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Great Service and more than great people. Thanks for the excellent service. (See More)
Outstanding work for the full duration of the repipe. All of the men that I’ve met from Dutton Plumbing that have assisted Jake in completing my repipe have the following qualities; great skill sets/ knowledgeable/ professional/ thorough/ responsible/ patient/ good natured and all of those while maintaining a strong work ethic. I also want to give them all a huge thanks for being attentive and working around all of my specific needs. (See More)
James spent a lot of hours here never giving up when our electric problems stopped him from moving forward. He just kept trying. The next morning he came back and finished the job! He's a very pleasant and professional employee. (See More)
James was prompt, helpful and well-informed. He found a leak in my roof caused by a neighbor and gave me a $50 discount on the inspection since the leak wasn't my fault. I appreciated that small concession greatly as I am on a tight budget and was looking at a $1000 bill if the leak was as catastrophic as it might have been. (See More)
James N. was on time and extremely professional. Laid out our options for our faulty pilot light and fixed it immediately. Entire process only took about 45 minutes (including retrieving a part from an offsite location). Highly recommend. (See More)
Professional service with a smile. Explain ever step. Work done on time and at the exact estimate. (See More)
I came home to find my water main was broken and my yard flooded. Fortunately, my neighbor saw the geyser and shut off the water at the street before I arrived. I dug down to the broken PVC pipe and ran to the store to get some fittings. I was able to make the repair, but the city's water shutoff valve was leaking by and was dripping from the pipe I was trying to glue. I let it sit for an hour and when I opened the shutoff the fitting broke apart, so I decided to call Dutton Plumbing because I needed to have water in my house right now. James N was dispatched to my house. I was told he would be there in about an hour and he was. He saw the problem, gave me a few options, and went to work. He had the same issue I did with the continuous water flow and suggested I call the City of Simi Valley to come fix their valve. The city said they would send someone right away, but that never happened. James's first attempt failed, but he would not give up and he glued the joints heavily a second time, and I left the water turned off for the night. In the morning I turned the water back on and it held and I was able to take a shower before heading to work. James called me early in the day to check if the leak was fixed, and then came by later in the afternoon to double check the fittings and make sure I was happy. Great service...I could not ask for anything more. The price for this service was $642, which seems high considering the cost of the material used, but I am a contractor and I understand the pricing. Dutton Plumbing came out to my house on an emergency call, and they came right away. Looking at the job, I thought it would take him 30 minutes at the most. Of course, that is not how it turned out, and he stayed late to make sure my problem was resolved, and followed up the next day. Worth every penny!!! I'm still waiting for the city to come. (See More)
James N. was wonderful. We had a leak that sprung on a pipe and we couldn't shut off the main. James came and took care of the leak ASAP. He also came back to repair the concrete that had to be broken to get to the pipe. It was our first time using Dutton Plumbing and it was a pleasant one. He was very personable and professional. We definitely recommend Dutton Plumbing and James N. Thank you. James N. (See More)
Dutton is like family, They really care for your needs and always aims to please. I love the service and quick response time. Especially during holiday season! (See More)
Confirmed my diagnosis that I had an underground leak. Further diagnosis necessary with estimates to repair. (See More)
Gives excellent service. Very informative and has a wonderful positive attitude. We highly recommended Dutton Plumbing with James N- he is great. (See More)
Never showed up - waited two different days for service. (See More)
James N my plumber at Dutton Plumbing was very polite and professional. He assessed my plumbing problem, explained what needed to be done and them gave me my options to fix it. James is a great asset to the Company. I recommend Dutton because they are very timely and sensitive to the needs of their customers. (See More)
James N. is an excellent plumber. He is very thorough and his customer service is superior. He is polite and listens to every detail regarding the problems at hand. I highly recommend James and feel that he is an asset to Dutton Plumbing. I feel very comfortable when he is in my home and know that he is doing an excellent job to get the work done in a professional manner. Thank you James. (See More)
James N. was great - professional, on-time, thorough and friendly. Much appreciated! (See More)
James was beyond professional, knowledgeable, prompt, friendly and helpful. Our water heater stopped working and he came out this morning and by noon we already have hot water. He's an excellent representative of Dutton Plumbing and they should be proud. (See More)
Very responsive, professional, and courteous. You pay a premium for their availability and operation, but they will get the job done and quickly. (See More)
James was very thorough and pleasant to deal with. Appreciate his professional service. (See More)
James N. was most helpful. Explained everything about the repairs and the choices I have. Very neat and tidy with his work. I've had other contractors do work in our home and left it a mess-James did not !! He was punctual and completed the repairs within the time frame he indicated. (See More)

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