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Worst company ever! They are lying crooks. Any company is better than this company! All they want to do is sell you something you don't need. Use them at your own risk.
Admin A.
They came and worked after regular hours to get out hot water heaters installed. Great work and very reasonable price. Courteous and knowledgeable.

Tony, Clint, and Alex came to install two hot water heaters when I was in a pinch for hot water with guests coming. They came late in the afternoon and worked until late to finish the job. They were polite, courteous, excellent workers who did not seem to mind at all that it was an after-hours job. I cannot say enough good things about them. My heart is full of gratitude for their quick response to my needs. This company makes me appreciate the work ethic that we often do not find. Thank you a million for being there for me!
Tony C.
Make an informed audio recording of any salesperson before buying. Promises made and guarantee given and now promises not kept and cannot get them to respond to their 100% guarantee. I have tried arbitration, BBB and now we are at the point of a possible legal remedy.
Ben B.
I had a kitchen faucet replaced today. Nancy was polite and called me several times to update me about the techs. Location. Robert arrived and did a great job. I was very happy with the service and the price. Thank you so much for being on time for the appt. and providing an honest person to perform the work. I would highly recommend ars, I am completely satisfied!
Nancy R.
let's just say Don't call ARS for HVAC. Call anyone else. Installation was substandard. Service was poor, to say the least. My story is too long to put here. But I guarantee you, I will never use ARS again and will tell everyone I know to stay away from these people. Promises made and broken. Appointments made and not kept with no notification.
Mauro C.
no comment
Joseph S., Gary B.
At first I was a little skeptical taking up business with the company so far away from where I live but it was Ben's salesmanship that sealed the deal. He answered all my questions, shared his customers experiences and treated me as if he already knew my concerns. I care for an elderly parent in which our unit broke down. As soon as I gave the ok, Ben did everything to make sure our unit was installed and our home well cooled. The technicians, Jamal W. and another tech which I didn't catch his name, was also very efficient and patient through the sweltering heat. Their professionalism and kindness gave me and my mom peace of mind. I did notice water leaking from outside unit two days later. I called for service and someone is expected to come out today. I'm confident the problem will be resolved. Thanks for all your help!
Ben B.
My a/c dated 1984 was replaced. Jermaine was first to respond. Pointed out on old HVAC the fan not running and for one that old, the best decision was to replace. I could've ordered new motor but one that old will continue to break down. Very hot in house and not the first time I have gone through this. Mark came and showed me my options. I didn't want more debt but Mark called Enerbank. I got a great deal with Enerbank and even Dominion Energy said I got a great deal with Enerbank and didn't believe I could've gotten such a deal with anyone else. D.J came next day with his boss; Albert, came because I am a senior citizen and assured me that I will be taken care of in best way that ARS can provide. Was very impressed with associates that took my calls and because I suffer severe anxiety; they understood what I was going through. They have the sweetest dispositions. Made me feel like a family member. I have seen many ARS commercials where the truck is leaving and child runs after truck, waving. Believe me when in need; especially if you are a senior and feel helpless, call on ARS. They are professionals.
We had Gary Boroff from ARS/Rescue Rooter come to our home in North Charleston to troubleshoot a problem with our HVAC unit that was not cooling and leaking through the ceiling. Gary was very detailed and knowledgeable as he explained the problem and gave the best solution. He made us feel comfortable with his honesty and willingness to help us without any pressure. It was obvious that he was there to help us and not just sell us something that wasn't necessary. We would highly recommend using Gary Boroff for your HVAC problems.
Gary B.
Gary B. was very professional and explained the issues in such detail that we could understand what the problem was and the best way to resolve it. Gary was very honest and made us feel comfortable and that helped us feel like we could definitely trust him. We would highly recommend Gary B.
Gary B.
Zero stars ! ARS has horrendous service. A week ago - I schedule a routine service appointment for today, Memorial Day. The date was chosen by the associate on the phone. I inquired about holiday hours and was assured "the team was working normal hours". Three hours later, I received a call that the tech was on his way - 5 days early. Couldn't meet him and rescheduled back to Monday am - Memorial Day. Today, Memorial Day, I received a telephone call that my afternoon appointment (not) could not happen as it was a holiday and they would reschedule later in the week.
Admin A.
Josh at ARS was punctual, professional and kind! He was very helpful when it came to answering questions and explained everything that was going on with our HVAC unit. We will continue to use ARS in the future!
Joshua R.
Dont waste your Emergency calls ignored. Extremely poor service even with a service plan (that they can never find your plan by the way). Even with you contacting the �¢����parent�¢���� company�¢���� ARS �¢����quality assurance manager doesn�¢����t call.
Kelly T.
DJ and Jermaine were fantastic! They came in while I was working and I could barely tell they were here at first..They both were professional and got right to it. While completing the install they educated us on the new unit! Both were courteous and a pleasure to speak to! The install took a while and they did their job like true professionals ans provided us tips to care for the unit. Thank you ARS!
Ben got out to us the same day and we were able to talk about options that fit our budget. We had tried to get a system a year ago unsuccessfully with ARS. Ben was a breath of fresh air and gave direct and clear information. I felt comfortable proceeding with a major purchase because he ran all the numbers for us. Not only that he called into the office to confirm all of our payment options giving us an extra piece of mind that we were making the right decision. I am so relieved and grateful that we were able to get an affordable unit and got rid of a 24 year old heat pump that has caused us so many problems over the years! Thank you!
Ben B.
Ben got out to us the same day and we were able to talk about options that fit our budget. We had tried to get a system a year ago unsuccessfully with ARS. Ben was a breath of fresh air and gave direct and clear information. I felt comfortable proceeding with a major purchase because he ran all the numbers for us. Not only that he called into the office to confirm all of our payment options giving us an extra piece of mind that we were making the right decision. I am so relieved and grateful that we were able to get an affordable unit and got rid of a 24 year old heat pump that has caused us so many problems over the years! Thank you!
Rashad M.
Ben was a polite and very knowledgeable sales rep. Although we did not use ARS I highly recommend getting a proposal from them through Ben!
Ben B.
I don't normally do reviews but I had to voice my dissatisfaction. I'm sitting outside doing this because it's too hot in my house to. If anyone is thinking about going with ARS to install & maintain your next AC unit you may want to think twice. Here's my story: My previous AC unit was about 10 years old when it stopped cooling. I called ARS who came & replaced a capacitor for around $375.00 & the guy talked me into getting a new unit because of the age of the existing one. Up until that point the Kenmore I had had worked without flaw for 10 years. Anyway ARS installed a new 3.5 ton gas pack (this was in July) for over $12,000; the most I had ever payed for a AC unit. From the beginning it's been a pain. The second or third day after installation it wasn't cooling very well; they hadn't wired the thermostat right for 2 stage cooling. They had to come out twice for that, I believe. It worked OK for a while until winter when we had a freak snowstorm which dumped a foot of snow on everything. The heater stopped coming on at all, so because they couldn't come out right away because of the ice/snow (understandable) we spent 3 miserable nights freezing cold. When they were able to come out the unit inexplicably started working again. And now since the climate here has been cooling off I turned the unit off for a while. It got warmer again so I went to cut the AC back on & it wouldn't come on. I checked the breakers inside & outside. I tried a couple of other things but couldn't get it to come on. Called them on Monday & a guy did come out that day at 8:30 pm & worked until 11:30 pm to say it was the Nest thermostat that was bad. He didn't have one that he could make work since he had to order another Nest. So, they're supposed to replace that Friday; another week of discomfort. (It's been unseasonably warm here). Anyway, I'm saying all this to say I've been very disappointed in my new AC unit & feel that I shouldn't be having to put money into something I spent over $12,000 on & is just over 2 years old. Oh and ARS never came when they said they would & no one ever called me before the tech would show up.
Jermaine E.
Nice and respectable got everything done
Preston G.
Please do not use this company, they do not follow up once they have your money. We spent $23,000 on two HVAC units and they still have not delivered on a faulty part to the thermostat after 3 months. They disappointed us by not showing up after they had set up an appointment time and then came without the new part the second time. They also led us to believe that there was a rebate on our units and then after many months of requesting the form they said that the units did not qualify for the rebate.
East Zone Z.
I have had this new AC unit for 21 days on day 2 they had to do some duct work to quite the noise down in the house I questioned the installer about the moisture on the unit he said it was normal. On day 7 my credit card was charge for the unit .BY HOME DEPOT not ARS not good. One day 14 called about to much moisture on unit . Doug and another service Tech came out and said I needed a bigger return in my house. ARS called and said someone would be out Wed 8/6/19 between 12-5 NO SHOW- NO CALL. I called Thursday 8-7.. talked to Herb Ward he would get to the bottom of it and call me back. No call back that bday I called 8-9 at 5:25 pm. Was told by Victoria that no one was there to help me. I called on Saturday 8-10 Told by Jada the same thing no one there to help me and she could not set up an appointment..I asked about the 24 HOUR SERVICE GUARANTEE She said sorry she could not help me..
Doug C.
I needed some work done in my main bathroom shower. Called to set up an appointment to get an estimate. They were supposed to be there between 9-11 am. They did not show up until 3 pm with no call that they would be late. When they did show up it was the supervisor and he did apologize and gave an estimate that was within reason for the work we needed done. We decided to go ahead and set up for that same week Friday. Was told by him we were going to be first call of the day and he would be there between 9 and 10 am. Well Friday comes around and still no one at 11. We call and they say another technician by the name of Matt will be there in 20 minutes. He finally arrives at 12:30. He did not have the correct work order or even the parts when he arrived. He was rude the entire time he was here. The work he did seems to be up to standard. The attitude of this guy was not professional at all. He stated numerous times about how this job should have been charged as twice the amount it was. That was not my problem. He was here until almost 7 pm in which time he was outside for 30-45 minutes talking with another associate in my yard. Not to mention the times he went out to talk on the phone. The work was good but the personality and punctuality of this company has a long way to go. I give the only 1 star and that is only hoping my faucet last.
John O.
This technician came on Friday after 7 PM and I showed him my thermostat he was already abrasive shoeing me away telling me he knows what he’s doing when I was trying to explain or show him that it wasn’t cooling. I explained to him that I was able to get the fan motor restarted with a long tool so I felt it was the capacitor because then the fan motor would come on and stay on when I manually started it. he went out and inspected the unit came back in and told me it would be almost $1300 to get the unit started needing a new capacitor a new contactOr and a new fan motor which I explained to him was replaced last year I got a second opinion from Berkeley heating and air and it was just a capacitor he had my unit up and running in 30 minutes. I have called twice to speak with a manager and no one will return my phone call. Please be aware of this company and do your research and get a second opinion if needed we as a consumer need to protect our self and I am posting this to help protect others who may be out of thousands of dollars just because we are told certain things need to be fixed To be fixed or replaced when it really isn’t warranted I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau
Slyvester M.
Two AC technicians from ARS did a follow up and repair call at my residence today. Tim and Kevin did an excellent job, and were very polite and professional. Kenyatta was the AC technician that responded to the EMERGENCY call placed by me about my AC problems at my residence, and he also was very professional, polite and informed us about the situation with our AC. Well done to these AC Technicians.
Kenyatta G.
ARS installed a new unit and air handler in 2016. Has worked great until this past Saturday. I called to ask about my warranty. Was told I would get a call back on Monday from the local office. Nope. Called Monday to set up service. Around 12:45pm I call them. Spent 20 minutes on the phone answering all the usual questions. Was told the soonest appointment would be Thursday afternoon. Said ok set it up. They would call before coming. Thursday comes, husband takes the day off of work. At 2:30 he calls to get an estimated time of arrival. Was told there was no appointment set up. I call and get the same information. I want to talk to a supervisor for an explanation. They are all gone, but one would contact me on Friday. I left my cell number. It is now 8:45pm on Friday and I have heard nothing from anyone. All this company wants is your money they have zero interest in anything else. Do not use them for any service.
Admin A.
HOME DEPOT doesn't accept critical reviews for their service, only the product so no reason to continue. How convenient.
Thomas M.
Roberto, Is very helpful, friendly, respectful, polite and answered all my questions. He recommended changing my uv light and came back the next day to install it. Roberto is definitely a GREAT tech.
Roberto O.
When our new AC we had purchased a month prior went out after a storm, we called ARS late at night. I was hopeful though not expecting it would be fixed that same night. I have a newborn baby in the house and was prepared to go to a hotel. Roberto the technician called and as soon as I mentioned we had a newborn in the house he said he would be there ASAP. He arrived shortly after and was a breath of fresh air during a stressful time. He worked quickly and efficiently, while explaining everything clearly. He had us up and running in no time. I was beyond pleased with his service and kindness. I am also very pleased with our purchase from ARS and the way they took care of us as costumers.
Roberto O.
I was pleased with service technician today. He took his time and explained pricing for parts that were being replaced and why they needed to be replaced.
Roberto O.
Very unprofessional!! I will never call on them again! they totally ripped me off! I've been without heat for over a week. They make appointments (4) and don't show or call! Came out once, didn't fix it and never came back. Took $90.00 cash
Simone R.
Simone R.
I had ARS come out to check my unit that had been running inefficiently. Prior to their service, my auxiliary heat was running which is quite expensive and the home was 47° when I woke up the morning before they arrived. I was very eager to have the issue remedied prior to the cold and snow moving through which is why I schedule two days prior to snow and ice moving in. The technician was nice and pulled parts off the unit and charged $400 for the service. Prior to leaving he reminded me his work is guaranteed for 1 year. He assured me my home should be 15 to 20° warmer when I returned home from work in a couple of hours. When I did return home, the home was at the same temperature and auxiliary heat was still running. I then phoned the company back at 5:45pm that same afternoon to have someone come back out and was told that a company that prides itself on being available 24/7 did not have anyone available to send out. The soonest appointment they had was the following day in the afternoon which I took. I called the company the day of the appointment to confirm we were still on and was told I was rescheduled to the next day. No proactive phone call on their behalf. The following morning I called to confirm my appointment and was told at 10 AM that yes, I was still on their schedule to arrive in the afternoon. I then received a call about 130 that they were unable to make it due to weather. I then was rescheduled to today. Less than confident I called to confirm at 9 AM. I stayed on hold for 40 minutes before I simply hung up. I gathered my patience up and called back an hour later and was then told “the company was not open today”... again, had I not called I would have had no update from ARS. I have yet to hear back from them when my supposed next reschedule will be all while my house has been anywhere between 44 and 47° running on expensive auxiliary heat after being serviced by a company who, again, prides themselves on being available 24/7 for customers and who warranty their service. Avoid using this company at all cost because that is exactly what will happen: they will take your money, leave you with your same problems and not prioritize or care enough about providing their customers with quality service or an ounce of professionalism. I don’t wish this experience on anyone. This company is totally crooked and unethical. Save your money and go anywhere but here.
Amy C.
I called ARS to wire a Nest Thermostat. All that was needed was a single wire. I was quoted around $160 to set up this Common Wire. This was more than it should have been, but fine, whatever. The guy spends 15 minutes hooking it up. He then starts talking about how old the hvac system is. He hooks his gauges to the heat pump outside and says I'm low on refrigerant. None of this is a surprise, I knew how old the system was. He writes up the visit detailing the wiring work and what the system needs. Shows me the tablet for payment, zoomed in on the wording of the work done. Like an idiot, I provide the card info without seeing the bill, because I trusted what he said earlier. No emailed receipt is received. I notice a $269 charge later that day. I have to call them and request a copy of the receipt. While on the phone I was told that I was charged for the wiring and 2-4 pounds of refrigerant. Absolutely no work was done there. My system is still low on the refrigerant. I requested a call from the manager. I waited a day for that call that never came. I called them back, explained the issue and was told someone would call me soon. No one called. Part of this is on me for not verifying what I was told, but I'm a trusting person. Too bad that ARS takes advantage of people.
Doug C.
Roberto always gives excellent service above and beyond. Appreciated he explained the NEST PRO products which I will purchase in short time. Kay W***
Roberto O.
Roberto was the best, we have a new home and had yet to try the heat, had family in town for holidays and everyone was freezing. I figured out the heat was not functioning so had to call for assistance which led me to ARS/Roberto. We were told they were very, very busy as it had recently become cold out and people were having issues all over, they called back 2 times throughout our wait and promised the tech was coming, 3rd call was Roberto and he was at the house and ready to go. We talked, he worked, we talked some more and magically my heater started heating! Cudos to Roberto and ARS for a job well done and a new friend made.
Roberto O.
real good service and on time. friendly tec.

best tec the company has .always on time and fast
Roberto O.
Roberto was very professional. repair went very smooth. Would recommend
Roberto O.
Fixed Air Condition drip pipe. Roberto was able to find the problem in a short time period. He cleaned the drip pipe using air pressure through the pipe. He also attached another pipe on the clean out valve (close to the air handler) to make sure the unit shutoff next time there is a water problem with the drip pipe. Roberto is very knowledgable and professional.
Roberto O.
After careful thought and recollection of our installation issues, we have deduced that the cause of our problem was due to a faulty original installation done by ARS. However, this was corrected to our satisfaction later but some insulation that was in the drip pan caused the excess water to overflow and soak the carpet in the adjacent closet. The insulation was the cause of the float switch to fail. The ARS tech, Roberto, that was sent out today quickly diagnosed the problem and corrected it to our satisfaction. We appreciated your quick response and attention to our situation. Sincere thanks, Toni & Louis Ramon

The ARS tech, Roberto, arrived in the promised timeframe, was professionally dressed even down to the shoe covers to protect our carpet. He listened patiently as we described the problem and was able to quickly diagnose the cause of the problem and effect a repair.
Roberto O.
Fabulous and knowledgeable.
Roberto O.
Our technician was Roberto Ortiz. He was very knowledgeable and professional. Well done!

Roberto Ortiz is the best technician we've had yet. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. We were having some issues with the humidity in our home being higher than normal on a brand new HVAC unit. He new all the possible problems and all the possible solutions. Great guy, great job! Highly recommend!
Roberto O.
Todd Gordon did my bi-annual maintenance today...most thorough maintenance appt I have had in years. Very professional and hard working! He took the extra time and energy to make sure all was in order...thank you
Todd G.
It was hot in my attic on possibly one of the hottest days in Charleston, SC. But that did not prevent Chuck from keeping his cool throughout the 4 hours it had taken to get the job done. Thanks Chuck for going beyond the call of duty to keep this customer cool!
Chuck N.
I am 75. Met many service people. Roberto was one of the best I have ever met. ARS is fortunate to have such a quality staff member.

Roberto was so wonderful. Polite, Professional and just a wonderful person.
Kimberly H., Hope Y., Roberto O.
Knowledgeable and courteous
Toni J., Hope Y., Freddie S.

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