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The company carefully maneuvered the machine into my back yard and dug the line, putting dirt on a cover, fixed the line and left the yard neat. I was pleased they made sure the line was clear all the way to the alley. This took less time than I anticipated and caused less disruption than I might have expected. Efficient, careful and professional.
Sewer Lines Only.
I would like to add a 5 star review for a company that truely deserves it! Starting with a phone call to Lisa to the Teck who responded to my issue Jimmy was most helpful,answered all my questions suggesting things that I never thought of Sent me a vedio of the problem that I was haveing that made it Possible for me to send it to the claim adjuster.I wish more companies acted with the same responsibilities that Sewer Line Only has showed to me Sincerely Bernie L
Jimmy W.
they've been a great help while trying to deal with sewer line issues and repair.
Sewer Lines Only.
Excellent service by Jackson. He was very professional and efficient in his work. Would recommend this company to every one. Received a video from the job done afterwards and can not be happier with the job done. Thank you Jackson. You made my day!!!
Jackson W.
This process was easy and their people are professional from start to finish. I would recommend their team any time. Thank you!
Sewer Lines Only.
Did a great job
Sewer Lines Only.
My son recently had a problem with his basement backing up with water everywhere. We brought a plumber in, who scoped and cleaned the line. A day later we had the same problem. After another scope and cleaning by the same plumber, we were told that that the roots had pretty much destroyed the line and it would cost $12,000 to replace. We called Sewer Lines Only and Jimmy W. came out and scoped two different entry points to the line as well as the line itself. He showed me that the lines were clean, intact and relatively free of roots. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and patiently explained what he found and gave a bunch of suggestions to maintain a clean line. He did this at no charge. Unbelievable the service Jimmy and company provide. I would recommend them to everyone in need of this service.
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
I had such a great experience with Sewer Lines Only! They answered all my questions and really made my situation manageable. From start to finish, they took care of everything. The crew was pleasant and you can barely tell they even did any work, that's how great they are! I recommend that everyone use this honest and friendly company, you can't go wrong!
Sewer Lines Only.
I had never used them before and was a little leary, but had a reference from a co-worker. They let me know exactly what they were going to do and when they were going to do it. I was very impressed. Loved the price too!!!
Sewer Lines Only.
Jackson was punctual, professional, articulate, knowledgable, and competent. He completed the work (sewer line cleaning) fast and with utmost care. In general, Sewer Lines Only saved me 7-10 thousand dollars, which was the quote I had received just the week prior. Another incompetent company tried to sell me on a repair or full line replacement. Sewer Lines Only was able to clear the obstruction and clean the roots present in my line for only a few hundred dollars. 5 Star, honest organization. Thanks!
Sewer Lines Only., Jackson W.
Sewer tap Ninjas!
Sewer Lines Only., Jairo V.
I cannot recommend this company highly enough! They were able to get the work done in a timely manner and left the yard in excellent condition. They also replaced the whole line for $1500 under the closest other bid I received. Excellent work!
Sewer Lines Only.
I needed an inspection of the sewer line of the house my husband and I are selling based on the buyer’s inspector’s finding and I was concerned we had a very costly repair. Jackson came out the day I called and scoped the sewer. He was able to confirm that the issue noted by the inspector was normal and not in need of repair. He was also able to provide a letter for us to bring to the buyer. Thank you for your honesty and your professionalism!
Jackson W.
This 5 star review all started when Jimmy came over after finishing a job on Friday evening. I just called that day for an estimate and he went way out of his way to see what we needed after typical work hours. This was not an emergency we are just updating a home for a rental and it was vacant. After arriving in just a few minutes he scoped the line and had a good solution to replace our sewer line that had some roots compromising it. We got a very fair price and it was scheduled in just a few days. Arriving on time with all the equipment needed and four men that worked together as a professional team. Luis and his team Javier, Jorge, and Juan were the best you could ask for. They worked nonstop through the day and had our sewer line replaced. As soon as the Arvada Inspector approved everything they backfilled the two deep holes and the entire area from the sidewalk, gutters in front of the house, the driveway, and the front yard were left in perfect condition. You couldn't even tell anything happened. What a great experience. Lest I forget to mention Lisa that scheduled our project, answered all my questions and followed up today to make sure everything went well. One more member of a great team. Thank you all for helping us with this project.
Jimmy W., Luis S., Lisa M.
So glad I called Lisa! This business is so honest and compassionate. I called for an estimate because the 1st plumbers I had, charged $95.00 for snake and extra $250.. for camera. Which we had to wait for a different guy to come out to do the camera. The live camera was fuzzy. They said my clay line showed an offset. He said we needed to tear up the yard for repair. He was pushy about paying their high estimate and would drop the price if I made up my mind right away or the bid would go up! Sewer lines Only, estimate was much lower just over the phone. To verify her phone estimate, she sent Jimmy out to camera our line. Jimmie was great... his camera was crystal clear and showed no offset, so NO repair. Morgan and everyone at this company is great. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COMPANY
Sewer Lines Only., Morgan B., Jimmy W., Lisa M.
Sewer Lines Only is amazing! Morgan called me back the same day (after hours) and scheduled me the following morning. Jackson came to my house and was so helpful and knowledgeable about what he was doing. He explained everything to me as he was cleaning our line and answered all of my questions. I also got a follow up text from Morgan and email from Jackson, personally that evening. Their pricing is so reasonable! I would recommend Sewer Lines Only to anyone!
Jackson W.
Sewer lines only was the cheapest of 3 bids. They did the work quickly and communicated well. They also provided me with a scope showing the repair after the work was complete. Thanks!
Sewer Lines Only.
"Sewer Lines Only" was amazing to work with, starting with Jimmy, the estimator and ending with the very efficient and respectful crew that got the job done. I would recommend them to anyone who wants this level of professionalism with getting a tough job done well.
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
xperience working with these guys. We had a blockage in our sewer line requiring a dig and repair. These guys were responsive, professional and got the work done quickly. Jackson especially. Definitely recommend.
Sewer Lines Only., Jackson W.
Jimmy was awesome. We had four other plumbing companies come out this week for quotes and all of them (it felt like) gave us a pretty big scare and said that they highly recommend a total sewer line replacement. Jimmy came over, took a look at our line, and was calm and straightforward with us about our options - all without scaring us with worst case scenarios! We appreciated his transparent candor and his ability to build trust with us. Thanks, Jimmy for understanding our concerns and giving us honest feedback.
Jimmy W.
Crew showed up on time. Worked all day and left the site looking as good as it did when they started. Lisa is a pleasure to work with.
Sewer Lines Only., Lisa M.
Super fast response to my inquiry and extremely quick on-site inspection. Inspector was super friendly and knowledgeable. Estimate came back fast and work was scheduled immediately. Courteous and flexible from the start!
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
All the various teams involved with replacing our sewer line were great starting with Jimmy who first diagnosed the problem, the guys who dug the trench and laid new pipe to Jairo’s team who repaired our driveway. All nice, hardworking guys and all really took pains to clean up as they worked. Would highly recommend!!
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W., Jairo V.
Look no further for your sewer line needs, Jimmy was very knowledgeable and most importantly honest, and that's something I can respect and get behind. I will for sure be using them for all my sewer line repairs in the future.
Jimmy W.
What a great experience. Sewer Lines Only had an opportunity for this job to be so much bigger and more expensive and I would have been none the wiser. Instead, they assessed the issue and only repaired what was actually needed. This speaks to their honesty and integrity, and helped make a scary situation pleasant. The office team were efficient and kind, and the project staff went out of their way to ensure my landscaping looked as though nothing happened. I highly recommend Sewer Lines Only.
Sewer Lines Only.
We had several companies bid on our project and tell us what we needed. Sewer Lines Only was the most knowledgeable and professional we dealt with. The crew all showed up when they said they would, kept the job site clean and were always on time. When you are spending this much money on a large project, it was assuring to deal with such a competent group. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know that needs sewer line work done.
Sewer Lines Only.
I had main sewer line replaced with one of the reputed (relative) company, a decade ago. After 2 years started getting sewer backing up again. Turns out a good portion of old clay pipe was not replaced. The same company quoted another big amount to replace the remaining section, that was 5-6 years ago. More recently called another reputed company (high reviews in popular lists) for proactive cleaning, they said technician would give his assessment for free. I asked how would someone can give assessment if there are no visible signs, but they kept insisting it is free and you will see. As expected, tech couldn't give me any estimate until he puts a camera in, which of course would cost, so free quote is out the window. Having no option, I agreed, hoping it would result in either 1. cleaning with a snake or 2. hydro-jetting. However, it turns out it wasn't either, as per their assessment, it was more like replacing, and cleaning might help but not recommended. Having seen same tactics with other companies, I called SEWER LINES ONLY, they gave me exact price upfront, reviewed the videos I provided and told me exactly how they approach this issues and what to expect. BTW, there technique is different than most of the companies, and may be that is their competitive advantage. Anyway, Jackson showed up on time, in his personal car, with no indication if he is even from SLO, at first I got bit discourage thinking I made another bad call, but then he walked me through his machine and camera and explained me the technique, so got bit encourage. Once we started, he started explaining what he is seeing, suspense kept increasing, but at the end when he cleaned everything, it was not as bad as other company had predicted, definitely not replacing the line. I got a very clean video post cleaning showing week spots, that can be monitored and their recommendations 1-2 years out. I think these guys are straight forward , transparent, knowledgeable and they will set expectations exactly balanced, as the situation demands. they are a bit expensive when compared with other options, but as I learned hard way, keep trying with other options or do it right once for all. May that is why they just focus on Sewer Lines only!! Highly recommend them.
Jackson W.
Jimmy always does a great job, but yesterday he went above and beyond what any other sewer professional would have done! 2 other companies were unable to get through the line and its condition was unknown. Jimmy would not accept defeat and after several tries was able to reach the main city tap and preform a complete inspection. My client was not in a position to move forward with purchasing an unknown, but now is confidently moving forward. Jimmy and everyone at the company are professional, friendly, quick to respond and act, and the best at what they do. Highly recommend!!
Jimmy W.
Super shout out hero award to not only Sewer Lines Only but Jackson. Okay, I came over to visit my high school buddy and well here’s what I found out… For the last two months she’s not been hardly able to use her toilet, only dribble showers and not able to run the clothes washer and dryer (okay maybe not being able to do laundry would be ok). She’s paid for 3 Roto Rooter sessions and a hydro jetting session to no avail! She was getting bids as high as $7,700 to fix this situation. And here come Jackson to the rescue! He not only was able to unclog her lines but did it in a pleasant and professional way! For only $350 (super fair) plus she’s now got her life back! The entire experience was very educational and made her think how lucky she is to have running water that has a place to go. FirstWorldSolutions SewerLinesOnly JacksonIsOurHero
Jackson W.
My shower drain was so slow draining and I tried all of these "magic" tricks I found to unclog it and nothing worked. Then I called Sewer Lines Only, the nicest guy came over to my house and cleared my drain in about 30 minutes and it was cheap! Now it's like brand new! I wish I had started with these guys!
Jackson W.
Sewer Lines Only was great to work with and I'd recommend them to anyone I know. They were very thorough in all aspects of their work and very responsive to any questions you have. The prices were very fair and the work was exceptional. They left very minimal scarring in my yard and finished everything on time. You are in very good hands with this company!
Sewer Lines Only.
I'm a consumer with high expectations for service, communication and performance. I also do my best to make my dollar stretch out. So, you can say I try my best to maximize what I get at the best price possible. With those factors in mind, you can't go wrong with SLO. My experience with them started with the estimator, Jimmy. He was very personable, knowledgeable and a bit geeky (in a good way). I love people that take their job really seriously. His communication was second to none. Then, the "front of the house" with Lisa is super friendly and communicative. The crew that performed the work was professional and allowed me to monitor their work (remember, I'm def not a hands off type of consumer). Finally, there were changes that needed to be made mid-stream, and SLO was always ready to be flexible. In all, my experience with SLO was great. They installed about 55 feet of new PVC Sewer line, replacing clay. I highly, highly recommended them!
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W., Lisa M.
The board of directors of the Black American West Museum at 3091 California Street appreciated the professional manner in which this sewer repair project was carried out. We felt that the bid for the original work, as well as the added charge for additional required work, was reasonable and fair. The crew kept me informed as the job progressed and we were completely satisfied with the end result. Thank you, Steve Shepard Advisory Board
Sewer Lines Only.
ecommend!! Very professional, prompt, and gave excellent service! I highly recommend them!!
Sewer Lines Only.
These guys did a great job! I have never seen a plumbing job site left so clean. The driveway had to be torn up to replace the main line and it looked better after the dig than before. Thank you!!
Sewer Lines Only.
I had a fantastic experience all around. Easy to schedule, short wait time for an appointment and the technician Jackson was top notch. Which I really didn't expect from a sewer company. I have to do yearly/bi-yearly maintenance on my clay sewer lines. This will be my go-to company moving forward.
Jackson W.
Sewer Lines Only replaced a section of our sewer line, and while its never fun to have to make those repairs, they made the process simple and painless. They were responsive in providing a proposal, and were able to explain the process clearly, and answer all of our questions. They were open to discussing their proposed fee in context of other proposals, to ensure they were competitive. The work was done when they said it would be, and when we returned home, we could hardly tell anything had been touched. We would recommend them if you're ever in need of a sewer line replacement or repair.
Sewer Lines Only.
Couldn't have gone easier, they did everything as expected and hoped!
Sewer Lines Only.
The quality and expertise of the diagnostics of my sewer line was top notch! Inspector Jackson was meticulous in providing a cost effect solution that gave me peace of mind and ultimately saved me thousands of dollars.
Jackson W.
I had a sewer line backflow due to some major root obstruction. I was told by other service providers that it was impossible to break through and that I needed a dual cleanout installed. The quotes I was receiving were between $3k-$7k. When I contacted SLO through Yelp, I was contacted right away from someone in their office, even though they were technically closed (from the hours I saw on Yelp). Morgan was so responsive and she arranged for a technician to come to my home to assess the situation and give an estimate on what the cleanout estimation would cost. We didn't even need to get that far. Jackson asked if I'd like him to try another scope with their camera (for free) and see if there's a possibility that their machine could do the cleanout. Once he determined that the obstruction wasn't as bad as the others had concluded, he suggested he try to do the cleanout with their machine. He was very articulate and confident in his explanations, but not pushy at all. He was able to clear the obstruction in a short amount of time, but stayed longer to do a thorough check to make sure that there wasn't anything else of concern. Before he left, he went through some findings with me and advised that he will be sending a summary with the full recorded video to me tonight. After about 5+ days without being able to flush/drain anything, and numerous plumbers providing me with very expensive solutions, Jackson was able to fix the issue for only $350. It seemed too good to be true, but from what I've read about SLO in other reviews, looks like this is not out of the ordinary for them. Morgan was so helpful and Jackson was absolutely professional. The way this was handled by SLO really seemed to be in my favor as a customer, and not as an opportunity to make a lot of money off the job. The integrity and good ethics they used when doing business showed through and I will be using them for future situations like this.
Morgan B., Jackson W.
Sewer Lines Only.
Our experience with Sewer lines Only was top notch. Jimmy and his team repaired the sewer line for an investment property in Denver. We had several companies provide quotes. Jimmy was the most thorough and honest in his analysis and options for repair. Company is professional, prompt and courteous. Customer service and follow-up were stellar. We will absolutely work with this company again. Would highly recommend.
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
What you can't see can hurt you!! Especially if what you can see is water all over the basement floor and don't know why. Jimmy to the rescue. He arrived at our house right on time, and called when he was about 20 minutes out to let us know. Using clean, state of the art equipment, Jimmy not only found our issue, but provided us with an easy to understand explanation of the cause, and most importantly, a choice of solutions. He is truly an asset to the company,, and the industry. So glad we chose Sewer Lines Only
Jimmy W.
We recently had Sewer Lines Only repair a section of sewer shared by multiple homeowners. They didn't skip a beat and we were impressed in how quickly they 1-provided an estimate, 2-completed the work, 3-communicated every step of the way. I can't say enough about the entire team-a big thank you to the crew and also Lisa and Morgan. Don't hesitate to hire them!
Sewer Lines Only., Morgan B., Lisa M.
Amazing company the finest I've worked with!!! They are so efficient, prompt, and a delight to work with including the office staff. You can't beat their prices!!!
Sewer Lines Only., Morgan B.
Very knowledgeable, great response time, professional and pleasant. Did a great job on my sewer replacement. I will definitely use them again. Jimmy was great!
Sewer Lines Only., Jimmy W.
I had concerns about my main sewer line and potential roots hindering flow. Jimmy came out and explained everything about cast iron and clay pipes and what is "normal" versus "a problem". He did a camera inspection of the entire sewer line and had me watch with him. He explained every anomaly along the route and provided helpful recommendations for ensuring a healthy line. Ultimately he concluded that I did not need a sewer line replacement, which was excellent news! I highly recommend Sewer Lines Only - and specifically Jimmy!
Jimmy W.
No comment
Jackson W.
Absolutely the most pleasant, accommodating company I have worked with in the real estate business. If ONLY every real estate involved service company was this thorough. Jackson is an ace. When we arrived at the house, there was a tag on the door that said our water had been turned off. I felt bad for wasting his time, but he actually said he would rather wait and see if the town could turn the water back on before he left. We ended up having a friendly neighbor lend us a hose, but it was Jackson who created the space I needed to find a neighbor. It’s hard to put gratitude into words, but I am grateful this company is in business. All in all, our pipes were FULL of roots, the machine left it looking almost brand new, I am not exaggerating. We were about to credit the new homebuyer $7000 for a sewer line replacement based on the initial scope. $350 is all it took to fix that. Thank you Lisa, Jackson, and whoever else is involved in the success of Sewer Lines Only. You really have a special thing going on.
Lisa M., Jackson W.
Jackson with Sewer Lines Only was incredibly knowledgable and helpful during our appointment. He answered any questions we had and was very personable. The company is very thorough and we felt the job was done more than satisfactorily. We would definitely use this company again.
Jackson W.

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