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Jay N.
Field Service
8 years Experience
Message from Jay:

Jay puts a smile on his coworkers face and he'll do the same for you.

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Jay and Bernardo and the rest of the crew a did a great job under difficult circumstances. I would use them again and recommend them to friends. (See More)
They scheduled me same day service, and Jay was prompt and professional. I was sent a photo of him prior to his arrival, so even though I was home alone with my two children, I felt safe opening the door to him. He completed the job in a timely fashion, even with my four year old shadowing him. He was patient and friendly with my son, which I appreciated very much. Our drains were all serviced well. (See More)
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Very professional and at a great price with same day service. (See More)
no comment (See More)
Jay was great! He gave us multiple recommendations to resolve our issues and was so kind and courteous! (See More)
I have used Dutton three times, all three visits ending in a good experience with the workers sent to do the job. All jobs to which were professionally attended. This last job was about assessing the drain and sewer pipes on the property and house. I was in town for the first rotter-ing and out of town for the camera scoping the next day. It was reported by Mr. Holliman that when the camera was utilized at the second visit, it was recommended that the entire sewer pipe system be replaced and immediately. That was on a Thursday, so Dutton set the appointment to begin the job on Friday. Away from home I stopped the project until I could arrive home and be present for work to be done. To the tune of $23,500 the project was set to begin. While speaking to the plumber after the photos were taken on Thursday the job was first priced at $28,000, dropping then to $25,000, and finally to $23,500 all within the same conversation. That seems a lot of money sloppily and easily estimated at the time of one conversation. Upon arriving home on Sunday I checked with Yelp and their experiences with Dutton. I found that at least three similar stories that contained an attempt to first rotter, then the next day the arrival of the camera, and finally an estimated bill always around $25,000. All three listed customers were lodging complaints with the posting of their experiences. It was at this point that I felt I had to protect myself and cancel the project. I am sure that most complaints have another side to them. However, there were too many similar stories and too much money to spend without a second opinion. I then proceeded to get another assessment from a similar company whose dire predictions about the failing of my sewer line were far more conservative than Dutton's. The reassessed work was completed by this second company at a drastically renewed fee. I may use Dutton again. I approve of their professionalism and the quickness to which they attend to the emergency at hand. However, I will be more skeptical if I call again. Craig Curtis (See More)
Quality professionals and thorough (See More)
The best!! (See More)
Excellent service! (See More)
Jay was professional and friendly. Happy with the outcome (See More)
Fast and friendly service Jay was able to fix our problem in no time. I would highly recommend this company. I definitely will be using them again. (See More)
Great service, great price and great plumber (Jay). I highly recommend both Dutton Plumbing and Jay. Although I am very familiar with Dutton Plumbing I also called Thousand Oaks Plumbing for my clogged kitchen drain issue. This was on the Saturday night before Easter Sunday. T.O. Plumbing wanted a $245 holiday service fee plus another $145 to clear my drain issue. Dutton's plumbing price was $73, with a guarantee to unplug the drain! I had already cleared the trap under the sink and snaked 25 feet of the drain line, but to no avail. Jay cleared it in no time at all (the jam up was 40 - 50 down the line). $73 later and a tip for Jay and we were back in business and "very happy campers ." Highly recommend!!! (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
All the all the gentleman that came and worked were very polite and cleaned up after themselves every night the only things that I didn't like is that our job got delayed because of other emergencies another calls (See More)
Jay N came to fix a problem in the sink. He was super nice and professional! (See More)
GREAT service, friendly plumber and fast clean work (See More)
Great job (See More)
Professional showing an understanding of the customer needs. (See More)
Could not have asked for better care from the team and workers. They were very good at explaining what needed doing and keeping me informed as to what they were doing. There clean up when finished working was also great. They are so friendlly, kind and helpful as well as good workers. Will definitely use them for all plumbing. (See More)
Jay N was very professional and helpful. I was pleased not only with the work that he and his team performed, but with the friendly manner and helpful demeanor that he had throughout. I would definitely use Dutton Plumbing again, and would be thrilled to have the same team assisting me in the future. (See More)
Very honest company and workers. They all were very professional and courteous. I would recommend them always. (See More)
The company responded in a timely manner, called to keep me updated on arrival and emailed me a picture of the service tech (which I loved for security purposes). Their service tech, Jay N was polite, friendly, explained what he would be doing and cleaned up afterwards. A very nice man. I would highly recommend Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
Mark, Nick, Jay, Bernardo and Edgar and two others whose names I did not get did a fantastic job for us. Mark and Nick were able to quickly determine the cause of our plugged up sewer problem. Bernardo and his crew were able to quickly open up the sewer system to make it somewhat usable for us that same day. The next day they repaired the sewer system and in a short time later that day it was completely usable. The following day Mark met with the city inspector, the work Bernardo and his crew did was bought off without a hitch. Edgar and Mark then removed all of your equipment, filled in the holes and restored the work area to it's previous state so it looks like it was hardly even touched or worked on. The work ethic and attention to detail of these crews was outstanding. Would and will highly recommend this company and its crews to anyone who needs plumbing work done. Joe and Carole Slifko (See More)
I requested a service to Dutton Plumbing late in the afternoon on Friday, unfortunately a service couldn't be provided due to the time, instead I will be called by Saturday morning to schedule the service, and it was like that, the technician showed early and on time. Jay Napoles was very professional, polite, knowledgeable, particularly he listened to me about previous experiences and he took them in consideration to fix the problem this time, he also provide some suggestion to avoid further problems. I am happy with his personality, professionalism and the way he fixed the problem. (See More)
Mark M came to our home to fix a toilet clog on short notice. He fixed the problem quickly and provided excellent customer service. Thanks Mark and Dutton. (See More)
I just hired Dutton Plumbing to clear my drains. Jay N. and his apprentice were polite, well-spoken, quick, on-time, courteous, and knowledgeable. I had never hired a plumber before, therefore I was skeptical. Dutton Plumbing sent two excellent workers to fix my problem. This was a very positive experience all-around. (See More)
I had a multi tiered problem with my pluming and I received great work and advice from, what was to become a team effort, the personnel at Dutton out of Simi Valley. Together they combined their talents to stem what could have been a total disaster and turned it into a solid, positive and fair priced repair. Those included Nick, Leo, Jay, Shawn as well as office staff including Tim, Tania and others. Get these people to do work for you ; you'll not be disappointed! (See More)
My technician was Jay and he was very efficient, courteous and professional. He gave me a quote for a repair and then due to my finances he had a different idea to reach the same goal. I appreciated his honesty. (See More)
Jay at Dutton Plumbing was the best, we have used Dutton several times and have always received excellent service and their service technicians know what they are doing, and are friendly and fun! Love them! Thanks Dutton for my Mom's free drain cleaning... three a day in May. Lynne (See More)
Jay N. was awesome. He did a great job. Not only did he wear booties inside the house so he wouldn't track dirt inside, he even cleaned the areas that he worked on. Not only was he great, but the customer service lady who helped me in the very beginning and (I believe) his name was Michael were both fantastic. (See More)
Great company, professional and accommodating. Jay N. was on time and friendly, he got right to work clearing my drain. Thank you for having the Mother’s Day special Dutton Plumbing! We really appreciate your company and will use you again. (See More)
I want to give a massive shout-out to Dutton Plumbing and particular the service pro Jay. Jay was extremely courteous and professional, in addition to efficiently fixing a pernicious clogging problem deep in the plumbing of several upstairs bathroom sinks. Price was very reasonable and service was exceptional. A definite five-star experience. (See More)
Jay N was very professional and friendly. I highly recommend this company. I was very pleased! (See More)
I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with Jay Napoles who was at my home April 18-20th 2018, helping to put in a new sewer line. He was especially polite, considerate, and knowledgable about what needed to be done He took the time to listen to me and explain what needed to be done. He was very professional. He kept me informed on their progress and let me know when they were going to lunch for finished for the day so that I could lock the gate behind them. He was very accommodating and helpful in helping me move things out of the way for them to work. And when they were finished, they did a good job putting things back the way they found them with Jay leading the others on what needed to be done. It is because of Jays good manners and professionalism that I will be recommending your company to others besides being overall pleased with the work and timeliness of it. Jay is a great team leader, helping and guiding, and teaching the others working with him. (See More)
Excellent service highly recommend very professional ,friendly, and clean. (See More)
The whole crew was fantastic! (See More)
I called Dutton PlumingPluming yesterday, and I just want to let everyone one knows that this Company it is one of the best if not the best company I ever got serviced from Jay N. and Gabriel were nothing but professionals, helpful,attentive and they know what costumer service it is all about, I won't hesitate twice to call Dutton pluming again thanksfor your help (See More)
Jay was very knowledgeable, knew how to resolve the problem and communicated with me every step of the process. Note: The new high capacity washing machines require a larger drain pipe then a lot of older homes have. This may cause a back-up and overflow. Jay worked very hard and took care of the problem at a very reasonable price. Also, I have used Dutton in the past for some very major plumbing work and was always happy. There crews work very hard and get the job done. Thanks to Jay and Dutton Plumbing! (See More)
The news was terrible but the end results were great. After Jay N. and Nicholas G. spent more then five hours trying to snake open the blocked drain, via the camera, a broken and impacted old metal sewer pipe was detected, of all places under the garage floor. In less than three days Jay N. and Juan P. and crew replaced roughly 30 feet of underground pipe, mostly under the concrete, added two "clean outs" replace the "T", this was all done by only opening up a three by three foot square area in our garage floor. Jay N. and Juan P. were super; courteous, polite and kept us informed through out the process, when completed the work area was cleaned, we didn't have to touch it. I would highly recommend these guys especially with complex issues as ours due to their knowledge, work ethics and technology. (See More)
Jay is very experienced and highly professional. I would recommend Dutton Plumbing for anyone needing a plumber. (See More)
Only Dutton was able to rapidly solve a problem that other plumbers were unable to solve. They also identified additional problems that they showed me on their camera and explained my options clearly and concisely. (See More)
Good people-know what they are doing—pricing is close to the highest in the industry—best to get a competitive bid to keep them straight.bob buckley (See More)
Jay N. and Juan provided excellent service. They were courteous and made sure we could use the toilet and shower at then end of each day for w multi-day job. Thanks guys! (See More)
Plumbers, especially Jay N. Were great. All were knowledgeable, extremely helpful, clean and very hard working. Dispatch left me hanging a couple of times by not scheduling enough time to complete job, also would send Jay to other job's which he couldn't complete to be able to arrive to finish my job from previous day. For some reason dispatch wouldn't schedule me til 5pm. I was left for 2 days with 1 toilet and 0 bathroom sinks, due to poor scheduling and no plumbers. (See More)
Jay N. Was my plumber mainly and he was great. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating of my schedule. I had quite a lot of plumbing work done ( replaced 2 toilets, 2 sinks/ vanities, new kitchen faucet, and replaced main sewer line out to the street.). During all this work, dispatch sent other plumbers, who were also great. I would recommend any of the plumbers. My only problem was with dispatch, who did not seem to comprehend the scope of the work being done on a house built in the 1950's. Dispatch often would schedule Jay to come at 5pm, and he wouldn't be able to make it, as he was on another job and couldn't make it. So, if there was another plumber available they would send them, but that late in the day, it was difficult for them to complete a job. So, I feel that had the dispatcher used better judgement and gave the plumbers extra time to complete a job ( allow for old plumbing - things do go wrong ), my large job could have been done in a more timely manner. (See More)
Jay N. Was very professional and courteous. I called for a slow drain in the bathroom, they sent Jay the day of and he was done in about an hour! Will call again if needed! (See More)
Mr. Jay was nice, polite, nit, looked professionally and did his job well. No questions or comments. Small advise to the management: when call from the office is scheduled on the specific day - please be so kind to call customer and let him know if any changes in the scheduling to prevent unpleasant situation when customer is waiting for the call and nobody from the office bothers to call and reschedule the appointment. (See More)
This company by far is the most amazing co. I know. Their techildren they have working for them are so nice and personable,you have a question they have an answer but not just any the correct one. They understand that money doesn't grow on trees and find a solution to have the problem resolved and not a quick fix the resolution to last for years to come. They have a customer for life in my household. (See More)
I had a plumber come to my house to unclog a the drains in my shower and bath tube . It took the plumber all day to get it figured out. At the end of the day he said to call someone that has a camera to inspect the cast iron drain pipes for damage. So I called Dutton plumbing to send some out with a camera. So they sent Jay out for a camera inspection. Jay had me look at the pictures with him inside the pipe he explained everything to me. Then he said the pipe should have a hydro jetting cleaning. After that was done he showed me the difference. Jay is a very good technician and gets the job done. We would recommend him to friends or family that need plumbing help and the next time that we have to call Dutton we will request his service. (See More)
I completed my review last night, you may use it for promotional reasons. (See More)
I want to inform you that your employee JAY was at my house last week to repair a toilet. Such a nice young man, courteous, respectful and professional. Before entering my home he put on shoe covers to protect my floors. I definitely appreciated that. He was in and out in a reasonable time, job well done. I'm sure you know he is an asset to your company. I wish we had more tradesmen as qualified and personable as Jay is. (See More)
(See More)
Jay was very courteous, friendly, nice, and did the work mostly by himself. He really worked hard after the first digging and finished the rest of the project. (See More)
(See More)
I will continue using Dutton in the future as you were great (See More)
Jay was great and so was bernardo. Kept us informed and cleaned up every thing afterward. Great service. I will continue to use Dutton plumbing in the future as well. (See More)
Jay is extremely competent , knowledable and efficient.I was very satisfied with his work. (See More)
Awesome service from Jay N. He was professional, on time and completed are drain cleaning perfectly. He was friendly and even played with our two dogs. An absolute pleasure to deal with! (See More)
I had a great visit with my Dutton Plumber Jay and Brandon, both men were friendly, courteous, great sports to listen to my stories, and were able to fix my backed up drain. Great job done to both of you. (See More)
these guys are the BEST....Jay did his best to get my toilet working but had to call in the camera crew to find out what was going wrong.....yes waiting IS expensive as now the cast iron pipe is rotting UGH! thanks to both of you for all your help it is very appreciated!!! (See More)
Jay N. from Dutton Plumbing was wonderful. On time, very professional, polite and personable. He fixed the plumbing problem and should I ever need another plumber in the future, I would request him. (See More)
The work is done to my satisfaction. (See More)
Jay N. was very professional in the way he presented the work that needed to be done. He explained to us in simple terms would happen if did or didn't do the work. When he needed extra employees, he introduced them to us and they were approachable. Thank you for the good work.. (See More)
Jay Napoles was a great help to me today with a drain issue . He was punctual, professional , a pleasure and left the place cleaner then he found it. Dutton plumbing you guys know your business . Thank you again ! Irene Basile (See More)
The service we received was wonderful. Dutton responded immediately to our emergency. The men who worked were respectful . However I feel the cost was way too much for the job at hand. (See More)
professional, explained all, great company with outstanding people (See More)
your entire group was not only friendly but always very professional. if we had any questions, they took the time to make sure we understood the why and how things worked. Jay was especially kind and answered all questions we had, which included the installation of a brand new washer and dryer by sears (with little or no explanation from them). he is a perfect example of what a company is trying to achieve and deserves the highest praise....if all dutton employees are as good as he is, you have the finest company and reputation possible. thank you again.....we're extremely happy to recommend dutton as #1.********** (See More)
Was pleased the first time I used them. This time though they came to unclog toilet line. They snaked it and called for a camera/field supervisor to camera the line. He told me had a cast iron pipe that was no good. Without hesitating told me cost was $20,000. He then told crew to keep tryning to unclog drain and left. Second attempt to snake line cleared it but crew told me to not use bathroom because of cast iron sewer line. following day called for second opinion and new camera inspection. Inspection showed completely cleared out and round line. No problem using toilet or bathroom. Second plummer told me they should have re-camered the line after they cleared it. Second opinion saved me 18,000$ (See More)
We were experiencing some slow drains. We called Dutton and they were here in about an hour and a half. Jay was very polite, made notes as I explained what I could about the problem. He inspected under the building (prefab) and recommended clearing the drain from the house to the street. During the process, he hit a couple of blockages that cleared out. He also recommend a bio cleaner for the PVC plumbing. Overall, fast arrival, thorough work, and pleasant service. (See More)
Jay and his crew were very professional and pleasant to deal with. They replaced an entire sewer line and left NO footprint behind. I'm very satisfied. (See More)
These guys were awesome...Jay and his crew were true professionals. A tough job and they left a very small foot print..it was a very pricey job but when they left I was happy....that says a lot! (See More)
Quick in responding to our emergency. Provided options to resolve the issue. Paid attention to ensuring no mess was made or left. Very professional. (See More)
Dutton plumbing employees were all anxous to help and found a technician free the same day and in a time that would work for me. They kept in touch by phone several times and did what they promised, the main drain for $69 and fast and thorough and positive and clean. I would use them again when needed and will recommend them to friends and neighbors. (See More)
The initial fee for clearing a kitchen sink drain seemed unbelievably inexpensive at first but after an hour of running a snake through the pipe, technicians were unable to clear the problem, instead, it actually got worse. Technicians offered an alternative method of power washing the pipe at a very expensive rate of $800, eight times the cost of snaking. We declined. The next day, we brought out another plumber who cleared the clog in 15 minutes with the traditional snake process. This leads me to believe that Dutton plumbers either tried a classic "bait & switch" scam or they did not have the skills to clear the pipe with a snake. Not sure which to believe, but either way I will not call them again. (See More)
I had a slow-draining bathroom sink. All-around, the service was exceptional from response time, to staff/coordinators, to field technician Jay--who arrived within the scheduled time frame. Also, the technicians are very tidy, neat, and clean. I recommend Dutton's professional service to any friend or family member. (See More)
This is my first experience with Dutton Plumbing. They sent out a plumber , Jay N . who was extremely competent , highly professional and was totally respectful of the premises. I wont go into the details but toe problem involved a blocked toilet. Jay immediately diagnosed the problem, called in a supervisor, Nick G to best handle the solution. I was so impressed with Jay N, should further plumbing problems occur, I will specifically ask for his services (See More)
My experience with workman Jay recently was excellent when he put in two segments of the sewer line. (See More)
These guys were great - professional, on time, took their time to explain everything BEFORE they took action - gave me numerous options (price and service wise), were courteous, nice to my daughter (and dog), and were quite cordial - in that I explained to them I'd recently lost my car keys, which they FOUND on their way out the door! Shows they really were listening, too. Jay and Dutton Plumbing are tops. (See More)
Jay is so nice (See More)
The Dutton staff has proven that they operate as a team and approached my plumbing need in an efficient and organized manner. I would not hesitate to recommend or utilize their service again. A special thank you to Jay Napoles for providing excellent service. (See More)
Excellent customer retention by Jay Napoles, Courteous and effecient. Dutton Is my "Go To" Plumbing company. (See More)
Jay N and Kevin were at my house today. They replaced my sink faucet fixture and the garbage disposal along with a portion of my water supply line to the ice maker. They presented me options for the jobs as I had asked. I chose one and they installed my purchased items. Their work was great and they cleaned up after themselves. Good job guys. They were friendly and courteous! (See More)
Jay worked tirelessly on a difficult root problem with not one word of complaint. He was professional, friendly, thorough and was always ready with a smile. The service provided was above and beyond expectations. I would not hesitate to call Dutton Plumbing again. I am a satisfied customer! (See More)
Our shower drain was clogged beyond belief. My sister had called ROTO-ROOTER but they wanted $241 to unclog the drain. So I called DUTTON and made an appointment. Jay was on time, enough that he got there before I got home from work. He addressed both my mom and I by name and explained everything thoroughly before I Okayed the job. After he cleared the drain I asked him to inspect both the master bedroom toilet and the kitchen sink. He patiently inspected them both and gave me the quotes, that I requested for the jobs. There was never an up-sale of any kind! Instead he gave me a great tip on how to get a better flush from my old toilet between now and when I replace it. When I asked him to look at the kitchen sink, he approached it with the same diligence and when he found the garbage disposal was the problem he attempted to fix it at no extra charge. Overall the experience with DUTTON, and specifically with Jay Napoles was Awesome!! Their price for the initial drain repair at $79 is a steal And if any additional clog is related to the same issue there is no extra charge. I would have gladly payed slightly more after my experience with DUTTON, they have earned my trust. Supervisor Oscar De La Torre was involved in the entire process and there is even a quality control inspection visit by another technician after the work is completed. From my experience, I can tell you DUTTON is invested in making you a customer for life!! I truly can't imagine a better plumbing experience! (See More)
Your company has built quite the organization. From the people who answer the phone, schedule the appointments, to the hard working technicians. Everything was done first class. (Like the fabric slip on over their shoes when the technicians walk in the house) (See More)
Dutton Plumbing has a professional team of technicians, who are also very nice! Felix J, was the lead technician. I had called Dutton on Saturday and Felix came that afternoon. My main line sewer clean out is under the house and Felix went under the house, ran the rooter and video camera. He and Dustin worked on it until 6:30 in the evening. To make a long story short, my mainline sewer pipe had a 45 foot stretch of "Orangeburg" pipe which was used extensively right up till the early 70s. It's made basically of tar paper and it had begun to disintegrate.(the pipe was 52 years old) I decided to have Dutton use the "pipe bursting" technology which I had never heard of, but eliminates the need to dig a 45 foot trench. All the work was done over two days, each technician well trained, plus I got a 25 year warranty. Felix was great, very knowledgeable and personable. (See More)
Jay N. from Dutton Plumbing saved the day! He did a super job of clearing that stubborn drain! (See More)
Courteous, pleasant, well mannered, obviously well raised and the pride of a loving mother, Jay Napoles showed up to fix my clogged drain in the kitchen. As expected, it turned out to be much more than that, but he happily turned an ugly situation into a thing of beauty, and it resulted in my most satisfying experience with a plumber in over 30 years of home ownership. I only hope he's still with the company the next time I have a plumbing issue that I can't solve. (See More)
Courteous, pleasant, well mannered, obviously well raised and the pride of a loving mother, Jay Napoles showed up to fix my clogged drain in the kitchen. As expected, it turned out to be much more than that, but he happily turned an ugly situation into a thing of beauty, and it resulted in my most satisfying experience with a plumber in over 30 years of home ownership. I only hope he's still with the company the next time I have a plumbing issue that I can't solve. (See More)
My most satisfying experience with a plumber in over 30 years of home ownership. I hope Jay Napoles is available the next time I have a plumbing issue I can't fix myself. (See More)
Jay, was prompt, professional and understanding. (See More)
Congenial and efficient crew did a 35-ft Permaliner installation. Would recommend them. (See More)
good service, completely done in day! fixed and repaired the main pipe. good work at a good price. (See More)
Following early Saturday morning work and a determination of where in my piping the major drain sewer clog was (see Craig’s review!), Jay was called in as a drain specialist and arrived just after 11am. Jay and Edgar stayed throughout the rest of the day to ensure that the recommended ABS pipe joint correction (to code, addition of a clean-out pipe and subsequent Hydro JETT scrub of a severely compromised cast iron section (the clog) of the piping were performed expertly, to Jay’s and my satisfaction. I viewed the before & after via the snaked scope, and even took photos. The Dutton technicians seem to go the extra mile when it comes to customer service, courtesy -and fairness. Half the cost of the early morning work was applied as a discount to the afternoon work! I could not be more pleased. (See More)
Came out 8 o'clock at night have a leak under sink took care of it within a half hour was completed (See More)
Very happy with Jay N.'s service. He was very well qualified, knowledgeable, neat and pleasant. I was very satisfied with his work and would request him again. Sincerely, Clara Distaso (See More)
Very professional! (See More)

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