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Our Reviews

William and Austin did a great job. They were fast and efficient and got the job done.
Juan M., Sue W.
We had a great experience with the team at Cummings Plumbing from start to finish. I highly recommend them. We’ll be having them complete another project soon.
Juan M., Vicky Y.
my password didn't work and the code you sent me wouldn't open the review either. this is too troublesome fora review that is only a benefit to you and time consuming
Adan P., Sue W.
Vincent was on time and did an excellent job in a timely manner. I will definitely use your service again.
Soleil L., Vincent P.
Vincent was on time.polite..and did a wonderful job
Vincent P., Yvette V.
They both were very courteous & willing to help us. Jon was a great help.
Jonathon F., Sue W.
We have used Cummins for many years and have always had prompt, efficient and thorough repairs. Our latest tech J.R. did a great job on our pool piping system. It is now better than new. Good cleanup job, too.
Jay R., Vicky Y.
no comment
John T., Sue W.
Great service! Highly recommend and very professional.
Carlos D., Sue W.
Damien was prompt and professional as we as the dispatcher. I would definitely call them again.
Damien M., Sue W.
Good stuff all around.

I was trying to unclog my toilet, and my hand got stuck. Keith came out and talked me out of my panic before freeing me. He proceeded to inform me of an invention known as a "plunger", probably saved my life that day. Good man! Thanks Keith!
Keith L.
Great service! Highly recommend and very professional.
Manuel B., Soleil L.
We always have great service from Cummings Plumbing. Jason M. was here today and he and his partner were knowledgeable, efficient and professional. We highly recommend Cummings for any plumbing job, big or small.
Jason M.
The folks at Cummings were very responsive starting with my inital phone call and subsequent service call.
Jeremy P., Vicky Y.
Completely satisfied with all personnel we interacted with. The jobs where completed with the utmost quality as expected. William P was extremely professional & just a pleasure to converse with. Thank you Cummings.

Excellent service!
Joshua B.
did a great job
Jason M., Alexis R.
Everyone here was so friendly and prompt in getting us help for our water heater. Unfortunately we found out it was an electrical problem but luckily for us they have an electrician on their team as well! If we ever have any issues we will call Cummings Plumbing every time.
Manuel V., Sue W.
William displayed the utmost professionalism with his understanding & presentation with our original free estimate. The execution of the jobs awarded was not only expeditious but thoroughly check & rechecked upon completed. Williams work ethics are not only sound but of high expectations. His methodical organization of the work place & his tools displayed outstanding management & time efficiency. On a personal note. William was very personable & made it a very pleasure experience. Based on my complete satisfaction & quality of the jobs I will strongly recommend Cummings Plumbing over the competition. Thank you.
William P., Alexis R.
Called for a free estimate, plumber arrived in an hour, job was competitively priced, I gave go ahead, job was quickly completed, everything works again. Fast, professional, happy ending.
Rebel L., Damien M.
I have used Cummings Plumbing for several years and not regretted it. They even did work for my mother-in-law. Based on the most recent work at my residence, Keith is the only plumber I want working on my plumbing system, and Jimmy is the only electrician that can work on my residence electrical system. Cummings is not inexpensive, but they are cheaper than replacing an entire backyard with new plants, and having to have circuits rewired by someone else.
Soleil L., Keith L.
well organized!
Carlos D., Rebel L.
professional, friendly and courteous staff

Josh B. is the field technician from Cummings Plumbing who came out a week ago to provide plumbing and installation service in our kitchen. I was so impressed with Josh's professionalism, cheery attitude, tidiness, diagnostic abilities and passion about his work. He worked efficiently but took the time to make sure the job was done right. He cleared a major back-up in our kitchen plumbing, installed a new garbage disposal with a sink-side activator button. He also installed a new water line to our refrigerator with a new turn-off valve in the wall behind the refrigerator. It is a week later and we are so happy with the outcome! We will definitely request Josh B. for future work with Cummings Plumbing. Thank you!
Joshua B.
no comment
Carlos D., Vicky Y.
no comment
Adan P., Vicky Y.
Fantastic experience. Fixed the issue right away, highly recommended!
Jason M., Sue W.
Had A very good service man doing the work.
Junior A.
Vincent arrived exactly on time, made the repairs, explained what he did and left everything immaculate.
Vincent P.
Cummings Plumbing has 'bailed us out' of plumbing problems many times over the years. They have always showed up quickly and done a great job. I very much appreciate their excellent service.
Brian K.
He did well.
Carlos D., Alexis R.
Jr was very honest with us and provided good quality customer service.
Junior A., Sue W.
Have experienced Cummings Plumbing twice and on both occasions they were prompt and very helpful. Solved both problems quickly and completely and their prices are very reasonable.
Keith L., Sue W.
I had a leak behind my refrigerator and dishwasher which happened on Christmas Day. I called Cummings Plumbing and scheduled an appointment for the following day. Jason arrived promptly at 8:00 am. Diagnosed the problem and replaced 1 foot of Polybutylene pipe with PEX. My house was 25 years old. He told me 1995 was the last year it was permitted before they took it off the market and banned Polybutylene pipe. My house was built in 1995, the last year it was used. I am sure the home builder would never had used the pipe, if they knew it had problems. Jason told me that even though he stopped the leak, he could not guarantee it would hold, because the rest of the pipe could break at any time. Polybutylene reacts with the chlorine in the water and makes it inflexible. The pipe that leaked was turned at a 90 degree angle. I had learned about the problems with polybutylene pipe from previous research and discussions with friends about the dangers associated with it. Jason recommended that I re-pipe my entire house. I knew he was right. He gave me a good price to re-pipe my house and I signed the contract on the spot to start work immediately. The same day that I signed the contract, Cummings Plumbing contacted Steamy Concepts to remove the drywall behind the dishwasher and refrigerator because it had become saturated with water leaking from the pipe. Steam Concepts under the supervision of Bryant removed the damaged drywall, the damaged cabinets, moved the refrigerator, dishwasher out, and proceeded to disassemble the countertop, sink, disposal, to clear the way, to run industrial fans to dry out the walls and floor. It took 3 days with 3 fans and a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the area. Even the batting which was saturated with water was removed and disposed of, to eliminate mold from gaining a foothold in the house. The following Monday, the day after they finished, Dontoi and Ed arrived early in the morning at 9:00 am, to start work on the re-piping. It took them 3 full days, working through the holidays, with New Years eve and New Years day off, before they finished the job on Friday. They were very professional and dedicated and did an excellent job. The following Monday, the City of Tucson inspector arrived in the morning to inspect the work before the Drywall repair team arrived to patch up all the holes. The Drywall team lead by Brandon working with Mark patched up the holes within 2 days. They did an excellent job. All of this was supervised by Mike Determan at Cummings Plumbing who made sure everything was done properly. After the job was finished I had one minor problem with a loose hose which was fixed by Christopher within a few minutes. All the people at Cummings Plumbing and Steamy Concepts did an excellent job. They never dropped the ball.
Casey B., Dontoi B., Vicky Y.
Ten stars to Manuel for his fast and courteous service! He made sure everything was in working order before he left.
Manuel V., Vicky Y.
Could not ask for a better experience. It was my pleasure to work with Jake and Jeremy. My plumbing issue was identified and a solution provided. Highly recommend.
Jeremy P., Vicky Y.
Excellent service. They arrived when they said they would and fixed us up. I would definitely recommend them!
Juan M., Vicky Y.
Our clog went away on it's own before the team arrived. We thought we should have them take a look anyway. Toilet and tub drains were both fine. No charge. Will definitely call again if needed.
Jason M., Alexis R.
Joshua provided thoroughly professional service!
Joshua B., Sue W.
Office staff efficient and helpful. Specialist arrived less than 2 hours after I called and well within the parameters given to me! We were told to call back after 24 hours to be sure water leak has been resolved.
Rebel L., Vincent P.
no comment
Adan P., Sue W.
Very professional and to the point. Look forward to the job being complete.
Jason M., Vicky Y.
I am truly impressed in the way that I have been treated by Cummings staff and employees. They are very polite and courteous, and patiently listen to any questions you may have. They advise you what they will do and do it. They are very professional and well trained in their area of expertise. Definitely would call on them again.
Adan P., Sue W.
Could not ask for a better experience. It was my pleasure to work with Jake and Jeremy. My plumbing issue was identified and a solution provided. Highly recommend.
Soleil L., Jeremy P.
Highly trained service personal that corrected my problem...
Jordan M., Alexis R.
Vincent came this morning and installed a new garbage disposal and all new piping under my kitchen sink. He did a great job and cleaned up well. I’m glad in the estimating process last week, he noticed a big rust spot and suggested repiping to avoid a leak later on. Thank you!
Vincent P., Sue W.
Damien did a great job of fixing some leaks when I was out of commish with a broken arm.. Personable and professional.
Juan A., Damien M.
Great Job!!
Justin B., Jason C., Jeremy C., Vicky Y.
Damien was great.. polite, informative and professional...
Call -., Damien M.

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