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The service provided by Brian D. was excellent: professional, courteous, prompt, clean and customer friendly. We will continue to use ABC Southwest Plumbing in the future and recommend their service to other people.
Brian D.
very knowledgeable and courteous. made every effort to contain mess and did cleanup after. Having served the public for 40 years Matt would get my highest recommendation
Matt M.
In the past week I had all new plumbing installed in my home. The technician Lou Tosto was remarkable. He explained everything he was going to do in great detail which made me feel very comfortable. Lou is true professional and defines the meaning of customer satisfaction. Lou will be the first person I call should there ever be any other plumbing issues in my home. Thanks Lou for the excellent work. You are one of a kind. I feel honored to have had you as the technician for my plumbing job.
Lou T.
Aaron Garcia is a excellent Plumbing Technician. He is very knowledgeable, courteous, and an overall stand up guy. He is a credit to his profession, and his company.
Aaron G.
Lou is the best service tech that we have had bar none. He helped us through a couple of messy plumbing issues. He was courteous, knowledgeable, kind, happy and very thorough. He completed the job quickly even though the issues were spread over a few days. He responded to our phone calls and gave us suggestions for water treatments and gave us quotes for future consideration. We will surely call or recommend ABC in the future. Thanks Lou!
Lou T.
Brian has helped clear up several problems for my Mom and I. I will request Brian for any future issues with our plumbing.
Brian D.
Brian was my hero today! Extremely courteous and professional. I was impressed with the clean up job he did - left nothing for me to do at all! I would definately recommend these guys to anyone in need of services. I'm giving Brian a 10!
Brian D.
Aaron Garcia has been our plumber for at least 5 years. We have total faith in his work. It has been a relieve to have someone working with you while in Germany; to always know the work will be done well, with no mistakes, and no rip offs, and even great surprises. He knows his work well and is very dependable. I highly recommend him and would give him a 5 rating
Aaron G.
Aaron G. and Joe R. installed a water heater late last year and then returned today to install a pressure switch that had malfunctioned. On all visits they arrived as expected, they performed the work in a professional manner, and were very courteous. They ensured the work area was clean when they left. In my opinion, they are a real asset to your organization ! Carl Bender
Aaron G., Joe R.
Service was beyond excellent. Technician was super knowledgeable, fixed a minor problem for free, and gave sensible advice on how to deal with hard water and bad toilets in my house. I was given a variety of options and price quotes from doing it the ideal way (cannot afford that) to the bit-by-bit way. I offered a large tip but the guy would not accept it, and seemed genuinely happy to be helpful just for the sake of being helpful. The prices quoted for replacing toilets and installing a water softener were a little frightening, but given the service level I think they're justified. Overall a great experience
Brian D.
Brian Drone was in our home to address several plumbing issues, he was very helpful with answers to all of our questions. He did a great job, would call again if I ever need plumbing repaired again.
Brian D.
Called with problems today and Brian was here within a couple of hours. Fixed all our problems and answered many questions. Great service!
Brian D.
This is the 2nd time we have used Southwest Plumbing. We requested Plumbing Technician Brian Drone. He is always prompt and through. He takes the time to explain in the problem in terms we can understand. We shall continue to use this company. Keep up the good work.
Brian D.
100% Professional. Friendly and informative, company representative Brian Drone figured out the issue very quickly. Highly regarded & recommended.
Brian D.
Matt was on time and showed professionalism. He did a fine job with the installation. Thank you.
Matt M.
I am very pleased so far with the work that Lou and Brian completed on my home. As the work progressed and questions arose they took the time to discuss with me. Always left my home clean without any debris. They were accomodating of my time and need to be at work. Professional and efficient, I will continue to recommend Southwest as I have in the past.
Brian D., Lou T.
Outstanding work, extremely efficient. Our family has used Southwest Plumbing for many years. Aaron has great work ethics. My parents had a new water heater installed and the area was left very clean.
Aaron G.
Lou T has done work over the years at our home and he is by far the best plumber we have ever had. He is very professional, polite, and a very happy man to be able to do business with. S West Plumbing must be a great place to work with people like Lou there! Thank you Lou,! Linda
Lou T.
Very pleased with Aaron and Joe. Been doing business with Southwest for over 20 years. Always prompt, but not the least expensive. Lou is usually our tech. He is also excellent. We called at 8:00am and had our hot water heater replaced by 11:00am. You get what you pay for so we always call Southwest for quality service and products.
Aaron G.
Nov 14, 2013 by anonymous We had a 1 hour response to our request for replacing a hot water heater. Yes, from the time we called at 8:00am until the time Aaron and Joe arrived at 9:00am it was 1 hour. We also called Home Depot for a bid and they responded in 24 hours with a lower bid. Problem is we wanted hot water immediately not in 24 hours. And yes we paid more for our lightning fast service with ABC Southwest, quite a bit more. Were the units comparable and would there be an add on charge with Home Depot when they arrived? What about after the install servicing? Would we get a stranger ? We have done business with ABC, previously Southwest Plumbing, for over 20 years and know the price will be from the black book and will be somewhat higher than other companies, but the service is the best. We get what we pay for. Lou has been our service rep. for most of the time and he is excellent. Aaron and Joe installed our hot water heater within 2 hours, and answered all my questions satisfactorily. Good job. (Hide)
Aaron G.
Lou was prompt, efficient and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone who needs plumbing services.
Lou T.
Matt M(glasses), I didn't know their were 2 Matt's, but this man was my hero ! I was preparing a home on Boca Grande for company, and everything was going wrong at once. Not only did I get same day service from a great company, but he fixed 2 other unrelated problems that he saw me frustrated over:-) I got a new garbage disposal installed and you couldn't even tell he's been there No mess:-) Thank you Southwest Plumbing! -)
Matt M.
Brian Drone is super!! He listened to what we had to say about the noisy pipes in the bathroom shower; then he checked the plumbing in the shower. Brian went into the attic to see the plumbing because the pipes run over the shower and then down. Brian discovered the problems. In addition to uncovered/unsupported pipes, he also discovered the cartridge seemed to have something interfering with the water flow. After solving these problems the shower no longer makes loud, irritating noises. We are very pleased with Brian and Southwest Plumbing, and we will not hesitate to recommend our company. Thank your very much, Jim and Pat
Brian D.
We called to have a leaky kitchen sink fixed, Lou came and fixed the problem quickly. He is a very polite and friendly person, Explaining everything about the pricing and warranties. Very pleased. Thank you
Lou T.
Lou has serviced our plumbing needs for several years now - and we always ask for him by name. He is a true professional and very courteous. His work is thorough and efficient. He keeps you informed on what needs to be done and why.When he leaves a job site it is always clean and inspection ready. I can recommend Lou without reservation. He gets our Five Star, Triple AAA rating.
Lou T.
joe and aaron are great reps for your company. both are extremely professional,knowledgeable and helpful. if you got rid of either of these 2 guys, i would not use your service again. i would follow them, wherever they ended up. i think they both deserve raises!!! thank you for the terrific service, john fredericks. rotonda west.
Aaron G.
Brian Drone / best plumber ever! Great work ethnic and very customer service oriented.
Brian D.
Brian Drone has excellent customer service skills as well as technical services. Was a pleasant experience working with Brian to get my plumbing done correctly and in a timely manner. Great work ethnic!!! Thank you Pamela Dunn
Brian D.
Brian and Joe are were professional, knowledgable, and very polite. They are the only people we use for our service needs.
Brian D.
We will only use Soutwest for our service needs. Brian Drone and Joe Roberts were very professional, polite and knowledgable. They even clean up after they are done.
Brian D.
Thank you Southwest Plumbing for consistently sending the same service person out for service calls! Brian Drone has been this person for about a year now. Whether it's a slow toilet, leaky faucet or a clogged drain, Brian is always genuinely cheerful and engaging, with helpful information regarding prevention of future problems.
Brian D.
Thank you Southwest Plumbing for consistently sending the same service person out for service calls! Brian Drone has been this person for about a year now. Whether it's a slow toilet, leaky faucet or a clogged drain, Brian is always genuinely cheerful and engaging, with helpful information regarding prevention of future problems.
Brian D.
These guys are great. Brian and Joe got us fixed up and running again. Thanks
Joe R.
Very helpful, Found our problem right away Was at our house very quickly I will call this co. Again should we need there service again.
Brian D.
Brian was professional in appearance, clean and neat, friendly and totally knowledgeable about what needed to be done to mitigate a long-standing problem of getting hot water to where it was needed, - wthout using gallons of cold water needlessly. His work was efficient, careful and thorough. He was an active listener and answered all my questions clearly and concisely. He has a delightful sense of humor and is an all around decent, intelligent gentleman. If all service personnel were as competent as he, the world would be a much nicer place!
Brian D.
Guy was friendly and knowledgeable, showed up right away and fixed the problem quickly. Also gave honest and in-depth advice about other issues besides the one at hand. Overall great experience.
Aaron G.
Used Southwest Plumbing for the first time. Excellent!!! They were on time--professional-- courteous--- and Brian Drone very knowledgeable! Also gave us advice on what to do next! Thank you for saving my kitchen sink!!
Brian D.
Bill Created on 07/03/13 Joe R. was great and went above expectations on a very large job. Everyone from this company was good to deal with. I had to have my home inspected after the work was completed for Florida insurance. The inspector told me they did a great professional job. I would recommend them to anyone.
Joe R.
Elaine Lersch Joe R. was on time to do my AC tune up. He was very courteous and professional. I we this company again.
Joe R.
Joe was courteous and knowledgeable. Thanks for all of your help!
Joe R.
On time, courteous, efficient. Professional with a good working knowledge of products and services. Would not hesitate to call again in the future.
Joe R.
Brian did a wonderful job for my Mom, in Englewood, fixing her plugged sewer line. He found the cracked pipe under her side walk and fixed it without damaging the sidewalk, and did the work while he was on site and did not tell us to book another appointment. He did a masterful job!! Brian is very courteous and knows how to talk to elderly people. You should be very proud he is part of your team! We will certainly call Southwest Plumbing if we have a problem in the future. Many thanks for fixing out plugged sewer line.
Brian D.
I have been using Southwest Plumbing, and Lou as my technician for over 10 years. He is always professional, courteous and knowledgeable in all matters. I used another plumber one time and regretted the quality of their work immediately. I would never use another plumbing company ever again. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Lou T.
very helpful and knowledgeable.
Brian D.
Carrie Gruber Brian D was absolutely AMAZING! he came on Memorial Day (today) fixed a disposal and dish washer emergency (water all over our new home) He even looked into some little things that were annoying my mother. He was polite, knowledgeable, curtious, friendly and over all had a great persona and made us very comfortable. I would give him a raise as he is a fantastic representative for your company and I would not want to lose him if I owned this company!
Brian D.
Aaron did a great job. And, the complete experience from the first phone call to his resolution could not have been better.
Aaron G.
May 23, 2013 by anonymous Very thorough and professional, would use this company again without hesitation.
Aaron G.
the company provide good service promptly. the technician was experienced and good heart and honest . the price was high from beginning, after ask for help, they reduced the price, but it is still difficult for me to handle but my air condition was fix and I appreciated the professional service.
Joe R.
May 20, 2013 by gsilva2919 Excellent service! Brian was great at explaining all that we needed done. He worked quickly and professionally. Highly Recommend Southwest. Geri Silva
Brian D.
Service specialist performed the necessary repairs in a professional and expedient manner. He answered all questions posed to him in a knowledgeable way.
Tanner S.

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