. They have earned my future business. (See More)
Our two bathroom sinks were entirely clogged. My wife call Dutton Plumbing and Ken Jr. G showed up on time. They even send you an email with a picture of who is coming and exactly when he/she is coming and they/Ken were spot on. Ken took a look at our situation and informed me that I probably would not be able to get their $73 Dollar special as my plumbing was all done by the previous home owner and did not have accessible traps, so it would probably cost around $130.00, so I said ok. then he took a look at the plumbing situation in our master bathroom and the situation got worse, he said it could cost up to $300.00!!! I told him that stinks but we had to have then working again. Ken told me he would show and inform me every step of the way what was happening and why it might cost more. Guess What? He snaked one bathroom and the sinks unclogged and are draining beautifully now. He charged me the $73 special. What a nice honest guy Ken is. He easily could have told me it cost more, I have no clue about plumbing!! We actually also had a few nice conversations. He is great, super nice and personable and I will DEFINTELEY call him back for future needs! A (See More)
Fast and friendly. (See More)
The whole experience was very pleasant and quick. I called, and within 45 minutes I had a tech at my house. The tech cleared the problem, we settled up and the work was finished. The technician who I worked with was very friendly and he totally new his work. I was relaxed and pleased with the service. I will use them again as well as refer out. Thanks, Dutton and Ken Jr. G! (See More)
This is the 1st time I used Dutton Plumbing, & boy am I happy I did! I got a very friendly reception over the phone, & they acted very quickly to get a tech to help me that morning. Ken jr. G arrived promptly and was very friendly, professional & indeed an expert on toilet plumbing problems. I absolutely would recommend using Dutton Plumbing & especially Ken jr. for any plumbing needs. P. S. Their truck is so cute & colorful!! (See More)
I had a clogged sewer line on Fri 7-21 in which Ken jr responded to. He was unable to remove clog and called for a camera for assistance. He then recommended a high pressure method to free the drain for Saturday 7-22. Ken jr was the supervisor for Bernardo and Guillermo who worked relentlessly for 3 hours on Saturday. I wrote a review previously on Bernardo, but was technically unable to post a subsequent review for Ken G jr who also should be commended. Ken jr has the ability and professional personality to go far in your company. He is courteous, professional and knows his business! A side note that has nothing to do with Ken G jr: The cost for the high pressure system to remove the obstacles was $3500. I think that is way too much....but what was I supposed to do? I was literally caught between a "rock and a hard spot". I was extremely pleased with Dutton's response to my problem, the professionalism of the personnel they sent out, but really, wouldn't $1500 be a little more realistic and reasonable for this service ??? (See More)
Bernardo Alcala was the service pro who came out to clear our sewer line. He initially cleared the line but with the camera saw cement rocks that had come dislodged and would just clog up the line again in the future. He and his assistant Guillermo worked for 3 hours to remove the loose rocks from the sewer line "by hand fishing" with a coat hanger, the camera, and the 3000 PSI hydro jet. They did a great job, but what I admired the most was their persistence in making certain the line was clear and nothing left behind. These guys were friendly, knowledgeable, professional and persistent with a can do spirit. They are a credit to Dutton Plumbing and I will not hesitate in calling them again. (See More)
Great guy, very friendly and knowledgeable (See More)
Ken Jr. was outstanding, knowledgeable and helpful. Rachelle (in the office) went way out of her way to assist me and to provide third party sources to help solve our septic tank issues. Most professional I have dealt with since living in S. California! (See More)
I want to thank the Dutton Plumbing team who cleared my drains. Ken answered all my questions, showed me the problems with my sewer and the steps needed to make the repairs. If anyone has a plumbing problem I recommend the Dutton Plumbing team. (See More)
Oko (See More)
Thanks you Ken Jr. G for clean and fast service! Very professional and helpful. We had a clogged shower drain and slow draining sink and he cleared both of them in about 30 minutes! (See More)
The tech, Ken ******was a very polite and friendly person, he solved the problem in a short period of time and cleaned up the area after doing his job. Very happy with Ken ! (See More)
Amazing (See More)
I can't say enough awesome, tremendous, terrific and amazing things about Dutton Plumbing, and especially my Service Tech Mark! He was attentive, Caring and totally kept us in the loop the entire process! I recommend when your having ANY plumbing issues, look for the Bright Yellow Vans of Dutton Plumbing! You won't be disappointed...they will turn a bad situation (because no one calls a plumber jay because) into a great situation!! (See More)
Professional, courteous, direct, honest, and made an attractive bid, after which the work was done properly and on time. Couldn't ask for me. (See More)
To a person, everyone was professional, courteous, timely, and communicated everything satisfactorily. The best experience I've had with a plumber, and among the best from any professional. (See More)
Very Pleased with the overall service. We have used there services in the past. So, when this big job of replacing the whole sewer line became our problem, we knew to start out with Dutton's Services. And, we cannot say how pleased. From the start, we saw through the cameras our problems, we received and estimate, and were given in detail as to what need to be done. Our field reps. saw to it that the job was done on time and with safety in mind at all times. In the end the paperwork was completed. They went a step forward to see that our insurance paperwork was filled out properly and offered to speak with them if there were any discrepancies. Now that's coming to the plate! (See More)
Excellent Service - Ken was very professional and explained each step as he was servicing my unit. So glad I picked up one of your 'truck' magnets. Thank you!!! (See More)
Response time is second to none. I always get a call an hour prior to arrival confirming they are on their way. This time when Ken got here the toilet was leaking (go figure). He checked everything out inspection-wise and suggested we replace a few minor things which we could do ourselves and the charge was zero. What other company does that????!!!!! (See More)
I have a very large family. I would only recommend someone I really trusted...You fit the bill. I really appreciate your honesty, your courteous manner and especially your clean-up. Thank you! (See More)
Ken Jr. G. was professional, friendly and did a great job and offered other services without pressure. Dutton Plumbing does excellent work and I highly recommend them. (See More)
These guys are hard working, kept me well-informed of the work they were doing and very knowledgeable. Would recommend them 100%!!! (See More)
I would like to thank Dutton Plumbing and especially Ken Jr. G., for quickly helping us with our recent plumbing problem. Mr. G. was such a friendly knowledgeable and courteous young man. He explained the situation and gave us a plan of action. Not only did he solve our problem, but he also cleaned up after himself! This was really appreciated. Yes, if I have other problems, I will not hesitate to call them back. I have told other relatives. I was very pleased. (See More)
Excellent service. Ken Jr. is very personable and a man of his word. Ken Jr. was able to diagnose the problem quickly to our satisfaction. I would recommend Dutton Plumbing to my family and friends without hesitation. (See More)
Dutton Plumbing initially could not come to the house the day I called. However, I later received a call stating they could be at my house in half an hour. Their service man did the job quickly with positive results and cleaned the little mess he made. I recommend Dutton Plumbing for anyone wanting a professional plumbing repair/service. Dutton Plumbing is the company I will go with in the future for plumbing problems that I may encounter. (See More)
Dutton Plumbing's Ken responded promptly to my request for a plumber to fix a sewer stoppage at our residence. It turned out to be more complicated than either of us thought, but Ken solved the problem quickly and efficiently and was more than fair in charging for the work. I highly recommend Dutton Plumbing and Ken for fixing plumbing problems. (See More)
Ken was fantastic, very knowledgable. Fixed our over flowing toilet in a jiffy. (See More)
The whole experience was terrific. I had a clogged drain in the kitchen so I called and their operator was great and the plumber that came out Ken J. fixed my problem super fast. Je explained everything and was very professional. I will for sure use Dutton Plumbing again and recommend them to my friends. (See More)
Just had the opportunity to work with Ken G at Dutton and within an 1.5 of my call I had my main drain cleared, and questions answered, including my water pressure. I had tried a call in to my American Home Shield and their contracted plumber called, and they indicated it would be not until 4-6 p.m. before a tech got to my home, and from there it sounded more sceptical as to when service would be performed. I called Dutton and Vince got information from me, dispatch called and informed me I could have a tech in 1 hr. and it would be $79 -- no brainer -- used Dutton and ALL IS CLEAR and Ken G. was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Thanks Dutton (See More)
Just had the opportunity to work with Ken G at Dutton and within an 1.5 of my call I had my main drain cleared, and questions answered, including my water pressure. I had tried a call in to my American Home Shield and their contracted plumber called, and they indicated it would be not until 4-6 p.m. before a tech got to my home, and from there it sounded more sceptical as to when service would be performed. I called Dutton and Vince got information from me, dispatch called and informed me I could have a tech in 1 hr. and it would be $79 -- no brainer -- used Dutton and ALL IS CLEAR and Ken G. was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Thanks Dutton (See More)
Ken was on time. He was very courteous and explained everything in terms I could understand. Fix my problems. I would recommend him to friends and family. Great job!!! (See More)
Outstanding in every way. Very happy with all that was done. (See More)
had leak in outside water connection. Dutton (Ken G) came estimated the job both for cost and time. The job was completed on schedule and for the estimated amount.. He was professional, neat everything was as required. (See More)

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