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there the best (See More)
All the all the gentleman that came and worked were very polite and cleaned up after themselves every night the only things that I didn't like is that our job got delayed because of other emergencies another calls (See More)
Wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable!!!️️ (See More)
Top notch service! The Dutton Plumbing crew is amazing! We recently had a sewer connection problem in our front yard due to a poor installation made before we bought the home. The problem came up with less than three days before we had an event at our home, expecting over 100 guests. The Dutton crew came out, identified the problem, and began working on it within an hour. They had to do a lot of digging (about 5 feet down!) to get to the problem. My dad watched every step of the process from beginning to end. They had to remove the offending connection, and then lined the existing old pipe with an epoxy liner, a major operation. The three plumbers who worked on the job, Mark M, Juan Pablo, and Ricardo S were extremely proficient, answered every question my dad had, and even serviced other areas of the house plumbing so everything would be fully operational. We cannot highly enough recommend Dutton Plumbing! (See More)
The two young men who did the sewer work on our house did a very fine job. They were here early and efficient in accomplishing what was needed and still allowing use of the very necessary facilities during most of the time they were working. I was very pleased with their attitude and work ethic as well as their helpfulness (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
Thank you very much for sending the best plumber in the world to my house. He saved my house from flooding when he was here, he said his name was Randy Arnold. He should be named Jesus, Randy was walking on water, literally. He asked if he was giving me five star service, there are not enough stars in the sky to give Randy Arnold. He’s my hero, thank you is not big enough of a word for him. (See More)
I'm glade I called Dutton first, otherwise my job would have ended badly. My drains have been iffy for quite some time. When I called, the operator was very nice. The truck pulled up right away and out came Adam (The Flush Master) and his boy Joaquin (The Rookie). Adam is very personable and knows his trade. Even though it turner into a Hugh job, his confidence inspired my trust. It felt like my cousin's came over to help me out of a jam. The guys we're like family and not just faceless employees. All the crew treated the job like it was their own house. They did it faster than I would have thought possibly. Thank you to J.P. (Master of the trenchless pull), Gillermo, Edgar Gomez, Edgar Perez, Carlos, Thomas, Bernardo, Ricardo, and Ken who worked to give me the best possible price. Thanks to the whole crew. And yes, I would gladly send Dutton to my mothers house. 10 stars (See More)
The arrival of a new year and with it a phone call reminder from Dutton Plumbing for our annual courtesy check on the household plumbing/fixtures. I am sorry I do not remember the name of the nice lady who scheduled my appointment when it was most convenient for me. March 2018, Edgar Gomez Cielo, Field Service Rep., called to let me know that he was on his way and he arrived well within the 2 hour window. Edgar was friendly and professional. After dispensing with the required paperwork, he went about the task at hand. Afterward, Edgar explained the status of the inspection and recommended items in need of repair. As our fixtures are older models, Edgar researched and contacted his suppliers to obtain the parts and installed them. During the inspection, Nicholas arrived with his camera to complete an inspection of the main sewer line. Unfortunately, we had a partially collapsed pipe. Of course, this occurred during our last heavy rainfall. Phone calls were made and the pipe fix was scheduled for the next day. Due to heavy rain and a saturated lawn, the fix would need to be pushed one day out. Juan ********* arrived early and started digging. He was friendly and professional. All precautions were taken to ensure that there was no accidental in house backup. Staying onsite even through lunch, Juan had everything done and running in about 5 hours. This is not the first time that Dutton Plumbing has provided service at our home. If needed, we will definitely call again. (See More)
5 stars for all the people who worked on our plumbing however the price was enormous and whether that amount of work was really necessary we will never know (See More)
The whole crew was fantastic! (See More)
awesome service, great technician (See More)
The news was terrible but the end results were great. After Jay N. and Nicholas G. spent more then five hours trying to snake open the blocked drain, via the camera, a broken and impacted old metal sewer pipe was detected, of all places under the garage floor. In less than three days Jay N. and Juan P. and crew replaced roughly 30 feet of underground pipe, mostly under the concrete, added two "clean outs" replace the "T", this was all done by only opening up a three by three foot square area in our garage floor. Jay N. and Juan P. were super; courteous, polite and kept us informed through out the process, when completed the work area was cleaned, we didn't have to touch it. I would highly recommend these guys especially with complex issues as ours due to their knowledge, work ethics and technology. (See More)
Jay N. and Juan provided excellent service. They were courteous and made sure we could use the toilet and shower at then end of each day for w multi-day job. Thanks guys! (See More)
This company by far is the most amazing co. I know. Their techildren they have working for them are so nice and personable,you have a question they have an answer but not just any the correct one. They understand that money doesn't grow on trees and find a solution to have the problem resolved and not a quick fix the resolution to last for years to come. They have a customer for life in my household. (See More)
We were very happy and satisfied with the service man and the advice and repair to our leaking PLumbing on the bathtub PLumbing in our upstairs bathroom. Thank you Dutton PLumbing (See More)
professional, explained all, great company with outstanding people (See More)
Bryan did a great job to clear a difficult blockage that had no cleanout. (See More)
your entire group was not only friendly but always very professional. if we had any questions, they took the time to make sure we understood the why and how things worked. Jay was especially kind and answered all questions we had, which included the installation of a brand new washer and dryer by sears (with little or no explanation from them). he is a perfect example of what a company is trying to achieve and deserves the highest praise....if all dutton employees are as good as he is, you have the finest company and reputation possible. thank you again.....we're extremely happy to recommend dutton as #1.********** (See More)
Dutton sent Mark and Juan to repair part of the line to the street and install my sink and vanities. They did an excellent job and I would request them anytime to come and do plumbing repairs at my home. A big thanks to Mark and Juan...Great Job!!!! (See More)
One thing about any company is the people who work there your company is only as good as the people who work for you . Nick Guerrroe is the man very personable and always there to help besides being a bass fisherman that makes it even better when you have plumping needs ask for Nick I recommend this company for your plumbing problems you friend Don Iovino (See More)
Nick G, Juan P, Miranda, and Ken Sr. were good to deal with. I had to have a sewer pipe sleeved. The Dutton team came out, explained what needed to be done and how it would be done. they answered all of our questions. They guys kept the area neat and clean. When they were done with the work, they put the yard back the way it was. Would use them again. (See More)
Nick was a courteous and hard-working lead plumber, working on several problems inside the house to get three sinks and one toilet working/draining well. JP and Edgar did excellent work to fix the 53 year-old waste pipe system under my home doing all the work in the crawl space - a long and difficult process. They also replaced the 53 year-old Orangeburg sewer line from the house to the street. All three worked hard and were courteous, helpful, on time. I was very pleased with the job they did. (See More)

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