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I used Central Cooling & Heating Inc for my heating and cooling services. Everything went excellent with them. I liked their quality of work and it stood out to me most.
Team Central Cooling.
Our furnace was leaking and the first person we brought in to check it out thought that we might need to replace our entire furnace (which was only 12 years old and shouldn't have needed replacing yet). We called Central Cooling & Heating Inc for a second opinion as their webpage stated they dealt in the brand of furnace we had. We were able to schedule an appointment at our convenience and they arrived to the appointment on time. When the service technician looked at our furnace, they were able to determine quickly what was wrong, how to fix it, and how to prevent it from happening again. We were pleased that we didn't need a new furnace after all. Three weeks later and there has been no further leaking.
Team Central Cooling.
CC&H has provided installation of three systems that I have been involved with including my own. I have experience with other HVAC contractors and CC&H is by far the best. One of the systems was for my elderly mother in law. They installed the system with a large crew in a very short time despite being very busy as they could see its installation was crucial to her health. Another was for a wealthy friend who needed a system for her very large home. It was a complex installation and executed to superb results. Finally they installed my own system which was modest but corrected a poor installation by another contractor and I couldn't be happier with the new system. CC&H was recommended by a commercial client of mine which is the reason I have recommended them to a number of people. They can install any system from the most modest to the most complicated.
Team Central Cooling.
Replaced our 50 year old heating system (boiler, burner, controls and storage tanks) with a new, well designed system. Installation was professional and the quality of work was superb. The result is a system that uses less than 25% of the old system.
Team Central Cooling.
I am from Waltham Ma, just a few towns away from Woburn, and I always wanted a central air conditioning system in my house during the summer. However, I was very skeptical at first to invest in this system; so I called Central Cooling and Heating Inc, and the representative talked on the phone with me for about an hour, answering all my questions. After the phone call I decided it was worth getting the system installed. The guys who were sent to my house were very nice and knowledgeable. They got right to work, and did a great job! During this blistering summer, my central air has been clutch! My house is so cool, and I am able to sleep peacefully. I'm glad I went here.
Team Central Cooling.
Great company. Have had several service calls now and they have a nice, smart group of techs working for them. It's really great not have to worry about the people coming into your house. Not sure how their pricing compares to other companies but it seems fair...and it's worth it for the absence of any grief and aggravation.
Team Central Cooling.
My wife and I just completed the installation of a central air conditioning system which was handled by your company. What an incredibly professional group of people. The job was finished in three days which from my view is amazing as the installation team was retrofitting a 60 year old house. The installation team of Jon, Chuck and John were extremely professional and courteous. The attention to detail and daily cleanup was great. In addition to the installation team, the salesman and his engineer Doug were also top rate. We wanted you to know that these folks are all-stars. We will heartily recommend your company and his team to any of our friends considering a similar project.
Doug H., Chuck M.
Our Air-conditioner failed suddenly. We called Central Cooling & Heating and they sent someone over in 2 hours. Their office courteously called 15 minutes before the technician arrived and the technician, Scott, promptly fixed a broken capacitor. He was friendly and knowledgeable and took the time to explain clearly why our AC failed. Within 30 minutes, our AC was restored. He also checked the pressure of our coils and recommended routine cleaning. He explained why it was needed, how soon it should be done, and what would happen if the maintenance was delayed. He didn't try to pressure into having the work done immediately. In the end, I felt they sent an honest, competent professional, on short notice, who was able to get the job done inexpensively.
Team Central Cooling.

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