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these guys were amazing and professional. from the time they came in until they left. each one of them told me their name and shook hands. Went through my whole house to show them what they were moving. they were very careful with all my belongings and was able to finish in a timely manner.
Eduardo G., Gilberto G., Miguel G.
My move was almost a month ago, but they were terrific. Someone came out to my house ahead of time and did a detailed inventory and gave me an honest quote. On the day of the move the 3 gentlemen who moved our stuff were super polite and efficient. They wrapped every thing and laid down pads so that our floors didn't get damaged. I was very happy with my experience with this company.
Eduardo G., Gilberto G., Miguel G.
Jason, Ricardo, and Chris did a fantastic job moving our furniture out of our apartment! They were super friendly and professional and made what can be a very stressful process very easy. They were very accommodating and careful with our stuff and were open throughout the process. Highly recommend this company for storage and interstate moving!
Jason P., Ricardo R.
I used this company to move between homes within town. This is the second time I've used the company in four years and both times I had a good experience. The initial phone conversation and estimate of the move went smoothly and was well communicated. The day of the move, Luis, Miguel and Luis Jr. arrived promptly and were friendly and easy to work with. They allowed me to help them where I could, were very responsive to my requests, and worked efficiently to get the job done without any problems and ahead of schedule. I definitely would recommend using this these movers!
Luis G.
The movers went above and beyond our expectations. We had intended to only have a few of our bigger furniture pieces moved, but had a bit more than expected left over after filling a rented truck on our own the day before. Jason and Eddie took everything we had left over and delivered it to our new place. We couldn't have asked for better service. I don't plan to move for a while, but when we do, I know who to contact!
Eddie G., Jason P.
So Impressed with American Moving & Storage! They were so professional & thorough start to finish. Communication was made regularly leading up to the move, and Gil was there exactly as expected on the day of the move. He & his partner were so careful with my belongings, and were really friendly! The move went seamlessly. I would highly recommend, and will definitely use again. Thank you!
Gilberto G.
Jason, Ricardo and Nathan did a excellent job moving me. They showed up on-time, were very courteous and efficient. I feel the price was very fair for the level of service I received. I'm also putting my belonging in storage for up to a year and the price of storage was excellent. Todd call a couple of times before the move to check in which I appreciated. I would recommend American Moving & Storage and use them again.
Jason P., Ricardo R., Nathan S.

Jason P.
Gil, Eduardo and Sergio were great! They were polite, fast and efficient. We had a LOT of boxes and they were very well packed into the truck. I do wish I had known ahead of time that there may be a delay in finding a driver for our load. I understood that moving in July is their busy season, but finding out my stuff was going to be unloaded and loaded an extra time, stored for an unknown amount and possibly late added stress. However, the team did everything they could to reassure me that my stuff would all be there soon.
Eduardo G., Gilberto G., Sergio G.
Gil, Eduardo, Erick & Jose did a great job packing up our house, moving part of our stuff to our rental house and the rest to storage. They did a really good job making sure everything was packed safely and separating between what went with us and what went to storage. They also stayed late on the second night of our move to make sure we had our beds set up so we have somewhere to sleep until they could bring the rest the following day.
Gilberto G.
Did a great job, communicated and led his team in a very professional, positive manner. See big things in Eddie's future
Eddie G.
What a Moving team! They hustled all day and never a discouraging word. I highly recommend them.
Eduardo G., Gilberto G., Luis G., Miguel G., Brandon S.
Count me in as yet another very satisfied customer of American Moving & Storage. As i usually will do, I viewed reviews online for several moving companies, and American Moving & Storage had practically all 5-stars. The American Moving & Storage website was very useful, as it allowed me to create an "inventory" of all that I would need to move (more just to gauge how big of a job it may be, and how many hours to estimate for the move). Gabriel followed up with me very promptly, and was extremely courteous, helpful, and very professional. I really liked that Gabriel was so transparent when discussing pricing and really made sure I had any questions answered. For the majority of my moves, I have rented my own truck, and either had friends help me move, or hired "moving helpers". Having American Moving & Storage do it all for me was great, as it took away practically all the stress involved with a move. On move day, Ricardo and Brandon showed up ready to go! Being at a high elevation in the Denver area, and my apartment on the 3rd floor (with stairs and no elevator), I was amazed at how quickly Ricardo and Brandon went up and down the stairs moving my belongings. They took the time to wrap furniture and other belongings, and I didn't notice a single scratch when the move was done. I can't say enough good things about my experience with American Moving & Storage, and would highly recommend their services for any move...large or small. Gabriel, Ricardo, and Brandon were consummate professionals during all my interactions with them, and literally made my move easy. And, on a final note, I can say that their pricing is very reasonable, as it was about the same for what it would have cost for me to rent a truck and hire moving help separately. Great job, guys!!
Ricardo R., Brandon S.
Awesome service!
Sean M.
Gil and Eduardo were excellent! They explained the packing process and walked through each room with me to ensure we were all on the same page before they started. They were not only extremely competent, they were highly efficient and very courteous. I would definitely ask for them again for my next move.
Gilberto G.
Today, Gil, Migel, and Eddy delivered our household items after seven months in storage during the time our home was remodeled. They completed their work in a most courteous and professional manner. They let us know they were coming (exactly as scheduled), greeted us after arrival, installed protective floor coverings, and worked carefully and efficiently to bring each item to the location we designated. Not a scratch to any part of our house nor to any item they handled. We can highly recommend American Moving & Storage!
Eddie G., Gilberto G., Miguel G.
I want to give 5 stars to Jason, Ernesto and Brandon. Brandon's name is not on the name list as he is new. I want them to get full credit for American Moving and Storage for their courteous, caring, efficient service today. I highly recommend them. They made a very difficult situation at the death of our son, and closing of his house, easier for us because of their caring. Thank you.
Jason P., Ernesto R.

Jorge B.
I had a great experience moving with Gil and Eduardo from American Moving & Storage today! To start from the beginning, we also had great service and communication with the company before they showed up as well. Shawny (might be spelled wrong) was super helpful on the phone and gave us lots of useful information and confirmation calls to make sure that our time and date of pick up were correct. Then this morning Gil called me from the truck just to let me know that they were on their way so I knew when exactly to expect them. When they got to my place they were super friendly and got down to business quick. They asked questions about what should stay or go and made sure they documented things they were boxing and things that were damaged (that I had previously damaged) to make sure all records were accurate. For two guys they did the job pretty quick and then explained the paperwork for me to sign, then they were gone! I'd highly recommend using them to move, they were very careful and organized and I really appreciate it!
Eduardo G., Gilberto G.
Had a great experience with American Moving & Storage. Dan came out to our house and helped estimate what our move would cost. Having never hired movers, I just had no idea where to start. I enjoyed that it was based on actual time spent vs a fixed fee. However, I didn't appreciate that the clock started when they left the office and ended when they got back. That tacked on another 1.5 hrs (we live in Denver) so didn't appreciate spending $260 just for their drive time. Overall, though the guys did a great job. Nothing broken! Nothing damaged!
Jorge B., Eddie G., Eduardo G.
Jason and Ernesto did a great job! They made sure everything was wrapped and protected so nothing would get broken. They were courteous and friendly. I would definitely recommend them!
Jason P., Ernesto R.
Jorge, Javier and Ernesto took great care of our treasures. Clean and tidy around the new house. Very friendly and hard working.
Jorge B.
The best! I debated a lot because I'm making a huge move. In fact, I don't even know where I am moving to. So I needed movers, some specialty packing help for a chandelier, storage and later I'll need movers again. I went with American/Belkins because they had the best customer service and I trusted their quote.
Jorge B., Andrew N.
Ricardo, Andy, and Chris were completely professional. We moved from Boulder to Longmont, and it was easily the most painless move we've ever experienced.
Andrew N., Christopher R., Ricardo R.
Gil, Javier and Miguel were amazing. First, they estimated 3 hours and did it in 2.5, they were professional and sweet and kind-hearted. They never stopped and took great care with every single box, furniture piece and/ or item. Gil was so professional and loved providing excellent customer service - really cared about my happiness and comfort level. I would recommend AM&S any time. So comforting to have the start of the move be handled so well.
Gilberto G.
Gilberto and Miguel did an excellent job handling fragile and antique items. Gil went above and beyond by fixing a piece of furniture that had been damaged in a previous move (by a different company). The crew and friendly and patient. Dan from sales was helpful and informative. American Moving was also more than willing to drive to a very remote location. We would highly recommend American Moving!
Gilberto G., Miguel G.
Wow! Jason, Josh and Robert did an awesome job of protecting and then efficiently loading my furniture and accessories. They were friendly and knowledgable. I am so grateful to have had such a great team handling my items. They were the best loaders I have ever had. They got everything done with time to spare. Thank you for doing such an outstanding job!! Robyn
Jason P.
Just moved about 45 minutes away with a full pack and move. Overall they did good, but there were plenty of small but undesirable issues faced. This was our third experience with a pack/move. Everyone at the company is professional, friendly, and helpful. My review would be 3 stars if not for the owners willingness to remediate and generally caring about customer satisfaction. This is a quality very difficult to find. Packing: 2 packers arrived on-time. I was surprised they sent only two because we had an 8-bedroom home. They packed the entire home in 7 hours, which was shocking but it was obvious they were veterans at packing. Overall packing quality was really good. We had a couple small items break (which we have never had before) but no big deal. They did miss several cabinets and small items in closets, so we ended up having to make several trips back to the house to collect them. We agreed on 3 safe zones, but they ignored one so items I need for work were packed, minutes after I just told them not to. Few items were over-packed in my opinion (non-breakables being wrapped in 8 sheets of paper and rolled). This might be because they sell boxes and are trying to use as many as possible. Move: 4 movers arrived on-time with 2 trucks (Andy, Ricardo, Jordan, and Chris). All were professional and friendly and were very ready to work. The moving crew worked really hard and very smartly saving time where possible. They move quickly and take very reasonable breaks. I have read a lot of horror stories about movers having booze on breathe, or fighting in the yard, but there was nothing like that. These guys all seem to get along great, and speak to each other with respect. Everything started off great, but we did end up with a few irritating but minor issues. The first truck went great, but the second truck did not seem packed as efficiently. They filled 2 36' trucks and still missed plenty of items. Note: We moved in 1 year ago with about the same amount of stuff and 1 36' U-Haul truck was enough. We got to the end and I asked why the TV's were not loaded. They seemed surprised the TV's were getting moved. Maybe many folks leave TV's behind, but it was fairly odd to me moving TV's surprised them. MANY items were left in the garage. Some things were flammable which they will not move and that is fine. The other items I asked about and they just sort of packed up the truck and took off. Our SUV is small so we ended up making 5 trips back to get all the small stuff they missed. Also the cleaner found a couple cabinets that were missed entirely and bins in closets left. Unload: Crew seemed in more of a hurry unloading. They still worked super hard but they did not read box labels and just started stacking everything in the basement, including necessary items like food and bathroom items. We had to spend several hours moving what they just unloaded just to get to kitchen silverware and food. They unloaded and setup 2 beds. One was missing small parts, and when we went to make the bed, it fell apart. This was the most frustrating thing that happened. The other bed seemed fine but was not completely right, which I was a bit upset about by this time. The owner called during pack and move just to check-in and see how things were going. This tells me he really cares about customers and satisfaction. When I mentioned the beds he promptly sent his handy crew out and they fixed both beds up quickly and correctly. Handy crew was also professional and super friendly. I was going to rate 2-3 stars but because they were so willing to make it right, that deserves more in my opinion. They really tried to earn 5 stars, but last 2 moves we paid over half the price, and that crew did just as good a job. I might go back to my last crew next time, but I would not hesitate to do business with American Moving again! Good company with good employees, just need to work on attention to detail at their prices.
Andrew N., Christopher R., Ricardo R., Jordan W.
Josh was efficient, professional and did a great job. Highly recommend!
Josh M.
Josh was efficient, professional and did a great job. Highly recommend!
Jason P.
Super professional and friendly guys. They did a great job moving an entire set of kitchen cabinets for me. Quality work. Thanks, Joe and John!
Joe R.
My fiancee and I, between the two of us, have used american Moving & Storage 4 or 5 times over the last few years. Without fail, they have been completely fantastic each time! Their customer service is amazing, from the first phone call, to the on-site survey, to the actual move. This last time, we had to move from 2 separate apartments as well as two separate storage units and they were extremely fast, personable, professional and careful with both our house as well as our possessions. I have been fortunate enough to have Charlie on most of my moves (I ask for him each time!), but I have yet to have a bad experience with any of their personnel. Ricardo, Wyatt, Jorge, Sean, Brad and Sergio also helped us this last time, and a few of them have also helped us in the past and, again, they were all fantastic! I spent a great many years in the military, as well as have moved repeatedly due to jobs, etc., so I have more than my fair share of experiences with movers, and I simply cannot say enough good things about this organization! UPDATE 5/17/17 - Just used American Moving once again and, as always, superior customer service and just an overall fantastic experience. Jason and James were fantastic!
Jason P.
Recently I moved across the country and was so pleased with the service I received from American Moving Comoany in Broomfield, Colorado - from begin to end. Gill, Sergio, and team took great care as they prepped my house for the loading of my belongings. They made great use of time and took extra steps to make sure the belongings were loaded without harm. . Gabe, Anthony and Soni at American Moving worked well as a team. They were very friendly and professional, making me feel like part of "their family" and knowing my "big move" took top priority. I cannot say enough about all the positive communications and follow through I received from them throughout the moving process and even after the move. Kudos to this moving company ! I would highly recommend the company to friends and family !
Gilberto G., Sergio G.
American Moving & Storage did an awesome job moving my family across the state. Everyone from the office staff to the movers were very kind and professional. They got the job done quickly and were very accommodating. I would definitely recommend this company.
Jorge B., Luis G., Sergio G., Ernesto R.
This was the best move! Gil and his team were awesome! They were very careful with everything and not one thing was broken. They were so nice and made moving easy! I would recommend them again! It was nice to work with people who respected my belongings.
Gilberto G.
This is our second time using American Moving & Storage. All of the guys did an outstanding job. The guys were quick and set everything up ahead of scheduled. Also nothing was lost of damaged. I will always use this company. Also Charlie help with the move and was not on the list. Charlie was a great part of the team.
Luis G.
This is our second time using American Moving & Storage. All of the guys did an outstanding job. The guys were quick and set everything up ahead of scheduled. Also nothing was lost of damaged. I will always use this company. Also Charlie help with the move and was not on the list. Charlie was a great part of the team.
Josh M.
(no comment)
Gilberto G.
Couldn't be happier with American Moving & Storage. I called them on a Friday for service the very next day for some moving of furniture, etc. within my house (upstairs rooms to finished basement), and they were able to accommodate me. Ricardo and Jorge were fantastic: super helpful, very polite, speedy. I would definitely use them again.
Jorge B., Ricardo R.
Had a great move with Gilberto and Javier! My contact at American Moving was Todd. His follow up was incredible! I highly recommend them! Made my move less stressful..
Gilberto G.
Had a great experience working with Gilberto and Javier! American Storage did a wonderful job moving me. I highly recommend them for any moving your looking to do. Todd was my contact and his follow up were incredible! Made my move less stressful..
Gilberto G.
The move from start (Estimate by Anthony Montano), to the move it self, (Andrew and Josh) went very smoothly, and was completed in less time thus less cost to our customer than we had anticipated! These guys are professionalism at it's best! The origination site was a challenge as it is mountain property and there were a few obstacles that they masterfully navigated without incident.
Josh M., Andrew N.
Stop looking now before you accidentally get a quote where you save $100 and have horrible service. I've moved a few times in the past few years. Each time hiring out the heavies and handling the light weight stuff myself. Gil and his crew came into the existing property, wrapped, carried and stacked every item with care and concern, as thought it was their own property. They mentioned all existing damage on each piece (see above regarding horrible service) from previous moves. At the new location, they walked the house, asked about specific locations for some pieces and proceeded to unload in an efficient fashion. Carpets, hardwoods, and tiles were sufficiently protected as well as railings. We had a perfect move (under budget), nothing was damaged, lost, mysteriously disappeared. While I don't plan to move again, if I ever do, my only call is going to be to American Moving and Storage.
Gilberto G.
Luis, Ricardo, and Josh did a great job moving is into our new home. They worked efficiently and took special care not to damage our home or personal property. Would highly recommend this crew!
Luis G., Josh M.
Exceptional service! Gill, Jorge, Robert and the two Drew's were professional, polite and positively perfect. Everything we read from fellow reviewers was true. Great company and we will be using them again.
Jorge B., Bobby C., Gilberto G., Andrew M., Andrew N.
Moved! Again...These guys are the best. I have moved many times and Jorge and Sergio knew how to get the job done. Offered to help me put everything together and were not hurried. Very professional..I will use them again. I used AMS 14 months ago to pack my home and store it while I remodeled a home. My goods arrived...nothing broken and nice guys to boot.
Jorge B., Sergio G.
Above expectations in every way. American moved out my furniture while having a remodeling done. Not a scratch with the move in and out. They took extra time to put down runners to protect and to put felt pads on the furniture as we brought it back to new wood floors. I could not be more pleased with their professionalism.
Miguel G.
Andy and Ricardo are the best. I sold my home and moved in with my boyfriend while I am having a house built. I will definitely hire American Moving & Storage when I move again after the new house is built.
Andrew N.
Jordan & Bobby were extremely careful and efficient. Very pleased with the move.
Jordan W.
Great work. Professional and easy to work with.
Christopher C., Luis G., Ernesto R.

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