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Our Reviews

I seem to wind up hiring these guys several times a year - for big jobs, or just to help me re-arrange rooms or lug boxes from one floor to another. They are AWESOME .. Personable, fast, strong, reasonable. Last week they boxed up my whole library and hauled it upstairs. :)
Bob M.
I would like to say that I love there service they are very carefull with my furniture and treating the objects with care, I would definetly recomend them beacuse they are fast and acurate with time.... Thank you for the great service
Cowboy Moving Team.
These guys were fabulous! Our move couldn't have gone smoother. They were quick, courteous, considerate, and very helpful! Thank very much!
Cowboy Moving Team.
Have used them multiple times. Polite and helpful to set up appointment. Arrived on time/early and were polite and extremely industrious! Would highly recommend. Am surprised at negative comments! We couldn't be happier.
Cowboy Moving Team.
Couldn't have asked for a better moving service. They moved my belongings with care and intelligence. They were punctual, friendly, efficient, hard working, zero complaining. I'm thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you
Juan D., Jesus H.
I've already done this survey and said quite a lot here in this space alll very positive. But again, in brief, the guys were great, the ladies on the phone were great, your rates are the best. I've used you before and I'll always use you when I have a moving need, big or small. ALWAYS!

Mitchell and David were awesome! Made us laugh and completely took care of our move, even in a horrible snow storm. Even won over our dog.
Mitchell D.
I had Jesse G., Jorge M., and Domingue G. as my professional movers and professional they were. I have used Cowboy before and was impressed then, that's why I called them this time. They were very friendly and courteous and compassionate as they and I were having to deal with my mom who has alzheimers and is very confused. They were very sweet and kind to her and even made her laugh. The rates were extemely reasonable and unlike some moving companies that send you straight into bankruptcy after your move, I can go on financially unscathed. Thank you. If I have the need for a mover again, I will definately call Cowboy for all my moving needs.
Jorge M.
Will recommend and use again!

A hard working crew that not only lifted and transported all of our stuff safely, but even helped out dealing with nosy and obnoxious neighbors
Michael M.
These guys were awesome! They got it all moved and still we had fun.
Michael M., Kenwon B.
Jorge and Josh were excellent! They were polite and professional. They went above and beyond and I appreciate all their hard work. Kudos to Jorge and Josh!
Jorge M.
Jorge was very polite and professional. I have used Cowboy Moving & Storage on several occasions and am very satisfied.
Jorge M.
Movers Mike M. & John B. did a great job. They were efficent and polite. We have used Cowboy Moving & Storage several times and have always been satisfied. Thank you! Patricia & Jim
Michael M.
I've used Cowboy Moving & Storage several times and am always satisfied.


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