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Dave did a great job exchanging my garburator and fixing the leak.
Dave M.
After purchasing a furnace from this company my respect for them went downhill fast. After several attempts to resolve the issue I feel that I have finally made progress to bettering the relationship. It has only taken 5 years. Approximately 10 days ago I contacted Ashton re furnace problem. I spoke with a lady by the name of Caryn. She tried to help me. Help was slow in coming BUT I persisted and apparently Caryn did also. It was finally found out that a employee along the way dropped the ball and did not carry out all the steps necessary for my furnace and warranty to be registered. Caryn asked that I give Ashton co. another try. Caryn guaranteed that she would send me the best possible technician for repairs. In fact she said she would allow this person to maintain her own furnace. Enter Jeff. Jeff showed up on time as promised and asked a few questions then got straight to work. The possible problem was discovered quickly. In the mean time I had not received part of the original furnace purchase package I expected. The was partly due to my home not having enough wires to operate as proposed. I went out and recently purchased a WIFI type thermostat, as was originally proposed. During my discussions with Caryn and another employee last Friday it was agreed that the service technician would install my new thermostat if I installed the necessary wiring myself. I got together with a great friend of mine and we were ( with difficulty ) installed the necessary wiring. Jeff installed the thermostat and even programed it for me. As I have been in the service industry for 44 years before retirement I appreciate an employee like Jeff. He was polite ,attentive and very personable. He id his job as required in a extremely professional manner. I would recommend Jeff to any one who needed his expertise. An employee like Jeff will help to make any business very well respected.
Jeff P.
Positive review of service call to review previous work done. Very professional service, kind, informative and timely. Very impressed with overall experience.
Dave M.
I just had the nicest service call from Dave and Alonso , who came to do a furnace check and plumbing walk through. They were extremely thorough and informative, polite and personable , on time and went above and beyond with their service and explaining things. Well done! Have already mentioned Ashton and will continue to refer!
Dave M., Alonzo S.
I started using Ashton 5 years ago. Their service has been so good that I got a membership with them. My most recently experience was with Dave M. from their team. I was extremely satisfied with the knowledge and quality of work. And above all the customer service! It couldn't get any better if it were my own brother. Excellent work Dave and Aston. Thanks. 10 stars. Cheers!
Dave M.
I had a very strong sewer smell coming out of my kitchen sink. This smell seemed to be random but was strong enough to give a headache and I could hear the person in the condo below me flushing his toilet. Parker used a camera and discovered that the sink was plumbed directly to the sewer pipe. Using a light he showed me the gases escaping from the pipe. Parker reconnected the sink to the proper drain. He made my day. No more smell.

When we discovered a water puddle from an unknown source in our laundry room on Saturday morning, we contacted our Strata property manager. There has been a history of flooding in our townhouse complex, so we wanted to act immediately in case this was potentially the start of more a serious problem. Strata, in turn, contacted Ashton who promptly confirmed with us that a technician would arrive within the hour -- which he did -- the first indicator of a professional service in our books. Dave Mortensen was friendly and polite, listened carefully to our description of the problem and symptoms, and was able to locate the cause very quickly (a faulty valve that was interfering with the operation of our water pump and causing it to overflow). He then estimated the time that would be needed, bought the parts required and installed them. He also improved on the previous installation, to make it more accessible for future maintenance and repair. I appreciated Dave took time to explain the cause of the problem to me and answered all my questions clearly. In summary, a professional and dependable service. We would certainly call on Ashton again.
Dave M.
He's very patient and very kind also very informative . Did a very good job:)) awesome!!
Jeff P.
It is a pleasure to do business with you. It is also good to have a reliable company to call on not just for routine servicing or repair work but also in an emergency. Thank you.

I had my furnace serviced and some much needed kitchen drain pipes cleaned out. Dave M. did an excellent job and clearly explained everything that was done. He was also excellent at explaining everything to the fellow he was training. I feel assured that my furnace is in perfect running order and am delighted at how quickly my kitchen sink now drains. I have the Ashton Value Plan and it's perfect for me. I am very confident that Ashton staff always complete the work to the highest of standards. Thank you. Pat H. (Richmond)
Dave M.
I was having a problem with my On Demand system. Tim M. was the technician that arrived to help me out. He was very customer focused and knew his stuff. He had everything fixed in no time.
Tim M.
Start to finish, Dave M was professional, friendly and fixed my plugged sink even though it was on a Sunday night at dinner time! He presented me with his business card when I opened my door which I was very impressed by. After figuring out that it was my garburator and not my sink, I chose to have him remove it (it had given me problems before). Dave spoke highly about Ashton Service Group and I was very happy to hear that. It was a pleasure to have someone so courteous and put my mind at ease that I was in capable and trusting hands. A big thank you to Dave. Nice to no longer have a bucket under my sink catching the drips!!
Dave M.
I have recently had my furnace serviced and a complete plumbing inspection by Dave M. Thank you Dave for fixing the bathtub faucet which has been giving me grief for sometime. Dave also replaced the laundry hoses which where showing signs of wear with better quality hoses. He explained about any problems that could arise in the future and was very helpful. I would not hesitate to call this company. They are a pleasure to deal with and very efficient.
Dave M.
The company I had used to service my gas appliances for several years is no longer in business. Searching online for another I picked Ashton Service Group and am so glad I did. They have replaced the gas control valve on the water heater and installed a new furnace replacing a 46 year old unit which was just beginning to fail. I was extremely impressed with the prompt and courteous service I received from the first telephone contact through the work being completed. Everyone I had contact with was very business-like, professional and competent.
Jeff P., Ron S.
We belong to the Preferred Group (yes to have to pay for it) and it's well worth it. The discounts you get, and the front of the line feature when you call in is a bonus. They have sent the same plumber out each time we've had a call and that establishes a special relationship with the Plumber and Company. Sandro, our Plumber, has always been someone who listens, has exceptional patients, and always checks with the manuals if he needs to check something. He even likes our dog Tanner. Robert Wilson
Ion M.
I've had water pressure issues with my bathroom sink for years, and none of the technicians I called could do anything about it. Tim Moffatt from Ashton service group came today for my annual Navian combi boiler system maintenance. I asked him to take a look at my water pressure problem, and he fixed it in 20 mins!! I couldn't believe it! Tim's definitely the best technician I know.
Tim M.
Ashton Service Group and service technician Mehdi K. rock!!! I recently hired Ashton to take care of some mechanical issues I was having in my suite. I have used them in the past and their work has always been fantastic. They have always been prompt and the quality of their work is exceptional and in this case it was the same experience. For this particular issue I was having, they sent out Mehdi, their service technician and I have to say that I have never been so impressed with the level of care, attention, communication and quality of work received. First, Mehdi was on time, dressed professionally, introduced himself, covered his work boots with foot coverings, all before entering my suite. He walked me through step by step what he found and how he was going to fix the situation. The problem was complex in nature and took a bit of a creative solution to fix. Every step of the way Mehdi communicated with me, including texting and calling me telling me where he was at during the process. He was very efficient and the quality of work was exceptional. He cleaned our place thoroughly before leaving and even called back twice after the work was completed to make sure all was working and we were 100% satisfied. Mehdi was fantastic and I was extremely pleased overall.
Mehdi K.
We were MUCH MORE than satisfied, Sandro is an exceptional plumber!! I felt very relaxed, like I was in good hands! I wanted to call Brian directly and let him know what a wonderful experience we had. He deserves a GOLD STAR!!
Ion M.
Last week we had Ashton Service Group provide us with a new toilet. We received service from Dave M. who was a pleasure to deal with..He was knowledgeable, professional, friendly and performed a job well done. Thank you to Dave M. and Ashton.
Dave M.
Re Jason/Ryan: These two Ashton employees did an awesome job! Quick, accurate and friendly!!
Jason C.
August 2016. As usual I called Ashton for the annual boiler check. From the initial call (Allan) and the boiler service provided by Dave M it was the usual professional, courteous and on time experience. When carrying out the annual check of the house plumbing system Dave found the valves on the laundry hook up were leaking, he also suggested installing an in house shut off valve to an exterior hose bib. He gave me an estimate for both. I called the following week to have both these jobs done. The woman who took the call (Laura)? knew from their computer file exactly what was required and set up an appointment, again Dave M was the technician. Once again, on time, professional and courteous. Dave takes the time to answer questions and to explain options. No hesitation in recommending this company.
Dave M.
I recently required a plumbers service. I was given the name of Ashton Service Group. I contacted Ashton and set up an appointment time that worked for me. Mark Peters arrived at the time promised and repaired the plumbing concern. He was very professional and polite, the job was done and no time wasted. . I appreciate his skill and would recommend Ashton Service Group for any of your plumbing, heating and air conditioning service you require. You will not be disappointed. Thanks again Mark and the Ashton Service Group. Irene Hempstock
Mark P.
Dave had been out for a leaky wash machine hose this morning and wanted to let you know “how kind and courteous Dave was, such a nice fellow.” BY FAR THE BEST service guy I have ever had in my home!!
Dave M.
We required a service call to clear a blocked drain in our kitchen sink. This was a weekend call and it was handled with professional and promptness. Jason called to confirm our needs and we were given a time of his arrival, which was exactly as advised. After assessing the problem, Jason began the required service and it was carried out with professionalism and Jason was extremely easy to talk to and answered my questions with good and informed answers. While not a first time experience with Ashton Service Group, it was reassuring to know that this company maintains high standards, both in service, and with the employees that they hire. Kudos to a company and to an employee who bring out the best in their field. Edric S.
Jason C.
Very professional with excellent service. Empathy shown to effectively and efficiently solving problems in the shortest amount of time. Very impressive!
Paul M.
Please tell Ron that both your crew and the second crew (John+) are excellent people and excellent workers.
Ron S.
We were very pleased with the service provided by Tom C. yesterday. He fixed our broken toilet and was very professional and personable during the service call. He helped us decide whether to fix the current toilet or to get a new one. We appreciated his expertise in plumbing matters. Thank you, Tom!
Tom C.
Dave M. With Ashton Group was exceptional. He was EARLY for the call out time and very professional, honest and well spoken. He laid out my options for the situation and I never felt pressured to make a specific choice. I would recommend David M. & Aston Services to all my clients.
Dave M.
Wow....what a great team of service people! Justin and Ian just finished installing a new Mitsubishi Air Conditioning system in our home and they are two of the nicest, most professional, knowledgeable, and diligent technicians I've ever had work in our home! They were prompt, extremely protective of our home, covering floors and everything else in the work area to protect against dust and debris, and they vacuumed at the end of each day. I highly recommend Ashton to anyone in need of HVAC work! Thanks Guys!
Justin W.
Both Mehdi and Jon did some remedial work on our new a/c system. Both excellent reps for their Company who have dealt diligently with several problems that have arisen since initial installation.
Jon C.
Was totally impressed with the work that was done, the professionalism and how easy it was to get help after hours.
Dave M.
Am a Gold Ashton Value Plan Member. Have used the plumbing services on 3 occassions. 1 to connect new faucet, garburetor. 2 to connect new dishwasher. 3 To fix a water leak. Services 1 & 3 were done by Paul M who is very personable, professional, fully advises the customer of what is the problem, what are the options, and which one he recommends. Works quickly and the finished product is top notch quality. Arrives on time.
Paul M.
Found the company online and called for appointment. The response was immediate and within 30 minutes I heard from the technician who told me when he would arrive. From the call to arrival took no more than 45 minutes. On arrival Dave in uniform came in with shoe covers, tool kit and what appeared to be a rolled carpet so as not to soil floors. The technician and I went to the problem in the bathroom. He took apart the shower tap while explaining the process and that all looked OK, except for shower head. When finished he gave me all the discounts as originally described on the phone and accepted my cheque. I thought the service was fast and excellant quality. Brian
Dave M.
Yet again, Tim M has proved himself a star in our book. It seems as if Tim has looked after us for the longest time; it must be ten years, at least. Every time, his investigations, advice and high quality work make us thankful that we contacted Ashton all that time ago. This time, having discovered a leak in our Laundry Room, Tim found the cause of the leak, pointed out the need for a repair to the water-heater, did the necessary research, and presented us with options for a solution. Having made the decision to re-new the heater, Tim came back the next week, and installed the apparatus, with the complete professionalism that we have come to expect from him, and from Ashton. We are more than grateful to Tim, and would recommend him, the excellent quality of his work, the professionalism of his service, and would happily say the same about our experience of the Ashton Service Group.
Tim M.
Tim M. did a great job but most appreciated, he answered my questions, offered his opinion regarding various aspects of the work and was very pleasant, polite throughout the job. I wouldn't hesitate to call Ashton Service Group again...thanks
Tim M.
Excellent company!! Super service! Dave M was on time, friendly, professional, clean, and very detailed. He gave me important information as well. The rates are very reasonable and I to say the least I am very satisfied. They will be my only plumbing company going forward. I would refer them to anyone. I can guarantee you will be happy you did use this plumbing/heating company. Thank you!
Dave M.
Typical Ashton Service Group experience (spoiler, it was excellent). Dave M. called to advise on estimated arrival time, arrived on time was friendly, helpful, and thorough. Dave did a great job, left my system cleaner than he found it, and even noticed a minor issue which I had him correct. Highly recommended.
Dave M.
Dave of Ashton service group was absolutely amazing!!! He's professional, friendly and made me feel comfortable with the entire process of hooking up and installing all of our new appliances! He's TOP SHELF I highly recommend him. Ashton Service Group you run a great business with great employees! Thank you!
Dave M.
Ashton Service Group's business model is not unique - coordinating, consolidating various services under one business - but they actually succeed in providing timely and reliable service with just one call! I have used them on several occasions and have yet to be disappointed. The service is prompt, courteous and on time. The technicians I have met have all been extremely polite, willing to answer questions and explain what's needed to remedy the problem. Today it was Patrick, here to fix a problem with our hot water tank. He called to advise me he he could be here earlier than scheduled, arrived on time and promptly diagnosed and fixed the problem, a failing gas valve/thermocouple. He offered an opinion that it might be more cost efficient to replace the tank rather than just the thermocouple; the tank is 10 years old and near the end of its service iife. I agreed and he organized a replacement for the same day. All in all, a very professional and courteous service call. I will continue to use Ashton Service Group without hesitation.
Patrick D.
In the mid-afternoon when my outside tap exploded with water I couldn't control I called the Ashton Group on Fri.May 20th. The office staff was helpful in advising me to find the shut off value for the the water to my residence. I was able to find this easily as Ashton had done some previous work for me about 8 years ago. Within one hour of my emergency call Dave Mortenson, Technician was at my house to access the situation. A new tap was installed quickly and things went back to normal with the flow of water to my house. I would recommend the Ashton Service Group to my friends as they and their staff, employees are well trained in the services they provide. Thanks Dave M.! With you help I was able to have a nice weekend. - Susan L. (Burnaby BC)
Dave M.
When Alan heard over the phone what sounded--to us--like a waterfall in our basement, he assured us that nothing dire was occurring or imminent regarding the recently installed hot water heater. That same day, Jeff Petite arrived at our house to diagnose and replace the condensation pump. (Being in Richmond, with its high water table, our house does not have a floor drain in the basement.) He explained, with endearing honesty, that whereas such pumps are supposed to last longer, they actually don't, which made us feel slightly better about the cost of the replacement so soon after the installation of the new hot water heater (which, naturally, had progressed 5 weeks past its warranty deadline before dying suddenly one night, so we were out of luck getting a free one--from the other company that had originally sold it to us). Anyway, Jeff went on to efficiently install a new condensation pump. Throughout, he was pleasant, friendly, and professional. By the time he left, we felt calmed and once again glad that we have Ashton Service Group at our backs.
Jeff P., Alan S.
Dave and Ross were friendly, honest, and efficient. They showed up on time and solved various issues for us all in the same day. Ashton's prices were fair and saved us time and hassle from running around sourcing our own products and doing some of the installations on our own.
Dave M.
Ruben has serviced our air conditioners for the second time. Ruben is very professional, punctual and does a very thorough job. He is an excellent ambassador for Ashton Service and we will definitely be asking for him to service our acs in the future.
Ruben H.
Very pleased with the overall service that Parker provided. Parker was very efficient & professional in every aspect and should be considered a valued employee.
Parker S.
Excellent service

I had called Ashton for a quote to have my hot water tank replaced. As I live in Richmond I was attracted to Ashtons community involvement, I was looking to support a company that gave back to the community I call home. From the initial contact with Arlene on the telephone straight through to the completion of the job I was very impressed with the level of professionalism this organization exhibited. Dave M. and Rod were amazing on the install, extraordinarily polite and friendly and as I mentioned the level of professionalism was exceptional. I will be calling Ashton back when my wife and I are ready to replace our furnace. Great job Ashton, keep up the amazing job!
Dave M.
From the quote to the completion this was excellent professional service.

Ashton is our go to provider for Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. Our first experience with Ashton was when we called them in to correct mistakes done by another provider contracted by our strata. The work is topnotch professional and the staff a pleasure to deal with. Ashton is who we recommend to our friends and family. Joe

Great service from start to finish. Highly recommend this crew!
Justin W.
Fantastic service from start to finish. I called Ashton after reading several great reviews and realized they are well deserved. From the initial phone call, I was greeted with prompt and friendly service. Ashton was able to send a technician to my residence in a short period of time. I was fortunate to have Tim L as my technician and he was quick, professional and friendly and was able to get the job done properly and promptly. He gave me a thorough explanation of what was required and all the inclusive costs involved. I am nothing but satisfied with the service I received from Ashton.


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