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I'm glade I called Dutton first, otherwise my job would have ended badly. My drains have been iffy for quite some time. When I called, the operator was very nice. The truck pulled up right away and out came Adam (The Flush Master) and his boy Joaquin (The Rookie). Adam is very personable and knows his trade. Even though it turner into a Hugh job, his confidence inspired my trust. It felt like my cousin's came over to help me out of a jam. The guys we're like family and not just faceless employees. All the crew treated the job like it was their own house. They did it faster than I would have thought possibly. Thank you to J.P. (Master of the trenchless pull), Gillermo, Edgar Gomez, Edgar Perez, Carlos, Thomas, Bernardo, Ricardo, and Ken who worked to give me the best possible price. Thanks to the whole crew. And yes, I would gladly send Dutton to my mothers house. 10 stars (See More)
Your company recently did a repipe (etc.) of my house in Moorpark from 3/8/18 to 3/17/18. My wife and I have been satisfied customers of your company since 2006 (which is why we trusted you with the job.) We are of course pleased with the repipe and with all of your plumbers and technicians. There were so many that I regret I do not remember many of their names. Several stand out for special recognition: Juan Partida: Of all of your employees he was present almost every day from the beginning of the job. He was diligent, patient, and expert in all the many tasks he had to do. He was always willing to go the extra mile. It was clear that he knew what he was doing and was genuinely concerned with us as human beings and not just customers. Edgardo Gomez Garduno (and his helper Carlos Perez). Edgardo worked extremely hard and quickly. He made it clear that he was there to finish the job and did it well. One rainy Saturday night Edgardo and Carlos even worked till 8pm; that was one long workday! Paul Belcher, Miguel Villalta, and Larry Cohen were also helpful and knowledgable. Manny Guevara and Juan Carlos (patching). Although not your employees, you picked a couple really able workmen. We look forward to many years of continuing fine service from Dutton Plumbing. Thank you, Frank and Tracey Wymond. (See More)
Adam A. was wonderful to work with. He was always on time for a job that took 5 days. During these 5 days the weather was pretty bad but he just worked through it all. He went above and beyond to help us and was always very pleasant. Thanks Adam for everything you did. (See More)

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