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Weston Larsen is very friendly, patient and professional. We are really appreciate it.
Weston L.
Took care of our complaint in a quick and professional nature. Very helpful
Jason C.
Just wanted to thank Wes for his professional, caring service in assisting with my husband's final arrangements. He passed away very suddenly and I was completely unprepared for what I would have to deal with, but Wes explained everything thoroughly, took his time to answer all of our many questions and really cared about helping us. My family and I really appreciated your assistance at a very difficult time. more
Weston L.
Weston was very personable and understanding of my situation. He made the cremation process easy to understand.
Weston L.
I cannot say enough good things about Green Valley Mortuary and the Funeral Director who assisted our family, Wes Larsen. Wes was extremely compassionate and attentive, patient and kind, knowledgeable and efficient. My 86 year old father passed away in January 2019 and it was difficult for my 86 year old mother to cope. Wes treated her, and our whole family, with respect, dignity and patience. No matter how prepared you think you are, or might be expecting a parent or loved one to pass due to an extended illness like cancer, it still comes as a shock to your body and mind when it really happens. Anyone who has lost a close loved one will know that it's very hard to think, it's hard to remember information, and it's hard to make even simple decisions. Wes understood and kept track of every detail so that we didn't have to. He kept in touch and on track every step of the way in preparing my father's Celebration of Life and his final resting details. All of the staff at Green Valley Mortuary were extremely kind and gentle with my mom, myself and my sister, and our children as well. As I said, I can't say enough good things about everyone there. The facilities and grounds are superb as well. We had my dad's service in the Legacy Center. It, and the entire facility, are beautiful. The ambiance they've created is beautiful and peaceful. The Legacy Center is a perfect place to celebrate the life of a loved one. Every detail was thought of from the podium and sound system for everyone to share their memories, to the large screen that drops down for a slide show commemorating the loved one, to the attractive and high quality dining table set up. We had a lunch Celebration. It was a new concept for me, but we were all very pleased with it. The food was amazingly delicious and the service impeccable. It was a wonderful way to mingle and chat with dear friends and relatives that we don't get to see as often as we like. It was the perfect prelude to the bittersweet reason we were together. The Celebration of Life went off without a hitch and left everyone feeling uplifted and loved. My family and I highly recommend Wes Larson, Green Valley Mortuary and the entire staff and experience provided there. Thank you Wes! And thanks to all at GVMCI ! Nancy McKenna
Weston L.
Michele S. was very kind and patient with my family while we made the many decisions required for the funeral arrangements for our loved one. She went above and beyond to help us make the service special and was always available for our many questions. We will always remember the beautiful service at Green Valley.
Michele S.
Green Valley Mortuary and Weston Larsen provided the funeral services for my mom's service. Weston was exceptionally professional, yet warm and caring. He guided us through the process, every step of the way. I loved that he was familiar with LDS practices. It made everything go so smoothly. The service could not have been more perfect!
Weston L.
Marcus provided great customer service to my family in time of need. He was understanding and courteous throughout the process. We would not have chosen Green Valley Mortuary if it wasn’t for Marcus’s customer service.
Marcus C.
Michelle Rene did an excellent job for us. From the moment we arrived to the final day, she was there, caring, professional, and she did a fantastic job preparing my mom. My mom looked beautiful and natural. The Mortuary entire service was perfect. The venue was beautiful and the food was excellent. I highly recommend them. I even joked that this would be a beautiful place to host a wedding and they said they actually do host weddings as well.
Michelle P.
Marcus at Green Valley Mortuary took care of our family. He was extremely helpful during sensitive times. Having to go through the death of a loved one is the hardest experience to go through and Marcus made it a bit less stressful. He absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty. One such instance, he stayed hours after closing on a Saturday night. His help, and all Green Valley staff, allowed our family to grieve in a natural way by providing a worry free service during hard times. Thank you Marcus and Green Valley Mortuary!
Marcus C.
Weston Larsen was the main person who met with us and helped in making the arrangements for my husband, Jack Davidson. He was very professional and helpful. I don't know anything more that he could have done for us. Everything went smoothly and all arrangements were exactly as we requested. The catering staff for the reception which we chose to have before the memorial service were exceptional. The food that was served was excellent. In fact one of my friends said it was the best catered reception she had ever attended, and I am inclined to agree with her. Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with the memorial for us.
Weston L.
Our family is very grateful for the outstanding service we received from Funeral Director Weston Larsen and the rest of the staff at the Green Valley Mortuary & Cemetery. Wes patiently helped us with preliminary preparations several months ago and when my father passed away made certain that everything we had planned went smoothly. He was patient and compassionate during the entire experience. We were very impressed with the lovely, well-appointed reception hall and the extraordinarily delicious selection of refreshments prepared by the catering staff. The serving staff was efficient, pleasant and helpful in every way. The memorial chapel was the perfect size for our gathering and everyone could see and hear perfectly. We very much appreciated having the option of live streaming of the memorial because many of our family members were too far away to attend in person. The quality technical equipment provided by Green Valley also allowed my nephew to present a wonderful video he created to honor his grandfather. We were thankful for the convenience of moving directly from the memorial service to the burial site in the beautiful, adjacent cemetery. The bottom line for me is that my mother was completely satisfied with her choice of Green Valley and felt happy and peaceful at the end of the day. We would highly recommend the Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery to family and friends in need of their type of services.
Weston L.
The helpfulness and attention of Wes Larsen and all the staff at Green Valley mortuary could not have been better. My husband would have totally spproved of everything from the care of his body to the lovely reception and delicious food, to their attention to our requests as our family to present a memorial service
Weston L.
We had a simple graveside service for my grandmother at Green Valley Cemetery this past August. Amy was our very professional yet very compassionate Funeral Director. With Amy's assistance my vision for a simple service being beautiful came to fruition. It was a very hot day and there was plenty of tents and bottled water available. I am a detail person and Amy made sure everything I requested was perfect. Had so many comments after the service of how beautiful it was and how the mortuary did such a nice job. My grandmother would be pleased. Thank you Amy!
Amy D.
At this most difficult period of my life upon losing my beloved wife Diane and total soulmate of fifty years and feeling so lost, and prior to making the arrangments at Green Valley Mortuary & Cemetery, I approached my appointment with nothing less than empending doom, and dread, but once I did arrive and meet with a wonderful gentleman by the name of Marcus Conley, not only did Marcus treat me with the upmost kindness and respect he is very gentle and caring soul and truly does give Green Valley Mortuary & Cemetery a great rapport.Regards Dennis Witzke
Marcus C.
We are so grateful to Wes Larsen at Green Valley Mortuary. They made everything so wonderful for our funeral services of our dear friend. They are professional and compassionate. Wes is truly a helpful and kind funeral director and we so appreciated all his help. It was so great to be able to do the funeral, burial and have a meal after the service with those grieving all at the same beautiful location! Tricia Grimsman
Weston L.
Can't say enough about the support from Marcus and Amy. The facility and food was fantastic. Many friends indicated it was the most outstanding service they had ever attended. Great job by all.
Marcus C., Amy D.
My beloved Mom passed away in Southern California, a couple of weeks ago... Amy helped getting my Moms Urn up to Green Valley Mortuary, and helped me coordinate the service, from ordering the flowers, to the music, and the food , video, and even reading for the Priest. I am so glad I had Amy's help, not sure how well I would have done without her...she was an excellent help to me and a great listener....
Amy D.
My Mom passed away fairly unexpectedly and since we had used Green Valley's services in 2009 when my Dad passed away, we chose to use them again. We loved the service that they put together for my Dad and since that time have now added the "Legacy Center" to use for a reception after the service. It made sense to use the Legacy Center for the convenience of everyone being able to easily walk just a short distance and get together to visit and remember Mom. They also have food available, either meals or a la carte items to be served buffet style in the beautiful new room. My only complaint is, although the food is good, in my opinion it is WAY OVERPRICED!! The charges and fees for every little thing were just ridiculous. I realize that this is a business and a profit is part of the deal.....but I've got to say I felt taken advantage of at a time when I really didn't think it was appropriate. I guess I haven't had enough experience with the funeral industry (thankfully) to be more prepared for the cost of a nice service and small reception afterwards. Fortunately Mom had enough funds to pay for everything and it was really beautiful, but she grew up during the depression, where every penny counted. Hopefully, she'll understand the final splurge....Love you Mom :) Amy was a huge help and very knowledgeable. She is a very compassionate woman who truly understands every aspect of the funeral industry and I really enjoyed working with her. Thank you for everything you did, all the advice and all the big hugs, you're the best !!!
Amy D.
Green Valley Mortuary is elegant, somber without stuffiness and the staff were professional and friendly. 'Wes' assisted me with genuine support, conversation, no sales pitch and interest in family wishes and concerns, __and took the sting out of my mission.
Weston L.
We have now used Green Valley Mortuary twice for the interments of both our parents. My Dad's services were in November 2000, and my Mom's just a couple of days ago on December 20, 2016. Both times GV Mortuary staff impressed us with their total professionalism, caring kindness, and stellar skills, that we have no desire to go anywhere else in the future. We worked with Douglas Straight for our Mom's recent interment. If you get the chance to work with Doug, be prepared to be amazed. Doug is highly professional, genuinely kind and compassionate, and thoroughly competent and capable of effortlessly handling all the details. We had a tight schedule of a day or two to complete preparations, and Doug worked around the clock to arrange the church services, viewing, printing of the memorial folders, flower arrangements, video presentation, graveside services and the lunch reception on the premises, and all the myriad of behind-the-scenes tasks. GV Mortuary is a very high class venue, with very reasonable costs, and even excellent catering facilities for a post funeral reception. All the work was done by Doug and the staff. We just only showed up and everything was already in place and moving smoothly. I highly recommend Doug and the staff of GV Mortuary. They take all the worry out of funeral planning and execution, which is a huge relief for the families who are burdened with grief and just need someone to take care of everything.
Douglas S.
It's been two years since my Dad passed away and I told myself I'd follow up with a review once I felt comfortable doing so. Douglas S. and his staff made the most difficult time in our family's life a little easier. They were first-class all the way. At this devastating time, you need excellence from a mortuary and cemetery, to help ensure events don't become worse due to poor planning, unexpected costs, and unnecessary awkwardness of any kind - Green Valley delivered on this, ensuring the entire process was very smooth, spending lots of time with us (we never felt rushed), carefully explaining everything and taking good care of my Mom and family throughout these tough few weeks. And the service itself was wonderful. It was a fitting tribute and celebration of life that my Dad would have greatly appreciated. Thank you for being here for us and everyone else that needs your services, Green Valley Mortuary & Cemetery. Keep doing what you're doing.
Douglas S.
GVM was compassionate, caring and exceptionally good at what they are required to do in a time of heartache and tears. From the start, they were quick and efficient, honest and caring, while accomplishing everything perfectly in a short amount of time. Doug, by far, is the key to this businesses success. I would recommend GVM to any family or friends. It is a little pricey but it is worth the up-scale service when someone you love is lost. Bug high 5 to this business
Devin R., John R., Douglas S.
Douglas S. was the most accommodating and compassionate person for me during such a hard time in my life! He went above and beyond for me!!!!! Thank you for for helping me get through this time time easier!
Douglas S.
My mother recently passed away. During this emotional time, we had the pleasure of Doug Straight, funeral director, assist us with my mother's final wishes. Doug was very professional, kind, and compassionate. He answered all of our questions and concerns. We would highly recommend his services. Cathi, Sandi and Grace
Douglas S.
We recently had a service for our mother at Green Valley (Folsom location) and it was beautiful. The venue is lovely, well kept and spacious and working with Amy was extremely easy, especially given the circumstances. The whole service went smoothly (start to finish) and we really feel like we honored our mom in a way she would have been proud of. Amy also had great recommendations for a pianist and a pastor - both did an amazing job.
Amy D.
I was very impressed with Green Valley Mortuary. They were very professional and extremely helpful. Douglas set up everything perfectly and Weston helped us on the day of. I can not express enough how grateful we are to them for helping us through the day. David and Amira Totten
Weston L., Douglas S.
We had my Dad's viewing and reception at Green Valley Mortuary. I can't express how wonderful the whole staff was at Green Valley. Our funeral director Doug was fantastic. He worked closely with us through the whole process and made everything much easier. The facility is beautiful. The best in the greater Sacramento and Placer county area. Many of our friends and family commented on how the beauty of the place lifted their spirits. Doug and his team including the owners did a fantastic job at the viewing and the reception. It felt like we were at a high end restaurant and not at a mortuary! I can't thank everyone at green valley enough for making a difficult time so wonderful for our family. I would highly recommend Green Valley!
Douglas S.
The family of Kurt Borowski would like to express their gratitude for the professional assistance provided by Douglas S. during the celebration of life ceremony. His help in the planning and execution of the celebration was wonderful. The setting for the reception was beautiful and welcoming. We would highly recommend your facility to anyone.
Douglas S.
To Doug and the Team at Green Valley Mortuary in Rescue, Our family would like to thank you for all of your help after the sudden passing of our mother. From the moment you arrived to transport our mother, you were truly kind, understanding and respectful. In a fog and unable to focus, not thinking this would be the last time we would see our mother, your team came to us and asked if we would like to say our final goodbyes. This is something we are very grateful for. Our next step was a meeting at Green Valley Mortuary where our family met with Doug. Being from out of town, I had no idea as to where to go from there. Doug went above and beyond in helping us make her arrangements. He helped us pick out a lovely urn that would fit both parents into their niche, flowers and also introduced us to Pastor Larry who was wonderful. Our mother's celebration was held in the Green Valley Chapel and when our family and friends arrived, Doug had the chapel completely set up and beautifully decorated. Thank you Doug and team for all of your professionalism, guidance, patience and understanding. Our Mom is smiling down from heaven. Lori P. and Family
Douglas S.
Douglas and Marcus were fantastic to work with during such a difficult time. They made the process so easy and really went above and beyond to help us carry out our mother's wishes. I can't recommend them more.
Douglas S.
Considering what a difficult, sad and emotional time we were going through, Doug helped us plan the service and burial and not a detail was left undone. He was very professional yet compassionate and comforting. Thank you Doug.
Douglas S.
I can't say enough good things about Doug! At a very sad, stressful time, he guided my brother and I through the process of selecting a plot and mortuary services for our Dad with compassion and calmness. Per Dad's wishes, we had a small private burial service with just immediate family. My brother had some unusual requests that Doug accommodated without hesitation or judgement, and he also arranged for the U.S. Navy honor guard, which we thought would be our responsibility. We were pleased with every aspect of the services provided and felt in some ways that they very much exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend GVC&C to others. Thank you so much!
Douglas S.
Doug and staff were caring, compassionate and highly competent, which helped tremendously in getting our family through a very difficult time. I can't recommend their services enough. Thank you.
Douglas S.
Amy was professional, while being compassionate. She made my family and I feel that we were at the right place and I was confident after talking with her that all would be handled just as I wished. She went out of her way to help locate people to carry out the portion of the military service that we requested. She returned calls promptly and the service for my father was absolutely perfect. I know he is pleased and smiling. Thank you Amy, Jan O'Flynn
Amy D.
We had a wonderful experience in our darkest time. Wes was caring, compassionate, and saw to our every need. Highly recommend Green Valley Mortuary.
Weston L.
Doug S. is an exceptional employee. Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery is fortunate to have such a compassionate, hard-working, and thorough employee. We had heard horror stories from many people about how funeral home employees try to appeal to your emotions to get you to spend more money, but this was absolutely NOT the case with any of our meetings, phone calls, and emails with Doug. My father passed away the end of August just 10 days after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. From the very first phone call I made, Doug handled the entire process with my Mom, my three siblings and me. We appreciated the fact that we didn't have to keep talking to different people at the mortuary. Believe me, it is comforting to talk with the same person as you make arrangements because you don't have to re-explain your preferences. Doug met with my Mom and us four siblings in a very calm, relaxing environment as we picked out a casket, flowers, memorial folders, and memorial plaques. We all felt like Doug really listened to us and helped us select the items that we wanted. He explained the options and the costs for the items we requested. He never once tried to get us to buy something that we did not want. Even though we were all sad and it was a very difficult time for us, we even managed to share some fun family stories with Doug. He never rushed us. As you can imagine, it takes time for five people to make decisions for a funeral. Doug was very helpful in organizing the Vigil, the funeral Mass at Holy Trinity Parish and the subsequent funeral procession all the way to Placerville to the Catholic Cemetery. He worked closely with us and kept us on schedule to get the necessary photos, clothes, etc. to the mortuary when needed. It is such a stressful time and there are so many decisions to make, that we appreciated Doug's helpful tips along the way. Doug was very professional, kind, and flexible. We all felt like we had made a new friend. Doug shared our pain, but also our memories of our Dad. I would strongly recommend the Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery, and especially Doug S. to anyone planning or pre-planning a funeral.
Douglas S.
Were my mother able to, she would have given the highest marks & thanks to the folks who helped our family during & after her passing, particularly to Devin & Doug. It was perfect for me & for us that I could make full arrangements a few weeks before they were actually needed -- put my mind & heart at greater peace, so I could concentrate where it was truly needed: with my adored mother & her care. GVM's care, from the warmth and ease of Michele at the reception desk, the thorough help which Daniel provided me with the pre-planning contract & answering all the questions I had initially, right on through the final cremation process (thank you, Douglas; you were just perfect!), was kindly, clear, friendly, "natural" (not funeral-director stiff/"weird"!)! Each person, as unique, caring individuals, helped me/us, just as was needed at the time and for the particular aspect. When Devin (w/asst., Ryan) came out to pick up my mom's body (a hard time, just by the nature of the event), they were warm, friendly &, again, "natural", not stilted, which I so appreciated; Devin was and has been, a gem! And, Douglas was clear, impeccably helpful & open to my desires & needs and, has never ceased, since. This is a real surprise bonus of GVM's help: I feel closer to my community through GVM! Who would have thought. Thanks, Mom! You always always do...
Daniel M., Devin R., Michele S., Douglas S.
Doug was very accommodating and helpful in our time of need. Green Valley Mortuary is a beautiful place to remember a loved one. I recommend Doug and Green Valley.
Douglas S.
Green Valley is beautiful. My Father is already buried there. Now my Mother has joined him. Doug S. is a very caring person and made this trying time quite a bit easier for me (and my family) to deal with both the stress and all the procedures. Every time I needed to talk to him, he was available for my call. That made me feel good. Like I mattered. The room where my Mother's urn was placed for the ceremony was very simple but really pretty. I know that is what she would have wanted. Thank you to all the staff. Should you need their services, please do not be afraid to go see them. Charlotte
Douglas S.
Doug was very professional while at the same time kind and understanding in our time of grief. The video with music was a beautiful ending to the service. The DVD produced and provided by Doug will give us comfort always.
Douglas S.
Green Valley Mortuary is professional and compassionate. Douglas Straight provided superior service. Our family was comforted by Doug's quiet attention to detail.
Douglas S.
I am sorry that the first review did not go through - it was a good one. Doug graciously led us through the whole process of having mass at Holy Trinity Church, burial at Green Valley Mortuary and all that goes with that for Betty Wingate, my mother-in-law. He was very caring, supportive and good at what he does, making sure that everything was absolutely beautiful and to our satisfaction. It was a difficult time for us and he let us know all the options and helped us all the way. The Wingate family is grateful for Doug and for all that he did for us. Sincerely, Shirley and Bill Wingate and the whole family
Douglas S.
I am sorry that the first review did not go through - it was a good one. Doug graciously led us through the whole process of having mass at Holy Trinity Church, burial at Green Valley Mortuary and all that goes with that for Betty Wingate, my mother-in-law. He was very caring, supportive and good at what he does, making sure that everything was absolutely beautiful and to our satisfaction. It was a difficult time for us and he let us know all the options and helped us all the way. The Wingate family is grateful for Doug and for all that he did for us. Sincerely, Shirley and Bill Wingate and the whole family
Douglas S.
I wish to submit this commendation on behalf of Douglas Straight. Unfortunately, I lost my Mother in February and then my Father passed in May. Under these circumstances, and being from out of town, I was fortunate to meet Doug. The kindness, attention to detail, follow up and all communication with him during this difficult time was above and beyond any expectations I might have had. He made this portion of arrangements required at a time of great emotion seem not only feasible, but took the burden from me and followed up in any way necessary to complete the process. I was still reeling from my Mother's passing when my Father had a heart attack. Standing in the hospital with forms in front of me and being asked what mortuary to release him to was almost too much to handle. I thought of Doug, and put down Green Valley Mortuary. It goes without saying that most people are not themselves under these circumstances and I will always be grateful for the assistance I received from Doug Straight on behalf of Green Valley
Douglas S.
Very nice and Very informative
Douglas S.
After our father/husband passed, there were arrangements to be made. As a family, we discussed what we wanted to do. Doug S. was so kind, thoughtful and considerate of our wishes. He made a stressful thing to deal with, so peaceful for all of our family. He was professional and kindhearted. We want to give him high praises for how he helped us get through this difficult time and how smoothly he made the whole process. Thanks Doug! Sincerely, the Rotondo family
Douglas S.
We have been so pleased with the care and service we received at Green Valley Mortuary. Amy J. was so gentle and sweet. She guided us through the decision making process with no pressure by making sure we were informed and we were ready to make the right choices for our family. Amy kept in contact with us every step of the way. They have continued to be available for follow up and any questions we might have. I would recommend Green Valley Mortuary and Amy J. to anyone in need of their services.
Amy D.
Doug did a great job for my family. He was patient, kind and very helpful in getting through a horrible time. The actual service was a beautiful experience and went off without a hitch due to the great work of Doug and Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery.
Douglas S.
Amy was so professional during this entire process. She was informative and extremely sensitive during our very difficult time, and took the necessary time to ensure we understood every part of the process. Above all, she took very good care of my husband and was very responsive to our needs. She certainly made the experience much easier. Thank you so much, Amy.
Amy D.

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