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Cameron with Sewer Line Only was courteous and very knowable with his equipment and how it worked. He showed me the video of my sewer line from the city tap into the house. It looked spotless when he left.
Cameron B.
I highly recommend sewer lines only. They are a professional and thorough company. I have had a lot of problems with my roots because of the Clay foundation and they took the extra step by using a special type of equipment list plus to get rid of these routes. The technician had a scope and included a video after he was done. They charge a flat rate with no hidden fees. It's nice to know that there Are some honest companies in the world
Sewer Lines Only.
Sewer Lines Only was the second service provider I contacted when my drains started backing up in the house due to root invasion in the sewer line. After a horrible experience with the first company, I could not have asked for a better experience than I received from Sewer Lines Only and my technician, Cameron. Cameron had no problem resolving my issue and could not have been more pleasant. Not only was he thorough but also kept me informed through the entire process. Sewer Lines Only will be my go to from now on!
Cameron B.
The first company I called could not unclog the line and suggested the line had collapsed. These folks were timely, professional, friendly and helpful. Took the time to get the line cleaned and scoped it, too.
Sewer Lines Only., Cameron B.
Kim responded very quickly to my quote request for a routine sewer cleaning. They were available for service a few days later. Jackson, the service tech, was friendly, professional, prompt, and thorough.
Jackson W.
My main line kept clogging so I called these guys for a scope. Really impressed with how honest the techs were. Turns out I didn't need any emergency repairs but I'd definitely recommend for anyone needing work done.
Sewer Lines Only.
They are very accommodating to what your needs are. Have awesome service from office to crews! I will be recommending them in the future.
Sewer Lines Only.
Sewer Lines Only is truly a great sewer company. We had a very tight deadline for a closing on our home, and they made sure to get all repairs done before the closing. The workers were great and worked very efficiently. Wyatt and Lisa did an amazing job with communication and provided us the best service. Use this company if you are ever needing sewer work completed. Thank you again Sewer Lines Only.
Wyatt C., Lisa M.
After three other quotes from plumbing operations of all sizes, Sewer Lines Only came in with a different proposal: just fix what’s broken and scope it every year or two. At that rate, it would take 20-30 years before it cost as much as the other quotes. I’m really happy with the service and the results.
Sewer Lines Only.
Great service. Friendly and prompt. Highly recommend
Sewer Lines Only.
Sewer Lines only was by far the most professional and honest company I have worked with in long time. I had many quotes and opinions on my sewer line. They were honest and by far gave the best customer service. I highly recommend them for all sewer needs whether it be to repair, replace or clean.
Sewer Lines Only.
the entire team is amazing. from the first time i called to compare quotes of various companies, i knew this was the company to go with. they answered every question, were on time for everything, responded to every email immediately and did the job at a fraction of the cost of another big name company. jackson is amazing. i read about him in other reviews and that was a big reason i called sewer lines only. he did not disappoint. i needed a full sewer line replacement, which the other company quoted at $22-25k. i asked why and they simply said: because we do it right. when jackson came out, he gave me a much more thorough assessment and an honest quote – about $9,500. the other company tried to sales pitch me and the kid on the phone tried to mansplain the situation. i told the big name rep that no matter what he said, i wasn't going to give him $20k. i asked jackson if his quote was for pipe bursting or a full trench and he said that the rate would not fluctuate. he did everything he could to make a case to the city of denver that the less invasive pipe bursting method would be used so as not to wreck the lawn and a large rv slab of concrete out back. it worked and there is but a small scar from a trench in the backyard. this is probably the longest review i have ever written, but this is probably one of the best companies of any kind that i have ever worked with. simply amazing and honest people. for a job this big, it feels good to work with people you can trust. i cannot recommend them enough. i give them a 10k star review.
Sewer Lines Only., Jackson W.
Service tech Jackson was very professional, arrived on time, proceeded with project in timely, efficient manner. Displayed concern with protecting property while he worked, performed descaling & cleaning task while explaining operation with knowledge & experience. Very satisfied with job he preformed , would recommend him & his service to anyone needing sewer cleaning - inspection.
Jackson W.
From the first call I was confident that I choose the right company. They answered all my questions and guided me through the process. Under the supervision of Jimmy and the rest of the crew, Joel & José, the job was done on schedule without any inconvenience. I certainly recommend your company.
Sewer Lines Only.
The staff is very professional and responsive to client concern. They inspected our sewer line clog at no cost and gave us very fair estimate of the service to be provided. Everything was described in service agreement. Dealing with contractors is usually not good experience. But sewer line is exceptional. We had great experience and I highly recommend.
Sewer Lines Only.
A previous sewer inspection revealed roots in the line so I had SLO clean the sewer and then re-scope. Jackson and Cameron were a pleasure to have in our home. Thank you for your promptness and thoroughness!
Jackson W.
Prompt, on time, professional and extremely knowledgable. Jackson was the technician who came out to help, he was thorough and patient...taught me more than i knew there was to learn about my sewer line. Headquarter operations are air tight as well. Seriously wouldn't consider another business for a clean out and/or repairs
Jackson W.
Excellent service, fast responses, service location on time, service delivered as expected and fully satisfied. Communications are exceptional. Great to do business with them and all done as promised.
Sewer Lines Only.
You gave a good estimate promptly, Lisa made scheduling clear and sure, and Mike and crew did their job professionally
Sewer Lines Only.
Fair price, great work and they stand behind their pricing. The guys who actually did the work were always on time, worked hard and very professional. Please provide a bathroom to your guys during a 5 day job.
Sewer Lines Only.
Jackson came to my house for a sewer scope and clean. He was so polite and so professional, I cannot recommend him enough. Next time I need anything sewer related, I will definitely call Sewer Lines Only.
Jackson W.
I was connected to the company for a scope, through my realtor, and because they were so great and responsive, i decided to use them for the needed repair/replacement. They completed the work in less than a day and my yard looks as great as it did before. They even replaced the rock and other landscaping! So happy with the work and relieved!
Sewer Lines Only.
Had Jackson clean the sewer line at our rental property and then again at our residence. He is efficient and very knowledgeable. He takes the time to review the video and discuss any areas of concern. I highly recommend this company and ask for a Jackson!
Jackson W.
I appreciated how quickly and professionally the work was done. I will work with them again!
Sewer Lines Only.
We had a sewer backup, scoped the line, and realized we had to replace the sewer line from the foundation of our house out to the street where it connects with the main line. We had four contractors out and went with Sewer Lines Only. They were in the middle of the road as far as pricing, but their customer service and competence were high above the rest. For such a big job, pricing was important, but competence was more important to us. From the initial appointment to putting the finishing touches on our sod, the company did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend them.
Sewer Lines Only.
I was very pleased with the service from Sewer Lines Only. I was particularly impressed with Jackson. He was very prompt, professional, efficient and conscientious. I plan on using SLN for future sewer issues and will certainly recommend your company to friends and family.
Jackson W.
I was extremely pleased with the work of Sewer Lines Only. Jackson was very competent, friendly and efficient. I have nothing but great things to say about him and how he approached his work. I highly recommend this company.
Sewer Lines Only., Jackson W.
Sewer Lines Only provided excellent service. Jackson was very professional, knowledgeable, diagnosed and explained the issue then solved our problem and offered a couple great tips for future prevention. We highly recommend them!
Jackson W.
I had a property that I had listed that needed sewer line replacement and repair, Sewer Lines Only was very responsive and helpful from the first phone call, they answered all of my sellers questions promptly and professionally. I would highly recommend them!
Sewer Lines Only.
The crew arrived earlier in the morning than scheduled, which was good. We identified and walked through locations of the irrigation heads and the electrical wire to the irrigation valve box they were to avoid when digging. The crew was very careful and placed plywood on site to store the excavated soil and to protect areas accessed by the backhoe. The site was left very clean after the work was completed. The work was completed on time we are extremely pleased with the work performed. The only work remaining is an asphalt patch in the road which will be done in the next few days. We would highly recommend Sewer Lines Only!
Sewer Lines Only.
Very professional from the office staff to the field technicians best experience I could hope for
Sewer Lines Only.
Customer just left a rating and no comment.
Jackson W.
I had Sever Lines Only fix my outside sewer line, and they were fantastic. Not only were they the lowest bid I received, but they were so professional and efficient when doing their job. So when I had a problem inside my house, I immediately asked Sewer Lines Only to help. Unfortunately they are not equipped to fix the interior. They were however happy to give me a referral. Sewer Lines Only is the best group of people!
Sewer Lines Only.
We had a break in our sewer line found in the home inspection. They got everything estimated, scheduled, and completed in 10 days so we could close on time. Crews were professional and the office was great to work with.
Sewer Lines Only.
Customer left a rating and did not leave a comment.
Sewer Lines Only.
Everyone we worked with was helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I can't say enough about the people I with at Sewerlines Only!
Sewer Lines Only.
The company carefully maneuvered the machine into my back yard and dug the line, putting dirt on a cover, fixed the line and left the yard neat. I was pleased they made sure the line was clear all the way to the alley. This took less time than I anticipated and caused less disruption than I might have expected. Efficient, careful and professional.
Sewer Lines Only.
Ian and his team at Sewer Lines Only saved me $9,000 in sewer line repair because they were determined to identify the real problem, come up with a practical game plan to fix it, and use new technology to solve the issue. I live in a 100 year old Denver duplex with complicated lines that we knew nothing about. I had numerous companies come out over a month long period to solve our backup issue. One company hit a snag and determined that we had a collapsed line and that the only fix was to dig up a long stretch of ground to replace the the tune of $9k. Long story short, there was no collapsed line and it just took Sewer Lines Only to think outside the box and use their new machines to clear a blockage. They truly saved me from doing unnecessary repairs.
Sewer Lines Only., Ian B.
I would like to add a 5 star review for a company that truely deserves it! Starting with a phone call to Lisa to the Teck who responded to my issue Jimmy was most helpful,answered all my questions suggesting things that I never thought of Sent me a vedio of the problem that I was haveing that made it Possible for me to send it to the claim adjuster.I wish more companies acted with the same responsibilities that Sewer Line Only has showed to me Sincerely Bernie L
Jimmy W.
The new sewer line works great, and they offered the best price. They would get an A-rating except they backed the back-hoe into my crab-apple tree, severely damaging the trunk. This was totally avoidable. There was also a large sink-hole that opened up where they dug about a month after the job was complete. I was warned this could happen, and they filled it for free, but it was surprisingly large and it seems they could have done a better job filling the first time.
Sewer Lines Only.
they've been a great help while trying to deal with sewer line issues and repair.
Sewer Lines Only.
My shower drain was so slow draining and I tried all of these "magic" tricks I found to unclog it and nothing worked. Then I called Sewer Lines Only, the nicest guy came over to my house and cleared my drain in about 30 minutes and it was cheap! Now it's like brand new! I wish I had started with these guys!
Jackson W.
Excellent service by Jackson. He was very professional and efficient in his work. Would recommend this company to every one. Received a video from the job done afterwards and can not be happier with the job done. Thank you Jackson. You made my day!!!
Jackson W.
This process was easy and their people are professional from start to finish. I would recommend their team any time. Thank you!
Sewer Lines Only.
Did a great job
Sewer Lines Only.
My son recently had a problem with his basement backing up with water everywhere. We brought a plumber in, who scoped and cleaned the line. A day later we had the same problem. After another scope and cleaning by the same plumber, we were told that that the roots had pretty much destroyed the line and it would cost $12,000 to replace. We called Sewer Lines Only and Jimmy W. came out and scoped two different entry points to the line as well as the line itself. He showed me that the lines were clean, intact and relatively free of roots. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and patiently explained what he found and gave a bunch of suggestions to maintain a clean line. He did this at no charge. Unbelievable the service Jimmy and company provide. I would recommend them to everyone in need of this service.
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
I had such a great experience with Sewer Lines Only! They answered all my questions and really made my situation manageable. From start to finish, they took care of everything. The crew was pleasant and you can barely tell they even did any work, that's how great they are! I recommend that everyone use this honest and friendly company, you can't go wrong!
Sewer Lines Only.
I had never used them before and was a little leary, but had a reference from a co-worker. They let me know exactly what they were going to do and when they were going to do it. I was very impressed. Loved the price too!!!
Sewer Lines Only.
Jackson was punctual, professional, articulate, knowledgable, and competent. He completed the work (sewer line cleaning) fast and with utmost care. In general, Sewer Lines Only saved me 7-10 thousand dollars, which was the quote I had received just the week prior. Another incompetent company tried to sell me on a repair or full line replacement. Sewer Lines Only was able to clear the obstruction and clean the roots present in my line for only a few hundred dollars. 5 Star, honest organization. Thanks!
Sewer Lines Only., Jackson W.
Sewer tap Ninjas!
Sewer Lines Only., Jairo V.

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