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Great experience! They were willing to come back several times to fox the problem.

Very professional, knowledgeable, on time & reasonably priced. Great team.
Norm R., Vernon V.
Vern did a FANTASTIC job digging out our backyard for our large bump out addition to our house. He was polite and punctual. The work was completed on time and on budget - no surprises. What impressed me the most was how well he maneuvered the digging machine (not sure of the name for it) in such a tight space - there is a certain art to that level of coordination. Hopefully, we are done digging up our yard, but if I had to hire him again, I would.
Norm R., Vernon V.
Awesome service by Vern at a very reasonable price! I so appreciated their quick response and willingness to wait on me to get home from an appointment. Norm was wonderful about getting in touch with me and letting me know when to expect Vern. I especially appreciated the way they kept everything clean and protected my home while they worked and brought their tools in and out of the house. Very professional and high-quality service! We will definitely use them again!
Norm R., Vernon V.
(no comment)
Norm R., Vernon V.

Norm R., Vernon V.
I contacted A-Atlantic Plumbing and Drain to fix two sinks and a shower, both of which were draining extremely slow. Norm was very polite and helpful in setting up my repair appointment and even called after the repairs were completed to make sure things were working fine. Both Vernon and Mauricio were on time and were very pleasant to work with. They assessed the problems and promptly went to work to fix them. They took the time to explain what was going on and what needed to be done to remedy the issues. Shortly after, another sink was showing signs of a very small leak. Again, Vernon arrived on schedule, did the minor repair and was good enough not to charge me. If you're interested in getting the job done right, call Vernon and his team. These guys are awesome.
Norm R., Vernon V.
I woke up the day after Thanksgiving and when I went to take a shower the water was cold. I went into the basement to see if my hot water heater was on and when I got near the carpets were soaking wet. When I opened the door leading to the hot water heater it was leaking steadily. What a mess. I knew enough to turnoff the gas to the heater and shut the valve off that feeds it water. AAtlanitic plumbing had repaired my outside hose bibs seceral months back and I was happy with both the service and price. Vern and his assistant were punctual, professional and fixed all the items on my checklist. Based on the experience I saved their number in my phone and I am glad I did. I called them not expecting them to pick up with it being a holiday weekend but to my surprise Vernon himself picked up the phone. Vernon had me send send him a video of the leak and in the meantime talked me through how to drain the heater and the next steps. Vern advised that the supply house he uses was closed but that he would reach out to the manager. Vernon came over about two hours later with a new hot water hearter, wet vac and air blower. The installation took several hours and Vern added a drain pan and recommended a product to use that would notify me in the future if a leaked took place. While Vern was installing the heater his assistant help me dry vacuum the carpets and set up the loaner blowers. If Google had 10 stars AAtlantic Plumbing and Vern deserve it!!! I have found a Plumbing company I can trust that does excellent work ! I would highly recommend !
Vernon V.
This is one of the nicest, most competent companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and I've been involved in a LOT of home renovation/repair projects. They were prompt, courteous, neat, very well priced, and perfectionist in details. I am thrilled with my new sink and wish I had done it earlier; this was a difficult job as it involved grinding out a larger opening in the granite. Other companies had told me I'd have to replace the whole granite countertop in order to get an opening the right size for the sink (previous owners had cut corners and the result was a sink that did not sit properly in its hole). Instead, Vern took a look and felt sure he could enlarge the opening by careful grinding, and he was right. Now I have a beautiful new sink that fits snugly and is easy to clean, and I saved the cost of a new granite countertop (estimated by others at $10,000). I will never call another plumber but A-Atlantic, and I recommend them unhesitatingly.
Norm R., Vernon V.
A-Atlantic provided excellent same-day service to help us get our kitchen sink unclogged. Norm was great in helping us get scheduled, provided updates when there was an earlier availability, and followed up with us after our appointment to make sure everything was satisfactory. Vernon was very professional and considerate, he and Mauricio both wore booties over their shoes when in the house. They fixed up our clog in a jiffy, and explained what exactly was causing the issue and how to prevent it happening again. They were a great help!
Norm R., Vernon V.
We have used A-Atlantic for our plumbing issues for the last ten years or so. We have always been pleased with the work Vern and his staff have done for us. They were the only plumbers willing to take on repairing a leak in a water line under our concrete floor rather than re-piping the line. They are very professional and always took care of assuring protection cloths were put down and any debris was cleaned up.
Norm R., Vernon V.
As always Vernon Norm and all the folks at A- Atlantic come thru. I called at 4 Pm they were onsite by 4:15 and the problem resolved by 5:30,,,, Now thats fast service.
A-Atlantic Plumbing & Drain Service Team., Norm R.
Simply the best. Two years ago I had a problem with my pipes and I called another company and I did not have good service but a very high charge. Call Vernon is the best in 15 years had never had the attention and friendliness as the Atlantic Plumbing & Drain Service INC would recommend 100%
Norm R., Vernon V.
I have used this company for many years, and while out of the country on holiday this year, I was alerted by our house sitter of a major water leak. I immediately called A-Atlantic, and Vernon called back immediately. He reassured me that he would take care of everything and not to worry. Even though it was after hours, he went to my home and replaced a blown out water heater. He quickly fixed the issue preventing further damage, and cleaned up the standing water. He allowed me and my family to enjoy our vacation, and not return to a mess. If you want a company to get the job done right the first time, flawlessly, not cut corners, not over charge, and people you can trust in your home while your out, this is the one. Every job he has done for me is top notch. From small jobs to major renovations, its done according to the latest building codes and with the most advanced equipment. Its refreshing to work with a company like this, the customer service, quality of work, proper pricing, and peace of mind is hard to come by these days. These guys have all that, and do it all, I highly recommend A-Atlantic Plumbing & Drain for all your plumbing needs.
Vernon V.
(no comment)
Norm R., Vernon V.
I didn't even get a chance to use A-Atlantic because I got lucky and was able to clear my clogged sink myself. BUT...when I initially called them about my clogged sink, Norm was on the case. He called me back several times to set up and confirm appointment times and really did his best to try and get me immediate service. Customer service was top notch and I will definitely use them in the future. (With my luck, my sink will clog back up later today. LOL)
Norm R., Vernon V.

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