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Great service (See More)
I had a water pipe leak in the concrete slab. I had a plumber diagnose the problem, but they could not fix it. They told me I had to get a company that can determine where the leak was in the slab. I then called Dutton plumbing and they told me they could diagnose where the leak was and repair it. David Walker the technician was excellent. (See More)
They were fast, timely and very professional. I like the experience I had will all 3! Thank you (See More)
Great Service and more than great people. Thanks for the excellent service. (See More)
Outstanding work for the full duration of the repipe. All of the men that I’ve met from Dutton Plumbing that have assisted Jake in completing my repipe have the following qualities; great skill sets/ knowledgeable/ professional/ thorough/ responsible/ patient/ good natured and all of those while maintaining a strong work ethic. I also want to give them all a huge thanks for being attentive and working around all of my specific needs. (See More)
The survey says it all! (See More)
Thank you Dutton Plumbing. I could not correctly tighten a water shut off valve and Dutton came out within two hours of my phone call. David W. was excellent and they only charged me $73. I would definitely cal them for future plumbing issues. (See More)
I was impressed at first with the way Dutton emails/txts you info on the plumber that will be coming out to you home. Then once the plumber came and was doing his tech stuff/slab leak locate-er stuff he started making comments that I really didn't need to hear. Nothing obscene, but I got the feeling that he wasn't confident in the work he was performing. I need confidence, I'm a family of 5, I don't need any uncertainty in the work that's going to be done, fixed and stay fixed. Amateurs think, Professionals know. I had a third opinion come out the following day and their findings were different. He didn't find the actual pipe that was leaking and said the leaking area was in a different area than the new plumbers, they are actually repairing/jack hammering it as I type. The job isn't even complete yet, so essentially I don't have a finished product/functioning water system, but I feel more confident in the guys working on it right now. (See More)
I was charged $7,007 for a water heater that you can buy over the internet for under a $1,000. I’m still shocked over the sticker price. They were nice and did a good job installing it, but others would have charged under $3,500 for the same service and unit. (See More)
I called at 4pm about my water heater not working. Within an hour David was here checking the water heater and gave me 5 different choices with estimates. I told him which one I wanted and in 2 hours it was fix and I was waiting for a hot shower. (See More)
My experience with Dutton Plumbing was very disappointing. They gave me a price of $580.00 to fix a leak in our water supply line. I had already dug up where the leak was and it was a one hour job at most to repair. This means Dutton was charging more than $500 per hr. My Grandson later fixed the problem in about half an hour.We paid for the service call and will never call them again or recommend them. The sign is a laugh "a plumber you would send to your Mothers house (See More)
My experience with Dutton Plumbing was very disappointing. They gave me a price of $580.00 to fix a leak in our water supply line. I had already dug up where the leak was and it was a one hour job at most to repair. This means Dutton was charging more than $500 per hr. My Grandson later fixed the problem in about half an hour.We paid for the service call and will never call them again or recommend them. The sign is a laugh "a plumber you would send to your Mothers house (See More)
It took two trips to repair our tankless water heater but it seems they got it fixed, even though it had some unique problems. (See More)
I decided to call Dutton Plumbing when my tankless waterheater stopped working. This was my 1st time using their services. They were so quick to respond and send out a Tech within 2 and a half 3 hours of my initial call, the Tech was very knowledgeable and was able to fix and get my Tankless waterheater up and running again! Very Happy customer. (See More)
I was delighted when David W came the same day I had a toilet overflow. Quiet, professional, competent, deliberate...he handled several long-standing issues for me yesterday and advised on causes/cures for a number of other issues as well. He started off by putting protective "booties" over his shoes. Couldn't have been better! I will definitely recommend him to others and will ask specifically for him when the next need arises. Thank you, David! (See More)
Everyone from the phone receptionist to schedulers and the plumber were courteous & showed up on schedule. We were visiting from out of town, and needed help for my mom’s house. I literally made a blind choice from Google. We were impressed with David Walker; he explained everything and was very helpful. I would certainly use Dutton again. (See More)
Firstly, the phone service was exceptional as the office ladies called several time to update me on arrival of the technician. Secondly, the technician, David W. was great. He detailed what needed to be done, offered advice and finally offered alternatives to the water heater. He was a professional. Its fantastic to deal with such a customer focused company. I would not hesitate to recommend Dutton Plumbing. I've already posted this upper part, but now that the work is done, I can't praise this company and David W. enough. David has a superior work ethic, is easy to talk to, very nice and kept me up to date on the progress. He kept the area clean and was nice enough to wait for me to do some work, so that he could continue, which is a rarity these days. If I could give the company 6 stars, I would. (See More)
The Dutton team arrived promptly. They quickly understood the issue and started working to fix the problem. David was friendly and professional. The job was completed quickly. I highly recommend them. (See More)
My technician, David Walker, arrived promptly. He was professional, polite, informative and easy to understand regarding what repairs were needed. He had a coworker with him who was equally professional. The repairs to my toilet were made performed quickly. I highly recommend Dutton Plumbing! (See More)
David provided outstanding service. Very professional and very courteous. This service was done when my wife was home. He explained everything he was doing and even showed up early to complete the work. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for great service. (See More)
I highly recommend them David is honest and knowledgeable (See More)
I used Dutton Plumbing to install a Halo water filtering system. David Walker installed it in my home and he did a great job. I am very happy about his work. (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
We had the good fortune of having our plumbing serviced by David Walker. He did an excellent job, he is very personable and explained all the steps he would be doing to insure us that job would be to our satisfaction. We will definitely ask for David if and when the time comes for servicing of our plumbing. Thank you David. Dutton don’t let this one go. He’s the best. (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
Great service and very professional (See More)
Excellent service, answered all questions thoroughly and with an abundance of knowledge. (See More)
David Walker from Dutton Plumbing is one of the most professional and experienced plumbers we have ever had provide service at our home. He is so thorough and knowledgeable that we feel assured that the issue in question has been completed in an excellent manner. David will always be our first choice when any plumbing issue arise. (See More)
David was an ideal employee. Knowledgeable in what he was doing and good at explaining it to me. He solved my problem almost immediately. If all of Dutton's employees are that good the company has nothing to worry about. (See More)
Person you sent was very good & did everything I requested! (See More)
David is an excellent member of your staff. He was very helpful with what I needed and extended all of the credits that were available to me. I will not hesitate to contact him for any future plumbing needs. (See More)
I could not of asked for better Service. Service Tech David W. was Great, and Very Courteous and Helpful and care about my needs. everything was explain to me so I knew what was going on. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. (See More)
David was great. He was very courteous and gave me several options. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him in the future. (See More)
I had a leaking problem, which David W. help me with. He was punctual, helpful and very professional. very good job, highly recommended. (See More)
David is very polite, respectful, calm, extremely efficient, quick and a pleasure to have around. He took the time to explain the problems and show me some of what was happening. I highly recommend his services. (See More)
I had no problem with the plumbing specialist David W, or the quality of his work. However I am completely dissapointed in the fact that I did not receive an itemize invoice for the work that was done, & the fact that the price I was originally quoted by Dave W. after the 1st job he had completed & was paid for, given 3 options, I chose the lowest, the one I could afford, I signed for that option. The next day, Dave came back with his immediate boss, I think his name was Paul, who jacked the option by 1800 dollars. I broke down. Dave worked with me and while it still cost me more, I paid the amount, at the end of the work. But I have nothing that shows how much the parts & labor were. At least 3 family members & friends tell me I was way overcharged. I don't know what the parts cost, but if they were $1000.00, that means I paid $300.00 an hour. Won't happen again! The 3 stars are for Dave W. (See More)
The service was horrible. They came they are 24/7 service but they are not. Charged me $120 to fix my water heater that only stayed lit for a few hours. No quality in their service and way over priced. (See More)
Very pleasant person, explained what he was doing, and did so very efficiently! We are very pleased! (See More)
Technician on time, pleasant to talk with, even covered his shoes! Provided insight & guidance on replacement valve at a very reasonable cost. (See More)
The Technician showed up on time and ready to work. He confirmed my project needs and offered some choices for repairs. Completed repairs and explained the operations to me. Very well done. will definitely refer to others who may need plumbing services! (See More)
David was very nice, sharp, respectful and easy to talk with. . I was quoted a fair price that reflected a military discount. His work ethics resulted in a job well done. I am refurbishing 2 homes for sale, one is my mother’s, and he advised me on some plumbing issues I am having. I will definately use him to resolve. Hey Dave, thanks again! (See More)
The project was a re pipe of the house which took 2 weeks. All aspects of the job earned a 5 star rating. (See More)
David, I can not express how GREAT a job you did on the plumbing of my condo. All the time and effort, great attitude when things went awry, and just an overall calm, cool, collected demeanor was greatly appreciated. We definitely will be recommending your services! (See More)
David is on time, if not early or keeps me posted for arrival time, is polite, articulate, excellent at his job, explains what he did and why, explains possible problems to expect and what to do when it (or if) it occurs. (See More)
Mr. Walker was very professional and courteous and helped me solve the problem without any difficulties. Give this guy a raise! (See More)
Thankyou Duttton Plumbing! David was so kind and helpful, fixing the problem perfectly. He helped my mom first at her house and then ours and because of him we will definately call Dutton Plumming next time. Awesome! (See More)
I have been a Dutton customer over 20 years and David Walker is without a shadow of a doubt the best service tech ever to come to my house!! David goes above and beyond to solve the problem to the customers advantage… Thats me. He is clean, knowledgable, efficient and always keeps me informed about what is going on. Dutton is blessed to have found David Walker. Marion Cardarelli (See More)
(No Comment) (See More)
David came out to change out our bathroom fixtures. ( shower tub combo and double sinks in two bathrooms. He was very professional and you could tell he takes pride in his work. He wasn’t in a rush to finish and run off to another job. He was through, explained any issues he came across and left all rooms very clean. Very happy customer and would defiantly use again. I highly recommended. (See More)
Dear David, Thank you so much for taking care of our plumbing problems. You blessed our lives with a good toilet. Best wishes always, Constance and Sarita Diamond (See More)
Great service (See More)
(No Comment) (See More)
David was polite prompt and very efficient. He was working with a failing system and I was so thankful that he was able to stay and fix all the problems as they arose. He didn't just fix what he was called for and then leave, he stayed until it was done. I really appreciated that kind of service and would call on Dutton and David again. (See More)
David was the consummate professional who was intelligent, clean,neat, knowledgeable and thourogh. He explained the problem, gave alternatives and followed my instructions to the letter. The company wad as advertised. I recommend them. The price was right, too. (See More)
Thanks to Dutton for sending us such a capable service rep (See More)
David was great!!! Professional, knowledgeable and friendly (See More)
David was amazing. Very helpful, professional and competent. We would hire him again. (See More)
David was on time, he had the tools and parts needed to do the repair and did the work for the price quoted. I would use David again and highly recommend him. (See More)
(See More)
(See More)
(See More)
Polite, efficient, on time. (See More)
Most competitors have lower costs, used Dutton because of $75 coupon (See More)
Twice recently we had situations that were urgent and Dutton responded promptly. The first was a leak where a brand new dishwasher was installed (incorrectly). Karl was the plumber they sent and he was wonderful. Yesterday, we had a gas leak and the gas company turned off the gas to the house, so no hot water. Dutton send David W who is extremely respectful and professional. He made the necessary repair (which had been done incorrectly by a plumber recently) and did so as quickly as possible. The gas company ok'd the repair this morning and turned the gas back on. Thank you Dutton! (See More)
every time i talked to the plumber his rate went up and they didn't keep there estimate it fluctuated between $400-$4000 which is rediculus. (See More)
Such a nice honest guy... funny too! The work he did was completed effectively and efficiently. Can't believe he was here so quickly. Legend! (See More)
He was professional and provided an excellent service. Came within the hour and solved the problem quickly. I'd use him again for sure. (See More)
Great service (See More)
Great job. Very professional and informative (See More)
David does great work. Did not like that the main supply valve to the house was broken. I had just used that valve less than a month ago to replace the supply valve to one of our toilets. I know from experience that it is easy to jam a gate valve if it is over tightened. I think the price was way out of line for 2 hours work. I will go on yelp about Dutton about my experience (See More)
David is very good at what he does and is very meticulous about his work. Thank you David (See More)
Dutton plumbing rocks. David was on time and very meticulous about all the work he was doing for us. Thank you David and everyody at Dutton plumbing. (See More)
(See More)
After some confusion using the chat on the Dutton website I received immediate assistance from Olivia on the phone. Within minutes of speaking with her David Walker's info was received by email and text. David arrived within the hour and rectified my water heater problem in minutes. He then offered to service the water heater for less than the cost of a service call from a home warranty company. He cleaned the sediment out, checked all the gas connections and parts then blew any dust and creatures away. He was done in 45 minutes. I have used Dutton before and have been very happy with the work. I have always recommended them. (See More)
I would recommend Dutton plumbing to everybody. Thank you for the great job. (See More)
David was fantastic. He explained all the possible problems, the work he would be doing, and the potential cost. He answered all of my questions, gave a very professional opinion, and had my water heater back up and running very quickly. I could not have asked for a better first experience with Dutton. (See More)
David is great and did a great job. Thank you David and everybody at Dutton Plumbing. (See More)
David was courteous, explained all my options, answered all my questions and cleaned up the work area before leaving. We use this company our two homes and find them to be available for any problems that come up. (See More)
Dan D. Came to fix a toilet tank problem. I was a bit concerned about the charges, and if he is going to do a good job. He turned out to be a true gentleman, honest, and easy to communicate with. Dan explained all that needed to be done, and gave me a few options to pick from. His honesty and personality was so great that not only he helped me understand wha the problem was, but also what the options were, that made me decide in seconds to sign the agreement. He got the job done in less than an hour, and left no mess. I'd certainly recommend people to ask for him. (See More)
I had the most positive service, from Dutton Plumbing, that I have ever had. I used to make a point of avoiding large companies and finding a journeyman who owned his own shop and was honest and trustworthy. But my experience with Dutton and specifically with David W. has made me a convert. (See More)
David was very helpful and good at what he does. He did the work that I called about plus when he noticed that I had a toilet seat that I was going to install he did that for me too. I will be calling them again and I will ask for David. Thank you David. (See More)
Davis did a great job maintaining my tank less water heater. I recommend him to all. (See More)
I used Dutton Plumbing and found them to be extremely professional. David was excellent and did a great job. I also liked being called and given an approximate time that Davisd would be at my home. He was there when they had told me he would be. (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
Considering quote at this time. Quote is reasonable. Technician knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to doing business with them. (See More)
This was my third experience with Dutton Plumbint and I am completely satisfied with the office staff, the person who schedules the work and the service people who actually do the work. (See More)
David W. arrived right on time, assessed the problems I called about and completed the needed service very efficiently. I am very satisfied with his work and his pleasant attitude. He is very professional, answered all my questions. I do recommend Dutton Plumbing to my friends. (See More)
I used Dutton today for the very first time, and I was very pleased with their promptness, and the quality of service, The Service Pro, David W. was outstanding, he was very through and explained everything, I would recommend Dutton Plumbing very highly (See More)
Great service ! thanks David W !!! (See More)
David Walker did a good job on the second visit.We need a long term solution to our faucets getting clogged up.Most likely a filter system. (See More)
Dutton provided an honest analysis as to the problem and offered multiple remedies. I chose the fix I wanted and they quickly fixed the problem at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend Dutton to my friends. (See More)
David did a great job fixing our toilet and made no mess. I highly recommend Dutton for plumbing work. (See More)
I had a very positive experience with David W, he showed up promptly, identified the source of the leak, and immediately started working on fixing it. I would use this company again. (See More)
Tech did a good job finding the problem, replaced gas valve which was the problem. Works fine now .need new heater ne xt year. (See More)
David did a fantastic job and was very personable. (See More)
I would like to say that I can feel safe with Dutton Plumbing servicing me, my family, friends and my entire BNI Network Groups. It's a very invigorating to happen to meet true professionals that have in their arsenal, which put themselves heads and shoulders above their completion....I hope that Dutton Plumbing employ many technicians as talented as Mr. David W. because what I've experienced for the very first time a day after thanksgiving by a very talented, punctual, on time, no none-sense, no con-man behavior...a Service Tech that had empathy and transparency...Dutton Plumbing has a winner in David W. and the young lady that I initially spoke with on the phone that set everything in motion from the call-back twice and after listening to my frustration with service techs, she also were very attentive and listen to me vent and got to work for me to send us the ideal Technician (Mr David W.) which can be our wing man anytime, just like on Top Gun! Sincerely and Best Regards, Patrick Reed, Sr. (See More)
David W. were on time, very professional listened to everything that I had to say about my experience with the issue at hand and recommended a solution to my problem. I have been in sales for 29 years and it's very seldom that you run into a true professional that really care about customers satisfaction...David is that person, David were very polite and answered all of my questions without double talking. I ask the operator at Dutton to send me someone that would not give me the runaround because I had enough service techs to come to my house late, unprofessional and double talking their service charges, so I very politely ask them to leave because I have no patience for none sense, tell me what your diagnosis are right up front and get the job done...just like David did, I will always call Dutton Plumbing/David W. whenever I need a plumber because they truly have integrity, which put them in the top 1%....That is huge in my book....Thank you David W. and Dutton Plumbing for your professionalism. With best regards, Patrick M. Reed, Sr. (See More)
David Walker was very professional and explained every step of the way what needed to be done. He took his time in finding the leak in the ceiling. After fixing the leak he cleaned and vacuumed the floor. Very happy with his work! And Dutton Plumbing lives up the there commercials on Khay! (See More)
Dave fixed our kitchen sink clog in no time. He did an amazing job, was highly professional and friendly. We would definitely recommend Dutton! Thank You (See More)
This was the first time I used their service and it will not be the last. I called them in an emergency when the tenants reported the water leak they thought was from under the house. The company dispatched the service person speedily. David was pleasant and diagnosed a much lesser problem than I feared. Extremely curteous, professional and pleasant. They are the company of choice for me from now on. Fully trustworthy. (See More)
David did a professional installation of the new garbage disposal after clearly explaining the options I had to purchase it, and he made sure the unit worked efficiently. He was on time and helpful in every way. (See More)
David was very knowledgable and fixed my sprinklers quickly. He also was a typical Dutton employee - polite, clean and efficient. (See More)
David was extremely professional and courteous. He arrived quickly, diagnosed the issue, explained repair options, and repaired the problem within a couple of hours. Would definitely call dutton again. (See More)
My husband and I were very pleased by the service provided by David Walker. He took the time needed to explain about different hot water heaters and what was best for us. He was very efficient. He cleaned up the area very nicely after the installation. We would definitely recommend Dutton Plumbing to our friends. (See More)
David is a very special person. He was very professional and very friendly with us. He helped us select the hot water heater and then installed it. After the installation, he made sure that the area was very clean. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a very competent and professional person. We felt very fortunate to have had his service. Carol Rixmann (See More)
All your worker did a great job. David W. was great to work with he answer all my questions, and keep things on track. Love the job and workmanship. (See More)
David is very profession and takes his time on the job. It was good to see the problem be taken care of. (See More)
Knowledgible, courteous and helpful (See More)
Great!!! (See More)
Great work. Profession and honest. Glad we got Dutton. (See More)
Great and professional. Took his time on his work. Very happy with the outcome!! (See More)
Arrived on time. Reviewed what he would do and got to it. (See More)
David from Dutton was very courteous, knowledgeable and cooperative. he did his job very efficiently. He even went a step ahead and changed batteries of our alarm. We wish him all the best. Ajinder ****** (See More)
David W. performed our yearly inspection and did a very thorough job even offering tips on how to clean stains in toilet bowls (baking soda and vinegar). He was friendly and very careful to not leave foot prints. Why not 5 stars? He promised to get information on why our hot water pump did not sense temperature and auto start / stop. No response. I called Dutton a couple of months later to remind them about my request. To date, no response... (See More)
There was a lot of work to do, and David did an excellent job getting everything done. He was very knowledgeable, worked quickly, did good work, cleaned up, and was very kind and courteous. (See More)
First off I don't post reviews but I must for this company. The truth being on Tuesday night my wife and I realized we had no hot water. After calling numerous places only Dutton was willing too come so late at night. Well let's just say things didn't work out as we had hoped. The technician showed up but did not fix the problem to say the least. No hot water, a big mess and a unhappy wife. Yikes! Not too mention a sizable bill! BUT THE NEXT MORNING they called immediately and sent David W. too our rescue! He's an ANGEL in disguise! Did the job quick and perfectly! We now have a state of the art hot water heater! And due to the misfortune that happened the night before not only did they make the price right... 0$, we will be Dutton's customer for life! TRULY the NORDSTROM service from a plumbing company we didn't expect! And we liked DAVID W. so much we are having other work being done tomorrow! Other businesses should learn from Dutton's Integrity! Sincerely, Larry Killingsworth (See More)
I've been using Dutton for years with little problems. If there had been a problem, it was handled immediately and to my satisfaction.. (See More)
Couldn't be more satisfied. (See More)
We had a leak under our sink as well as a mysterious leak immediately outside our house. I was able to call Dutton Plumbing and speak to a live person to schedule an appointment the same day! No trading emails or playing phone tag. It was $39 to have someone come out and determine the problem versus local SCV plumbers that charge $100 just for the first hour! The appointment was originally from 4-6 p.m., but David was in our area and checked to see if he could come earlier. I showed David the two areas, and he immediately went to work to find out what was wrong. He was very courteous and professional at all times. It seemed as though it didn't take long for him to find out what was wrong, and he provided recommendations that fit our budget. He was very understanding and answered my questions in a friendly and not condescending manner. It took him about an hour and a half to resolve our problems to our satisfaction, and he didn't leave, until he was sure we were okay. I can't think of any negatives with David and Dutton Plumbing and will most assuredly give them a call the next time we have an issue. They are very responsive, provide clear communications, and costs are on a project basis (not an hourly rate that can quickly escalate to big $$$), so you definitely know what you're getting. (See More)
David W. came when the dispatcher said he would, explained everything in a concise and fair manner and did the work in a timely manner and very professionally. He also was pleasant as well as competent. We were grateful that Dutton was able to accommodate us on the same day as our heater failure occurred ! (See More)
Very clean workers and did good job installing a new cartridge, which I supplied, in my shower. Used shoe covers to enter house to protect inside flooring. (See More)
David Walker was thorough in explaining to me what's the problem and showed me the options and how much will it cost to repair my water heater. I am satisfied with the result. (See More)
I wanted to commend Dutton plumbing for their courtesy, compassion and expeditious manner in which they handled a much hated plumbing issue. i.e. Ugly pipe going from the main water meter on the street to our home ( probably 60 years old was leaking ) I was unable to wait for the service man on hand. I had to leave for my job. When Plumber David W. did arrive, the communication he initiated with me was wonderful, layman terms and ultimately after assessing the situation, David provided several options with different service and prices based on the problem we faced. I am very grateful for the communication and honesty which I feel David offered and I am glad to have been referred to Dutton and gotten David out to our home. (See More)
Excellent service as always. (See More)
David with Dutton Plumbing was extremely professional. He worked fast and efficiently and left the job site clean. He helped to make a big water heater problem really painless. We are very happy with his work (See More)
David did a wonderful job on my plumbing problem. He explained everything he was going to do and even replaced a washer on a fixture someone else had installed. Courteous and profession. I will definitely use him again. (See More)

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