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Jay and Bernardo and the rest of the crew a did a great job under difficult circumstances. I would use them again and recommend them to friends. (See More)
Want to thank Bernardo Alcala, Technician for his professional work on my plumbing problem in a timely manner. (See More)
The team of Bernardo and Adam were very helpful and very professional. I would call on them for my plumbing needs (See More)
Mark and Ken were very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend them for any of your plumbing needs. (See More)
Could not have asked for better care from the team and workers. They were very good at explaining what needed doing and keeping me informed as to what they were doing. There clean up when finished working was also great. They are so friendlly, kind and helpful as well as good workers. Will definitely use them for all plumbing. (See More)
Excellent service from the telephone calls to the job being finished. They took the time to really explain the situation to me and they did the repair work fast. First time I have ever hugged a contractor. I will definitely call them again. (See More)
Bernardo A. was excellent! He kept me informed every step of the process and completed the work quickly. Job very well done.Thank you! (See More)
I called Dutton for a sewer a repair and Nick g and Ken g came out and they were professional nice guys this week I had a leak in a water line and called Dutton there was a confusion with the tech and I called ken jr and he came out and fixed my leak and is a awesome guy we want to thank Nick g bernardo edgar p and special thanks to the hard working awesome attitude of Lon Ralston and ken jr is pretty cool to we love Dutton plumbing (See More)
Mark, Nick, Jay, Bernardo and Edgar and two others whose names I did not get did a fantastic job for us. Mark and Nick were able to quickly determine the cause of our plugged up sewer problem. Bernardo and his crew were able to quickly open up the sewer system to make it somewhat usable for us that same day. The next day they repaired the sewer system and in a short time later that day it was completely usable. The following day Mark met with the city inspector, the work Bernardo and his crew did was bought off without a hitch. Edgar and Mark then removed all of your equipment, filled in the holes and restored the work area to it's previous state so it looks like it was hardly even touched or worked on. The work ethic and attention to detail of these crews was outstanding. Would and will highly recommend this company and its crews to anyone who needs plumbing work done. Joe and Carole Slifko (See More)
excellent work friendly service (See More)
Bernardo and Ricardo installed a liner in our sewer line from our property line to the city sewer line. They did an excellent job. They were efficient they install the line in a professional manner, it passed the city inspection without a question or problem and they put things back in order just the way they were before they started. I was very satisfied . (See More)
Bernardo and his crew, Carlos and Ricardo did an amazing job of replacing pipes from my house to the main sewage line. They explained the process and answered all questions surrounding this complicated job. Extremely good team work. (See More)
Dan and Leo are real pros. Very knowledgable, efficient, and courteous. (See More)
I had a wonderful experience with Bernardo and Ricardo. They were prompt, thorough and kept me informed on the progress of the work. Great job! Felix was terrific and answered all my questions. (See More)
All the plumbers that worked the job at my house were awesome I can’t say enough how great they were thank you very much (See More)
I'm glade I called Dutton first, otherwise my job would have ended badly. My drains have been iffy for quite some time. When I called, the operator was very nice. The truck pulled up right away and out came Adam (The Flush Master) and his boy Joaquin (The Rookie). Adam is very personable and knows his trade. Even though it turner into a Hugh job, his confidence inspired my trust. It felt like my cousin's came over to help me out of a jam. The guys we're like family and not just faceless employees. All the crew treated the job like it was their own house. They did it faster than I would have thought possibly. Thank you to J.P. (Master of the trenchless pull), Gillermo, Edgar Gomez, Edgar Perez, Carlos, Thomas, Bernardo, Ricardo, and Ken who worked to give me the best possible price. Thanks to the whole crew. And yes, I would gladly send Dutton to my mothers house. 10 stars (See More)
All 3 guys did an excellent job, courteous, cleaned up everything nicely and everything was explained well. Will use again and will be recommending. (See More)
My main was leaking and because of the material used in the original construction had to be replaced. Bernardo and his crew knew that we needed the house back up and running. The water was restored in two days. Kevin had everything planned and placed the water sources where I wanted them. Every step of the things were discussed. Bernardo and Kevin great team. The whole team was fantastic. (See More)
Bbernardo, Nicholes and Jimmie were professional, on time, and friendly. At times a little humor was added at no cost. For the size of the job the disruption was minimal. (See More)
Bernardo is just the kind of person you want working at your house. Hard worker, super pleasant, plenty of patience when being asking questions. A very nice and knowledgeable employee. (See More)
Plumbing work done promptly and professionally...Happy with our new water filter and water heater.... (See More)
Mark M and his team (Benardo & Ricardo) were so very helpful! It was so great to have such great group of gentlemen working and answering all questions that we had. (See More)
The guys were great ! Very helpful! (See More)
On Saturday I had to Mark M come out for a kitchen sink drain clean. Well, that didn't quite work out so they had to call in the camera. And what that showed was not pretty. In the end, the project became a HUGE rerouting project. He brought in Bernie & Ricardo on Monday and this team has been amazing! (See More)
We are very happy with the services provided by all the technicians and staff of Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
Bernardo Alcala did an outstanding job repairing our broken sewer lateral line. He was knowledgeable and worked well with his co-workers. I appreciate the quality and experience provided by the staff of Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
Bernardo Alcala did an outstanding job repairing our broken sewer lateral line. He was knowledgeable and worked well with his co-workers. I appreciate the quality and experience provided by the staff of Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
(See More)
Jay was very courteous, friendly, nice, and did the work mostly by himself. He really worked hard after the first digging and finished the rest of the project. (See More)
Joey and Nick were very responsive and efficient, although it took a little longer than we were originally told. (See More)
Efficient and knowledgeable, they should encourage their technicians to be more accurate at explaining being back shortly (a few minutes is not an hour and a half). Also, making sure equipment needed is in working order. (See More)
Everyone we met with Dutton Plumbing went above and beyond to get things done, very courteous, patient in answering questions, and had a great work ethic. (See More)
This company is fantastic, true professionals. Our home is 57-58 years old and the plumbing was crumbling. Dutton gave us an estimate, helped us get financing (even through our own bank), and worked like energizer bunnies to get the job done rapidly. Great crews, and great guys! They are the BEST! (See More)
Bernardo Alcala was the service pro who came out to clear our sewer line. He initially cleared the line but with the camera saw cement rocks that had come dislodged and would just clog up the line again in the future. He and his assistant Guillermo worked for 3 hours to remove the loose rocks from the sewer line "by hand fishing" with a coat hanger, the camera, and the 3000 PSI hydro jet. They did a great job, but what I admired the most was their persistence in making certain the line was clear and nothing left behind. These guys were friendly, knowledgeable, professional and persistent with a can do spirit. They are a credit to Dutton Plumbing and I will not hesitate in calling them again. (See More)
Bernardo A did a great job. Highly professional and knowledgable about his job. (See More)
Bernardo and his team were efficient and worked as a unit with each person knowing their role and assisting others as needed. He was also very polite, knowledgeable, and pleasant. (See More)
The work is done to my satisfaction. (See More)
Jay N. was very professional in the way he presented the work that needed to be done. He explained to us in simple terms would happen if did or didn't do the work. When he needed extra employees, he introduced them to us and they were approachable. Thank you for the good work.. (See More)
Our crew , Mark M. , Bernardo A. & trainee Brandon were professional, friendly & took great pride in their jobs. They took the time to communicate, answer & explain any questions we had. Their service was through, clean & organized. You have a great group of technicians working at Dutton. (See More)
We found Dutton Plumbing in the Yellow Pages after our local plumber was unavailable. We were able to get service immediately, within a few hours. The group of guys we dealt with, Mark M., Bernardo A., a new hire Brandon and Ken were all very professional and communicated everything to us. Each of them were respectful, neat, clean, through and left every part of the job orderly. They were all available to answer any questions or explain any steps of the job to us. They made dealing with a very expensive job easy for us to accept and understand. The City inspector was pleased with their work when he signed off on the permit. Each of these employees seem to enjoy their jobs and are easy to work with. Dutton will be our first call for plumbing in the future. Thanks again to Mark M, Bernardo A and Brandon for a great job! (See More)
Bernardo and his crew just left after two days of work to replace my home's drain system from house to sewer. Fantastic job! Everyone I met from Dutton was knowledgeable and courteous. They arrived in well-maintained vehicles, wearing company uniforms and with the tools needed and the expertise to use them. Passed city inspection with no problems or corrections needed. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received and the respect shown to myself and my property. (See More)
Mark M. was great. Everything done as promised. Workers polite and professional. Very happy with all aspects of project. Would recommend highly. (See More)
Bryan is on your side every step of the way. If you want your job done right, Dutton is the place to call. When a company places a twenty five year warranty on their service, you can expect everything is done right. service workers certainly won't shy away from hard dirty work. The equipment they have at their disposal is unbelievable and the service men are well trained to use it all. I doubt one could find a vendor as well equipped & prepared to do the job as Dutton. Bill Donaldson (See More)
I liked the technicians, however I felt your fee for the job was very high. Also, I should have been shown with the camera how the job was done... show me how my home and plumbing issues benefited from the work that was done. (See More)
The most professional plumbing team I have ever dealt with. Knowledge and helpfulness beyond what I expected. I will definitely use them again. Fantastic crew. (See More)
Very professional and competent personnel, from the office to the field. I am glad I called them in the first place. I will definitely recommend this plumbing company in a heart beat to anyone in my family. (See More)
Excellent customer service, and professionalism. These people are masters at what they do. I have used their services several times now, and every time they had delivered the same quality service. (See More)

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