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I guest All the business service goes after consumer pocket. Large or small, pay first then talk later. There is no such “free estimate” as they advertising . Dutton not an exception. (See More)
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Absolutely fabulous service. Thomas P was on time and knew immediately what the problem was. He kept my kitchen clean and used booties on his shoes. I called on a Monday morning and by dinner time had a working sink and dishwasher. I highly recommend. (See More)
Service Pro Thomas P. did great work and offered good customer service. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. (See More)
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We had a water heater "tune up" on Jan. 29. Our tech. was Thomas P. Thomas is very courteous and explained in detail what he was doing and gave us tips on how to prolong the life of our 3 year old water heater. He explained and showed us the sediment that drained out, recommended we have this tune up every year and encouraged us to join the Dutton Family Plan which we did. Dutton is our local "go to" plumbing contact. We are happy to have met Thomas on this service call. Juli ****** (See More)
Very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. (See More)
Excellent communication from Dutton and Thomas, on time, efficient, excellent workmanship, cleaned up the worksite after completion. (See More)
Thomas...... did a great job on the items he fixed form. He showed up on time and was well trained. (See More)
Thomas P installed a new bathroom faucet. He was courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you, Thomas! I was satisfied with the excellent service you provided. (See More)
Thomas P. from Dutton Plumbing did a great job. (See More)
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Having sustained property damage from the recent fires I asked Dutton to send out a field service professional to inspect my irrigation valves that they had previously installed. Thomas P. arrived on schedule and proceeded to do a thorough inspection, educate me on certain maintenance "do's and don't's" and then proceed to do a general inspection of my internal house plumbing as part of my Family Plan that I signed up for years ago. I have been a loyal and appreciative Dutton Plumbing customer for years and once again received from Thomas P. superior service that was professional and personal. It is consistent experiences like these that explain why I have guided my grown children to sign up with Dutton Plumbing for their homes. (See More)
Thomas P. from Dutton Plumbing did an awesome job in getting my disposal running smoothly again. Very courteous and a true professional. Thank you Thomas. (See More)
Great service, personable and helpful.. got it done at an extremely reasonable cost (See More)
Thomas was a fair and fantastic field tech, he explained the process and what had to be done and completed the job. Very polite and efficient! (See More)
Thomas was very professional and very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions / concerns and was courteous. I would HIGHLY recommend THOMAS to everyone.....Especially to senior citizens like me. 5 star or 10 star......whichever is THE BEST (See More)
thomas was professional,informative and approached the water leak efficiently. he was very neat leaving the work area spotless. (See More)
Thomas P was super helpful. Thank you. (See More)
Concerning Marc & Thomas P. Two of your best employees I'm sure. Knowledgable, hard working ans extremely polite with great skills for completing thair assigned work and high regard for customer satisfaction. A pleasure to have these two men in our home. Dutton is now on the top of our call list for helping us with plumbing problems. A geeat job and we appreciate their skills. (See More)
Thomas was polite, professional, and friendly. He did his job well and left the site clean. He also spotted a problem I didn't realize I had. (See More)
(no comment) (See More)
Impressed with Marc's professionalism and customer service. He was knowledgeable and friendly, He took the time to answer our questions and explain everything to us. He worked hard and we would recommend him our friends. Thank you Marc! Thomas was working with Marc when they came to our house. They were a great team and seemed to work well together. Thomas did a great job too! Thanks Thomas! (See More)
James C. & Thomas P. were sent out to repair my plumbing issue. They were there on time and were very helpful and explained every detail to me. The repair was quick and looked great when they finished. (See More)
James C and Thomas P provided excellent service. They were knowledgeable, efficient, and very sympathetic to both my financial and time constraints. They worked with me to get the job done on time, done right, and at a reasonable rate. (See More)
I'm glade I called Dutton first, otherwise my job would have ended badly. My drains have been iffy for quite some time. When I called, the operator was very nice. The truck pulled up right away and out came Adam (The Flush Master) and his boy Joaquin (The Rookie). Adam is very personable and knows his trade. Even though it turner into a Hugh job, his confidence inspired my trust. It felt like my cousin's came over to help me out of a jam. The guys we're like family and not just faceless employees. All the crew treated the job like it was their own house. They did it faster than I would have thought possibly. Thank you to J.P. (Master of the trenchless pull), Gillermo, Edgar Gomez, Edgar Perez, Carlos, Thomas, Bernardo, Ricardo, and Ken who worked to give me the best possible price. Thanks to the whole crew. And yes, I would gladly send Dutton to my mothers house. 10 stars (See More)
Edgar and Thomas were onsite today for, fixed a small leak under the sink and prepared for the city permit inspection. They double checked the work previously done and prepared for the inspection efficiently, letting me know what to expect along the way. I couldn’t be more pleased with their courtesy and expertise. Great service! (See More)

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