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Had my air conditioner checkup and Raphael was the technician who came out. He was very thorough and explained everything to me about my air conditioner. Very pleased with his work and he was very professional.
Service T.
The name of our service technician is not on the list to leave a specific review for him but his name was Alejandro Espinales. He came to perform the regular maintenance on our unit and we were very pleased with his performance. We liked that he explained and kept us informed of all the steps he was performing. Thank you Alejandro for a job well done.
4 Seasons Air Conditioning Heatin Team.
It’s Christmas Day 2020 I called at 11:32 and ask someone to come out because I have no heat this morning. He said contractor would call and give me time of arrival. At 3:00 they text and said they couldn’t come out and would have to schedule tmrw. I said I have. 20 month old and. 10 year old , why didn’t you tell me that HOURS ago? How am I gonna get help now at this time? 3:00 on Christmas Day! I have a baby and small child and freezing temps tonight!! I’m am so disgusted by their action I just had to let you know!
4 Seasons Air Conditioning Heatin Team.
We have been a 4 Seasons customer for several years now and for this visit we requested Nick as we'd had him in the past and remembered how good he was! Nick is efficient and very knowledgeable. He also takes great pride in his work. He does a great job and we will be requesting him for future visits. Thanks for a great job Nick!
Nick K.
My Realtor, Brian Gangawer, referred me to 4Seasons AC when my unit stopped working 2 days before listing my house for sale. The company that installed the unit was not able to get me on the schedule in time, but 4Seasons did! Nick (Nikita) showed up on time, was extremely respectful, courteous and efficient. He explained and showed me the issue, and performed the repair. He also checked in to make sure I was satisfied. I'd highly recommend his service!
Nick K.
Everything you fear about an AC company is probably true with them. Since I worked for them for about 14 months I can tell you, it's truly a nightmare. There is never enough staff to handle all of the departmental functions correctly, so instead they load the few people they do hire (3 to be exact, 2 now) with everything they can possibly think of. Each department should have it's own people, that makes things run efficiently, but not here. The same person ordering your parts is the same person taking 50+ phone calls per day, or trying to do random accounting nonsense because the "accountant" there is only actually in the office 2 days a week, or it could be the same person they assign to do all the contracts for the entire company. There is also no real IT person, I was the one doing a lot of that, but just not getting paid for it of course. It is ludicrous to think that it is somehow more efficient to run a company like this, but they do. If you tell your "operations manager" Bobbe, the one who will never be "available" if you have a complaint, she will give you great lip service in saying "oh yes that's terrible" "oh it's going to change soon" but nothing ever really changes, and whatever she is getting from working with this company must be something really beneficial, because the amount of bullsht everyone has to deal with specifically because of her is insane. Ever heard of a sales technician? He's the guy coming to your house solely with the intentions to sell you a new unit, he is not concerned with repairing the one you have. If your unit is over 10 years old, you will be sent this "sales technician". When it was brought to her attention that the numbers they were basing customers needing a new unit off of were not correct, I was told "knock the sht off". The prices you get quoted? Are literally made up almost on the spot. Some at industry level, some are not. Good luck getting the owner with anything, any time he gets involved it turns into an even bigger shtshow. He is a great guy, but he does not have the backbone to do anything with his company, he will believe anything told to him by Bobbe, the "operations manager". How do i know this? Because when she fired me for no just cause he never once asked me what my side of the story was or even cared really. He only sees the bottom line, and that's money. If the company is making money, human lives don't matter to him, how his employees are treated doesn't matter to him, and worst of all how his customers are treated does not matter to him more than his own internal structure. It's ran more like a Communist nation with a despot leader than anything, if you stand up for what you think is right or if you have a valid complaint about the way you are being treated you just get fired. You don't get told why, you aren't allowed to defend yourself there is nothing you can do. There is no leadership by example, only do as you're told or get out. All the while they joke and hehe with you pretending that everything is just kosher. If this is the kind of company that you want in your house telling you that you need hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs, then by all means go right ahead. They will tell you that, and if you have questions about it no one is allowed to tell you anything except the fearless leaders and they will tell you there's nothing they can do. To Brian and Bobbe I know you will see this and you can remove it off the website I'm sure but I will find everywhere I can to post it. This is what happens when you let injustices occur.
4 Seasons Air Conditioning Heatin Team.
Nick K.
I cannot even explain to you how amazing Nick was to work with! Not only did he fix my problem quickly, but he also explained what was wrong and how to prevent it from happening in the future. He then taught me how to maintain my system and showed me around my unit so I understood how an ac unit functions (sad to say as a grown woman I did not know anything about ac units). Through it all he was kind, courteous and friendly and never made me feel bad for my lack of knowledge! Nick won my heart and definitely won my future business! Thank you Nick, you truly are amazing!!
Nick K.
I couldn't ask for better service, from actually talking to a human that answers the phone, to the service man that gave me the bad news to the installers that made it all better!
Nick K.
I would like to take this time to send a BIG "Thank You" to the staff of 4 Seasons. I have been a long time customer of your company and have entrusted the guys to service my unit for years. They have always been professional and honest with me when recommending the services that I needed, so when I put in a call for service, Jeremiah was willing and able to schedule my appointment for the second week in May. When the technician (Dennis) arrived to service the unit, he realized that I was not getting enough airflow and after further assessment he informed me that the unit was in disrepair and that it needed to be replaced. After going over my options, I agreed to have him send someone out to give me a quote. He immediately called the office and was able to get me an appointment for the same day. That afternoon John came out, looked at everything, took the measurements, and was able to get me an estimate within 24 hours. With that being said, after two weeks of shopping around and getting more quotes, I called John back and told him I would like to go with 4 Seasons and to please put me on the schedule. He promptly scheduled my appointment for Friday, May 29, at 8:00 a.m. On the day of my appointment, Alex and Eddie arrived at my house and I showed them where everything was located and they immediately started working. Upon taking out the old equipment and installing the new unit they quickly realized that more work needed to be done before the process could be completed. They immediately called their supervisor (Sammy), and he came out to assess the situation as well. He thoroughly explained everything to me, as well as showed me everything that needed to be done to get me back up and running. He assured me that they could do the work in one day and that they would not leave me in a jam. (He even stayed throughout the whole process) At the end of the day my new ac was up and running and I couldn't be more thankful and satisfied with the end results. Sheri D.- Orlando
4 Seasons Air Conditioning Heatin Team.
I can't say enough good things about Nick! He came to my home today to fix a clogged condensation drain. He wore a mask and was very professional and respectful. Nick also was very friendly and took the time to answer my questions and explain to me exactly how I should be self-servicing my unit between 4Seasons visits to keep everything working properly. I learned so much from Nick today and joined the Gold Club so that I can receive routine maintenance. Nick recommended that my unit's coils be cleaned and the unit raised a bit and he will be returning to do that. Nick has been in the HVAC business for 20 years and is indeed a credit to 4Seasons. I am confident that I am in good hands!
Nick K.
Nick was very professional and informative. He made sure we understood what he was doing and what we need to do on a regular basis. Very friendly.
Nick K.
5 Stars and a thank you to Tech Terry, office staff Kristie & Lynn. Unbelievable immediate response to repair our AC. I called Memorial Day, a record heat setting day when our AC unit stopped working. I had family members from Ohio & Alabama that day on my wife's and mine wedding anniversary AND while the 13 year water heater broke the day. earlier. Tech Terry was there by noon the next day and returned a couple hours later with needed parts. We've been using 4 Seasons for over 10 years and this is not the first or only time they provided exemplary service. 78 Thanks as in 78 degrees
Terry M.
Nick was great and is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explains what he did and answers any questions we may have. Nick has serviced and or repaired our AC a few times over the years and has always done an excellent job. A definite asset to 4Seasons.
Nick K.
We recently purchased an older home in Orlando and are moving here from Texas. Decided to have the ac unit serviced before summer. Nick was our technician and I am so pleased with his knowledge and his patience to explain all the details. We will continue to use 4 Seasons air and I will request Nick on any other calls. He is a great asset to your company.
Nick K.
We've used 4 Season since we bought our house 2 years ago. Got the contract and Nick comes out every 6 months to clean and service our unit. Does a great job every time. When repairs are needed, he always clearly explains what he is going to do and how it affects the system's operation. Overall, Nick gets 5 stars for being personable, professional and knowledgeable - everything one could ask for in an A/C technician.
Nick K.
Nick was great, he arrived perfectly on time, explained things very clearly and was polite and courteous. A credit to the company. Thanks Nick!
Nick K.
We used other companies in the past. 4 Seasons is consistent and reliable.
Service T.
First, the technician was on time. Seconds, he got to work immediately. Third, very polite. All in all, we were very pleased with our visit and with our service from 4 Season. Thank you, 4 Season Air Conditioning Company
Service T.
Dan, Ken and Christie were all very professional and great to work with.
Dan D., Ken F., Kristy H.
Nick was here on time and did an excellent job.
Service T.
(no comment)
Bobby F.
From installation to my yearly service - the best company I have ever used
Service T.
Ever since we started having our air unit serviced by 4Seasons our home is nice and cozy,and has never failed.
Service T.
(no comment)
Service T.
Unfortunately we have had issues with our air not working properly since installed last year in July; however, I want to acknowledge the great customer service that was provided by technician Robert. He listened to my concerns and was able to provide information that reassured me the issues will be resolved. Thank you Robert for a great customer experience and see you on your next visit to us.
Service T., Jill W.
Excellent service by competent and friendly technicians. Arrive on time, and clean up after themselves.
Service T.
I've used 4 Seasons for over 30 years - no complaints
Service T.
Nick made certain I understood everything he accomplished today. He is very knowledgeable in the workings and maintenance of A/C Unite and is very patient. He is to be commended for his exemplary work. PM
Nick K.
I just LOVE this company! We have used them for over 15 years. They have installed 2 new Lennox units for us and we never had a problem. Fast forward....our builder installed 2 new Lennox units in our new house through another A/C company and they have been nothing but problems. We gave up with the other A/C company and 4 Seasons fixed all the problems that were really due to a POOR installation job. The employees at 4 Seasons have worked their for years! We have known Sean, Lynn and Tony for years. This company takes care of their customers!
Tony N.
Terry has serviced our AC for years and always does a GREAT job. He also knows how to interface with people and inform you of any problems. He makes you feel like we are family.
Lynne C., Terry M.
I have used Four Seasons both personally and professionally for many years and have never been disappointed! Lynne, Christie, Bobby, Terry, Dan, Jon - all of the staff members are great. I would highly recommend them. Its a well run company that is very good as what they do!
Lynne C., Jon S.
Quick response and very professional work.
Kristy H., Terry M.
Excellent firm. A cut above most of the HVAC companies out there.
Lynne C., Nick K.
Tony and Kristy along with Sean, Lynn and the man in charge Brian are the team at Four Seasons Air that keep us cool and healthy as possible. Even with some special medical needs for reliable air-condition / ultra clean and very dehumidified air, we place our trust in these great people at Four Seasons air and Lennox. Thank you Brian for running such an honest and reliable business.
Kristy H., Tony N.
I've been with 4 Seasons for many years and have always gotten the best customer service. Lynne is always friendly and ready to help with any problem I may have. Jon my service tech is exceptional. I'll be using them in my new home. Thanks 4 Seasons, you're the best!
Lynne C., Jon S.
I have a 22 year old Trane heat pump that has been bought and maintained well by 4 Seasons. Christy is friendly and super efficient. Jon is very thorough. He answers all my questions and give me tips on keeping my unit running. And when it time to replace my unit, 4 Seasons will be the place I buy it.
Kristy H., Jon S.
A good company to do business with. The employes that I have encountered are 1st rate.
Lynne C., Nick K.
Your company is the BEST!
Bobby F., Kristy H.
(No Comment)
Bobby F., Kristy H.
Lynn was very helpful setting up appointment,Nick was very thorough and knowledgeable doing service,very satisfied
Lynne C., Nick K.
I have been a client of 4 Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc for well over 20 years. They are first class and get it right the first time. Highly recommend.
Dan D.
Great job
Lynne C., Terry M.
Great company. Been with them for a number of years and have always taken customer service very seriously.
Kristy H.
Terry was much more through than any previous technicians I have dealt with over the years. He seems like one of those fortunate people that likes his job.
Kristy H., Terry M.
I have had their service contract for 8 years in our residence and our business and have never had a problem.
Lynne C., Terry M.
On time as previously scheduled. Friendly, courteous, fast and professional service.
Kristy H., Nick K.
We have been using 4 Seasons for the past 3 years, Kristy is always very accommodating when it comes to our 6 months services. They replaced our a/c unit last year and they were excellant. Sorry I can't remember our service technicians name, but that should be a good sign because I've never had any complaints.
Kristy H., Tony N.
Office Sfaff extremely polite, friendly and professional. Excellent follow up. Technician (Tony) exhibits exceptional technical knowledge, expert diagnostic skills, courtesy, and professionalism. He is a credit to his company and profession.
Lynne C., Tony N.
Nick is very professional & personable! Also was great in making sure I understood all the “how tos”! Great asset to your company.
Lynne C., Nick K.

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