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Dutton responded within two hours after I called for service on a clogged drain. (The other plumbing service could come only the next day!) Since the drain pipe was damaged they couldn't clear the clog but advised that they could replace the damaged pipe the next day with an estimate. Edgar explained everything and answered all my questions. They came next day and did just that. Pablo did most of the digging and the hydraulic installation of the new pipe. They worked hard and fast. Had to wait a day for the city inspector but after that they finished the job right away and cleaned up the ground so there was no sign of disturbance. They did a fantastic job and I would recommend the Company to anybody. The 25 year warranty that stays with the property gives us a peace of mind. (See More)
No comments (See More)
Very professional (See More)
Edgar Gomez was great ! He showed up earlier was very polite and executed the job with no problems . I rate him a 10 in this company and I refer him to anybody who needs a good plumber . (See More)
I had some major drain pipe replacement work done by Dutton Plumbing after my kitchen and laundry drain had rotted away over the years. Edgar, Beanie, Cole and Carlos were fantastic at replacing the cast iron drain pipes with ABS. It was a multi-day job and the crew was on time, efficient, and professional. The office was great at keeping me informed. They provide outstanding service and admit they strive for customer satisfaction. Dutton Plumbers are now my go-to plumbers for all my plumbing needs! (See More)
On time. Very friendly. (See More)
He is very good at snaking; however that is not the end of job. Drain screen needs to be screwed and the work place needs to be cleaned. (See More)
Edgar and his crew were amazing! As you can see I am speaking in a "5 star" way for your Dutton technicians. Edgar made sure everything was done to the letter - he checked what was being fixed and wouldn't walk away until he thought it was perfect! Bravissimo for his excellent leadership! Our drainage flow is terrific. Muchissimo gracias to you Edgar and your whole Dutton crew!! All the very best from Albert and Janice Foy (See More)
Edgar showed up on time. He zeroed it on my plumbing problem and "got er done." He was clean, efficient and gone. Thanks Dutton. I would refer Dutton Plumbing to friends and family. In fact, I'm now going to use Dutton Plumbing for a tankless water heater installation because I was so impressed with how they did business. (See More)
This Company has THE best employees. We had Edgar. He was on time and finished the job in a timely manner. We will only us Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
Dutton Plumbing is a great company.....reliable and trustworthy. Our technician, Edgar, did a terrific job. He showed up earlier than expected, he was thorough, kind, knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. This is the reason I always call Dutton plumbing! (See More)
Edgar Gomez Cielo was excellent on his job today. Very prompt and courteous (See More)
Edgar G was friendly, polite and professional. He cleared the blockage in my bathroom sink, cleaned up and was done in about 30 minutes. I will deffinatley call Dutton Plumbing in the future. (See More)
All 3 guys did an excellent job, courteous, cleaned up everything nicely and everything was explained well. Will use again and will be recommending. (See More)
The arrival of a new year and with it a phone call reminder from Dutton Plumbing for our annual courtesy check on the household plumbing/fixtures. I am sorry I do not remember the name of the nice lady who scheduled my appointment when it was most convenient for me. March 2018, Edgar Gomez Cielo, Field Service Rep., called to let me know that he was on his way and he arrived well within the 2 hour window. Edgar was friendly and professional. After dispensing with the required paperwork, he went about the task at hand. Afterward, Edgar explained the status of the inspection and recommended items in need of repair. As our fixtures are older models, Edgar researched and contacted his suppliers to obtain the parts and installed them. During the inspection, Nicholas arrived with his camera to complete an inspection of the main sewer line. Unfortunately, we had a partially collapsed pipe. Of course, this occurred during our last heavy rainfall. Phone calls were made and the pipe fix was scheduled for the next day. Due to heavy rain and a saturated lawn, the fix would need to be pushed one day out. Juan ********* arrived early and started digging. He was friendly and professional. All precautions were taken to ensure that there was no accidental in house backup. Staying onsite even through lunch, Juan had everything done and running in about 5 hours. This is not the first time that Dutton Plumbing has provided service at our home. If needed, we will definitely call again. (See More)
Edgar G. from Dutton Plumbing was professional and pleasant. He quickly identified the problem and completed the required service efficiently and timely. Overall, I appreciated how he worked. I would be happy if he provides service for me in the future. Again, thank you Edgar. (See More)
Very professional plumbing company. We’ve used them in the past and they are as honest and friendly as they come. (See More)
Service was excellent and Edgar went above and beyond!! (See More)
I had a plumbing problem in my shower (See More)
I had a small, easy job - to clean out my slow moving tub drain - and Edgar C took care of it quickly. There was no mess and no noise. Overall, Dutton plumbing communicated with me to let me know when to expect the technician, and kept me updated prior to his arrival. Shortly after Edgar C left, a Dutton representative called me to make sure everything went as expected. I'm happy to report it did, and I would not hesitate to refer any of my family or friends to Dutton Plumbing - even though their "Mom" commercials are a little on the cheesy side! (See More)
I was given a quote of 3500 if I decided to have the work done. My husbandi and I will be working on the problem Sunday in hopes of clearing out the clog in both bathrooms (See More)
I called Dutton pluming after suffering with two clogged sinks the past couple of weeks. They came in introduced himself; very professional and told me they would asses the problem game me a price and proceeded to work on the problem. Unfortunately the drain clog issues is a bigger problem; it was explained to me in detail and gave the option to repair. Because they were in able to unclog the drain I was not charged, WOW was I surprised... thank you (See More)
Nice, professional, and helpful. He listened which was key to success with our plumbing situation. Edgar did a great job. We would recommend him to friends or family that need plumbing help and the next time that we have to call Dutton we will request his service. (See More)
I had such a good experience with Dutton plumbing. The issue I was having proved to be challenging, but the tech providing service, Jimmy, was helpful, informative and willing to try multiple alternative solutions to help minimize the disruption in my house and to my day. He explained everything thoroughly, was kind to my dogs, respectful of my home and fixed the problem very efficiently. I'd recommend him and Dutton without hesitation. We've done a great deal of remodeling, in four different houses so I've had lots of service technicians in our home. My experience with Dutton stood out as being entirely positive. It takes a good plumber to turn a plumbing emergency into a good experience and that's exactly what Jimmy from Dutton did. (See More)
Edgar C provided great and courteous service! He promptly, efficiently, and thoroughly unclogged our bathroom sink. Dutton is the best, they are very professional. (See More)
Have told three friends the day Dutton came by..... ' Dutton IS the Plummer you would send to your mothers house .' I have had no problems with Dutton, they have done MORE than I expected for LESS than I expected. I will NEVER call another Plummer, only Dutton. THANK YOU DUTTON !!! (See More)
After the "smell good plumber".told me they can't clear my main line from inside the house, but for $2200 they would add a clean out outside, I called Dutton and Edgar showed up, explained the work and cleaned my line no problem. He was a pro, did the job and left the area clean. Can't ask for more than that.... oh wait, they were $30 less than the other plumber too. (See More)
I had some very minor plumbing issues. Edgar C. Arrived in a timely manner and was both very personable and professional. He resolved both of my issues immediately. I would definitely use him as a plumber again in the future. (See More)
perfect 10 the highest...good job.. (See More)
Edgar was on time and professional. My problem was resolved quickly. His opinion on what caused my problem was honest and I was also informed about potential re occurences. I would definately recommend and use this service in the future. (See More)

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